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wntng2try2006 38 M
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Don’t we all wish!   10/16/2019

Being able to meet someone you can trust to not have an STD as well as any disease that will ruin one for life. It’s become a realization that when asked certain questions it throws people off. Those types of questions should always be asked. And should Be 100% Truthfully answered.

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phillsratg 57 M
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Mean and Unsociable jackasses who just sit there and do not respond to new folks,   10/29/2018

Yes They suck, are rude and Must think they are something. This is a FRIEND FINDER SITE. Go sit in a corner at home alone with AdultFriendFinder and then don't respond when folks reach out. Y'all Suck for this!

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Bottomboy1349 32 M
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Group sex   7/15/2018

So I have a fantasy since I've only had one on one sex I would like to try something new. I'm craving to take on multiple cocks at one time. See I know even just two cocks would be great, but I want to try 5 or more 10 being what I really want. I want to be used in every way sucking cock after cock while I get fucked. I want to see what it's like to feel cock after cock going inside ...

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Bottomboy1349 32 M
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Looking for a dom who wants a live in sub   7/14/2018

I'm in Waterbury CT and I'm not happy with my current living situation. Looking for a dom who wants a submissive sex toy to have his way with. I like to suck cock and get fucked in all positions and whenever you want it. I'm into spanking, bondage, role playing, and I'm willing to do whatever you want whether it's cleaning yard work your my master if you have friends and you ...

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Bottomboy1349 32 M
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What's the easiest way to meet guys   7/13/2018

Ok so I'm somewhat new to this and have only had a few experiences. I'm a bottom and I'm into all different things, and am willing to try almost everything. So I really don't know where to meet people except online and that's now a problem because I have no card to pay for this site I like to deal with cash. Anyway just please give me some advice on what to do. I haven't ...

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Redsky1000_ 63 M
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thevoyeuri694 71 M
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Senior Sex   7/23/2016

Can I get a big AMEN for those who enjoy senior sex.

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iamnathan 26 M
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Why MONEY before SEX?   7/24/2011

Do you agree that you need to PAY before you can have SEX? It should be FREE because SEX is just a SEX! Duhh! The F!...

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If only   7/3/2011

I laid in bed last night imagining a rugged hairy guy running his hands and lips all over my sensitive body and being really gentle.I was so hard it hurt! As I squeezed and twisted my nipples, which are really large and thick, and so sensitive, he mounted me and gradually increased the pace and ferocity and fucked me so hard that I came without touching my 7" cock and tasted my own cum for the ...

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hungnlonely4u2 53 M
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chat sites   3/16/2010

does anybody know of any great chat sites? Its fun here but theres never anybody here.

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jn3000 51 M
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Totally unexpected - the trip   2/17/2010

The next morning, I got a text from Juan, he asked me to call him after lunch, he said he wanted to ask me something so after lunch I called him up.

Juan told me he and Rich enjoyed our dinner and playdate last night he asked me what I was doing over the weekend and if I was free.

I told him I had no plans yet, why what’s up I asked?

He asked me if I wanted to go out ...

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lukelove2godown 38 M
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how long...   11/4/2009

Do you troll online for sex? I was just watching a show talking about sex adiction and some of these people would spend 7 or more hours a day looking for some strange.

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lukelove2godown 38 M
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I wanna take a poll....   10/17/2009

But first I wanted to ask what's the longest you've taken to orgasm? And what's the back ground on it? Mine was by myself unfortunatly. I had a saturday all to my self so I popped in a 10 hour porn put on and old hair tie around my balls and sipped a 40 oz while taking my time and edging over and over. I thought I was gonna go crazy at times but I made it to the 8 hour mark and just about ...

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lukelove2godown 38 M
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something I've started seeing on here   10/13/2009

I was wondering what people ment that outpersonals is neglected (not the word I see but paraphrased) I have started seeing bling and in profiles that say that this site is neglected or run bad? I love this place and I was wondering what gives?

