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curious12exp 55 M
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Behind closed doors......   11/17/2019

I have spent most of my life in the closet no one close to knows about my sexual explorations over the years......... <br><br> My curiosity started with a woman that was an anal freak she was the first one I fucked in the ass and well fucked in the ass with a strapon my first bi encounter was with a couple a few years later the first time I let a guy suck me and the first time I ...

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rubmehard2 68 M
8  Articles
Giving Head the First Time   1/26/2019

Until I was in my early 40's I only had sex with women. I enjoyed their soft bodies and jacked off a lot using pictures of women in their underwear for stimulation. It was difficult to find willing female partners and it wasn't as satisfying as masturbating. After a two year stretch of solo sex, I began fantasizing about sharing my sex life with another man. God did that get me hot. I ...

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sxysml4 51 M
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Bi, horny, or in heat?   9/11/2014

Like a lot more guys on here than I would have guessed, I am married and love women, however maybe cause of drama, not getting enough fucking, want to explore the pleasures of gay sex, or maybe something like I'm a in heat, I will go thru a couple of days of fucking wanting sex...but only with a man (..or a few men

I think of myself as a top, but when this 'condition' hits (should ...

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sensual_lover 52 M
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Changing balance   8/29/2011

I have been seeing a man on and off for the last 7 months. He is a retired divorcee who has been working out and is in great shape for 66. He's pretty wealthy, despite the divorce, lives ina small but fancy condo and drives a $120k Merc. I only mention the money because, in the last couple of months he has taken to buying me high end women's clothes, jewellery etc which I change into at his ...

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maduece1026 39 M
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Never done it but want to so bad   5/9/2011

I am struggling with the fact that I have fantasies about men. I want to have sex with a man so bad but I'm married and don't want to risk the embarrassment. I don't get the excitement from my wife that I get from thinking about having sex with a man. I don't want to leave my wife because I do love her to death. I had a friend in high school that I wanted to have sex with and he almost did ...

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sensual_lover 52 M
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Sleepy Co-worker   1/11/2011

I rather wanted to get the cute Chinese girl Amanda in the sack, but she is a lot younger and not interested in me that way, and we are not supposed to have relationships with co-woker anyways. Instead I have been slepping with Anthony, a cute Taiwanese younger guy from work. Literally, sleeping! That is how it started, too. He was having a nap in the lunch room and the boss asked me to wake him ...

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maineTnenceman 58 GC
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Stop the Bullying. End Suicide.   10/24/2010

Hi Guys;

_____A lot of you know me from the blogs. [blog Words] As most of you also know, OP generally will not allow us to post links to outside websites in our blogs. (They seem to be afraid we may inadvertantly send someone to a better site.) I've been led to believe there may be hope of posting a link here in the magazine section. I guess we'll see.

_____To the OP monitors: ...

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sukcer 51 M
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sometimes i like it   11/1/2009

I'd been going to the glory holes lately and sucking some nice cocks....

my fingers always ended up in my ass... I loved the feeling of getting a load in my mouth...

I know that being permiscuous can be dangerous so i was afraid of taking one in me.

I got up the nerve one day and invited a large cock to my booth and just handed him a rubber.

he took it and used ...

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skintight2 53 M
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What to do?   10/1/2009

I know this is a very old story, but I really don't know what to do? On one hand I've discovered that I absolutely lust after cock. I think about cock all the time. It started way back when I was a and I didn't really know what I wanted but I started cross dressing with my mum's panties, stockings and pantyhose. From there, as I got older I bought my own collection. But that wasn't enough after ...

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Student House Share!   7/1/2009

I recently started Uni, about 200 miles away from home, and as most of you know this means sharing a house with strangers.

Its a three bedroomed house with the dinning room converted into another bedroom. so thats 4 bedrooms. 2 guys and 2 girls. im one of the guys!!

Anyways im straight "to the world that it" and so is the other guy sharing the house. whose room is the old ...

