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advent43 63 M
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that photo of you just gets me...   2/17/2019

Every time I see you sitting with that gorgeous erection I outline it with my mouse, imagining doing so with my tongue, gently taking your balls into my warm wet mouth, feeling them churning as I swirl my tongue around each tasty globe. Then running it up your hard shaft to your head to delve in your sexy cum dripping slit and tightly surrounding it with my lips sucking your precum from you...a ...

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XGuyz6969 32 M
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ความรัก​ยังไม่เสร็จ​   9/29/2018

ความรักของเพศ เพศชายเพศหญิง เกย์กะเทย ทอมดี้ เลสเบี้ยน biosexual คนต่างอยากได้ความรัก ความเอาใจใส่ ความห่วงใย แต่ในความเป็นจริงแล้ว ...

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malik_5_5 43 M
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Online Sex   2/19/2015

Hi All,

Today I have done virtual sex or online sex with my chatting partner, This is my first experience to do sex on chat, maybe lot of peoples have done it before but for me it is like a first time sex. I like to be bottom but today I act like a master and have sex with a guy which like to be bottom, I share my experience with my partner I do it all which my hubbi do with me and all ...

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bluemn2 56 M
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Love is whatever you wish it to be......   10/15/2009

Love is anything that makes you feel good. It could be a warm, fuzzy, puppy (or cat, lizard, etc.). A warm, smooth, or fuzzy person snuggled up to you. Love doesn't hurt or destroy things, it nurtures them. Now, go love something and be happy...........

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nut522 65 M
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My True Love   7/1/2009

I've met a man that is so caring and genuine, It's hard to belive i found him in todays world, Everything is so hectict and seems as if Time does have time foe it's self.This man is one of a kind and i've been searching for 28 years since my Partner choose not to live any longer...Never thought i would meet him here on OP but why not it's for ...

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11sexonly 45 M
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First Time With Another Man   4/20/2009

First Time with Another Man This is 100% true story! I am no writer so please excuse my grammar and spelling. I have been bi for the past 4 years. It all started when my wife and I were experimenting with anal on each other. She always wanted to give me anal play and I always said that I was not interested. She said that she heard of a technique called prostate milking that her girlfriend told ...

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11sexonly 45 M
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Threesome   2/24/2009

Warning, I am no writing or great story teller.

A little info about my wife, she is 30yo 130 lbs and 5’-8”. She is absolutely a knockout, she always getting stares from guys when we go out.

This is a true encounter of our first threesome that happened two years ago. Like most guys on this site I wanted badly to see my wife have sex with another guy and to watch. I started ...

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ronny55 68 T
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My re entry as a cd and first love with an older woman   6/9/2008

My Re entry as a CD

After 6 months of being home from military service I started to have the old familiar urges to put on nylon again. Afraid that my girlfriend wouldn’t understand I decided to keep it secret since we worked opposite shifts during the week. I finally got up the nerve, since I could no longer fight the feelings, I went to Ross’s to buy 2 ...

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nwokie7 59 M
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Doing what we should, not, what we want   1/14/2008

The following blog was posted on my space and after reading Coles question I thought I would share this with our community. This is what Christmas SHOULD be about Current mood: blessed Category: Life

Hi, well its 4:22PM and I am getting ready to play Santa, I would post pics of the event but all of the I will be seeing are in hiding. They are in hiding from abusive ...

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sucker4younger 56 GC
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"Cursed At Birth...Bound By Love"   9/25/2007

This story and the characters therein are fictional. Happy reading!

Laying on his queen sized bed, Mitch Adams wiped the tears rolling from his eyes. He hated his life with the utmost profoundness. Now, at the tender age of 24, Mitch was all alone in this life. He never knew his parents, nor at this point in time in his young life, cared to ever know them. ...

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sucker4younger 56 GC
13  Articles
It's Never Too Late For Love   9/5/2007

This story, along with the characters mentioned, are fictional. Happy reading!

Walt Jenkins just returned home from the funeral. After 45 years of marriage, he just laid to rest his beloved wife Tammy. His heart was filled with sadness as his trembling fingers fumbled with the lock on his front door. For the first time in 45 years, Walt Jenkins ...

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darwin_0207 32 M
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dont be afraid   6/14/2007

dont be afraid to put your trust to someone who will love you completely...

co'z not allfears are right and love does'nt always end in pain...

who knows??

the one you've been waiting for has always been with YOU!!!!

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precioussissy46 61 T
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For those interested or curious about just what is TG/TV/TS/ M to F / F to M etc I'm not sure even my self so not likely any of you would know other then perceived thinking and stereo typing i have learned a lot that we are not tho and i will share this that i have found true for me. I view issue in 2 categories 1. tg those who for what ever reason identify and mentally think as opposite sex all ...