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like2opu 61 M
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Working a fat 7" cock   8/31/2009

I meet up with a man that enjoys receiving head and he wittingly gets me wanting his cock in my mouth. I start out working his cock and balls by caressing every part slowly with the moist tip of my tongue and lips as I run the tip of my fingers on the opposite sides/ends. Very lightly touching and then very lightly wrapping my lips around his cock to tease it a little on the head. It is very ...

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chefrick33 87 M
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Gay Vampire Story   4/29/2009


Chapter 1 The Fix

Trevor Wellington Harris normally walked the streets of Norfolk at 3:00 AM, because he was in need of a fix. But tonight he had to contact... the waiter. He hoped this would work out. Tonight he would set things up for the next night.

He had seen the waiter last week at the Downtown Deli on Granby St. ...

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hot_4_dick 34 M
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INFO   3/19/2009

Hi to all you hot sexy guys,

I love writing the stories for all you guys but please remember that there all made up stories ive never had any off these things happen to me,

love you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxxooxxoxoxoxo

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mikala53 64 M
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First man to man experience   12/18/2008

I had my first mtm experience when I was 18 the next door neighbor seduced me.I would ask him for help with my car ( 1957 Pontiac ) as i was bending over the fender he would reach around me and grope me telling me "I am going to make this thing shoot one of these days".Well i scared me a little when one day i was underneath the car with a transmission on my chest the neighbor came over I had a ...

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tallpine55 64 M
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I have tryed it all   12/11/2008

I have been to the rest areas, to the department stores and all the areas that everyone says they are looking for some one. I am the one wearing the pants that when I walk to the urinal, I show my thong and might look over my shoulder at you as I piss. I am the one who in the coffee Isle that shows you that I have a thong or nothing at all on under my pants. I am the one who would rather feel ...

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Natalie69 62 T
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My glory hole fantasy then surprise   9/28/2008

I live in a small town in central Massachusetts in an old small apartment complex with townhouse apartments, in the cellar the apartment next to mine is separated by a wooden wall. The apartment next to mine is rented by a single guy. I've lived here for a couple of years and we've only run into each other a few times and only managed to say hello. As I was coming out of my cellar last night and ...

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biguy812 39 M
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closet love   9/15/2008

One day I was at my friends house. His name is Eric. His parents went to Rhode Island every weekend, he had a brother. His brothers name is Junior. The are Latinos. So we we're watching tv in the living room we we're both sitting on the love seat, when all of a sudden I felt his hand start to creep up my legs, so I pushed him away. He did it again coming close to my cock this time and I pushed ...

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like2opu 61 M
8  Articles
A Good Moment Lost   9/9/2008

When I was seventeen, a junior in high school, I had this one party friend that was riding around with me and like many teenagers we were looking for some action and wasn't finding any. It was getting late and somehow he got on the subject about taking care of ourselves by just going somewhere to jack off or something. I said why not, I was curious what his cock looked like away and thought it ...

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michellej2 57 T
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Why Do You Like Trannies???   9/6/2008

As a 45 year old tranny I have learned we fit in no real straight or gay group. I have always felt I should be a girl since my early years but because of my upbringing I felt it was wrong. Now I no longer care what others think. The problem is "dating and clubs". Either you are straight and want the opposite sex, gay and prefer the same sex, or bi and like both. Upon realizing who ...

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oct30195647 64 M
6  Articles
My Experience Continues   8/31/2008

I must admit I have enjoyed writing about my experiences so far and a couple of fantasies I have had over the years. I am not trying to sensationalize the situations but be honest about them. I have got enjoyment from writing them down and have enjoyed reading others. I have particularly enjoyed those relating their first time experiences although some seem a bit far fetched. Well to continue on ...

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oral69foryou 69 M
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threesome BLISS   7/31/2008

Best threesome, i had was about 5 years ago, still meet them, now and again. there names were Peter, and Jenny, very sexy couple, both in there 50s, and hot and horny. We met for a coffee, hit it of straight away, all three of us, laughing and joking, so no problems, went straight back to there place, as soon as we stepped inside the door, we were ripping the clothes of each other. As i said, ...