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nudeinjax 65 M
2  Articles
Closet Time is My Time   6/22/2009

I am and have ben in the closet for many years. Whether it be due to the job I had at the time, family or the area I was living in. I am not worried about not coming out because I am enjoying my life the way it is. What I do with my spare time is my business and like I tell everyone what happens at my place stays at my place. This way they know that I am discreet and whether it be male or ...

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11sexonly 45 M
13  Articles
First Time With Another Man   4/20/2009

First Time with Another Man This is 100% true story! I am no writer so please excuse my grammar and spelling. I have been bi for the past 4 years. It all started when my wife and I were experimenting with anal on each other. She always wanted to give me anal play and I always said that I was not interested. She said that she heard of a technique called prostate milking that her girlfriend told ...

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Natalie69 62 T
7  Articles
My glory hole fantasy then surprise   9/28/2008

I live in a small town in central Massachusetts in an old small apartment complex with townhouse apartments, in the cellar the apartment next to mine is separated by a wooden wall. The apartment next to mine is rented by a single guy. I've lived here for a couple of years and we've only run into each other a few times and only managed to say hello. As I was coming out of my cellar last night and ...

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hotsexy40wetsubm 51 M
1  Article
Mirror Mirror on the wall whos that girl stearing back   8/21/2008

FOR 40 years the mirror has kept my secret and never once lied or forgot who I am. Not once has it failed to tell the truth. I remember the supprize in my eyes when I first looked into it. How was I to know ide live in regret from that moment on. The reflection I Saw was a happy girl stearing at me smiling and pretty even if I had known what sex orgins meant still I was a girl ...

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AndreCarlos 30 M
1  Article
Photographing My "Coming Out"   6/11/2008

My Third Hand by André C.L.S.

I often speculate over the practicality of having a camera as another limb. Or perhaps it would be more sensible to have my Singe Lens Reflex replace my right hand. Such a simple object can provide a creative outlet and can simultaneously be used as a bulletproof vest, shielding me from my anxieties. For the most part, I find that my SLR has such a double ...

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ronny55 68 T
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Before and during my earlier years   6/2/2008

Believe it or not this is a true and continuing story of my life as a cross-dresser. It is also a very nice way to express myself and leave something that maybe some others have experienced so that they dont feel as though they are alone in life. not to mention a cheap way of self therapy.

After my military time I came back, and settled into just being a regular person trying to get kind ...

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ronny55 68 T
19  Articles
long time crossdresser   5/21/2008

I posted this in another section under groups and thought it should probably be in here instead. This is an absolutly true story that happened to me and has continued to be a lifestyle ever since.

I was around 12 or 13 my parents were at church and I was left home alone. I was very curious about my body and why did my mothers lingerie affect me, so much when i was folding clothes. I ...

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slipperyeel 76 M
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It's not so bad   4/22/2008

I have been in the closet since I was 14, that's when I found out wat having sex with another man ( he was 35 ) was all about. It was very taboo then, ( jail today, probably a lynching then), but I was so excited by feeling another mans rock hard dick & he sucking me off that I never looked back. I've had many females over the years and have been married for 43 years, but sex with a man is so ...

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BIGUY0015 57 M
1  Article
Am I out   3/17/2008

I mentioned this in a post to someones else so here it goes: I'm a bi married guy with the wife, in the burbs. A lo of people in the neighborhood get together and have brbq and drink. One time a bunch of us, with our wifes, were at someones house and I was getting pretty drunk. Well this guy said goodnight and pretty soon most people went home, including my wife while I went to my next door ...

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nwokie7 59 M
5  Articles
Hiding in my closet from gay men   12/27/2007

Hi, I have a question, and need help. Since I am conservative in most of my political views. I feel the need to hide this from my gay friends. Most of my friends are liberal and thats ok. But when a lot of them find out I am conservative they make a lot of rude comments. Some of the worst comments I have heard from friends was "Are you F#%king stupid?" or "how can you be conservative? they ...

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ChEeRbAbE08 30 M
1  Article
Austin and Brad   12/26/2007

Brad was on the high school football team for one reason. Not the love of the game or for oure sport. He loved nothing more than after practice going into the locker room to watch the masculine sweaty body builders strip bare ass naked and scrub themselves in the shower and stare at their swinging cocks. Brad would never shower with everyone watching. He wasn't shy because Brad had a 9 1/2 uncut ...

