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Group posts by jjfsrvt77
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 16, 2020Anal PleasureFuck me gageme pl1   
May 10, 2020Anal PleasureButt plug harness2   
Apr 25, 2020Anal PleasureThe aftermath.1   
Apr 1, 2020Bisexual Married MenChange of pace1   
Mar 30, 2020Butt FuckingAny tops in the Toronto area?1   
Nov 19, 2019Anal PleasureMy New, Long, Ass Toy1   
Nov 1, 2019Anal Pleasureanal orgasm1   
Oct 31, 2019Anal PleasureWhat size cock do you like in your ass2   
Oct 18, 2019Anal Pleasureass lover1   
Sep 3, 2019Bisexual Men - no stringsshemale will love to meet some man1   
Aug 11, 2019MEN 4 MENNeeds to restart1   
Aug 11, 2019Anal PleasureProduce Department Sex Toys1   
Jun 10, 2019Anal PleasureAssgasm1   
Jun 9, 2019Anal PleasureButt plug Leather harness3   
May 26, 2019Anal PleasureStrangest thing you've had in you.1   
Apr 2, 2019Anal Pleasurebutt plugs1   
Mar 10, 2019Anal PleasureMy Favorite Position1   
Feb 15, 2019Anal PleasureThe mental aspect.1   
Feb 10, 2019cyber chatReconnecting1   
Dec 13, 2018Butt FuckingMy Ass2   
Nov 29, 2018Anal PleasureBeing stretched1   
Oct 18, 2018Anal PleasureThe Old and New1   
Oct 12, 2018Anal PleasureAnal Toys3   
Oct 12, 2018Butt Plugs, Massive DILDO'sWant to increase the collection.1   
Aug 12, 2018Younger for olderSmall Group??1   
Aug 11, 2018Younger boys for older MenAny older tops looking for a younger fuck buddy?1   
Aug 1, 2018Bisexual Married MenPegging1   
Jul 27, 2018Bisexual Married MenTasting pussy on Cock1   
Jul 10, 2018Bisexual Married Menanyone want to explore?1   
Apr 7, 2018Bisexual Married MenMy Handsome Cock for Your Hot Mouth1   
Feb 4, 2018Butt Plugs, Massive DILDO'sHuge Dlido Extreme1   
Jan 31, 2018Anal PleasureAnal Orgasm.... Truth or Myth.1   
Jan 14, 2018BarebackingLube substitutes / alternatives1   
Dec 31, 2017Butt Plugs, Massive DILDO'sNew To th egroup.1   
Dec 26, 2017Threesomes/GroupsIs there anyone still out there??1   
Dec 21, 2017Bisexual Married MenLooking for Bi Guys for NJ Group1   
Oct 24, 2017hide out hook upsAm i alone here?1   
Aug 22, 2017BarebackingBottom seeking first mmm 3some or small group1