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mykee67 48 M
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Coming Out   1/7/2010

COMING OUT! Coming in and out of your house every day Sometimes to leave and someitmes to stay But if your house is on fire..time to leave No time to time to retrieve Saving your life is first on your mind Your worldly possessions can be replaced in time <br> A tradegy this could have been if you delayed You plan of escape in your mind you played Steadfast with ...

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XOXO   4/10/2007

For every heart in love, There's a rose in bloom; For every rose picked, There's a heart that's broken.

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XxTiggerxX 31 M
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Tainted Eyes   2/18/2007

Well writing is one of my passions, my specialty is poetry though, and I wanted to post an article so I thought Id start with my work about risking the truth about ourselves for love. I wrote this when I first started dating a guy from Uvalde. Hope you enjoy ^_^
"Tainted Eyes" Within the eyes of those who think they know me I am a saint fallen from heaven, an angel who can ...

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AaronJPoe 33 M
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First Kiss by Aaron J.   11/28/2007

First Kiss

Our tongues meshing Like two lovers On a couch: Fucking.
I, Fell in love with you, Right then and there.
The stench of sweat, The smell of two colognes mingling, Like social busy-bees; And through it all: I fall in love.
I fell in love.
I fell in love-with that, Musk-like after-shave. And with my searching, ...

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OS_amaretto_lime 32 M
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Twilight of the "Golden" Boy   3/22/2006

These words trickle from my mouth Or perhaps my pen As I write for you; a concerto A sonnet to greatness, to magnificence personified Of yourself, or what I have imagined <br> A demure boy Golden hair and a golden body A warmth, an aura of geniality An odd juxtaposition So congeal in manner, divine in disposition Perhaps Divinity is of your origin For my adoration ...

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AaronJPoe 33 M
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Imaginary Love by Aaron J.   1/1/2008

Imaginary Love:

Imagine; His strong arms wrapped around me, Grasping me, Holding me, Giving me flight.
Tell me you love me, Tell me to please stay the night. Please just grasp me, Hold me tight. Give me a kiss, A hug & a gentle bite:
Hold me, Just hold me… forever like this; Don’t ever let go, I want to remember this night, Exactly as ...

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AaronJPoe 33 M
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Ruler to Grasp   11/28/2007

Ruler to Grasp
Grasping this item, My hand_and not_ever_to release Till it cum.
Cylindrical. Hard. And as stiff as I want.
I control it, I'm it's ruler! Don't ever think... To let it go to someone else.

By Aaron J Posted by Aaron J

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AaronJPoe 33 M
10  Articles
Cute Bags by Aaron J.   11/28/2007

Cute Bags:
“Oh my god! Where did you get that? It.Is.So.Fucking.Cute!”
I respond: “Oh my God! I know! I just had to get it.”
“Seriously girl, I need.that. Bag! Tell me where you got it!”
Flailing hands about and Using the most Annoying gay accent, ever, “It’s from hell, sweetie; You’d just love it there.”
By ...

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AaronJPoe 33 M
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His Face   11/28/2007

His Face

That perfect... White; Smile.
Peach lips, Almost-like-heaven... To kiss, And I after, Can only think, Of you.
And the gods look down, Laughing at me, A bumbling fool, Romanticising: But all I can see, Is that Marvolous face.
Blue Eyes, Black hair, Ear to ear smile; An illusion almost, And I in denial.
But ...

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AaronJPoe 33 M
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Nook and Cranny by Aaron J.   11/28/2007

Nook and Cranny:
Holding you to me, Me to you: seen as one life, Instead of two. Lust.

By Aaron J. Posted by Aaron J.

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AaronJPoe 33 M
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Charley   11/28/2007

He stares such into me.
How blank, Soulless, Lifeless: Can this really be, That man I loved so deeply?
As if a burden was on his shoulders. As if a problem were occurring, Which I could not see.
Will he ever come back? Will he ever be, That smiling man I once knew, As he Once was?
Where, in all this time, Has he been: ...

