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DandR4hands4men 50 GC
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Porn Sucks, And Not In The Good Way!!!   6/19/2016

Hosting so many parties, orgies and sexual events, I've decided that live porn is so much better than that crap I find online, on DVD's and other places.

First, I am turned on by the sounds of pleasure. No, not dirty talk! In fact, I don't actually want to make out a word in the audio. What I want are the moans and groans, the screams, yells and shouts, the manly grunts and the whimpers ...

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versatilemikel 52 M
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Give or TAKE   3/22/2010

Most men know that there is a difference between having sex and making love, but when will you get a clue that being a top does not mean push, shove, and pop. Top is a position but with that position cums responsibilities. Personally I don't like a loose hole that my dick and arm can easily fill.

A responsible top takes the time to get the passion started and the heat rising. He gets ...

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matterinhand 62 M
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Video download   10/14/2008

A few days ago I made two video's. Not long, about a minute each. One showing me going flaccid to hard, the other has me stroking. But when I try to download them I might as well send each frame by snailmail individually... Anyone else got this problem?

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84bigguy 56 M
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No answers when on Chat   4/17/2008

How many of you have instant messaged someone, got a hello and then nothing else. Don't you think it is only polite to say "hey, not interested"?

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keigan86 52 M
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Stopping Smoking   9/30/2007

Why is it that quitting cigarettes is one of the hardest things to do?

I have had other vices in my life such as drinking heavily. That was easy to say no to and just quit. For some reason when it comes to smoking its not quite so easy.

I have successfully quit several times. Somehow smoking has a devilish way of drawing you back in. I think it has something to do with the ...

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cactusjack35 54 M
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I"m RJ. Would someone explain how age or weight has anything to do with great sex and companionship.When I was 22 I moved in with a 46 yr old heavyset man, and we lived together for 11 years. As a slightly overweight young man, I was very lonely and much like now, had a hard time meeting anyone. I just excepted that I was alone.

Oh, I tried these damn sites, but the same picky dudes ...

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Never new it was that good   1/2/2007

I was hanging out in a chat room when a man contacted me.We were just shooting the bull when he changed the subject to sex.He asked me if I had ever been with a man before.I told him I had never really considered it.He then asked me if we could meet and for him to blow me.I thought about it and figured why not a bj is a bj.He gave me directions to his place and I told him I would be there ...

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Poo on the ceiling! What the............   11/2/2006

As I write, the newspapers are full of pictures of an 11-year-old girl who, on a drunken one-night stand, managed to get pregnant.
She's sitting on a sofa, a fag in one hand and an overflowing ashtray perched on one knee. Her stomach is huge. And in the next room, we see her mother, smoking a little smack and telling reporters that she's very proud. No dear, that's the wrong ...

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par72golf 89 M
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dad - lad   10/6/2006

Are you into hot dads fucking younger lads and forceful fucking. Lets starts in a gym setting, with a young blonde guy in tight speedo-like swim trunks. Big daddy enters and before long, the two are sitting face to face and cock to cock on the locker room bench, swapping long, hot kisses and getting hard. How many times have I longed to walk in on a scene like this at my gym? Thank you! ...

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Nothingtolookat 32 M
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You Know What Pisses Me Off?!   10/5/2006

You know what pisses me off? Those supposed free adult pass keys all over then net.
I mean really! Why do you call it free, if you still want my credit card number?!
PLUS they STILL sneak in things that you are expected to pay for!!
Is there REALLY a free adult key out there? or is it just a big fucking scame!!?!

So, this week, this is ...

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KerouacJack 36 M
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Star Crossed Life   6/9/2006

So somewhere in between the awkward growing and the emotional flash point of my 16th year of living, i realized I was gay. I had fallen desperately in love for the very first time and the enormity of it all scared the bejeezus out of me. It (the love affair) ended bad like hiroshima, and the massive fall out is the only of its kind I've ever been unlucky enough to endure. I've recently ...

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VicMarz 73 M
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Pimping Myself on OutPersonals   5/20/2006

As rants and raves go, this will be pretty tame but, allow me to get a few thoughts off my chest. When I first put up a profile on OutPersonals I used the best and most recent face shot I could come up with. I wasn’t happy with it, or any of the other face shots I included, (I don’t like the way I photograph) but it was my concession to honesty in advertising. And I have no illusions ...