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pdxbi 72 M
1  Article
Private, Discreet and in the Closet   11/30/2007

Being a public professional gay-married man is a very delicate balancing act with sexual drives and desires. On one hand I have my public face and life, then on the other hand I currently have a very discreet relationship with a couple of gay men. Some times my sex is 1:1, some times we have a threesome. They know all about me are totally supportive and understanding of my needs, drives and ...

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joyjos 65 M
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First ad only real anal experience a True Story   9/19/2007

As I am married and must be descrete.I went to a bookstore in our area and I think it was a turning point. I would clean myself up and out and go to the bookstore and watch some flicks in the booths. I would end up being so concerned with insulting someone or getting hurt I would lock the door and end up satisfying myself and finally leaving. Weeks later I would do the same, and got all cleaned ...

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sucker4younger 56 GC
13  Articles
The Man Behind the Badge   9/12/2007

This story is a work of fiction as well as the characters mentioned. Happy reading!

Rodney Young, or better known on the streets of this southern city as Big Jack, was a legend behind a legend. Standing close to 6'6" and weighing a massive 350 pounds, Big Jack's frame was indeed, a hulking figure for any eyes to stray upon. Big Jack was a power lifter described at ...

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freshoung 60 M
1  Article
cyber takes and hookups   7/20/2007

are bisexuals like me just wasting our time trying to hookup with others for fucking or sucking...seems like the only reason some are into cyber is for the exhibitionism aspect..wish there could be an easier way tofind and hookup with the homosexual/gay crowd..if i could find just one hookup for steady sucking and fucking, wow....being married without mutual sex interests leaves me with a dry ...

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divorced2bebi 46 M
2  Articles
Any Regrets??   6/4/2007

Hello everyone, I am a 34 year old male looking to have his first bi sexual experience. These desires of mine have been burning inside me for quite some time, and I feel it is about time to quench that flame. But my desire is to be a closet bi-sexual; to keep it secret from friends and family. I love pussy and woman, but there just isn't denying that my mind and cock have been extremely ...

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robfirsttime 46 M
1  Article
First time   5/24/2007

I have finnaly had my first experience. I talked a lot to a guy who was keen to meet up and we arranged a time to meet. I put on a pair of stockings and knickers underneath my clothes and drove to the car park where we were going to meet. I was really nevous as I have never done anyhting like this before and wondered if I'd regret it afterwards. As I pulled up and waited, I nearly left as my ...

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YoungBull 34 M
1  Article
Okay Just A Little Fantasy   5/9/2007

Okay Just A Little Fantasy The summer had just begun and Tom had just come home from the military accademy. He had been working out all year trying to get himself to the prime body and was doing a good job at it. He was over 6 foot 6 with blond hair, blue eyes, and the perfect colored skin. He had never had a problem getting girls but never was able to keep them for very long. It would always be ...

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Freeyormind 54 M
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Door is nailed shut... But I like the peep hole   4/20/2007

Hello all. For years now I have been extreamly fortunate with my fetish for large shapely legs. First it was female athletes, on to women bodybuilders. I was married for 14 years to a very attractive woman. When I stumbled across a few 8mm films with Dana Douglas, Sulka, Pasha. My curiosity shot stright to the roof. In this day and age we live in it's a shame that a person is judged for their ...

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v10ivan69 66 M
15  Articles
Double Trouble - Closeted & Married   3/3/2007

Life in the closet for me takes on added difficulty as I am also married for 33 years. That life must remain unaltered for now at least. It seems difficult enough to hook up with guys on here but when you add in the "Other" factors, it becomes nearly impossible. I'd like to hear from other guys in my situation and how you handle it

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cockcentric 58 M
1  Article
cock lover   2/20/2007

Hello guys. My life in the closet is one that I would not trade for the world. I do love my wife and enjoy sex with her. But sex with a man is fantastic. Since joining OP I have made new friends nad have had fantastic sex. Still working on a few fantasies. the best was a 3 way with a local gay couple that both fucked me back to back. One while on all fours and the other while on my back with ...