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nwokie7 59 M
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The 13th Amendment   7/16/2008

Amendment 13:

The 13th amendment states: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime shall exist within the United States.

At the university of Colorado Obama promised as president, he would require all middle and high school students to perform 50 hours of service per year. And college students 100. He would accomplish this by, among other ...

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tfig2 56 M
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Mr. Raul who lived next door   2/29/2008

Mr. Raul was our new neighbor who lived next door, he was so kind and friendly that my mother would let me go over and help him he was in his early sixties and was well built in fact he work out a lot I did small chores for him one night he ask my mother to let me stay over for he was not feeling well and was low on his medication. we all trusted him so mother said yes. Well that is when I found ...

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lickemsuckem 34 M
1  Article
Story: Bisexual curiousity   2/27/2008

Foreward: Before I get to the story, it starts in the middle of my 'servitude' to an older couple in their 30's when I turned 19. They were switches but generally she was the domminant one.

Finished for the day with my chores and duty as the ‘maid-boy’ I went to my room. Once there I wiggled the mouse and started watching porn. Ever since I sucked Mike I had been addicted to the ...

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v10ivan69 66 M
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Happy New Year!!!   1/1/2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you Luscious Cum SLuts around the world!!!!

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nu2thegame 46 M
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which was better   11/28/2007

I was just wondering out of all the encounters that you've had which has been better? Sex with a friend, a lover, or a random stranger. in my experience it's been with a friend, maybe because there was no guise or expectations it just "happened" (over, and over). i'd like to know what you think.

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cactusjack35 54 M
14  Articles
Our broken govt.   10/10/2007

Six months ago there was a trial in Texas that put 2 boarder patrol agents in jail for defending our boarder. Their Last names are Ramos and Compeon. I would like to write about their tragedy.

It started along our boarder with Mexico when Ramos and Compeon where attempting to stop a known drug dealer from crossing our boarder with a shipment of narcotics. The illegal immigrant failed to ...

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loadsajism 50 M
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On The Train   10/8/2007

Hi Guys, Thought that I would share an experience that I had recently while travelling to a M8's place in Kent. I got on a GNER train from Newcastle to Kings X and settled in my seat. The train wasn't too busy but busy enough. Had just passed York when I needed the loo so I got out of my seat and walket to the end of the carriage, passing a guy about 27yrs who was reading the newspaper.


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OneG8TLay 62 M
2  Articles
Internet Chat on this Site   7/22/2007

It so funny how life comes at us so fast. We come to the chat rooms to find friends, conversation and to relax and maybe, just maybe if the chemistry provides, a bit of fun along the way.

One thing I seem to notice when I go to chat is the fact that most people are either there to find what I just mentioned or tend to take the stage and turn into attention whores. It seems odd to me, ...

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sxysml4 51 M
7  Articles
shower?   6/26/2007

Been thinking about you again..... you in the shower, letting the water run over your naked body, feeling good and relaxed as the hot water massages over your neck and back.

MMMM good...Fantasize about me then, go on grab the soap and lubricate yourself... stroking slowly. You begin the think about us kissing first then the heat of passion overtakes us, Our arms intertwine, bringing our ...

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00016 115 M
9  Articles
wondering   6/19/2007

I don't know what happen in my childhood years that set me apart from most other but I always knew I was different. Looking at girls never really appeal to me but when I play with other boys for some odd reason I was attracted. I went thru my teenage years almost lost for a short time, hard to find friends that can understand your feelings and back in my time computers weren't around so much to ...

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MAKnUP4LostTime 51 M
2  Articles
Finding a group that suits you can be difficult, Starting one can be even harder!   3/20/2007

I have been trying for some time now to start a group that suits me, but the vision I have created for the group and for the process of starting the group require that I find a small group of others to help define and establish the group so that I have several minds working on what would appeal to a broader array of people rather than just my own ideas. I get so many inquiries about joining and ...

