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allofyou54 said
I was a 19 yr old waiting on a flight out of LAX. I was on my way home to get married. I had been with a few women and had sucked a couple cocks, but nomore with men. A well dressed man in his 50's with a nice bod came up to me and asked if I wanted to take a tour of the terminal while I waited. So I followed him. He took me into a office that overlooked the terminal and I could see people walking around. He shut the door and locked it, kinda made me nervous. He pulled out his cock, 8inches soft and big around as a beer can. Never seen one that big. Big mushroom head.He said bitch get on your knees and suck it. I told him I wasn't a bitch. He put his hand on the back of my kneck and pulled me down and said he was goin to make me his bitch. I was scared but really wanted to submit to him. He stuck his cock to my lips and said suck it. He was bout 11inches hard. I opened my mouth and he shoved down my throat hard and gaged me. Then he started fuckin my mouth. He did this for about 10 min when reached behind me and stuck his hand in my jeans and started rubbin my hole. He said you are a tight one, take your clothes off so I can fuck you good. I got naked and he bent me over the desk and rubbed lube all over my ass. He started put 1 finger in me, then 2, 3, 4. He then said he was goin to fuck me good. I felt the head pop in my ass, hurt bad. He said to relax and take it like the slut I was. He started workin his cock in my ass till his balls were against my ass. He said now you are going get what you want. He started pullin out the pushing back in slowly. After about 10 min he started going faster till I could feel his balls bouncing off my ass. He fucked me like this for what seemed like a hr. I was moaning and beggin him to fuck me harder. He started breathing hard and said he was goin to cum a bucket in my ass. Then I felt a very warm feelin. He pulled out and told me clean him up. We got dressed and he told me if I told anyone he would show the vidio that showed I was beggin to get fucked. I'm now 59 yrs old and the first time I have told this story. Would like to see that vidio. By the way, I did'nt mention that I came 3 times while he was fuckin me. Guess I did want it.
rambone2 said
meet him when he had just got out of the joint needed a place to saty could not keep my eyes off him he is hot real masculine hard body big fat cock in his pants he leaves the bathroom door open i can see that ass and i want to that butch man this night i had the plans to get what i want from him weather he wants to or not gave him date raip drug he was like i wanted him fucked up he could not stop what awas about to happened to him tyed him down with his legs wide open cut off his tea shirtthenripped off his pants there it was his thirteen inchfat cock his balls are so large that i know they wii be hard tosuck in my mouthgoing to shave off all body hair greese his entire body then slidding up onto him grinder my tool right against his meat thengrinder into him as hard as i can ramming my tounge and fingers d eep in his mouth his cock started to get big and hard can not see me sa he was gagedso no one can here his screems when we getinto him watchying himself being rapied by a man and not being able to say or stop whats happening tell you the rest later real nasty guys watch for the second instaltmentrambone2
bradfordboy2 said
i have met 3 men on op and one is a regular. i discovered my desire to have sex with men when i was 19 and havent had sex with a man for 20 plus years so when i joined op, i was very excited and my experience has been wonderful. thanks op
parson01071 said
JYH0105 said
When it comes to physical health, I exercise about (5 to 7, 3 or 4, 1 or 2) times per week, and expect my sex partners to be at about the same fitness level. I like my partners to tell me what to do in the bedroom.
cccccc1229 said
JYH1206 said
When it comes to physical health, I exercise about (5 to 7, 3 or 4, 1 or 2) times per week, and expect my sex partners to be at about the same fitness level. I like my partners to tell me what to do in the bedroom.
bossam said
I travel regularly and recently had a trip to DC. Through the chat room, I met a guy and we eventually started emailing one another. WE met while I was in DC and in it turned out to be a true friendship that i expect to continue for years. I will confess that I forgot briefly of the OP rule in the chat room of not giving personal info, like other email addresses or phone numbers. That is for our protection, you know. Therefore, I was banned from the chat rooms for 24 hours to remind me. I hope that I will remember the next time. Had I not met Eric in the chat room and then emailed for a while, I would not have had the opportunity of having such a great new and exciting friend. Thanks OP.
daytondavid said
Oceandriver2 said
I was courious when i first signed up on the op site. My intrest was stong enough i became a gold member and put some pictures on my profile. Soon i was talking to a few guy and a mf couple. My plans at first seem to keep bomming out. Then finally in one week i met four of the guys i had been talking to. Through out personals not only have learned im not courious but just straight out bisexual. I have now experianced what i have always wondered. That is to have a man take me analy. I have found i love giving oral and receiveing anal all because of out personals. I am so glad i joined. Also my wife is comming along good knowing i want men. Thanks again OP.
volvo09 said
while surfing last nite I came across the hottest guy from Nashville. You know he wasn't extraordinary in any way but I was so turned on by his pic as he lowered his white shirt down just above his bare ass. We chatted on IMC for awhile and my cock was rock hard and dripping with excitement. I felt my heart racing which I suppose is a little wierd for just a chat encounter. He's about 500 miles from me but I want to go see him so bad I'm going to make point of swinging through Nashville on my next trip north. Its funny, I viewed dozens of really hot guys this past week but this guy really lit me up. I guess chemistry is still alive and well. I hope everyone can find their hot guy on here. It takes alot of looking.
loveable_31 said
One night heavy rain started I ran for cover and the only place open, a hair salon which was closing. The guy took pity & told me he had a clothes dryer in the back and loan me some sweatpants to wear while my clothes dried.While my clothes were drying, I suggested I go ahead and get a haircut. He shut off the lights in the front of the store and locked the door (since he was closed), and then gave me a haircut. Sanjay was in his mid-forties & owner of salon. He just looked masculine. Anyway, we chatted while he cut my hair, he offered to drive me to my residence, & he suggested a massage. Having nothing else to do, I agreed. Handed me a towel and told me to get undressed and he'd be right back.

