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Group posts by dickobsessed
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Jan 12, 2019Anal PleasureDoc Johnson2   
Jan 12, 2019gay crossdressersDoc Johnson1   
Jan 12, 2019Anal PleasureAssgasm1   
Jan 11, 2019COCKS, & the men that love em!Uncut or cut1   
Dec 31, 2018Anal Pleasureanal orgasm1   
Dec 31, 2018Anal Pleasureanal sex1   
Dec 31, 2018COCKS, & the men that love em!Soft to Throb1   
Dec 13, 2018gay crossdressersbreast forms1   
Dec 13, 2018COCKS, & the men that love em!How do you like it?1   
Dec 11, 2018gay crossdressersnew profile pic1   
Dec 1, 2018gay crossdressersunder my clothes1   
Nov 4, 2018gay crossdressersDo u bareback1   
Oct 27, 2018Anal PleasureCumming.1   
Oct 27, 2018Anal PleasureGood anal sex.1   
Oct 20, 2018gay crossdressersCd whore for real men.1   
Oct 12, 2018gay crossdressersmakeup lessons1   
Sep 28, 2018Anal PleasureAnal Toys1   
Aug 12, 2018Anal PleasureAnal Orgasm.... Truth or Myth.1