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Group posts by mpman12
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 22, 2020Tranny LoungeFeeling sexy1   
Mar 22, 2020Tranny LoungeHave you been out?1   
Mar 22, 2020COCKS, & the men that love em!who sucks better1   
Dec 12, 2019COCKS, & the men that love em!How do you like it?1   
Nov 8, 2019Tranny LoungeMarried with panties1   
Nov 3, 2019Tranny LoungeThe Art of self sucking1   
Sep 19, 2019Anal PleasureStrangest thing you've had in you.1   
Sep 19, 2019Anal PleasureDoc Johnson1   
Jun 6, 2019Butt Fuckingfirst time1   
May 12, 2019Anal PleasureWhen I Was Young1   
Mar 24, 2019Anal Pleasurebutt plugs1   
Jan 30, 2019gay crossdressersDoc Johnson1   
Dec 9, 2018Butt FuckingSure is fun...loved my first time!1   
Aug 13, 2018gay crossdressersdoes anyone have anything to say?1   
Jul 14, 2018Anal Pleasurewhere are the ass lovers in norcal1   
Jun 26, 2018gay crossdressersNew photo1   
May 8, 2018Tranny Loungeageism1   
Apr 27, 2018Bisexual Married MenCock suckers in Palm Springs---post Craigs list1   
Apr 27, 2018Tranny LoungeAmorous CD looking for relationship like a woman1   
Apr 24, 2018Bisexual Married MenSuck or fuck?1   
Mar 9, 2018Barebackingoutdoor bareback2   
Jan 16, 2018BarebackingLube substitutes / alternatives1   
Jun 13, 2017BarebackingStarted barebacking1   
Jun 13, 2017womens pantie wearersI like to wear my dates panties ...1   
May 18, 2017white men who crave black menHow can i attract BBC2   
Apr 24, 2017BarebackingBeing pissed in.1   
Apr 23, 2017Tranny LoungeSundsy was my 70th birthday3   
Apr 21, 2017white men who crave black menFirst bbc1   
Apr 15, 2017Anal PleasureHas anyone here ever been pegged3   
Apr 2, 2017BarebackingSunday morning fuck1   
Feb 25, 2017gay crossdressersWho's ready to go fem?1   
Feb 25, 2017white men who crave black menCraigs list1   
Feb 19, 2017white men who crave black menvery thick bbc1   
Feb 19, 2017womens pantie wearerswearing panties .1   
Feb 5, 2017womens pantie wearersCrotchless Panties1   
Jan 10, 2017Tranny LoungeI resently met young Hispanic trannys1   
Jan 9, 2017BarebackingLooking for a bareback fuck1   
Dec 10, 2016Butt Plugs, Massive DILDO'sMy butt hole is ore1   
Dec 10, 2016Butt Plugs, Massive DILDO'sMy butt hole is ore1