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DonaldFlores 72 M
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The Wet Dream   2/10/2007

It's been 8 days now since Larry took me.
I am ho and my desires burns, I want and need to be taken. I know that I dare not touch myself because Larry would be awful up set with me.
I am going to brake down and call him since he hasn't called me.
Larry is one of these guys who enjoys dominate/ submissive games. He wants to be in control and have all the ...

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swimmur101 31 M
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SEXY JAIL   12/6/2006

Bruno was about to fuck the prettiest boy he had even lain with. His cock was buried all the way inside the most handsome punk it had ever filled. His pubes rested against the private area of this sensual fuck boy’s body.
Bruno had nailed his first girl when he was 12. At 14, he discovered what fucking boys felt like when he was in juvie. His first attempt at a fuck boy, had ...

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1000000people 43 M
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Mistaken sign.   10/23/2006

I move recently to this beautiful city and was staying at my friends. He live near a small provision shop so we always buy provisions and grossaries from there when we dont have time to go to shopping centers. One day i went to the shop to by some items for break fast. When i was at the counter to pay for my items, my friend came in. I smiled at himand made a sign with my eyes and then kept ...

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PlayboyJustin00 31 M
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HIIIIIII   8/9/2006


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CyberPsych 46 M
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Changes from Chinobe - Chapter 1   6/29/2006

Chapter 1
Andrew was looking forward to the annual camping holiday. The weather was still hot but the prevalence of rain kept most campers away and therefore it was not a popular camping season however, it was his favourite time of the year. Any time of the year is great when it is a chance to get out of a house full of woman. Every year he would go with his best friend ...

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HummerHot020 33 M
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question   6/13/2006

my friend of mine, he says he isnt gay. and everyone thinks he is, i dont want to be an idiot and come out and ask him, but my friends want me to hit on him to see if ne thing happens. what should i do?

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Buck7583 64 M
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I Love You Charlie.......Sincerely Buck   5/8/2006

Charlie is my Love’ my Life’ my Guiding Angel.

Charlie has come into my life as my guiding angel of mercy, back last year when I was so confused about life just turning 50 years old, and having suffered so many tragedies of late including losing my boy in Iraq, I know there are some of you that just don’t wish to hear me go on about my losing my first boy over ...

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Lovah 69 M
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Does anyone know what LOVE, and RELATIONSHIP means ?   4/7/2006

I am starting to wonder if anyone knows how or what love is anymore. It seems as if it's some type of disease that no one wants to be in contact with. Sure a lot of people use the word a lot, and say that they do, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it, they just drop off of that face of the earth, and run for their lives !!!
In the past few months I've had not one but ...

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DCBottom4mrtop 51 M
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Listen to Yourself   3/9/2006

I dated a man that I knew was bad news for two years; I let him isolate me from my family and friends in his ever spiraling need to CONTROL; I'm not a sissy - I knew better - almost from the very start - so why didn't I listen to myself? In the end I wrote a poem that was published in a volume called surrender Here it is:
Three Teardrops Revised Revision of an earlier, ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Thank You My Friends   1/26/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s <br> Ole Buck is back at it again cowboy’s, another wealth of information perpetrated by a semiconscious state of mind that I seamingly find myself enthralled in most of my adult life these day’s. As I diligently comb through my brain for a topic that will scream off the computer monitor like a pack of Cherokee Indians after a white mans scalp, I am ...

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al300 48 M
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True Gay Love Does Exist   1/26/2006

All around me I see evidence that true gay love exists. It exists in a way that is not the norm. for our heterosexual counterparts for we are gay men who love. Love for us may be defined by having open relationships, sneaking into the local bookstore or having a quickie down at the rest area. Our partners are of the same breed and although some never admit to such indescretion we have all ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Love Is All In Your emagination, Just Let It Happen   1/11/2006

As I enter the candle lit room your sword rising, from you casts a great shadow. I slowly sit down and gaze into your eyes that gleam with joy; you rub my thigh in a gesture of reassurance. I lean over and place a delicate kiss on your lips. I take some scented oil and begin to massage your chest and glance as your cock begins to throb and sway up and down. I begin to caress your neck ...

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rorydancer 70 M
3  Articles
Becoming   1/5/2006

We arrive together for the meeting. Your charcoal grey suit, and mine a pale blue with the requisite red power tie. You flirt with the girl who passes out the meeting agenda and I suppress my smile. I am seen as the 'accountant'.. cold, precise, a machine. You are the salesman, affable, comfortable, open and approachable. They buy our act and our account. At lunch the engineers seek me out ...

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GioBoy23 39 M
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THE ONLY   1/3/2006

when i was a little boy i was so full of dreams..falling in love with beautyfull colors, beautyfull voices, .4 a women i cry i cry so meny times...... <br> <br> mother..mother hold me in your arms... mother.mother r u there?.. mother, .make the wicked man stop.. mother am i special or am i a freak... mother mother he stick is finger in me..... mother do u love me ...