He came back and put on some relaxing music. He poured oil onto his hands and began massaging my shoulders. As he massaged my chest, his hands moved down to my thighs, and trying to will my cock back down. He looked at me and said, "It's alright, let me do this for you." I closed my eyes as I realized how much I was enjoying him touching me. He was stroking me up and down, leaving no doubt as to his intentions.

He undress himself. He came back and began stroking me again. Then he leaned over and took my cock in his mouth This guy was sucking my cock, I couldn't believe how good it felt and I watched as he sucked my cock into his mouth. He had also reached down and freed his own cock from his briefs. Before I knew my own hand was on his cock. He stopped sucking me and looked up at me and smiled.

His cock felt so good in my hand. He stepped up closer toward me as I reached out and stroked him with both hands. He leaned over and sucked on my nipples then moved back down to my cock. "I want to finish you off, " he said. He sucked my cock all the way into his mouth with incredible suction and I was bucking my hips as my cum exploded into his hot mouth.He smiled. He leaned in and put his lips to mine and let some of my own cum spill into my mouth. As I swallowed my own hot cum, he broke the kiss. He put his hands on my head and pulled me to the edge of the table & said "Suck me, I think you'll like it."

I moved for his cock. He was sliding into my mouth fast & suddenly filled my mouth & face with his cum as I savored what was in my mouth
ricky21ug said
well being gay is wonderful but to me in my country uganda it has not been good because i dont have apartener eversince my partener left me i only masterbate which cant help me at all because i have tried as hard as i can but still i have not met anyone good for me my life is full of loneliness i need someones help thank you
loveable_31 said
I met him thru friend. He was older, maybe in his fities. Other day of my friend gone for his urgent work. I was most surprised to see my friend uncle naked and more surprised when he walked over to me and put his hand on my crotch, rubbing it gently.

He continued rubbing for a minute. I was totally mum and there was no words spoken between us. I was like wht I am doing as I was totally surrending to his sexy touches, as I was liking his touch.As he leaned back to look at me, I'm sure he was looking for a sign from me and without hesitation I opened my mouth wider and accepted his tongue in my mouth, gently sucking on it as he explored my mouth and at the same time, rub my crotch gently with his big hands. I was hard in an instant and I felt him lowering the zipper on my jeans. He soon had his big hand wrapped around my cock, gently pulling on it and rubbing his hand up and down its length. As if he knew I was close to coming, he stopped kissing me and take my cock in his mouth. He gently sucked my entire length into his mouth, sucking on it as if it was candy. He slowly sucked on my hard cock and pumped his mouth up and down it's length until he had me coming again. He then stood up and started rubbing my cock with his hand again as he leaned into me and kissed me on the lips.

He continued to kiss me for a moment and the leaned back, taking his hand off my cock. He said he wanted to taste my cum, taking my cock into his mouth again. He sucked harder this time and I came in his mouth, he swallowed every single drop of my cum, which made me totally surprise. After I was finished, I reached inside his pants and pulled out his cock very gently as it was hard and erect. I slowly moved my hands up and down its length. He was moaning almost whimpering, as I continued to bring him to organism and I knew that he was cumming.

When he came, he gushed a full load into my face, chest. He cried out in pleasure as he came. We sucked each other, while sucking he slide one or two fingers slowly. Soon I collapsed in his mouth, he swallowed every single drop of my cum and I moved back into his arms again, more to rest than anything. That was my best day of my new world experience of pleasure & enjoy each other body to the utmost.
loveable_31 said
I met him thru friend. He was older, maybe in his fities. Other day of my friend gone for his urgent work. I was most surprised to see my friend uncle naked and more surprised when he walked over to me and put his hand on my crotch, rubbing it gently.

He continued rubbing for a minute. I was totally mum and there was no words spoken between us. I was like wht I am doing as I was totally surrending to his sexy touches, as I was liking his touch.As he leaned back to look at me, I'm sure he was looking for a sign from me and without hesitation I opened my mouth wider and accepted his tongue in my mouth, gently sucking on it as he explored my mouth and at the same time, rub my crotch gently with his big hands. I was hard in an instant and I felt him lowering the zipper on my jeans. He soon had his big hand wrapped around my cock, gently pulling on it and rubbing his hand up and down its length. As if he knew I was close to coming, he stopped kissing me and take my cock in his mouth. He gently sucked my entire length into his mouth, sucking on it as if it was candy. He slowly sucked on my hard cock and pumped his mouth up and down it's length until he had me coming again. He then stood up and started rubbing my cock with his hand again as he leaned into me and kissed me on the lips.

He continued to kiss me for a moment and the leaned back, taking his hand off my cock. He said he wanted to taste my cum, taking my cock into his mouth again. He sucked harder this time and I came in his mouth, he swallowed every single drop of my cum, which made me totally surprise. After I was finished, I reached inside his pants and pulled out his cock very gently as it was hard and erect. I slowly moved my hands up and down its length. He was moaning almost whimpering, as I continued to bring him to organism and I knew that he was cumming.

When he came, he gushed a full load into my face, chest. He cried out in pleasure as he came. We sucked each other, while sucking he slide one or two fingers slowly. Soon I collapsed in his mouth, he swallowed every single drop of my cum and I moved back into his arms again, more to rest than anything. That was my best day of my new world experience of pleasure & enjoy each other body to the utmost.
VanyaVanya said
I have been out and active in the M2M scene for nearly 30 years. After the end of a 16-year relationship, and the death of my 2nd partner, I found it hard to get back into the dating scene. Then I found OP's Manly-Men group.

The Manly-Men group gave me the opportunity to meet lots of great guys and to hook up with me with similar interests as mine, particularly other men! I became a Calendar Guy on M-M, wrote the jingle for the group, and was asked to lead discussions! I continue to be active in the discussions and find that I rank second only to the group moderator for number of postings to the group.

