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advent43 63 M
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Raincoats, even when it's not raining...   1/16/2015

I suppose this is a bit of a rant, but I feel strongly about it.

I find it appalling in this day and age that condom use is not universally practiced. I realized my true sexuality back in the 80s and like many was and still am alarmed by HIV and other STDs. It was a real wake up call that changed my sexual practices as it did for many. I didn't always use a condom during anal sex but ...

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v10ivan69 66 M
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In Shape???   4/14/2007

As an older guy sporting more than a few extra pounds, I may not be a likely contributor to this topic ... However...

I have to say that to look at a man does nothing to excite me regardless of age, race, or fitness level/weight. I'd probably be happy at a bookstore gloryhole if it wasn't for the risks associated with them. I do love to see a nice clean cock and if it is shaved, all the ...

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rustybsatx 52 GC
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Wieght loss   2/24/2007

The best Diet I have found to help with weight loss that has worked for me is the Best Life Diet by Bob Greene.
It works on a three phase system.
The first phase is get moving and get your mind and body ready for weight loss. This is finding out why you gained weight in the first place and then dealing with it. This phase lasts approximately a month.
The second phase is to work ...

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AlbertaBeef69 36 M
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Muscle definition   5/14/2006

I'm a bit of an exercise nut. I run nearly every day (6 days/week) and lift some weights 3x/week. As a result I am quite slim (some might say skinny) but have quite good muscle definition (six pack, defined arms and legs). Personally I like this look and that of slightly more muscled people, but the muscle definition is what counts the most for me. I see big guys in the gym that are ...

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gryphranshire 37 M
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Discovering the Body Challenge   1/6/2006

In case you didn't know, Discovery Health is about to start its annual National Body Challenge where, starting January 14th, for 8 weeks they help set up a program for you to get your body fit and encourage better habits. <br> To register, just go to Discovery Health's website. It doesn't cost anything, but they will give you an 8 week free pass to Bally Total Fitness with no ...

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collegeguy101_01 37 M
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Want the body that wont revolt...   10/5/2005

Hey guys I know that this is probably a really inmature and selfish post but I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to drop a few extra pounds. I have never been in the fit side, but recently I realized that i need to loose a few extra lbs. and get into a better shape than I am in. I weight right now between 200 and 220 but i only stand at 5'11" max. i would like to get down to about ...

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The male body is lovly takes some getting used to for the boy who is only just beggining to explore and realize his gay potentional. A gay eye can easy see a appreciate all the beauty of the male form. Each has a different taste, but the strong legs and arms- the buff- smooth chest. The fine buttocts , the excellent and awesome sex organs..........the penis and anus. ...

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KCniceguy4u 60 M
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Hot Encounter At The Gym   5/22/2005

I had been a member of Bally's gym for some time. It was a great way to discreetly check out hot muscle bound studs. I spent a lot of time in the hot tub, where there was a great view of guys stripping for the shower. I could hide my hard on in the bubbles. One day, this guy looked at me and smiled. He steps out of his briefs and went into the sauna. I followed him shortly after, ...

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psubud086 33 M
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college times   4/15/2005

my roomy is a complete drunk and this one night he came back totally wasted. he strips to his boxerbriefs, which def. held something large. there was a large bulge in those briefs. he laid down and started feeling himself, i was like "what the hell are you doing?!?" he didnt respnd but he kept going at it. after it seems hard in his briefs, he wips it out and starts jerking off. im ...

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psubud086 33 M
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My first body worship   3/23/2005

I was on a trip with my school where we had to stay over for the night. The first night, I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed my friend was sound a sleep. Now my friend was on our schools football team and he had one of the most sexiest asses was so large and rock hard. so i go over, begin to put my hand down the covers and feel his ass over his lounge pants. my ...

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mempho04 34 M
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First Time   2/17/2005

This is the story of my first sexual encounter with a man (boy) Back when I was in the 8th grade still innocent and not understanding what gay love was. Me and my best friend Ricky would hang out everday wrestle and just do everyday guy stuff. I kinda knew that I was attractived to guy becuase everytime I would picture Ricky naked I would get a hardtime and just get all excited. He ...

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johan_411 39 M
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Sex Workout   12/15/2004

Much like any intense physical activity, stretching is recommended for better sexual performance. Sexual intensity varies from couple to couple, but regardless of the intensity, a little stretching could help (especially if sex causes some pain). <br> For the Top: It is important to have very strong hips/abdominal/quadriceps for thrusting. For the hips and the abs, it is best to ...

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johan_411 39 M
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Workout motivation: Gay Porn   12/6/2004

I'm 23, and I know that I am in great shape. But I am sure that I am not the only person who starts counting the calorie and fat content of everything I've eaten, after watching gay porn. I mean, "Damn!", talk about a way to crush self-esteem! Ripped and perfectly defined bodies grace porn movies. Granted I am no fat ass, and I have a six pack... when I compare myself to these porn ...

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madboi24 40 M
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the mind needs a workout sometimes more than the body   5/30/2004

Hello out there now I know everyone wants sixpack abs and a muscley chest. I must admit I want that as well but in doing so I have found out that if you don't excercise your mind as well as your body then a hard body will be of no use. I suggest daily meditation as well as positive visualization. I have been meditating daily now and I feel just as good after a mental workout as after a ...

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skyy99 40 M
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THE DREAMS   6/25/2001

THE DREAMS I write the passage for my dream, and for those who have the same dreams. Please help us. When I was twelve, I saw a picture of a bodybuilder. I reall got mad with it! That's the first time I saw a really strong man, and the first time I felt a little strange and curious with men's bodies.Especially those who look strong and hot. I begin to collect pictures of those types of ...

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