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bigrog4837 53 M
1  Article
get over it   10/9/2006

I guess I'm what you call "in the closet", but what the hell is that term all about anyway ? I'm mean think about it. We all have straight friends and we know there having sex, but we have know what type or extent, they could be freaks at home, but they don't look like it. So why do we think we need to tell others that were gay ? Your sex life is none of there business anyway. To admit ...

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Sirarena2 58 M
3  Articles
Over the Bridge - Part I   9/7/2006

Over the Bridge - Part I by Bobby
My Gay Life in the 70's and 80's. Hi my name is Bobby and this is my story. Some of the names have been changed but its the honest to god truth. It was the begining of August in 1979. Me and a straight friend I'll call him Allen had both applied for our working papers and I got an interview that turned into an automatic Job at the now no ...

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juzcuzitsme 34 M
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Am I bi, gay, curious, or what? help...   9/3/2006

Im only 17 and ive always had a girlfriend since i was in the 7th grade. But since like the 6th grade ive been attracted to men also. But i always hated the ass. the thought of ass makes me sick. ive gotten it in the ass and i HATED it. i really dont want to give it in the ass either. But....I....LOVE....DICK. i love sucking them, feeling them, looking at them, and even guesing how big ...

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oralee2 72 M
2  Articles
MIlitary experiences   8/7/2006

I am curious to know if anyone out there, other than myself, experienced enjoyable sexual encounters with fellow servicemen while they were on active duty. While Stationed at a small remote base I found there were more young men than just myself who were constantly scanning the group looking for a little oral relief on occasion. Sucking on a nice stiff cock, in whatever private place we ...

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chriscross69 56 M
1  Article
The Theater!   7/30/2006

My first time, I was 17, 5'9" 112 long straight red hair and I had a girlfriend but a part if me wanted to try the other side. So one night I got up enough nerve to go to this x- rated move theater. One side was for straight and the other was for gay's. I bought the ticket for the straight side but when I got in my heart started to pound, should I go to the straight side or the other side? ...

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Chrisock 40 M
6  Articles
Working enviroment-2- Better than one chef"   7/23/2006

Simon called our session "Le Cock en buns" & I started to work more nights with him & nearly always with a bottle of wine & great sex & almost always his cock up my hot buttered arse that could now take him comfortable with lotsa juices & melting butter. At the end of one work one night & friend of his came into the kitchen. He was chef Simon & worked with & inspected the kitchen for ...

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Chrisock 40 M
6  Articles
Working enviroment   7/21/2006

I was an trainee chef in a hotel kitchen. Mainly washing, prep work , sauces & a little help on more preparing a limited range of dishes. Late one night shift the sous chef bought back some wine from a hotel function & we drank while I cleaned up. He said how he liked my other check work pants as it showed the shape of my arse. I said I don't wear as too tight now-pity was his response. ...

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seejay1959 60 M
3  Articles
Bi love with a younger man   7/3/2006

What can I say, married for over 20 years, and very happy except for my sexuality. I can't live without being with a man. I've now found a young 19 y/o guy who has a massive cock. He loves to fuck me, I love being fucked by him. I saw him last week, rang him to make sure he was home alone, he was fortunately. When I arrived, he greeted me in his undies and workshirt. His cock was ...

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KANman3152 51 BC
1  Article
The end of my closet life   4/22/2006

Finally after 31 years of living in the closet I have gotten the courage to start coming out slowly though. I have been testing the waters for the past 3 years now, thats when I first came out to the first and most important person in my life, my wife. Let me tell you this that I thought she was going to leave me, but after she got over her shock she was very turned on. Well the fact that I ...

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collegeguy101_01 37 M
4  Articles
Life in the closet is lonely... I had to break out!!!!!!   4/17/2006

Hey guys, I know that life in the closet it nice for some people, But I couldn't do it anymore. It was killing me maybe not literally but it was definately hurting me in ways that felt literal. I came out to my parents on Friday April, 14th.
WOW what a relieve to finally have that out and to have the two peaple that I love most in the world know who I really am.
No I am ...