My interests continued to grow (as did the bulge in my pants) and I began exploring OP in general. I wrote my first blog, added to the polls, and became a defacto expert on health and sexuality on the magazine. I feel as though some of the guys who post regularly are part of my online family (although I'd prefer to have sex with all of these guys than to have them be part of my family!).

Participating in OP gives me much joy. It's damn fun, gives me the chance to explore my beliefs and feelings, provides a pool of sexy, hot, horny men to fuck around with, and helps me to feel like I'm contributing to my community. Who could ask for anything more?

But of most importance, OP has given me a voice as an openly gay, proud, Midwestern, hairy, husky, nearly-50-year-old man! Thank you, OP, for letting the real Vanya-Vanya stand up!

Vanya-Vanya aka John aka "The Amazing Vanya"
ed76006 said
Im fairly new to m4m, newly bi. Ive been iso a big muscular well endowed black man from the very beginning. Its only been a few months, but its the fantasy that got me started. Ive met a few that were close on other sites, and had fun. Today I found it here. Exactly what I had been looking for actually found me. It was everything and more, again, and again. If I had been on any other site chances are it never would have happened. Outpersonals has so many features you dont see anywhere else. It felt sooo good...
HARLEQUIN2008 said
I have always been a workaholic and didnt have a lot of time to meet other guys, then I decided to join outpersonal and my life has changed I've met so many really nice guys there hasnt been one that hasnt been nice, kind and charming now instead of working so hard I relax with all my friends across the world, so a big thank you to outpersonal for giving me the opportunity to meet such wonderful people.
Angrycoc83 said
Let me start by saying a big thank you to Outpersonals. Thanks to OP, I have found the man of my life on here, actually he found me!

In short, this is my story:

I was broadcasting my cam, he paged me. We started to chat to each other. Then from complete strangers, we became very good friends and eventually this friendship became a love relationship. Of course we met and the feelings we have for one another is stronger than what we thought it would be. Our love is like that special feeling we have for one another that one can really experienced until one meet that special someone who is like a dream in reality and being with that person makes you think:"Am I dreaming or is this reality?". Now, we are well and truly living this dream in reality, thanks to OP. Words cannot convey my gratitude to OP, thank you, thank you and thank you again coz my gratitude is endless.

I wish everybody good luck on OP, and if you are looking for your soulmate, believe in yourself, believe in destiny and please always be honest to one another coz love, well true love, it will find its way.

To love and be loved in return, is the best feeling your heart can ever experienced. We have experienced it and I hope you will too. May you find that special person with whom you can truly be yourself and live the life you have always been dreaming of together. All my good wishes to you all and remember to always being honest. If you have not found your heart delight yet, go and look for him now coz he is there somewhere waiting for you and I hope with all my heart you will find him or he will find you!

Good luck to you all and thank you for taking your time to read the story of my life! Take care xxx
loveyy said
Each time i log on to outpersonals, a sense of comfort enters my soul coz of the information i always get from the site. I live in the area where this(Gay) is spoken in Hushed tones, where nobody can entertain the sound of it. So the site provides me with all entertainment that makes me complete especially seeing all those naked men strutting their stuff, ooooh its make feel complete and boost my ego. Hands up to the site.
Firstimer_41 said
Like I said before, I love men with huge cocks. So, I guess that makes me bi-sexual curious man. My reasons, is that why have one, when you can have both of the best of world. There is nothing wrong of being bi-sexual curious in your life. Hell, why not enjoy both sexes at the same time, just like the porn stars. So, here are my reasons for you; my story of being with a man. I love huge cocks, shaved bodies, muscle bodies and tanned bodies. The biggest I ever had was 9 long, uncut and that was great. Once he came over to my apartment one night to meet with me and we started to talk for awhile. We watched a movie (of course XXX-rated movies of men). It was so hot watching that movie, so we started to get undress and once I seen his cock and how big his was, I started to imaged what his cock would feel inside of me, I couldnt believe what I have seen. At first, I was afraid to touch his cock but once I started to play with his cock, I started to enjoy being around his huge cock. I started to jerk him off and then I put his cock into my mouth. It was hard at first, because he was too big for me to put in my mouth. Then he put his huge cock into my asshole. I love the feeling of his cock going into my ass; the feeling of that cock going in and out faster and faster in my ass is so awesome. As he was ready to cum into my ass, he moans loudly to let me know that he is ready to shoot his load in me. After, he pulls his huge cock out of my asshole, he cum went all over my face, as I try to get all of his cum in my mouth. An their hands going all over your body, on your hips, buttocks, shoulder, and holding your arms, so that they fuck you harder and longer. The best positions is in my mind is getting fuck is from behind, being on top and 69 position. Those three positions make me very hot and wet. Getting fucked from behind (or doggy style) is that when he is doing most of the work pumping of his cock into your asshole and his hands can go where ever he wants. Being on top, then I can do all the work and do what ever I want to do with his cock. And 69 position. What can I say about that, its GREAT! All in all, every position is great, no matter what position you used, as long as you both have fun doing each other with the positions. Also, using toys makes me very horny. I love toys very much. The first time, I bought a dildo was a couple of years ago. That was the first time that I used a dildo and I enjoyed every minute of using the dildo. The only thing was getting tired of doing me. When I am alone, I use those toys help me to pass the time. I have a penis pump, vibrated and two huge dildos. I like using the dildo on myself a lot. But, its not the same when a man fucks you and youre both sweating a lot. After there done and you both look back at what you have done, its very awesome and the feeling you have at the end of the fucking secession. I am looking for a couple of guys that arent terrified to keep it real. What I am referring to is, enjoying being with a man. Starting off, by dressing up casually, having dinner, going to a bar for a couple of cocktails, then talking to each other or man that you like to be with and see what they like. After that, we are going back to the apartment to enjoy each others company, talking and having more drinks. (Not t
Top4u2ride said
my life in a Gay world is so more understandable about Queers who become so ugly when they just calls u name so they can make a fool out of you.. but I really dont understand about one thing tho?? why do Drag Queens always having such as luck on getting dates when they are doing a number on stage? what in Gods name is happening to me for so long in this world of Gay hottiest man on here.. One day I got a call and it was my mom.. she said.. Son I miss u and i love u the way u are and i dont wanna u to change because u are a wonderful Gay Son I never had, ,, thats my whole life is like.. it will take time for someone to accpt u the way u are no matter what if u are bi or Gay.. thats Part of Life :) take care
btmboybrian said
Thank you OP!!! I had a hard and sex filled childhood at the hands of my uncle and father. The past is the past and I'd be lying if I said I hated all of it. Still it turned me into a sex addict and my bottom was always first on the list to satisfy. It was dangerous going to the parks and rest stops and even the truck stops where my uncle kept me jumping from cab to cab until I was 14. I had alot of great experiences between 15 and now but alot of close calls with the law, and because of my slender thin body, alot of full blown of my body by horny men who were alot stronger than me.