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soaldude 60 M
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Hidden Soul   5/28/2007

Come in from the dak There's no need to hide Find someone and tell them what you feel inside Dont mumble in words, speak loud and true Not caring what others may say about you Be strong and proud, commit to the day Good feelings are among you, bad go away Tommorrow holds promise, today holds doubts Only you know yourself inside and out Smile because you are happy, cry if you ...

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Shyfunnyguy13 33 M
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The One....   2/18/2007

You're the one I like, You're the one I think of at night, In my thoughts though it may seem, Can this really be a dream? You're the one I stare at in the halls, You're the one who won't laugh if I fall, Thoughts of you in my mind, When all I want is for you to be mine, Though what I want won't come true, You're the one i'd like to talk to, As easy as it may seem, It's very ...

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Jayne46 73 T
8  Articles
In the closet then coming out TG   2/16/2010

I really used to hide my female clothing in boxes in the closet when I was still in the closet and I wrote this when I was coming out. <br> Box On the Shelf by Jayne <br> I used to keep my life in a box on the shelf. It contained all my sweet things. A large part of me and what I am, Were in that box on the shelf. <br> Whenever I wanted to be me, I ...

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AaronJPoe 33 M
10  Articles
Jury, Judge, and Executioner   11/28/2007

And the guillotine strikes.
Did it scare, Frighten, Amuse...Bemuse: Did it give you a sense of joy?
Since when did sins, Like "Thou shalt not kill, " Be considered... a just crime?
How did it feel... To let the blade slip? How did it feel, To let that innocent boy's life: Turn, simply to shit?
Were you excepting... a round of applause? Were ...

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BRGraffin 39 M
2  Articles
A New Love I am Finding...   2/11/2007

I can see it in your eyes, For when you gaze at me, The eternal surprise, Your presence-you see. Your image-astounding Emotions-debonair Sincerity-profounding And your heart-warming care You hold me in your arms Retire in soft hands I feel safe from all harm But can they understand? Intense feelings create As your lips on mine Fantastical Fate Comfort with time Don't let go for tonight The ...

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Shyfunnyguy13 33 M
10  Articles
What is Love?   2/10/2007

What is Love? Could it be some blind emotion held in the deepest depths of your heart? Waiting to come out and explore a man with never ending devotion? Or could it be a trick of the mind? When it freely roams, you only discover heartache. Whatever it may be, it's nothing short of wonderful. However, if you don't use your emotions wisley, you may not know what it will feel like to ...

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form64 55 M
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somehow he knew!!   2/10/2007

One night i came home, and opened the door, my roomate near naked, layed in the floor. He was laying face down, in thong underwear, when he turned over, i did nothing but stare. I couldnt believe the bulge in his thong, but didnt know, how thick or how long. I watched as he stood, in the floor on his knees, knowing more, i wanted to see. Slowly he inched, his thong toward the ...

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AverageWhgBoy 56 M
11  Articles
The Forest   12/27/2006

The forest is wide and dark and deep You can see from where you are Shaded grass covering the earth Trees that touch the stars <br> But look from where I call my place And things seem not the same The eerie, mystical sight it becomes Can make you forget your name <br> The soaring trees that touch the sky Become menacing towers of pain They strike the clouds in ...

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cubbymich 55 M
6  Articles
papa what?   1/10/2005

papa loved mama mama loved men <br> mamas in the graveyard papas in the pen <br> <br> i just love that little ditty - and no - its not mine - - heard it long ago - and it just stuck with me <br> wish i knew who it was by - so i could read more of his/her work <br> short - to the point - and easy to see <br> <br> ...

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skijock9 49 GC
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Love   6/24/2011

Love is Beautiful, Love is Great Our Love will Shimmer and Shine but I know you will always be Mine

Love is a Challenge, Love takes time We are Friends and always make mends

Love is You, Love is me Our Love will Lase Forever until eternity.

I love you.