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gaspaird 35 M
1  Article
Horny   4/13/2006

I just got merried and I find myself tring to suck a guy off rather then fuck my wife, Why is this?

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
How Did We End Up Being Gay   1/9/2006

Howdy Cowboy's; The question I am asked most from straight people is " How did you end up being Gay?" Really I don't have an answer for them, I generally say that I believe It was desiny, I really didn't make a choice I believe the choice was made for me, I always felt more comfortable with a man rather than a women, it always seamed that all the relationships I had with women were just to ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Finely Out Of The Closet, And Life Is Good !!!!!   1/5/2006

Howdy Cowboy's Thought I would write an article on my experience of a gay man in the closet for to long, as a youngster I was gay from about 10 years old on, playing with my neighborhood and always ending up with our clothes off, we never thought it to be weird, we were youngsters and very inquisitive, we always wanted to play with each other and compare cocks, it was fun, as I grew ...

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collegeguy101_01 37 M
4  Articles
how do you explain why you can't love someone   12/18/2005

While celebrating the end of the semester we went out to the bar and were drinking. Late into the night one of my freinds (a woman) leaned over and said I love you, I relpied that i loved her too that she was a great freind of mine and i woud do anything for her. She askd me not to be scared, and i said that i don't get scared very easily and it takes alot to scare me. She said I want to ...

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arkyboy20 35 M
1  Article
The Not So Popular Popular Guy   12/11/2005

All through my life, my family has been one of the most influential people in the area. My mom was a school teacher, my dad a superintendent and having several key roles in the state legislature. <br> I was attracted to guys beginning in the second grade after I saw one of my best friends in a speedo at a swim meet. Through the years, my attraction to guys began to grow more ...

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buddycon 64 M
2  Articles
new job   11/24/2005

I spent 23 years working for myfirt bilding company, told noone I was gay , and nobody asked but got the impression it would have been a problem. Was made redudant when they stopped doing what i was trained for , but found a new job(same work) immediatly , at the new firm was outed by the women in the office and have had no problems with anyone, all are pleased to meet my partner, we have a ...

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bobbie56 62 M
1  Article
sex while married   9/18/2005

starting out as a young boy usually with adults it was natural to pick up men for sex.when I got maried I found myself still desiring male sex and would escape to bars or book stores to satisify my cravingd. I would allow them to fuck me or suck me as I did them. now single it is a pleasure to suck and fuck openingl;y although because of my I still must be careful

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blueriver6 50 M
1  Article
come suck me in Independence,Mo at my place   8/4/2005

Independence, Mo guy was first sucked by the yard boy who asked for a drink.......he wanted more.............jim

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kiwitigerz 41 M
2  Articles
I think I'm str8?   7/5/2005

Although I don't particularly care to have sex with a lady now or in the future I still wonder as to why the hell am I even pondering on the idea. In the past I've had sex with some chix but that was a hell of a long time ago and since affirmation of being gay I'm very comfortable been so. I'm out with all my friends and family and do rarely show public affection when I'm with a guy. ...

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WildScorpio 44 M
2  Articles
Problem x Solution   6/26/2005

Hi All ... I don't think a lot will understand this ... Maybe others won't even approve of the solution or the act ... Try to put yourself in my place and tell me what to do as I haven't got a clue ...

3 Comments, 1005 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
AverageWhgBoy 56 M
11  Articles
My experience.....   4/3/2005

Well, guys, we've all heard about how a gay person "realizes" their homosexuality. <br> For me, it wasn't so much "realization" as it was "resignation." <br> I always knew, deep inside. In younger years, I would look at Hustler, as a young would; but I was hoping to get a glimpse of the man. <br> I spent many years "trying to be what everyone thought I ...

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JohnnyHung 45 M
1  Article
How to come out from the Closet   3/17/2005

I'm living in a conservative family. None of my family member knows I'm gay, not even my colleagues know. I have very few gay friends as I do not want to arouse their suspicions. I'm so helpless.