Your site changed it all. I meet men, daddy types, everywhere. Besides a sex addiction, I also was depressed because of the separation from my dad n uncle. Though it was rough most times, they left satisfied. It was the HUGEST thing for me to feel them satisfying themselves at my expense. This site brings all that back to me. I have a few dadddy types that see me on thier way to work. They are so horny in the morning and I get to take the pain away from them. Sometimes they come after work and thier frustrated by the day. I can feel the pain from them having a haard day by the way they abuse my body. But at the end and just when I think I can't take it anymore (not that it would matter), I hear the breathing change, the grip on my bruised hips get tighter, the urgency in the thrusting escalates to a brutal driving of thier manhood into my bottom and then they release it all into me. The stress the pain...all of it. I am a boy again taking care of my daddy's needs. Makes me glow. I feel happy doing the thing that my uncle claimed I had a special talent for. Guys have paid for the videos they mke of my being and that's helped too. My nieghbors probably think I'm a drug dealer with all the traffic. bliss to me and the warm feeling in my tummy is.................calming. Thanks op!
wanthungstuds said

I meet a top on line and we agree to meet for a few drinks. I'm sitting at a table and I see him approaching. About 6'4", 230 with a goatee. He's not handsome but is rugged looking. We have a half dozen drinks and talk for almost 3 hours. He leans over and whispers that he's been watching my ass each time I get up to go to the men's room and he can't wait to get me to a hotel room.

He has brought a few videos with him. There is a video player in the room and we both enjoy watching them. He puts one in and we sit together and watch. The third scene has a top who's hung about nine inches, and very thick. After a few minutes of oral he pushes the cute little twink he's with down and, after about three minutes of slow work, has all nine inches buried. My dick is rock hard by now and I reach over and put my hand on my top stud's crotch. I can tell thru the jeans that he's huge. He stands in front of me and drops his jeans. His cock bigger than the guy in the movie. My heart pounds as I drop to my knees. Not using my hands I go to his big balls first, kissing, licking, then slowly work up the bottom of his shaft until I reach the big, mushroom head. I wrap my lips around and start to suck. I tast the drop of pre-cum as I take as much of him in my mouth as I can. He is so thick I can't get my hand all the way around.

He orders me to undress and lay my upper body on the bed with my feet on the floor. He kneels behind me and slaps my ass with his big hands then slowly pulls my cheeks apart and starts to lick my tight, little asshole. After a few minutes I'm moaning and squirming. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me deep and hard with that big dick." He stands up and I hear the lube squirt into his hand. He slides two of his big fingers into my ass, lubing and loosening it in preparation for what is to come. "Oh baby, please fuck me now." He says, "Don't worry, that sweet ass is going to get a world class fucking tonight." He pushes the head of his big dick into me and slowly, slowly works his monster cock into me. I moan with pleasure as he screws it slowly into me until it is buried. Then he grinds my ass, fucking me deeply for what seems an hour. We begin to build to orgasm and he fucks faster, and harder. He pulls out and blows a huge load
sexyback28 said
ya it is so much dick and with so little time wy is that like that wahts the problem with this word wy are people holding back of what they all like you know what i meen let me know whats up till then later!
glen1987 said
well, is more easy for me tell this in spanish so sorry for the english, outpersonal maybe will translate. como usualmente lo hago ustedes saben rebisar el correo mirar que hay, este hombre que conoci y conosco, me mando un email con caracteristicas suyas y todas esas cosas para conocernos, quedamos en reunirnos en a estacion de portchester y pasar un buen tiempo juntos, la tipica historia de enamorados, bueno fuimos a sucasa conversamos por casi 5 horas vimos libros mil y un cosas para hacer. entonces el me dijo que cuanto tiempo llevo en outpersonals le dije desde el octubre pasado entonces el me mostro paginas gays y eso y las personas que hace hook up, yo como no tengo mucho conocimiento con expreones en ingles le pregunte que que era eso, el respondio que eso era solo para sexo, lo quede viendo con una cara de miedo y a la vez de riza, y le digo que es esto un hook up or a meeting, lo que dijo fue es un meeting pero yo cuando te mande el mensage era un hook up, lo quede viendo y ho dios mio el corazon me palpitaba a mil por hora, me queda viendo y me dice pero no te preocupes yo no quier sexo solo quiero conocerte, lo quedo viendo y me le lanzo encima y le digo pero ahora se lo que es un hook up convinate with a meeting and the meeting is over, fue tan hermoso nunca encuentras una persona con la que puedas hablar mas de 5 horas para tener sexo y nadie quien lo soporte, desde ahy nos vemos ahora los 2 tenemos sentimientos mutuos, quedamos como enamorados, para mi es nuevo todo esto pues siempre he tenido parejas heterosexales, ademas el tiene 37 y yo 19, para colmo yo sigo en el closet y vivo con una tia que me controla peor que madre vieja, cuando me llama por el telefono sienpre tengo que dejarlo que suene y hacerme el tonto diciendo que es la alarma del telefono, pero es el que esta abajo de la casa esperandome con los brazos abiertos y con sus labios rosa paste listo para comerlos, asi que tengo que decir que voy a fumar por casi hora y media, jaja buena excusa para matar mis pulmones pero lo quiero y si tengo que hacer de princesa encerrada en una torre y bajarla y subirla lo hare, dios nos da mas problemas para resolver y con opcines que cuestan 3 ojos lo malo es que solo tengo 2
hyacinth123 said
well its started out on a simple Hi and hello I was wanking on the net when a bald guy took a peep on my cam... I never minded him till he had to bang up some emails on me... all of a sudden i got hooked up on the net and got to chat with him almost everyday...