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Virgin Ass and my mouth need love!!! Any takers?   3/9/2007

I am looking for a men or men or couples to show me the ropes. I have not really done this before and am wanting to give my body to someone or some people for there pleasure. If anyone in the are can host me or a group of people that would be great. Looking forward to my first face full of cum and having a nice hard throbbing cock in my ass.

Let me know if anyone wants to have some fun! ...

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loverboy_4you 35 M
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His First Time   2/12/2007

My best friend called me and said that he wanted for me to come over and watch movies. I have always had a crush on him, His name is chris (not real name). He is 5'8 blond hair athletic built smooth, with a 9 inch cock.
I arrived at his house and he answered the door in that same pair of shorts he always wore. A loose hanging basketball shorts. Man i loved them. Because he ...

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needy0077 42 T
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heels   1/26/2007

do most of you men pefer heels on a t girl or flats bare feet nails painted ilike to do my nails to be ssen...

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myoutperonal 37 M
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Is it bad to be High Maintenance   11/6/2006

I Just can't help to think some people just can't handle what life throws at them.

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kinkyroly 62 M
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make your wildest and kinkiest fantasies happen   10/26/2006

hi my name is roly I enjoy , bondage, Pegs, wax, Gangbaned, whips , paddles , water sports, arse play, Cock/balls torture, Dildos, Tit torture want me to Perform for you This is a great opportunity to make your wildest and kinkiest fantasies happen You will be amazed by some of the things I will enjoy doing for your amusement and pleasure very few limits I will perform ...

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Dressed4You 62 M
8  Articles
Outdoors   9/7/2006

We live a house out on a ranch, I run around naked all the time, I was out side and my wife came and sat on the steps, She Didn't have her top on, but her Pantys, soon she spread her legs, and had a 10" cock hanging out her Pantys, She told me to come over to her, and told me to suck her Cock. So i went down on her, eatting her cock, she loved it so did I, She made suck on it for a long ...

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bakersfieldude 35 M
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hooking up out of the blue.   7/23/2006

I am a little nervous about driving to someones house whom i've met online and talked to for maybe 15 minutes. I live in a extremely conservative area and i'm afraid i'll show up and find out i've been tricked some how. has anything like that ever happened to anyone?

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sistormrider 66 M
6  Articles
Need information   7/10/2006

does anyone have ant information on this years Bear Crusies? If so please drop me a line. Thank you. John

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ghosting 54 M
11  Articles
LEARN TO LISTEN   7/9/2006

Learn to listen like a teddy bear,
With ears open and mouth closed tight.
Learn to forgive like a teddy bear,
With an open heart, not caring who is right.
Learn to love like a teddy bear,
With arms open and imperfect eyesight.
Do not ask for your life's load lightened, ...

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ghosting 54 M
11  Articles

My Baby Boy My Baby Boy You are your Father's In you, I see all the best I have done My Baby Boy My Baby Boy You are my Pride and Joy My Baby Boy

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ghosting 54 M
11  Articles
WHEN EYES MEET   7/9/2006

WHEN EYES MEET It has been said, that the eyes are the windows to the soul.
When this individual physical manifestation comes across another individual physical manifestation that has a pair of visual impediments that are similiar to mine, Eye try to communicate with them soully on a mental level which ...

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ghosting 54 M
11  Articles
HOW WE GROW UP   7/9/2006

From birth, we are looking for ways to organize chaos. We start as scientists of a sort. Gradually we build an inner view of the world, which sorts out the overwhelming flood of stimuli that comes our way, and calls some of them good and desirable and safe and others bad and dangerous. We decide certain actions get us the results wanted and others get us into ...

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SexyAntiguaButt 54 M
6  Articles
FANTASY DATE   6/26/2006

I will skip the preliminaries and get down to the sex...
U slowly strip off all my clothes, a piece at a time, kissing every bare area of my body as u remove the clothes. U kiss and lick my cock for awhile, as well as my asscheeks. I then remove all your clothes, kissing licking every bare part of your body that I reveal.
We move to the bed...
I lay u on your ...

