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suckyouanytime 60 M
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smaller cock   3/15/2020

has anyone got any advice on how to make a penis permanatly smaller

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KevinLeeInfo 37 M
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A Perfect Fit   3/30/2018

Each month, approximately 4, 000 people get their prescriptions filled at the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s pharmacy. <br><br> Overseeing the bustling and recently expanded facility and its 40 full-time employees is Pharmacy Director Nicole Thibeau, who feels like she’s found her dream job on the ground floor of the Center’s McDonald/Wright Building. <br><br> “I’ve ...

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2359sharp 31 M
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What Is Post-Exposure Prophylaxis? IT Can be your life saver   1/25/2015

If you have had a high risk exposure to HIV in the last 72 hours read on.

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) involves taking anti-HIV medications as soon as possible after you may have been exposed to HIV to try to reduce the chance of becoming HIV positive. These medications keep HIV from making copies of itself and spreading through your body.

To be effective, PEP must begin ...

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towelrack2004 53 M
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Seeking advice about Anal   3/23/2014

I'm 46 and having been having anal for years. Yesterday something happened and I am worried about a few things. I went to a bath house for the 1st time.As I was new I didn't know a lot about it. After about 20 minutes I met up with a guy who was built.Solid build and a nice bulge in his towel.We went back to his room and I dropped his towel.He was HUGE.Porn star kind of dick.It was so big I could ...

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v10ivan69 66 M
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HPV and Throat Cancer???   2/2/2008

I just read an article in my local news rag which if true could be very worrisome for the Gay/Bi community. It stated that the HPV Virus could be linked to Throat Cancer in men. HPV has long been linked to Cervical Cancer in women but they now think that it is also linked to Oral, Penile, and Anal cancer in Men. Even the web sites devoted to STDs seemed to have little worries about HPV and oral ...

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asia4whitety 47 M
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Is it possible to find a hiv relationship in OP??   11/6/2007

Hi, I am A hiv + guy. Just want to know is it possible to find any lover in this gay website.

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needy0077 42 T
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oral   1/26/2007

whats the chance of getting std compared orally to anal

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Dr JBJX on HIV Type 1   10/31/2006

We tend to take for granted the ability of our immune systems to free our bodies of infection and prevent its recurrence. In some people, however, parts of the immune system fail. In the most severe of these immunodeficiency diseases, adaptive immunity is completely absent, and death occurs in the initial stages from overwhelming infection unless extraordinary measures are taken. Other less ...

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ghosting 54 M
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AFFIRMATIONS   7/27/2006

BREATHE Be still and see if you can hear your breath. If you put your hands over your ears, you can hear it easily. As you breathe in, say in your mind, "I AM, " and when you breathe out, say in your mind, "AT PEACE." Breathe in "I AM, " breathe out, "AT PEACE." If you can do this for even two minutes, you will become very peaceful and relaxed. It's even a good way ...

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BlackRussian 59 M
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Be Kind To People With HIV   2/13/2006

I get so damned pissed off when I look at these ads on the dating services that say, "HIV Negative, You Be Too" or "HIV Negative only please". (You know, if I were HIV Positive, I think I would be tempted to purposely lie to these specific people and sleep with them, just to know I could - Some food for thought there, huh?). <br> How God-Damned Rude and insensitive!!! I am sorry ...

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tboy3000bw 37 M
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straight   1/3/2006

i find visiting this website a real eye opening and it really cool, it helped me with my research and after doin the research i really started to appreciate this life and thats good, u guys are great, love u all

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bodyglove2 38 M
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this is an article send my one of my friends.. i read it and felt like it might be useful for some ppl out their. so here it is.... <br> What is Fellatio? <br> Fellatio, giving head, giving a blow-job: Many men love this kind of stimulation, and many people, both women and men, like giving it. Fellatio is the act of applying your lips to a man's penis with the purpose of ...

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forfuninnj1 61 M
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Where to get Viagra, Levitra...   10/11/2005

The doctor will not write a prescription as he says I dont need it but I have tried it and love how it works. Anyone have a suggestion for an honest online seller of these drugs?