I even had some nice hot pics of Him and he is oh so hot..! HE's changed everything on me like from a public show whore to a private love talk buddy! he is much mature than I am but I always had the BALLS for him.. i piss him off sometimes but I guess thats the way my story goes here on OP even though he's a far distanced guy and you might consider him as a too good to be true I always have my heart for HIm...

upto now we are always on the run for nice good chats and it seems like we are building up a more closer far away relationship... I LOVE HIM MORE THAN WHAT HE HAS FOR ME!

so dudes, a simple Hi and HELLO can go very far... who knows he might be on front of your comp screen keep looking and don't stop wanking! hehehe

and we are chatting happily ever after! THE END!
hotrod26 said
In my previous 3 articles I mentioned how I started Masturbating at the age of 16 then I got intrested in my Dad's friend Andy.At the age of 18 Andy first mouth fucked me than took me to a Hotel and properly fucked my vigin Ass hole.Father found out my stay with Andy in the Hotel. When we returned home Andy went to his home and I to mine. I noticed the blank face of Father and no words were spoken. I spoke to Andy and told him the situation, he assured me that he shall correct the situation when he visit us in a few days time. Andy came over on a Saturday evening and went to father's bedroom.I listened their talk from outside the window.Andy was telling dad that I was 18 and a grown man who knows what his body demands are.I needed sevicing my body as much as he at the age of 19 shared the College Hostel with him. He reminded Dad his body needs which he started satifying for 2 years till they left the college.After they both got married met again after they both got Divrce.And started to meet again to satisfy their body needs.The boy too is a consenting adult and no harm If I serviced him.Dad agreed that Andy was right, the boy should not be forced into frustration. Andy suggested that I should also bring to the room to clear the atmosphere.Dad pointed out that it would be embarassing if the boy is brought here as we both are naked.Andy suggested that we should put the lights off as it would be emberessing for the boy to be with you. After hearing this I rushed to my room and waited for Andy to arrive.Andy came in naked and drunk.He asked me to get naked and took me to dad's bedroom, which was dark.It helped me to be naked with Dad and Andy.In the dark Andy took me to the Sofa and sat me down between him and Dad.He gave me Whisky to drink. Andy asked me if I enjoy being fucked, to which I replied that I loved it .Andy took Dad's hand and with it he began rubbing my chest and stomoch. I could feel his hand getting warmer and warmer.My cock was rock hard and mouth was thirsty. My hands found both pillar size cocks and I began stroking them. I felt my cock in Dad's hand. His tounge forced my mouth and began rolling in my mouth. More details next time
lucozade2000 said
[I]Well this is it, yes we found someone that might just be right for us and we are going to meet him on Saturday night.His photos he sent us are great and what a cock he has.I got a horn on me that would make any man proud. This will be the first time ever i will share my wife with an other man and it will be my wife's first time to see me suck and fuck another man.Its so wild and the harsh reality is we both want to do this. What an adventure we are going to have.We are going to extend our knowledge in the world of sex and i believe our love for each other will get stronger if thats possible. We decided to try this a long time ago but never new how to go about it.So when i found we said we would try it.I love my wife dearly and she know with a few years that i liked men's cocks.She was fine with it but i was only ever with a few men.One night i said to her i would like her to try it with me and another man and to my surprise she said she would think about it.Yes i know crazy!!!.Weeks went by and next thing she said she would, it was wonderful making love to her that night(wolf whistle)am i lucky or what. We both decided we would have to find someone that we both would feel happy with, and so far so good.He is making my wife feel comfortable by texing her and myself.He seem to be a very nice person and want the same things we do.Top of our list was SAFE, CLEAN SEX. So we meet saturday night for a nice meal and chat and we will all decided if it is right for all of us. So why not pop back sometime and see how we got on.

"o so horny lucozade2000"[/I]
lk4fun36 said

Meeting Proud2 was the best thing to happen to the both of us. We met here on-line in March of 2006 and emailed a few times back and forth. I had Rejected him to becomming my Life Partner/Husband Twice, But he didn't quit trying. In October of 2006 I caved in and said Ok, I Do, You and I Partners, Lovers, Husbands. On November 23 2006 Thanks Giving Day we made it Official, We Became a Couple. It was the happiest day for the both of us, and for our Parents and familys. He was going to relocate to Calfornia to be with me in march of 2007, though On December 5, 2006 He was run down by a bus right outside his home in Warsaw, Poland where he died at the scene, Just two minunts after I got off the Phone with him, as we said I love you and we'll talk later on. Later never came for he has went back to God and has become the Angel that he was ment to be. Many people here have given their Sympathy, a Poem, and a Testimonial to him. I can't Thank those people enough each and every one them I thank you dearly for this as does his Family. There are also some who think other thoughts about Proud2 and I and have expressed them in the chat rooms which hurt me and the memory of Proud2, as I nor Proud2 have done anything wrong to deserve their words of negitivy, here or outside. it's bad enough to loose a friend Lover Husband, but to just delibertly tarnish someone and degrade them as to where they can't defend themselves.....It sickins me as for some of which I called my friends.

From the Husband of Proud2 Wishing you all Safe Journies for this Holiday Seasion
luvitsuckeddeep said
As I type this, my fingers are trembling. My pulse is slowly subsiding, yet still thumping through every muscle of my soul. I'm just 15 minutes post-fuck.