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MyHugeManTits 59 M
8  Articles
Hot Bi Agriculture Action ....   5/16/2006

It has been so hot here in the Lodi.CA. area and our air conditioning went out. By 3:00pm my jockstrap was soaking wet under my pants and I had planned on going out that night to a local bar hoping to meet a Bi guy to play with. I went into the shower area where the field foremans of the winery shower and change. I stripped off my clothes and started soaping up my ass and tits ...the ...

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lvman1947 72 GC
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BE GENTLE I'M A NEWBIE   4/20/2006

Discovered OP earlier this month. I usually don't have a lot of time to spend on the computer. Fortunately or not, I'll be sitting home for the next few weeks on a medical leave from work. Had minor surgery and all is going well. Being away from work hs left me bored, hence web surfing and my finding OP. I have started a blog and posted a couple of polls. Everyone's response has been great. ...

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sexmadcock3 60 M
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how do you make your cock ozzz pre come   3/16/2006

some guys dont get pre come, im one of them.ive touched some guys cock and the pre com e just ozzz out of their cock, i get so jellious of their sugury taste, can eny one tell me how i could get more pre come, sometimes if i dont have sex fo r a week iplace finger inside and push on my prostate and you can see a blob of pre comethen .i lick my own cock and whant more.

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sepffio 42 GC
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Testing and stuff. Hello there.   3/15/2006

This is a test article. Nothing to see here.

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Once Upon A Time I Sang My Heart Out !!!!!!!   2/23/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> As the late President Regan would often say ‘Well there you go again’! I’m saddened today by a situation that I find myself in, I have touched a few times on the subject of my desires to play guitar and write music which I absolutely adore, the feeling of being able to pick up my guitar and play and sing songs gives me such a feeling of freedom, I ...

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jamietlets69 62 T
3  Articles
does any body want to play in pensacola   2/19/2006

bi married bottom on the west side of pensacola really wants to meet like minded men for really hot sexall you have to do is leave me contact info then just sit back and enjoy

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
By The Grace Of God, Kiss My Sweet Florida Ass With Sunshine   2/15/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> <br> I’m feeling a little melancholy this Sunday morning at 9am, Charlie is sleeping and is as snug as a bug in a rug, it’s cold as hell here in North Florida this morning, it’s 22 degrees out and frost is all over the ground, I know 22 degrees and frost seams like a desired summer day to most of you all up there to the north dealing with the ...

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BlackRussian 59 M
34  Articles
I Want To Make A Movie!!   2/13/2006

I just got this awesome plot idea for a movie and I really want to make it! <br> Now it isn't a porno movie necessarily but it does have to have some sex appeal to make it sizzle. But not every role involves nudity or sexiness so that part is up to you. You can make your role as sleezy or sexy or as innocent as you want. That's the creative part! But you have to read my lines, ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
The Weekend Is Here, Now What?   2/11/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> <br> Well another weekend is here, and it’s a cold North Florida day, 26 degrees out this morning and gloomy as hell, my dog ‘Buster’ is hating life right now, freezing his butt off outside, he’s my buddy tho, he’s a pit bull about a year old and funny as hell. So what the hell are we gonna do after the last foot ball game is played? The ...

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ugik 41 M
1  Article
Looking older   2/4/2006

Looking for older man 45yo and above ...i like to fondle , sucking , licking and can do what u like and me like ....hope i can find out playmate in this website..

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Kick n It...As My Life Passes Me By !!!!!!!!!!!!!   1/31/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> It’s ole Bucky again; contemplating my life and still I come up with no reasonable determination as to why I have turned out to be this seemingly collective and mellowed individual in a world of so much uncertainty and skepticism, I love the mere fact that I’m here to talk about my life after all that I have been through, sense my early days as an ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Cherokee Indian's Our Contribution's   1/24/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: <br> I would like to bring to light my proud "Cherokee Indian" heritage, my grandfather was a Cherokee Indian Cheif from the Eastern Carolinia tribes, and my mother is half Cherokee which makes me one quarter Cherokee. <br> We have a proud heritage and a colorful history in america, I have been entangled for some time trying to retrace my past root's ...

