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Group posts by richhfx
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Jul 8, 2020Anal PleasureMalibu Butt Fuck1   
Jul 4, 2020Bisexual Married Menexploring bi side1   
Jun 24, 2020Anal Pleasuretry anal for first time1   
Jun 20, 2020Bisexual Married MenDoes anyone enjoy giving or receiving a good rimming?1   
Jun 19, 2020White Men for Black Tops , domLooking in Levittown, PA1   
May 29, 2020COCKS, & the men that love em!a craving for giving oral1   
Apr 25, 2020Anal PleasureThe aftermath.1   
Apr 12, 2020Anal PleasureButt plug harness1   
Apr 3, 2020NakedWhere's the wildest (public) place you've gone nude and jacked?!1   
Apr 3, 2020Bisexual Married MenChange of pace1   
Mar 26, 2020Bisexual Married Menbi mm finally got to play1   
Mar 21, 2020COCKS, & the men that love em!My Handsome Cock Needs Your Hot mouth1   
Feb 27, 2020COCKS, & the men that love em!no reciprocation1   
Feb 18, 2020Anal PleasureBi Guy Looking in NJ1   
Feb 18, 2020Anal PleasureStrangest thing you've had in you.1   
Jan 24, 2020Anal PleasureTops, do you like anal virgins?1   
Dec 25, 2019COCKS, & the men that love em!Hello1   
Nov 27, 2019Anal PleasureDid My New Ass Toy!1   
Nov 21, 2019Anal PleasureMy New, Long, Ass Toy1   
Aug 30, 2019COCKS, & the men that love em!Cocks of my Friends1   
Jun 7, 2019Anal PleasureAnal interracial1   
May 17, 2019Anal PleasureThe art of fingering a horny ass hole1   
May 6, 2019Anal PleasureProduce Department Sex Toys1   
Apr 26, 2019Anal PleasureNo Pain During Anal Sex1   
Apr 18, 2019COCKS, & the men that love em!Uncut or cut1   
Apr 17, 2019Anal PleasureThe BEST ass toy1   
Mar 7, 2019Anal PleasureLooking in S.E. Ga1   
Jan 13, 2019Anal PleasureRiming1   
Oct 5, 2018Anal PleasureAnal Toys1   
Jul 31, 2018Bisexual Married MenPegging1   
Jul 28, 2018Bisexual Married MenTasting pussy on Cock1   
May 14, 2018Bisexual Married MenFreeballing ( not wearing underpants )1   
May 14, 2018Bisexual Married MenSuck or fuck?1   
May 14, 2018Bisexual Married MenAre there any men that do not shave their bodies any more?1   
May 8, 2018BarebackingBeing pissed in.1   
Apr 25, 2018Bisexual Married MenLET'S PLAY A GAME1