I met him through Outpersonals. We exchanged several messages, and arranged a meet.

He walked in looking unbelievably hot and sexy in dress pants and shirt. His olive skin refecting in the amber light, his dark eyes hiding the tiger about to be released.

I quickly dropped to my knees, undoing his belt, pulling down his slacks as he pulled off his shirt. His cock was already throbbing, barely restrained by his black briefs. I pulled them down, and his amazing cock sprang to my lips. Wow! It was even more beautiful than the smooth chest and the powerful, muscular arms that framed it. At least 7-1/2 inches, and so thick my large hand barely encircled it.

I took him down my throat, my hands clenched around his hard butt pulling him deeper. I could feel his massive knob throbbing in me, his shaved balls resting on my chin.

We changed positions. I trembled violently as he slid my throbbing meat across his tongue and down his throat.

Before I knew it, we were on the bed, deep-throating each other, fingering each others asses. I hadn't bottomed out in 10 years - but I knew now was the time.

I told him to fuck me. Of course it hurt at first, that amazingly thick cock spreading me open. Then euphoria. He pounded my nearly virgin ass, each powerful thrust exploding every nerve in my body. He blasted a seismic load into the condom. I could feel his heat releasing.

He pulled out, removed the condom, and I took his still throbbing cock down my throat again. As I had him deep, I worked one, two, then three fingers into his hard tanned hole.

I positioned him on his stomach, and fucked him deep. His groans of pleasure echoed my every hard thrust. I blew a massive load.

I pulled out and lay on the bed. He straddled my face, and I licked every inch of his gorgeous warm balls. He stroked his massive cock as my tongue explored all of his crotch and slipped into his hole.

His muscular thighs squished against my head as he blasted a second huge load of cum all over my chest.

My pulse is still thumping through every muscle of my soul.
beyonce88 said
Hi everyone, before everything, i just met someone on this site who wanted to try something new from any kind of guy(s). HE is still planning a day to finally meet me. I just have a good feeling of finally meeting someone from my home island. Although he is scared of being notice, but, i just wanted him to have the best days of his life getting something out of it from me. I had sex with alot of guys which i lost count, and never regret, because life is what you make out of it. If this guy may not be the one Im looking for than i will keep looking until i fine my own happiness. If one thing I would pray for, I would ask God for a moment to have a happiness that last forever with a guy that will love and cherished me everyday. I dont want a guy to commit but i only want his love. The first time i started replying to his mails, i never thought he would still send me mails about wanting to know me more. Everyday i check my OP inbox to see if i had anything from him. And yeah we are getting along just find. The only thing Im waiting for is meeting him and it is kinda of giving my butterflies. So everyone, everyday is a new journey and a begining of great joy to all of you who are users of this site. I thank this site for a head start of finding my special man. And yeah, every guy is a new experienced and every experienced is a must remember memory of your fantasy.
spearhunter said
Started travelling too meet members that I have met on Outpersonals, And every-one of them was great, Will try too meet more.Thank-You outpersonals. P.S. Some members say OP cuts them off line and off cam, But I have never had a Problem
Truckn said
For a major part of my adult life I had the deep desire and wondered what it would be like to be with another man and make love with him. I grew up in a very "straight" world and to even think of such an event would send me into a guilt trip. Well as I am in my 58th year of life, that changed, (thanks to this site) and was able to meet up with several men, all of whom desired what I did, having great sexual adventure. Did I say "adventure", no this is not an Army Recruitment drive, but I can find no other word to express what we did. What suprised me, was I enjoyed their company, just idle talk and gentely stroking each other as both of us casted our eyes in disbelief on each other's package, marveling at the sight of each others cocks and balls. I am going to continue with my partners, how long this will continue, that I do not know. Maybe in several years, I can write a conclusion to this story of my life with other men.
handlewithcare69 said

We stand-alone in a sea of loneliness, Fragile and aching Blowing like pedals in the wind Dying and forsaking- All others in search for happiness Willing to lose all for one stolen kiss We cry alone in a room full of many Broken and sobbing Trying to laugh in the face of despair Sad and throbbing- Is it all worth it try as you might? To lose, yourself for one fleeting night.

Roger Allen Nadeau 2/16/2005
boxrunner said
I hooked up with a man that found while on this site.We went for a car ride and found a place to park. It has been 20 years since my last gay experience. We went into the woods and i dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock and i really enjoyed it. He sucked my cock a little while and i then bent over and told him to finger my ass while i jacked-off ( it felt great).

While i was jacking-off i found myself talking dirty and telling him to spank my ass.This got him ready to cum and i watched as he jacked-off beside me.We talked on the way home and i plan to go to his house and let him do me anal (safe sex of course) this is one thing i have never did and his cock will be perfect for it. I want to thank this site for making my fantasy come true.
Mustangrider3 said
Friday night was bore so went to local gay club call DV8, had a Long Island Ice Tee and sat up the bar, next to me was this young 6 2 tall lean blond guy.

We start talking you, common stuff you ask a stronger such where he/she from, small talk. He wasnt drinking so I afford to buy a drink. He accepted beer. We continue talk and notice that he was rather nerves, he was shaking his legs. I put my hand on his shoulder told him there was nothing to be nerves about. He told his name "Tim" 24 years old, he then asked my age I answer "35" cool he replied. But didn't stop shaking he legs and laps, now he was making nerves so I laid my hand on his lap and started massaging it to make he clam. This seem to send an electrifying shocks, he look at me responded by doing the same to my laps.