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oldsoul 80 M
5  Articles
Penis size --   1/13/2006

Hi -- The subject of penis size is always ongoing for men becoming adults. If you want to get a good overview of penis size, photos and information, go to a website that gives you a realistic view of penises both soft and erect -- (email me and ask where you can find this). It is a no-nonsense and good look at what REALLY is 'size' and what is hype. Each time I read the 7", 8", 9", 10", ...

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ckfan8769 32 M
1  Article
18 and Wanting To Live   1/13/2006

Ok my name is Jeff and I have recently came out to my parents. I thought that it was the good from then on. But as days go by, I keep thinking what do I do? There are no gay bars that I can go to and Im afraid to openly talk about it hoping some random guy would ask me out. How do I live the gay life? How do I get myself in to the ball game? How am I going to live my life as a gay man? All ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
January " A Time Of Reflection "   1/9/2006

Howdy Again Cowboy's; As January is on us, and as I now have a new reflection on my life, I have sat through many a morning lately and thought about my previous 50 years and wondered how I arrived at being 50 years old, and wondered how I am doing as a person. I do know that I have done many things in my life that I would rather forget, however I equally have done many things that I am ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
A Period In Time I wish To Forget..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   1/9/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: I thought I would try to analyze a period in my life today and try to put things into perspective. I am 50 years old, and divorced after 22 years, have two 's as a result of that marriage, one that was killed in the Iraq War December 15th 2003, It was a difficult time for us but we are still working through it, I have been Gay my whole life sense I was molested at age 5 ...

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SexyAntiguaButt 54 M
6  Articles
FIRST THREESOME   12/23/2005

Well, it was a Saturday night and, as was in evitable, I got horny again. So I called up my Lover to set up a sex session. Disappointments of disappointments… he had a visitor and could not accommodate me (in more ways than one obviously). He did say however I could call him back in a couple hours. <br> Needless to say I was in angst. No cock to suck, no cock in my ass. What a ...

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bodyglove2 38 M
24  Articles

This story is not meant to imply anything about the sexual preference of any of the actors involved and is pure fiction. and all of the material in it is purely fictional. <br> Please e-mail me if you would like to make any comments. I will take all suggestions and comments under consideration. If you would like to tell me how you would like the story to continue, please let ...

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bodyglove2 38 M
24  Articles
my encounter in a Jeddah Shopping Mall Restroom.   12/10/2005

my encounter in a Jeddah Shopping Mall Restroom. <br> In 1998 I was 16, good looking. I went to Saudi Arabia to with my parents because they went to perform their pilgrimage (hajj). From the moment I arrived in this wonderful land I was in love with it. Deep in my soul I knew I had existed here before, I had walked this soil before without any doubt in another life. <br> ...

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deanofallon 51 M
2  Articles
The Trooper   10/19/2005

When I was 18, I was driving with my Grandmother from Florida to Connecticut. She would go down there for the winter and go back to Connecticut for the summer, so she would get someone to drive the car with her. I had spent two weeks in Deerfield Beach, a young blonde surfer from California. NO board, no waves, but I still had a good time hanging out at the beach that was about ...

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SexyAntiguaButt 54 M
6  Articles
Best Fuck Session Yet!!! (Part 1)   9/19/2005

So I hooked with this guy on the 'net and made the date.. this was last Thursday. I get to the guys house and we sit and chat for a while about gay sex and what we have done... yada yada yada. Then things heat up. We go into one of the bedrooms and he shows me a couple new gay websites where I can hook with guys for sex. Needless to say I record them. Then I jump on ...

