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markdd59 61 M
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what to do   1/19/2011

i'm a newbie i go on chat rooms and on cam i gets lots of attetion and plenty of 1 to ones with lots going on nice though it is still waiting for real stuff

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Dick667 41 M
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Computer Date II   5/3/2010

This story has sexual content. On Computer Date, he finally did it! Now, it is Computer Date II. They are still dating and having sex. Me, as the writer of the story, tells the story of voyeurism in sexual content. Computer Date II starts on a night where the writer writes a story and looking for perfect plot. There are arguments if they already made a pornographic movie together... It is ...

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Dick667 41 M
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Computer Date   5/26/2009

I did it!!! Trying to find dates thru computer. But what's next? Should I tell him right away? Should I talk about sex already? Or should I take him seriously? Whether what I'm talkin' about, It all sum up to sex!!! What if I already meet this guy? Should we do a pornographic movie together? What suppose to be the title...

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nu2thegame 46 M
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GREAT HEAD!!!!!   2/12/2006

anyone looking to add a little "spice" to the norm. my advise to you is pop rocks, yes pop rocks, the candy that killed mikey{TOTALLY FALSE}. put a handfull in your mouth and go down on that special someones special member this valentines day and experience a new "love of candy" flowers optional.let me know how it goes nu

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bodyglove2 38 M
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GAY QUIZ   12/10/2005

GAY QUIZ 1) Quiche is: .a) A French version of pizza .b) The French word for kiss .c) The main entree at a Gay brunch. <br> 2) Pleasure chest is: .a) Dolly Parton's nickname .b) Arnold Schwarzenegger .c) A national toy store chain .d) All of the above <br> 3) A drag ball is: .a) A wrecker's implement for the demolition of brickwork .b) A dressy social event ...

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loadwarrier 55 M
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Wow big of a slut are you?   5/28/2005

Ok, now that I have your attention... yes, this is yet another dating quiz that will help you either feel good about yourself or expose you for the you really are. Don't panic, it's multiple choice and you can always change your answers if it makes you feel good. Question #1: How often do you think about sex? A = Once a day B = Three or four times a day C = Every minute ...

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rsquared2 34 M
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The Boyfriend Application   3/11/2005

Boyfriend Application: <br> State Your Name…age…location…and state your best attribute (either physical or mental) General Information: Do you smoke? Do you drink? Are you in school or out of school? If in school, what school do you go to? If out of school, what do you do now? <br> Your Favorite: 1) What is your favorite color? 2) ...

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Pantyboy269 38 M
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don't know what to do...   1/6/2005

I am a semi open bisexual guy, but I guess you could consider me more bi-curious cause I've had minimal experiences with men, mostly with reciving head. I've now found a woman I love deeply and am engaged to, the problem is I still have this unsatisfied desire to suck some cock. She is open to shaing me with a guy to fulfill this desire but is deathly afraid I may find that I prefer men ...

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Joe134 36 M
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Observation   11/22/2004

It seems to me that more often than not, when a guy asks me out, it nearly always ends up involving sex. Not too sure why that is, but that's what happens. Not that I really complain mind you, most of the time I'm just fine with that. But is that all people see me as? I'm doubtful of that. I enjoy sex as much as anyone, but is it really worth it when sex is all there is in a ...

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