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succulizer 68 M
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one more step if "gay pride" is not to be the pride of objects   5/13/2006

To "be" in capitalism is to "be sellable", to be measureable in terms of exchange-value. So much for "the Left" of, for, and as Capital. The pseudo-enemey is "rightist". One word: "right". Compliance with generalized selflessness (as exemplified by roles, causes, "communities", "cultures" and other wo/manifestations of alienated self, I can only feel sadness. The "play" of the subjugated ...

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Buck7583 64 M
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Ok ! So I'm A Confederate Southern Boy   2/26/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> Alright, Alright Guys; many of my friends out there have emailed me concerning my Southern Boy upbringing and why does the Confederacy still ring true as an issue, well I’m not going to get into all that, although there are may controversial issues that surround the Union North, and the Confederate South, if I get into all those issues I will surly put into ...

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Buck7583 64 M
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Good Guy's Come In Last, Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   2/17/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> <br> Well here we go again heading into another weekend with Out Personals and the blog bogg problem. However that’s another blog for another day, I have sent in a professional letter to the CEO of Friend finder inc., about the problem we are experiencing here and I’m still waiting on their reply, I’ll let you know the results when they ...

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nu2thegame 46 M
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how old is 32?   2/16/2006

As i sit here, staring into a faceless friend. i allow my fingers to spill secrets that i am to tired to hide. The fact that i am alone and exhausted. my life has been a fight, since i was 5. growing up the only black in a all white country town i've had my share of strife. My knuckles are scarred with memories of senseless battles just because of my skin. my pride carried me through. ...

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al300 48 M
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Where are we going and how will we get there?   2/7/2006

A very proud American once said that "All men are created equal" Well, I am a man, I love this country, my passion for it run very deep. Just like my country my passion for who I am as a man and an American runs deep also. I truly believe that we as gay Americans are the last discriminated against group here in the United States. I live in Utah for god's sake and you know that Utah does not ...

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Buck7583 64 M
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Meaningless Rambling's, My Brain's Out Of Control !!!!!   1/23/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: <br> Just another addition of meaningless ramblings from this wealth of misinformation I like to call my brain. I was contemplating again another subject for my Blog, as I sit here listening to Dr.Phil on TV and wondering just how much more I can take of his funny little smirk's and his 2 minute psycho-therapy sessions I wonder isn't TV interesting though? I ...

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Buck7583 64 M
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Why Are Some People Hell Bent On PISSING Me OFF !!!!!!!   1/16/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: I sometimes wonder WHY people have such a negative attitude about life, I talk to people all the time here on OP and I come across some individuals that are just Hell Bent on pissing somebody off with their attitude. I try to comfort some of these people and talk to them about their negativity and how unnecessary it is to be so negative toward everyone, if possible I ...

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oldsoul 80 M
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Erotic chat/email/e-sex!!!???   1/13/2006

Do you know what you want when you use these terms? Have you thought about what these words mean? If you want to have "erotic" or "sex" chat, what does that mean for you? -- only cock-to-cock, assholes, tv/ts, food, animals, water, scat? The topic list is endless and if you cannot tell what you want, why are you shocked or surprised when you are asked about participating in some talk you ...

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oldsoul 80 M
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What turn on?   1/12/2006

What's with these webcams and videos where the person shows a face, a shirt, an empty chair, and particularly a soft cock that is rubbed for an hour and never does get hard or shoot a load. Where is the turn on? What am I supposed to be getting from these? I tune in to videos and webcams to find something hot sexual. I may want to get off and need stimulation help or I want to see hot ...

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Buck7583 64 M
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Why Do Some People (Quit) Out Personals   1/11/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: I have wondered for some time why do some people up and quit OP and act like we were here just until they got their shit together, I have come across quite a few different people that have told me that they are quiting OP and moving on with their lives, WHAT?? Moving on where? to MAR' sort of makes me upset and irritated like I have been used or something like that, ...

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Buck7583 64 M
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Web Cam Burn Out ??????   1/9/2006

Howdy Cowboy's; <br> As I cruise around the OP website and view different personal WebCam's I find there are allot of people showing off their selves for the whole world to see, hell I've done it so many times myself, seams like when I first arrived on scene with my Cam, I was excited about the whole idea of unknown people watching me masturbate and having orgasm's, but there ...