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00016 115 M
9  Articles
secret   9/7/2005

My very first time came when I was ten years old, it took place during summer and I wish I could forget but you know the saying the first last forever. My neigbor she goodlooking for the most part there was a little something different about her but I couldn't tell the differenc at that age, so one sunny after noon I heard strange noises coming from back of her house so like a normal ...

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dragonboi2 56 M
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Hooking Up   8/23/2005

I realized something today. We’ve lost all our chemistry. All our feral heat. We meet people on line, arrange to meet at his or yours, have sex, go home. Well sometimes you’re lucky and you sleep over and get breakfast. WHERE IS THE EXCITEMENT IN THAT?!! I want the hunt! Cruising for the hot stud in the night club. The top intensely appraising the hot stud he wants, the bottom, ...

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theBat3 60 M
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First Time   8/17/2005

I work door to door, doing family Photographs anyway I was out door knocking, when this chap answered the door and said he was interested in a portrait of him and his partner. So an appoinment was made for the day after I arrived at 6pm next day wth all my gear and to my surprise 2 men sat in the living room. We started with some head and shoulder stuff then Dave the one who booked me ...

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restless05 46 M
8  Articles
Is he or isn't he?   7/24/2005

I met a guy a month ago, I'll name him Scott. In fact, i bumped into him during a party. I knew people he worked with, but has never met him before. During the time we were formally introduced, we just talked about almost everything. (Usually, I would get to the end of it but with this guy, all I wanted to do was talk). <br> At the end of the party, as I was returning with my ...

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cali209 59 M
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No Bodys Business But our own   7/21/2005

Well I am writting this for two reasons one is my comments to others that may think I am judging them which I am not. Having an opinion is one thing I live by a set of principles, morals and values. I don't expect others to live by them or care what rules they live by if it dose not effect me or my life. I have voiced my opinion on people who are married hooking up with men several times ...

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rauten 72 M
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First Time - First Discovery   6/2/2005

First Time - First Discovery <br> It was the summer of 1960 and I was eagerly anticipating the start of the next school year. I was finally going to be a high school freshman. The anticipated move opened a whole realm of new experiences because, in that time period, a young teenage boy of 14 was able to get a diver’s license, stay out later and have real dates with girls in ...

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NM_Vegan 54 M
3  Articles
Serious Topic: Monosexuality versus Bisexuality   5/20/2005

In a nutshell: Bisexuals are different than gays. <br> Okay I'm prepared to be flamed for this: I see responses throughout OP to bi's from gays who tell the bi guy he is really gay. If someone is bi, he is inherently different. When I was a I did not what to call myself so I labeled myself "ambisexual, " because I liked (or was that licked?) both girls and guys from a young age. ...

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madboi24 40 M
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free love   4/29/2005

I'am awnsering my own question I posted here awhile ago about free dating sites I found a great one where you can e-mail members and post your ad all for free the address is everything is free so those of you who can't afford a premium membership anywhere else check it out and happy fishing

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madboi24 40 M
12  Articles
the straight guy   4/13/2005

I met this supposed straight guy awhile ago and our relationship has built up he says he iss straight I have even found him a girlfriend they broke up but I'am feircly atracted to this guy and we have done things that would suggest he is at the very least bi he has touched me where no straight man would he even let me give him a blowjob He says I love you but that it is plutonic and I ...

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suckitandsee3976 62 M
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Shaved or unshaved   4/2/2005

What do you prefer? a nice smooth shaven cock or unshaved? I prefer to suck a nice smooth shaved cock whilst playing with smooth balls I have always shaved myself completley and I find it more sensative when someone sucking you or playing with you What do say?