1 Comments, 873 Views, 24 Votes ,1.54 Score
kristycross 63 T
7  Articles
How I came out!   3/6/2005

I hope this helps some of you. I am 48 years old and probably started have thoughts about guys around 10 years ago. I was married and semi happy although it was pretty much a vannila sex life. Missionary sex, and no oral play from her. I had several time paid a pro for a quick blowjob and didn't think nothing of it. <br> Before the internet I was very naive about gay cruising ...

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KCniceguy4u 60 M
5  Articles
First time Blow Job in Columbia , Missouri   1/13/2002

Last Friday evening I was in Columbia, Missouri and needless to say I was Horny. I am new to M2M activity and so I was not sure how far I would go. I started the evening out at Golds Gym and worked out for an hour, and then decided to hit the showers. I did just that soaping and washing my manhood. Several guys walked in and out of the shower but evidently I either did not appeal to ...

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kj29 48 M
1  Article

I came out at work approx 2 yrs ago. One day me and a friend jokin around and I said "you know I'mgay?" I wasn't for sure what to expect. Alls he said was "danm I was only half right, I thought you were just Bi. that's not going to change our friendship." If I wouldn't of came out at that time I don't thank my life would of turned out the way it is now. I go ot more and have ...

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Allyoucanhandle 48 M
4  Articles
The 1st time with a co-worker   1/18/2001

I never write anything. I had a computer problem and it took me this long to get a new one. I was originaly listed as scout. Well I guess I could get on with my story. I live in Green Bay Wisconsin. It is hard to find anyone that is Bi in Hick central. I have this job at a construction company that a buddy my age owns. I never hit on anyone at work. I am the Office Manager. Well I ...

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ShyShy78 41 M
1  Article
My Life in My Closet (duh~)   10/17/2000

I'm an Asian born homosexual person who just moved to the united states almost seven and a half years ago so please bear with my poor English grammars and spellings. Like I mentioned, I was born in Asia, grew up, and lived there for the first 14 years of my life. There were women and girls everywhere in my childhood life. Friends at school, friends in neighborhood, the housekeepers, my ...

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aaronl123 39 M
1  Article
my best friend   10/11/1999

I have always known that i wanted to be with a man but would never admit it to myself untill i met the most sexy guy i had ever seen he was my new neighbor it started out as friends and then close friends we talked about everything then one night i told him i was bi he said to my suprise he was curious so i asked him if i could suck his dick he said ok so i did it was the bigest cock i had ever ...

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Towering65 51 M
1  Article
Dressing Room Encounter   5/12/1999

I have taken great length to ensure that my sex life remains private, yet I was unable to do so from the very beautiful 18 year old boy I worked with on a television show. <br> I was in my dressing room when he knocked and then asked if he could hang out for awhile as the day was moving very slowly. The conversation started with the normal stuff we always talked about, then he moved ...

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robma69 82 M
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First Time for a Mature Older Bi-married   9/4/1998

I was in a chat room one day when Ken sigend on and started chatting with me. I had never done any "real-time" with another guy, just some fantasising! He lived fairly local to me and was a bi-married liek myself, and a teacher at a nearby academy. He said he was new to this as well, and asked me if I wanted to meet him for coffee? I was hesitant, because I did not know what I might be ...

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cockboy1379 40 M
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OUTPERSONALS success story!   8/27/1998

Thanks OUTPERSONALS! You have made all my dreams come true. I have known that I have been bi all my life but I could never admit it to myself. Well, I finally got internet access and one day I stumbled onto your site. At first I was a little intimidated, but I got up the courage to write a personal and become a member. Well, the first few days was a little hairy for me because no one ...

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DAN082968 50 M
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Bisexual Married Man in the closet   8/10/1998

I'm a bisexual Married white male who loves his wife and but in the same breath loves male to male sex. I have told my wife that I am bisexual but she is in denial. I am actively bisexual my wife and I have a good sex life and I am actively seeking a steady male partner. I have meet men at bars, in book stores, on-line and at the theatre. I find it very difficult to maintain a double life ...

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