Tim asked me if I had taken someone home or pick-up some from the bar? "No am new to Paducah and only been here in DV8 a few times." "Good!" I supposed that he want to know was if hustlering or pick up to many guys or something. He excuses himself and went to restroom with a Major Bonner. I stood at bar drinking my tee as he comes back and asked Want to shoot some pool?" With the music loud and the club was crawled by now so I didn't here him so I said "Excuse me?" "Do want to play pool?" "Yes!" and head out to pool table. We played 4 or 6 games most of them I won, I started dancing and Tim said: I dont dance, wish I could learn? Its very easy. So I went behind him and started dancing and granting on his butt. He turns around and starts kissing me and I corresponded to his kiss as I did, I felt my dick harden and so did Tims. Tim said: You are great kisser. Thanks so are you! He immediately excused him self again and went to restroom. I continued drinking my tee. He when he comes back had two shots and handles one to me, we both drunk and then he said: Sergio, I dont want to play pool any more. Do want to go for walk or something? What do you mean? Want to have sex with you, but not here some where else, maybe we can go a park or to your place? Not my place, I have roommate and am staying in his Living room so my place is out of the question, but we can get room. I cant afford one. But I can. Really Sure! He kissed me an
YoungDick22 said
Hi my name is Joel from Washington state. I wanna share my story about when i was a Young boy with a handsome boyfriend who i have met at the park in Seattle WA.. I was 18 yrs old and i was walking to the park because I had a party going on for my 18 birthday.. for some reason.. I didnt really like the park because i was in the closet for 1 and half yrs. that shit really scared the hell out of me. I was setting down and some handsome Young White fella was setting down next to me and i was like. what the hell. I wanna be alone I had a long day. but I never say anything to him about that. the next moment I talked to him and he talked back.. Only thing I can remember was he was so nice and handsome.. he told me if I wanna come over so we can chat or talk or whatever. So i said Sure I have nothing to do here at the park anyways .. when we got there he was looking at me very different ways for some reason I though he was going to kick my ass. but it turns out he like me. the way I dress the way I speak and the way I look.. Now remember when i said i was in the closet for 1 and half yrs? well guess what? I came out of the closet that night. I felt great. so we went to his bedroom and we had Sex all night long.. I never felt so good all of my life.. he like my body and WOW I like his body as well.. I told him. Are u looking for a boyfriend or u just wanna have Hot Sex and never see each other ever again? He said. I am looking for a boyfriend and I wanna say something to you.. WOULD YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND JOEL i was like OMG My heart stopped like 3 times when he said that to me. I was crying because I never been in love before and i was so scared I didnt know what to do or what to say. I told him well. just give me few mins to think about this ? Next few mins past and I told myself Man what the hell . what can i do I dont really know if he just saying that. but I will give a try. so I did. I told him.. Ok I will be ur boyfriend... We are happy. Next few Yrs later.. my boyfriend was killed inside his Appt... Please remember his name.. Johnny Boy ? I really miss him alot and I think about him everyday and i get nightmars what had happened to him..Peace

from Joel Villarreal i'm 23 yrs old
665600 said
you anly need to say the words "man sex and i go crazy, crazy for that feel, touch exploration that only one guy can give to another.It's a feeling that is out of this world, to be stroked, licked and given tender love can send you to heaven and back.As he gently slid his massive hands down my pants , kissing me at the same time so as i couldn't utter a sound i knew that the nite had been set. With all the care he could muster my throbbing member was asking for more, more of him, more of all he had to give I wanted him with all the feelings i could muster. Taking my cock into his mouth i could feel his breath on my pelvic bone taking every inch of it like there was no tomorrow, moaning in delight i arched my back enabling deeper penetration , my shaft throbing with antisipation, he was mine , for now anyway.
hotgay976 said
my first sex story was very sexy. i have done sex with many people but my best sex was with nasir. my family was out in marriage. he and i was alone in the house. he started to fet more close with me. he first had kisses with me thyen slowly he took off my clothes and laid on me. he still continue to have kissing with me. he then said to lick his penis. his penis was medium-sized so i was enjoying licking it. then he lifted mmy legs up in the air and inserted his loora in my dick. it was so sexy that i do not have words to explain. he laid on the bed with his penis erect. he made me to sit on his penis. i sat and he started to push me up and down with his penis. after enjoying so much semen came out. he then again started to kiss me. this time he was on me and his penis was touching with my penis. he kissed my face completely. then he licked my nipples i also licked his body. his body was hairy and i was enjoying so much. we then took bath together. during the whole bath he kissed me. i licked his penis and again took it inside my dick. i hope that time just stop here. nasir was our worker in the office.we then sat on sofa, he sat and then i sat with face towards him. he again inserted his penis while sitting, while inserting his penis he also kissed me. It is about three years old thatis why i am looking for fun with boys in lahire i am a gay i like to be fucked with any one. the remaining people were having fat penis and a little bit long so that's why i cannot enjoy with them. i like to enjoy kissing rather then fucked but i sometime like to be fucked more the person is also sexy and his caring, lovly, hot, sexy. i like to have sex very much so add me in ur msgr in OutPersonals plz add me, have chat with me, fix timings with me and enjoy having sex with me . ajfasdhfjsdhjkbgjvbjgfjhbvffbghgfbfvfhga jkfhajfhajksdhfjksdhfhsfsbdvjkbsdjbvjksf dvgafsafsdfsdffsdfsdfsdfsdyufgsdgfhjsdgf hjsdgfhjsdgfsdhgfsdghfjhsdgfjsdhgfsjgfgf gfsdjgfsgfsdjgfgfgfsgfsdghfjgshdgfsdhkgf sjkdghfjsdgfhjsdgfjsgfhjsdgfjsdhgfjsdgfh sdfhjgffhjgfsdghfsdhgfffsdhgfsjdkfsjkadf hsdjfhjsdhjsghjhjgggfgfafjkhgajkdghadjgh jkadfghdfjghadjghajkdfghadjkfghadjkfghad jkfgh
omega139 said
i like to meet the person name lovecock2 i like to contact him plz
swallow805 said
On a business trip, Jack was just strolling around San Francisco one evening when he saw a theater across the street that proclaimed "All Male Cast!" That sounded interesting so he bought a ticket and went in to see a really hot movie. At the end, a naked guy came out on the stage and danced and sang, making Jack hotter and hotter.