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Chrisftw26 40 M
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Learning how to move foward   8/20/2005


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middlesexy 47 T
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transexual love   4/27/2005

i;m a transexual, and every time someone say the word love to me i get scared, not for me, but for them, i;ve been in a 14 year relationship and i did alot of work to keep it going, he; feeling like he had to prove his manhood all the time, sleeping around with woman and telling me he still loved me, made me fell unloved, cause love is a emotion an action and the love he gave, was NOT the ...

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ranboy 55 M
4  Articles
He touched my hair.   4/22/2005

I met him in a bar one night. I was there with my boyfriend of two years, but we were having problems so my mind was wondering and my eyes were looking around. But, I didn't see him. I had long black hair and for once it looked like I wanted it too. My boyfriend was not paying any attention to me so I was just sitting there lost in my thoughts. He walked by and just let his fingers ...

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aryeh234 73 M
5  Articles
finally   3/15/2005

it has taken a long time, and many meetings thru outpersonals, but, i have finally found the man of my dreams. unfortunately, he lives in another part of the state and we can't see each other as much as either of us wants. my dream is that he moves here so we can see each other on a regular basis. i know that he loves me and i love him. it is a great feeling. to al of you-stick with it-this ...

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Sonic4000 33 M
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Whats Wrong With Me?   2/7/2005

I have been single for 5 months. I was dating the greatest guy ever, and ever since we have broken up I can't seem to find anyone even close. I am not looking for the exact relationship but something similar. I have gone out to bars, clubs, frat parties, and talked online but not only can't I find a relationship like my last one, but I don't even get hit on and no one really flirts with me. ...

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edlovesmen 33 M
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I love you so much.   1/7/2005

You are my world. You are my everything. You are why I am living for. You are gorgeous. You are sexy.

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learn69 53 M
8  Articles
Love and Sex   12/5/2004

It could be the same for lots of people. But the important point is that it's a must for me! I can phrase it in short by "No sex if no love". Love meant here is not necessary what has been grown through a long time. It could be the feeling that existed even before meeting. A person's heart is not really free of love until he meets his perfect partner. Some kind of feeling would always exist ...

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diosa69 39 T
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contentment and happiness   11/7/2004

life is the greatest gift i resive from god secondly is love why do i say so ....right now im loving a person w/ safe sex and i proud of it what ever society inpost to me ill still be so luck coz i learn how to love and forgive love....

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scott2813 37 M
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TRUE LOVE   10/9/2004

I WISH I HAD REAL LOVE <br> In today's gay communities. I have come to the hard stereo type conclusion that it is difficult to find true love. I am also equally convinced that many gay men are more attracted to looks, sex and sometimes money, then they are to the soul or heart of a gay partner. I believe many people in the gay community should step back and look at their values and ...

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rwb19632004 56 M
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Keeper of my Dreams   6/8/2004

Keeper of My Dreams <br> When you're not here to share my days and nights My life is so incomplete For you are my heart, my soul The oneness I had known to seek <br> Without you I merely exist from day to day With you I know that I will find All that I have been searching for My completeness, my eternal peace of mind <br> You are the keeper of my ...

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tyraledesma 34 T
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its easy to say i love you but hard to prove it !!!   5/30/2004

im shemale from phillippines that is working in the bar as a star dancer im verry well know as tyra hereverry papular to all of costumers maybe becouse im looking great coz im femeinine look sexy hot and specially when the costumers saw me they think that im a real one. i have a lot of costumers they are came from different country i have a young guy old bi sexualk real guy and more ...

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madboi24 40 M
12  Articles
love is a four letter word   5/23/2004

Love is a four letter word we all hope to find our one true love. Our soulmate but does this person really exist is there really a person out there for all of us I have felt love before but never for me. I hope to one day find someone I can come home to and not tire of them someone I can truly deeply and passionately love but it seems that this will never happen for me I see people in the ...

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KCniceguy4u 60 M
5  Articles
Having fun with Oil!   4/18/2004

I love oil. <br> Any kind of oil. Many people have specific fetishes about different sorts of things, but my taste is pretty basic, really. I just love oil. <br> I prefer warmed and scented body oil, but I also love bath oil, baby oil, and even olive or canola oil. Some oils have delicious flavors, and sometimes cause my tongue to delight when sampling from my ...

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Timefire0 58 M
2  Articles
Hot Coffee Bj's   3/15/2004

My first time was a double, I was a 19 year old sailor and was at a bookstore near the base. I had spent 75cents and got picked up by a yeoman from my squadron. He took me home to his lover. We had a couple of beers and maybe a few joints. Dwight was baking a chocolate cake, I think it was Teds birthday. He pulled out my hard slowly unzipping my bluejeans. It was stiff and rock ready, he ...

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