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Humpmymouth62 57 M
4  Articles
Here I Am   12/5/2009

Here I am, undressed and trusting. Hoping that you'll find me beautiful. wishing for that long awaited kiss.

I'm holding out my hand for you to take And show me what it means to be loved For who I am at this moment.

Drawing your body close to mine I enfold you in my strong arms. I see the moon winking through the trees.

I feel you heart beating As you return my embrace. ...

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lucb69 55 M
1  Article
The Dawning..   3/29/2009

Lips now so silent you cannot remember if ever whispered silent kisses in the night. Beautiful eyes once smiling tiny secrets that only you understood no longer reflect your early morning light. The skin you thought was like a freshly fallen snow is somehow lost from your ever searching sight. Reaching out into the darkness as if trying to catch the very air you slowly pass out of fright. Twas ...

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AaronJPoe 33 M
10  Articles
Broken Home   11/28/2007

If blood were to drip, As water would from… Spicket: Would you flinch?
Would it matter?
Would you care?
My heart beats once more, And again I can breathe. But again you can see… What treachery that can…bring.
Would you twist that blade once again?
Would you Paine me, Shame me, Tell me lies about who…I am?
Would you stop ...

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HotTG4Fun 59 T
2  Articles
Like The Phoenix   11/20/2007

I have lived my life, and seen the horrors that life has to bring. Having dove down into the darkest reaches of Hell, I have wallowed in pity and misery. I have had the flames Burn deep into my soul, leaving nothing but an emptiness, that spins you out of control. I have felt such sorrow that I thought I would never know glee, have been held by chains of bondage wishing ...

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archie69 58 M
3  Articles
Broken Promises   2/18/2007

When I make a promise I remain very true And i'de never break my word Esspecially not to you But now your word has been broken Perhaps there was a reason for this But it is something I no not Which makes me feel impervious Because of this pain you have left me It's so very, very strong And that hurts very deeply So no I sit here and long For I wounder ...

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HornyDawg2000 40 M
5  Articles
Twilight   2/17/2007

Deep beneath this surface Inside somewhere safe Embracing serenity Finding an escape A coming attraction Touching remembered exctasy A prophetic vision Frozen in memory
Flowing inside The pattern of the night sky a heart skips a beat amazed by the twilight stripped of everything slave of enchantment Tingling heavenly Godly attractive

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rebelde1461 57 M
1  Article
"Feeling Love"   9/10/2006

FEELING LOVE… <br> <br> When I see your face in the early morning And you smile me with such a tenderness I feel the happiness of being at your side And that you make me love you as I do… <br> When I lose my way in the deepest of your eyes And your kisses make me lose the sense of time And my skin trembles under your touch… I know… and I ...

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ghosting 54 M
11  Articles
LONELINESS   7/19/2006

Loneliness is like an empty box left in the corner of a room, Alone, Forgotten, Decaying, Dying, Watching people walking by, Hoping you won't die....

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AverageWhgBoy 56 M
11  Articles
Pledge Of Love   5/29/2005

The love that leads us here today Is the love that makes us stay The one we feel while holding hands Gives us strength for future plans <br> This love we feel can give us hope And makes a hill a downward slope The love inside each other's eyes Leaves no room for human lies <br> This love we have leaves no doubt As to what we're all about The love we'll ...

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yourdikmybutt 32 M
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A THIEF   6/20/2014

He comes to me whenever I need him, He knows my every desire and weaknees, He approaches me in the middle of the night when it's dark, and I cannot identify him. He wakes me up by turning me over, He spreads my legs apart,

Opening me up, and eposing me. He whisper words of passion into my ears. While caressing me in such a way - paralyzing me


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Tribute to a friend who was killed   9/4/2007

U are unique and when u smiled my world glowed as if u are the sun...i feel that u are always there and i know u are b/c u are in my heart and memories U may of gone to a better place where there is no conflicts or drama:

R.I.P Ashley The shining star

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archie69 58 M
3  Articles
A Mothers Day Wish   2/18/2007

A Mothers Day Wish Could be one of many things But what it holds Simply belongs, to the bearer of the rings No matter what it may be Or where it may go The fact still remains That she is the one who knows With her sophisticated style And her words of praise A Mother "Always" knows No mater what the phase You may think that you're kidding her But ...