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horneydevil4661 53 M
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first time   2/3/2005

whats it feel like to finally have a hard cock up your arse for the first time

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jackinhigh 35 M
2  Articles
Feelings of my first cock!   1/5/2005

I has my first cock about 6 months ago, and I'm crazy in love with the look and feel of a nice cock. It is uncommon to feel such an attachment or better to say a longing to get the chance to have a good a good cock to suck? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a dirty little boy, but I have got hooked on guy's cock, men of all walks of life. HELP. JM

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johan_411 39 M
16  Articles
Gay Marriage is Legal   12/17/2004

Marriage... Gay Marriage, why do we crave it, why do we need it? Marriage is something that is relative nowadays. Marriage is now just a big party, wherein a couple signs a document that says that they promise to love each other forver.... however, that is not the case, 50% of marriages end in divorce... so why is it that we ask for marriage when the statistics give us a 50% success ...

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learn69 53 M
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Photos   12/5/2004

At this site, some post their photos, some don’t. Those who post photos, they either keep it "ordinary", or porno type. Here we get three type of participation in this respect. Which one do you think is the best? To make it more specific, let’s us say which one is best in serving the Add.? I think more than one answer would be responding to this question. Each would look at it from his ...

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ozyjimbo 53 BC
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time wasters   12/4/2004

time wasters and why do they bother to even have a profile up when they have no intention of wanting to meet someone all they do is give you the run around could it be they are made up from the owners of sites to keep their numbers up???

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mempho04 34 M
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General   12/1/2004

If a guy doesn't call you in a could of days but he told you that he liked you. Is he avoiding me?

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tght14u 42 M
2  Articles
older guys   10/26/2004

I REALLY GET OFF ON OLDER do i get them to notice me more.i only had anal once

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MNcock 113 M
1  Article
First time sucking dick   10/6/2004

I just wanted to talk about my first time sucking a cock. I met an older man on a chatline. We chatted awhile and both got very horny. We decided to meet at a store parking lot. From there we went to a nearby park. After seeing him and following him in his car to the park I go all nervous inside. It was dark and a little chilly out. It was late Oct or early Nov. After walking a ...

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00016 115 M
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how does one go about being a cross dresser   7/23/2004

need some tips on cross dressing

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sparky696969 63 M
7  Articles
how to keep uncut skin back   7/11/2004

 For years i looked for a way to keep my uncut skin back on my dick. My skin would not stay back like i wanted it to. At long last i have found a way. Go to a "ffarm store" or an auto parts store or any where else that sells black rubber "OH RINGS" . Try to pick one that will fit your dick just behind its head. You may need to buy several to get just the right size but no ...

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fnhotblnd 62 M
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My first threesome   7/6/2004

My friend Ernie and I have been getting together for about a year now, and the sex is always incredible. He likes the top, and I love the bottom, submissive role. He's got a tasty, uncut, blk cock about 8", nice and thick.Anyway, I call him one night, he says he met someone who he would like me to meet. We discussed doing a threesome before, so I was game. He comes over and introduces this ...

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ilove68 60 M
4  Articles
seattle area glory holes???   6/13/2004

are there any glory holes in the Seattle area. i tried that "place" in Everett but last month they closed up all the holes! anyone know of another place? i would like to visit one soon. thanks

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60firsttime 76 M
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What % of men are Bi or Gay   6/7/2004

I have read that 85% of all men World wide have had m2m sex? Is this true???/ I don't know the % for each group, it was broken down to three groups. [1] Have had, [2] are having, or [3] will have in the next year.---- This is true for me. I was 5 when I sucked my first cock, the guy was 19 yrs old. { I was afraid to tell or I would get spanked-- this is a big thing to a 5 yeay old, that ...

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1  Article
why do i prefer trannys other than woman or men?   5/30/2004

i feel so much attracted to trannys. my cock gets hard just spotting one in public. i cum so quick when fucking one and i'll keep fucking all nite. i dont like men , but a pretty woman with a nice cock does something to me. am i gay?

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matrixhero123 38 M
1  Article
my nighbor   5/11/2004

Well I'm a single browen male in 22old. The new neighbors that I became most fond of, was a black couple that lived next door. I would volunteer to help he and his wife with doing their yard work from time to time. I’d all ready noticed that his wife was a very attractive lady and she had a very athletic body, she had a brown skinned complexion, very shapely. She always wore a pair of cut ...

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