He needed to hit the john and noticed some guys going around the left side of the screen. Assuming that was where it would be, he followed them, found the place and relieved himself. When he came out he noticed that across the hall, behind the movie screen, were a number of what seemed to be rooms with curtains stretched across the front. At the ends of each curtain were groups of guys looking into the rooms.

He went over to one and could see, over the heads of the other guys, two twinks with one giving a blow job to the other. Wow! He went to the next and again there were guys having oral or anal sex while others watched. He continued along the row checking out each scene and getting hotter and hotter. When he reached the last room he saw just one guy there, kneeling and jacking off.

"What the hell, " he thought, "no one here knows me." He motioned to the guy, pointing to the guy's crotch and then to his mouth. The guy smiled and motioned for him to come in.

The guy said "I'm Paul", they shook hands and Jack pulled off his clothes, dropping them on the floor, then crouched down and took the guy's cock in his mouth, sucking as hard as he could. In a few minutes, his attention was rewarded with a gusher of cum in his mouth. Pulling off, he stood up and Paul reciiprocated with gusto, bringing Jack to one of the best climaxes he'd ever had. Paul then asked Jack if he'd like to get a cup of coffee. Jack said "Sure, but first I see a young guy over there who really wants something."

Jack waved to the young black guy who came over. Jack got down on his knees, pulled out the guy's cock and gave him his best blow job. Again he got a full mouth of cum, perhaps even tastier than the last. Thanking the youngster, he then took Paul's hand and they went out for coffee before Jack went back to his hotel for a good, satisfied night's sleep.
sexyxie said story is my first time to have sex with my bf...ooh my gosh i dont know what to do because i dont have any experience at only 21..but when he kiss my lips and my ear gosh....its great...untill i saw his cock oh my gosh...i makes me hot and after that i hold his cock and play it..and he really likes it...and he also suck mine...i really love it....
hornymoose518 said
I am 57 yrs old been living my life straight, but like to have sex with men. I live with my parents all my life with my mother being with me when i go some where. She die three years ago still have my dad living with me but now he is in rehab for his diabetes. I go online to Outpersonal and have found two men who i have a good time with. All my friends and family don't know i am gay. what should i do should i tell or not.
fay3 said
I do not think that the effect of Outpersonals on my life could simply traslated to litters.I tried for many years to have a stable and good relation, but always failed, untill i joined this site.I only can describe it in this way, , Outpersonlas is the only cause for each smile that was drawn on my face since i've became a member, ,it gave me the strength and power to find everything that i was looking for:nice friendship, great sex and knowing other loving and caring persons that are arround the world, ,thank you Outpersonals for bieng the gate for our own loving and special world
sexylooking35805 said
I met a guy from here a couple of weeks ago.He told me he was never with a older woman or any woman.He wanted a teacher so we did a role play as Teacher/student. I was the teacher and as him being a naught student.I walk up to his desk and told him to stand up.He did, Then I had him remove my top and had him suck my nipples.As he was doing this I was rubbing his nice cock making it hard for me.He was moaning.I then had him remove my skirt and g-string.I sat in a chair and spread my legs. Having him spread my pussy lips apart and flick his tongue on my clits.and suck up my cumm.I was showing himm how much I enjoy his tongue pulling his hair and head closer, tell him to suck harder.After cumm a good while his cock was ready to mount. I had him sit on a chair where I struddle his lap sliding his cock deep inside my tight pussy and working his cock as he suck my nipples.after cummmmmmmmming together I let him slide his wet cock deep in my ass. we agree to meet again, for more lessons.
turkey322 said
I met a guy first time and within 2 minutes had our clothes off and were doing a 69 I was so shocked that I came too soon but it took at least 5 minutes to suck Him off and the cum just flowed and He jerked uncontrollably for at least 2 minutes, we are meeting again this week hope it goes further than last time, I want Him to enter me and give me a good seeing to I deserve it for letting Him down last time, lets see what happens.
FitLadKarl said
I've had a really great time on outpersonals, and will continue to do so for a long time.

I 've been so caught up with school work and applying for Uni I've really not had time to go on the dating scene, so I hoped outpersonals would help me out... and it has.

I've been in contact with some really nice guys... even guys that aren't what I'm looking for contacted me and are really great fun to talk to... I never imagined it to work out so well for me.

Then there are also the guys that have contacted me that fit my ideal partner perfectly. Good looking, fun sense of humour, really down to earth and enjoys the same things I do. Those guys are what it's all about for me, and I wanna thank Outpersonals for helping me get in touch with them.

I haven't yet arranged to meet any of the guys...but the day will come and when it does I'll be ever so grateful for outpersonals for getting us together.

I hope everyone finds what they've been searching for, and I'll get in touch when I've found my Mr.Right.


I have been bi all my life. Found this site and hook up with another smoothie Guy whith a good size cock like mine. We shaved each others cock all the time.Boy thats a treat to find someone who loves being smooth like me. We both go to mens clubs now all the time in Austin. And go out to the nude beach all the time. The feeling of both our cum rubbing together being good size and thick and being smooth is so cool and the tast doubles the plesue. We welcome new friends all the time. This is the best site.
Blaq_N_sex-c said
.....its kinda funny when i think about it now.

There was this guy who i had met about 5 years ago. He used to work at the bar in the club i used to hang out at on weekends.

We established that we both thought each other's smiles we fantastic, after which we tried to get "together"

No matter how we tried there was always some obstacle.

Now recently (because we lost contact) i went on the internet to see if i could find him to no avail. i was getting impatient then just in the midst of everything when i wasnt lookin i came across his picture profile..

i read the profile then contacted him via msn...

the funny thing about all of this is that the guys lives around the corner from my house....but we never thought to look there....

Now we are together having a wonderful relationship....

tip: when trying to find love ...dont look to hard may be just around the corner.