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rajeew71 49 M
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Fuck me Deep in my Ass as a Single or as a Group Safely   11/6/2019

I Welcome Straight or Bi Couples Top Gays and Top Guys. Let' get naked. Take a full body skin to skin tantric or therapeutic Massage. Then let's focus to have a Good Fun on and off the Bed in Harmony. <br><br> . . . . Single or Group of Wealthy Top Guys are welcome to FUCK deep in my ass SAFELY as you ...

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peter5663 50 M
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Hot day   12/1/2018

Nice day for it

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peter5663 50 M
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Hot day   12/1/2018

Nice day for it

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Bottomboy1349 32 M
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Any thoughts   7/15/2018

So I totally believe in safe sex especially when your first meeting someone because obviously you don't know them. My thoughts are that it feels so great to have a raw cock in you sliding your ass up an down a nice cock. It's just more natural to me and there's nothing more satisfying than feeling his hot load shoot deep inside you. It's also a big turn on to feel his cum drip out ...

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masculinebrother 52 M
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100% safe sex for anal sex   8/17/2009

i think, everyone should use protection for anal sex, no bareback it is to risky out their for that , would like to hear feed back on topic

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camboi89 30 M
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Anyone up for being my first guy?   3/16/2008

Hey guys. I am currently in my spring break, back in portland, oregon and am very interested in experiencing with a guy. I have only jerked a guy and gotten my cock sucked by a chick and I would love to extend my resume . I dunno, i guess im up for anything as long as its safe sex! Hit me up guys. I am not a premium member or whatever so give me your email address, aim or yahoo IM and I'll get ...

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horny6864 51 M
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Best way to prepare yourself for anal?   8/13/2007

I really enjoy anal sex, recieving, whats the best way to be ready and clean for a good time. I do believe in condoms, and do use them on my toys. Can anybody help? New to recieving.....

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latenighter4cock 40 M
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Men for a gang bang, GR, michigan   7/27/2007

I am writing this to see if hopefully I can get enough resposes from other guys who would be interested in hooking up sometime or multiple times for a really hot time. I am looking to find at least 5 guys who are willing to let me pleasure their cocks with my mouth and eager ass. I would be the only bottom and would be serviceing all of you. So if this sounds like something you would be up for ...

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v10ivan69 66 M
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Misnomer   1/4/2007

"SAFE SEX" is a misnomer there is no such thing unless you happen to have a full body condom. Yes, if don't exchange any body fluids, there is little likely hood of transmitting HIV. BUT, HPV is another story. All that is required to transmit HPV is skin to skin contact ... period. Some forms or strains of HPV can be dangerous. BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!

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MerchantMarine 69 M
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Worry holds me back   12/23/2006

I am married and in the closet. Have had fantasies about man on man sex, particularly oral since I was a youth, and watched my brother jack off, and read some of his porn.
Other than less than a handful of brief encounters (no pun intended), worry about STD has kept me from following up on my fantasies. I do love my wife (but not much physically) and would never want to bring ...

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litlewily 32 M
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What do i do?   9/4/2006

i am looking forward to my first gay sex, but am unsure on any precautions i need to take. like what do i do to my ass before hand, do i go to the loo, is so just before or longer? should i be having colonics so i am clean or are there other ways. anxious and confused, please help.

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firsttimefag 38 M
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Straight man wants cock, but remains "sensible"   8/23/2006

I strongly believe in using a condom if penetration is involved with men or women. I was lax with women at times from the time I lost my virginity at 17 (with a girl) til now, I use a rubber. I jsut turned 25 and never even considered the possiblity that guys might make unearthly sex partners. I didn't find that out until a few years ago. I am very much in the closet, if you ...

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1shaman 66 M
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Barebacking ,IS it safe?   7/4/2006

Seems to me that there's so much talk about sex, people keep forgetting that everything you do in life has risk? But , Why would anyone take the Chances of Going BareBack in the receptive annal sex areas anyway, especially,
where the blood to blood contact is made which increases the risk of tears in the walls of the large intestines, mixing with sperm or pre-cum , ...

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1shaman 66 M
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Dealing with Reality," Bareback Sex"- Come on....?   6/30/2006

It's been awhile since I have been in the gay scene , would like to say what I'm starting to notice , some guys like to say, " Lets go bareback" , personally , I think it mostly Fantasy, when it comes down to it,
seems to me as though there's a wall when it comes to any sex at all that talk about Barebacking ? is it that they really do it with strangers , BARE? ...

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Twiggy1968 51 M
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Bare Back   3/13/2006

Have you ever barebacked? Well, I have a regular partner that I truly trust. I felt so comfortable with him by the time the sex began I was begging for him to fuck me.
I had blown him until he came in my throat. I wanted a second nut in the ass. The second one is better because it lasts longer. He's pretty big so we used lots of astroglide. He's so gentle with me, sliding in ...

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BlackRussian 59 M
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"Safe Sex Is Great Fun" or "Let's Just Call It Sex"   2/13/2006

Couldn't decide on the title. Maybe I'll change it later. <br> O.K. Everyone is talking so much about safe sex these days so just thought I would join in the fun. <br> One of the best things I know to do sexually is masturbation. Just love to wank my wiener. You should be able to tell that from the photos in my photo gallery. <br> BTW if anybody wants to see ...

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importance on safe sex   1/20/2006

having fun, crazy wild time is all good. but everyone please use protection for your own sake

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guzzguzz 42 M
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Have you ever clean anus   1/19/2006

I love to have sex with my partner with out condom cause we both sure of each other. He love, i cum inside his body. however i have a friend advise me about clean anus. He gave me the product name and i lost it. if any know and have been use please tell me some. <br> Do you think it the best ideas or not?

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Joe134 36 M
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What to do?   3/22/2005

I know that I seem to remain focused on one thing when I write and I do mean to change that. So, I am going to write about something that has recently happened to my best friend as I'm deeply concerned. Recently he was ill. He went to a local doctor's office where after extensive bloodword, the doctor announced that he (my friend) was good to go and had no malaties. Almost two months later ...

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johan_411 39 M
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Condoms Required   12/6/2004

I am not going to lie, I like to have sex without the "glove". I feel like my partner and I are sharing more of ourseleves when we make love with out the use of condoms. I am versatile, my partner is an exclusive top! Basically I am the bottom. I love my partner more than anything or anyone in the world. That is why I always ask him not to use a condom. My logic is that we don't hae sex ...

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KamasutraGuy003 37 M
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Take care of your self.   6/18/2004

Say guys wen it com to safe sex u must b real careful 'cos any desicion might hurt ur life.Say durin sex one must b squeeky clean 'cos skin is hotbed for germs.U must take a sexy bubble bath wit ur partner b4 havin sex.That is for sure.No 1 know wat might u or he b carin.U know somythin STD is now a world wide phenomenon & it can happen 2 any 1 of u.So while nxt time u r havin sex take good ...

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sagar41285 37 M
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my first sex with gay   7/10/2003

Carol`s suprise (Sex Secrets Article) Carol had endured extreme ball weighting so for fun we would go out for the nite. Carol had told me she loved humilation and to be degrade so as she showered and made herself up i picked out her attire for the night. With a ring bolted to her balls and a 20 pound weight she put her clothes on but her balls and weights could be seen hanging there ...

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