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tomnsga 55 M
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People looking for Females   11/9/2005

Which part of the directions do you people not understand? There is no option on this site for single females. It is either guys or couples. Stop saying you are looking for females in your profiles. That just shows how much our society has digressed and can't follow simple directions.

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gsf600 55 M
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TS/TV/TG VERSUS MEN   8/17/2005

Why is that when u look at some adverts especially of " str8" guys they would rather have a TV, TS, or TG than a real guy ?

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firsttimesuxboy 49 M
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Blowin a load   8/6/2005

Has anyone noticed but sometimes in pornos when a guy bustes a nut he only dribbels him load , but in other cases they shoot their load with a lot of force is this because 1. The guy that dribbels has already blowen and they are doing another take ?. 2. That is the way he is. 3. Because he is not horny enough?. <br> Because I know sometimes If I am haveing a bat just for ...

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hasand 36 M
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The Difference   5/28/2005

Hey guys. This is a comparison to GFF, the PG-version of this site. I first started out here in '03. <br> Then OP launched GFF. Out of the blue OP sends me this e-mail saying they had given me a FREE 3-month silver membership to GFF! I was shocked but also excited. So I set up my account over there, and began taking advantage of the opportunity. The only thing was I couldn't upload ...

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Jayne46 73 T
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Sex with transgendered   5/21/2005

I get tired of men that are afraid of their sexuallity and think transgenders are a way of having gay sex without feeling guilt. I get hit on by lots of "straight" men all the time. They want to date me and practically beg for a date. When it comes to a first meeting in public (a girl has to be careful) they usually don't show up. That is not only rude but also makes me feel bad. I've tried ...

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greenwhorejay 42 M
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I am man In Fresno   5/6/2005

Why is it so hard to find a man to fuck for one night or less without all the bullshit that goes with it? I just want to get fucked and thats it no more no less so why should looks or anything else be looked at It ain't like I am ugly you know and I know how to fuck so whats up? <br> Jason

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madboi24 40 M
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can't afford love   4/16/2005

I don't know if I'am the only one but it seems in every dating site you need to pay a membership fee to meet anyone I belong to a number of these sites and I can't contact anyone even if they show an interest in me because I'am not a paying member broke people need love to so if anyone knows of a dating site that letss you meet other members without buying a membership let me know

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TomFan 34 M
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Macbeth   4/11/2005

Ey Every1 i was wondering if you could be bothered to give your opinion on an essay i wrote, just need a gauge of if its any good, thanks, if you can be bothered. <br> William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is a powerfully challenging play of an epic battle between Good and Evil, Appearance and Reality and Ambition and Power. Written under the rule of a king who himself penned the ...

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tomnsga 55 M
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Bad Story Writers   1/31/2005

Why do so many people post stories written in all capital letters. They are extremely hard to read and just a total lack of any computer knowledge. Please stop submitting them that way. The CAPS LOCK key works to turn on and off, just in case you didn't know.

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tixif150 57 M
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DIS AND DAT   12/25/2004

Whats up with articals in here using the non words Dis, dat den, etc? Am I to old too know this is "kewel" or are you just too lazy to write this, that and then? Sorry, but to me it just makes the auther look ignorant and the artical just to annoying to read.

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cubbymich 55 M
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no photo - no photo - - why dont you guys supply a photo   12/8/2004

ok - i got another one rant that is <br> <br> GUYS THAT HAVE NO PHOTO - whats up with this <br> in this day and age - if you dont have a digital camera - you know someone that does - - - SO USE IT <br> <br> when i get an email from OP - saying 'these 7 hot guys want to meet you' - - this is what i see <br> 1 guy has a photo ...

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johan_411 39 M
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What is up with the cock pics?   12/8/2004

Looking through my invitations, messages, and other profiles; I noticed that most people either had a cock pic, or wanted a cock pic from me. What the hell is up with that? I mean, what are you going to do with a cock pic in the first place? I suppose some people find it arousing, or to some extent- entertaining. However, I am a person who would rather see a persons face. It is true, a ...