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HornyDawg2000 40 M
5  Articles
The path to the house   2/10/2007

The path is narrow the roots of the trees jut out of the ground offering a risk of stumbling or falling.
I feel excited adventurous where does this path lead?

The sky is bluey purple the clouds are few I can see the beautiful sunset above the roof of the trees
The roots in the ground that once stuck out are no ...

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poginoypi 50 M
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digitalpoetry95 by poginoypi   12/26/2006

i wrote this in 95 when i was very new on the net and was cited in an anthology listing the philippine's best for 95 sorta resting on my laurels? -- NO. i've always put off putting this on the net. perhaps people OUT here will appreciate more than elsewhere: any digital graphic/visual artists want to hook up to create interactive net-poetry experiences, please email me! Morning, of a ...

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AverageWhgBoy 56 M
11  Articles
I Remember Sex (I Said)   5/22/2005

I remember sex, I said When heat and passion rule the night When every single nerve you have Ache and thrill to an all-new height <br> I remember sex, I said With clothing falling everywhere Stripping down as fast as you can To the point you're barely aware <br> I remember sex, I said Romantic dancing candle light Being swept off your feet Knowing that ...

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Jayne46 73 T
8  Articles
A poem that sustained me when still in the closet   5/21/2005

"Invictus" by William Earnest Henley <br> Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. <br> In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. <br> Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms ...

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AverageWhgBoy 56 M
11  Articles
Goodbye My T.V. Friend   5/15/2005

Quantum Leap, Knots Landing We both survived their ends And like Sam & Al and Karen & Mack Now you're gone, my friend <br> We had so much in common Our troubled lives we'd shared You and me and our many pals Went further than we dared <br> The Bradys, the Stephens and Thurston Howell Mary, Carol and Gypsy Rose Lee Maybe we weren't a real family But we played ...

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4  Articles
Bj Haiku   4/28/2011

Salty, sweet semen Blasting the back of my throat, Feed me more, Lover

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cactusjack35 54 M
14  Articles
cumming together   10/29/2007

I have found enlightenment lately in the midst of life's woes, the famine's, the drought's, the war and all that so goes

Because there's only one thing that last forever and always is true, that lifes most powerful entity is the love I have for you,

that's it, that's the answer, the one thing we search most for from high above

that power, bigger than ...

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Joshiepoo22 32 M
1  Article
To my wife...   2/18/2007

I can write no stately proem As a prelude to my lay; From a poet to a poem I would dare to say.
For if of these fallen petals One to you seem fair, Love will waft it till it settles On your hair.
And when wind and winter harden All the loveless land, It will whisper of the garden, You will understand.

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HornyDawg2000 40 M
5  Articles
Phoenix   2/10/2007

Reverse psychology Rediscovered demonology Godlike prodigy Victimized economy The wind blows my way
Forwarding monotony Undiscovered responsibly Guilty criminology We embody political demonology The wind blows my way
Praying for rain Monotony forwarded Responsibility distorted Criminally rhetoric Embodiment extorted Praying for rain ...

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HornyDawg2000 40 M
5  Articles
Complimenting Reality   2/10/2007

we should be realising the fates and who is belonging in what safe place those who build bombs around the world that should be locked up and those who guide us to kill one another and blindly spin in circles to direct another war should be held down in chains but this art of conversation is not about that I'm not writing to lift that veil off of anyone's eyes go ahead and fight ...

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AverageWhgBoy 56 M
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Love Letter   5/7/2005

What happened to the love I knew Where was I when it all changed I thought we had that special thing But now it's all rearranged <br> Was it me that changed our fate Or did you just change your mind How'd it happen love should die Was life with me so unkind <br> Where'd you go so far away Why wasn't I invited How'd it all change so fast I just feel so ...

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