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pandoros 32 M
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Penis Enlargement   4/11/2005

HEy Guys, Id like your comments on penis enlargement. Patches, Pills, Pumps, Devices, Excercies, ??? Did you guys ever use any of these? Which work, which don't... Which do you recommend...

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BoyNeedsADaddy 33 M
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blue balling   4/6/2005

when I masterbate I usually go for hours without cumming just because I dont like to cum until I find the perfect porn vid/pic. After a while as you can imagine I have a ton of stuff to shoot and it can sometimes be very painfull. My right testical feels like I got hit with something and when I finally do cum there is a piercing pain in it. Does anyone else do this? Will this have any ...

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BoyNeedsADaddy 33 M
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masterbation   4/6/2005

I used to always jack-off with my right hand and I noticed that my dick was curving to the left and pointing more and more to the left the more I masterbated. I broke my right arm a while back and was forced to use my left hand after a while I got used to this and now use my left hand as much as possible and i noticed my cock is starting to go back to normal. has anyone else done this? also ...

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porlandslut 55 M
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Health and BDSM   3/17/2005

Have attended a number of workshops on how to beat a body, what areas to generally avoid and which areas are safe to hit. What is too much for a body to take? How much bruising should be allowed? How many days should it take to heal?

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mibear3 64 GC
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Me & HIV   1/15/2005

I returned to Michigan in December 86 to look after my mother, after my fater had passed. In February of 87 I was diaganosed to be HIV positive. At that time I had cell counts that were 1700 and 1800, that was before viral loads were developed. I've had two of my lovers pass from AIDS, (one in this very house). The ironic thing was it was on the same day just 4 years apart. I've attended ...

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pandoros 32 M
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Get Tested   11/2/2004

HEy Boys, <br> I got a few safety tips: <br> -Get HIV tested before any sexual relation! It would not kill you to see a doctor, be it will if you dont. <br> -Make sure your partner get tested also for HIV. <br> -And most important HAVE FUN

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pandoros 32 M
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Health Warning   10/26/2004

There has been a health warning to all males, HIV has been raisied at a high rate! Please be carefull partice safe sex!

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fish2029 35 M
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how do i know its safe?   7/28/2004

how do i know that if i meet someone on this site that it would be safe to meet them in person? new to this so help me out.

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hardhornypkbg 57 M
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Long term effects of getting gently fucked by a big penis?   6/21/2004

I hope some of you out there have some useful information. For the past several months I've been having occasional sex with a man who has a large, thick penis. He always wears a condom and uses plenty of lube. He enters me slowly, gradually, and gently. There is usually some discomfort, but he backs off if there is pain. As I loosen up he increases the pace and is giving me a very ...

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pandoros 32 M
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Cum?   6/15/2004

Is it really safe to put cum in your mouth? Putting a penis is fine but cum? Don't people think it might me dangerous to put other or your own "vital" fluids in you body? <br> Tell Me what you think!

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KCniceguy4u 60 M
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A fun massage!   4/18/2004

I love oil. <br> Any kind of oil. Many people have specific fetishes about different sorts of things, but my taste is pretty basic, really. I just love oil. <br> I prefer warmed and scented body oil, but I also love bath oil, baby oil, and even olive or canola oil. Some oils have delicious flavors, and sometimes cause my tongue to delight when sampling from my ...

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Qualopec 37 M
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Creatine: What it does, and WHO its for   6/3/2002

Creatine Monohydrate supplements are sweeping the nation. Do you jump on board? Is it worth it? What does it REALLY DO? Glycogen, the storage form of carbohydrate, is the fuel used for immediate muscle action. It is stored mainly in liver, but also in muscle cells. for every gram of glycogen stored, the body also stores 2-3 grams of water. For those gnetically predispositioned toward ...

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thebarebackjack 59 M
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Action on Ferry   1/7/2001

Recently was on a short ferry crossing which took a four hours - decided to take Sauna to help pass the time. On entering the Sauna room found 3 guys there - with towels around their waists but all the towels tenting - caused by their hot cocks - greeted them and sat down to enjoy all. Within a few minutes they were all playing with themself, I took off my towel and told them not to be ...

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