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cubbymich 55 M
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bad tops - that is tops that dont know what they are doing   12/1/2004

i am sure we have all come across this a time or two in our past, but once too many for me. <br> so i am goign to rant and rave - and try to get it off my chest. <br> the other night (well, about 6 weeks ago) at our local bath house (body zone in detroit) i came across a good looking man, and he seems pleased with what he saw in me. i was in my room, with the door open, ...

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NaughtyNikki 46 M
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I LOVE Cock   10/23/2004

Well the title does say it. I LOVE Cock. The feel of it Thrusting, Pounding, Grinding, Slithering, and Pumping in my Ass is such a Wonderous feeling. As the man drives his Hard Meaty Shaft into my Ass, the thrill of Penetration, is an Exciteable Joy that my Ass Hungers to be Filled and Impaled by that thick rod of Manly Power. The Pleasurable feel of the veins that Enfold the his ...

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NaughtyNikki 46 M
2  Articles
Gangbang Slut   10/7/2004

I Really Love to be Gangbanged. The feel of many hard cock thrusting in and out of me is just an awesome feeling. I love the tast of a man's hot creamy Cum as it shoots out of his beautiful cock and into my waiting mouth. And the taste of it makes me want even more of it. I also enjoy it when I have one man in my ass then another thrusting away in my mouth, especially if he grabs my ...

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tixif150 57 M
4  Articles
DICK PICS & PICS in GENERAL   9/24/2004

As much as I enjoy looking at all the dick pics on Out-Personals, it leaves me wondering about what the rest of you looks like. Just as if I view your face I wonder what your dick looks like. Oh well, some people are never happy! But while I'm on the subject, there are some dicks that just shouldn't be seen. I would say you know who you are but obviously you don't. Also, after I ...

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hardhornypkbg 57 M
6  Articles
Out of Shape Men at the Gym   7/5/2004

I go to the gym to work out, and sometimes to relax in the sauna. <br> My pet gripe is that there are men with very different objectives at our YMCA. They hang out in the adult locker room, and check out the other men, even follow us around as we take our showers, etc. They are always flabbym and generally fat or even obese. They never exercise at all, and they are trying to ...

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hardhornypkbg 57 M
6  Articles
Yes, true bisexuals really exist!   6/29/2004

There are some people who don't believe bisexuals exist. <br> They can be straight or gay. They are never bisexual like me, of course, or they'd know that it is indeed possible to have strong physical attraction to people of both sexes. <br> But their opinion, which they are very willing to share, is that a man who has sex with women and men, is a closeted or latent ...

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tighttonsills 55 M
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no chat   4/16/2004

It amazes me that so many guys indicate that they want erotic chat in thier outline, but when they are on line, they don't get on instant messenger.

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CORY300 50 M
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It was the greatest uncut cock ever!!   3/26/2003

I met him on this system, His picure of his cock was great! I went to his place a few miles from my house. When he opened the door I was floored. This thin great looking guy was stsnding there with his huge cock bulging from his loose shorts.He invited me in and we had a glass of wine, it didnt take long and he asked if I wanted to go in the other room.Of course I said yes, I was so horny ...

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louass 67 M
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He Came in my Ass 6 times!!!   10/10/2002

My friend Bob who is about 6'3", 220, 40+ called me on my cell and said he wanted to really Fuck me. And he said please Hurry...I have a big load for you. I love Cock and Bod has one nice thick 7" cock that just loves my ass. Well...I got to his place and and we headed straight to his sauna which is just outside his house and is not too big. As soon as the door closed he pulled his big ...

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HeyCheckMeOut 51 M
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I can't get it   11/28/2000

I'm 31 and bi-curious and still looking for my first eperienc3e with another man. I've tried gay bars and dating services and various chatrooms but still I can't find a man to fill (and I mean fill) my fantasy of getting shagged up the arse by another man. What do I have to do to fulfill this? Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem???

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Hardass18 41 M
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My first time with my sister's boyfriend   9/25/2000

It all happened when I went to my middle sister's apartment to have a few drinks with her husband, my youngest sister, her boyfriend (Stewart), and a few friends. Everybody was having a great time especially Stewart he probably had about five or six drinks. Around 11:00pm they turned on a porno movie. Some people didn't like it so they decided to goto bed while the others stayed up. While ...

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