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DandR4hands4men 50 GC
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The Lost Art of Romance!!!   3/25/2016

I have to admit it. I am a queen looking for that fairy tale ending, with Prince Charming being my knight in shining armor and all that. I look at the soaps now, because it seems the most romantic guys in the world are characters wooing women for women on the television screen. To me, it just says that there is still a place for romance in our society. But what about the gay community?

I ...

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nut522 65 M
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My New Relationship   6/30/2009

I've met this Man and a very caring Man on OP as of now we will have our true meeting soon.He is a sweet and caring individual..I have not been with anyone for 28 years and i have been scared to even proceed, But i said give it a try..I must say i am very Pleased with the out come and all the emails this Man has sent me i have kept everyone from the first..I will be with this Man and he will be ...

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11sexonly 45 M
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First Time With Another Man   4/20/2009

First Time with Another Man This is 100% true story! I am no writer so please excuse my grammar and spelling. I have been bi for the past 4 years. It all started when my wife and I were experimenting with anal on each other. She always wanted to give me anal play and I always said that I was not interested. She said that she heard of a technique called prostate milking that her girlfriend told ...

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tanboy62 57 M
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how do you figure out if a profile is real   3/6/2009

New to all this gay web dating is there a way to find out who are fakes

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halfhorse57063 55 M
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I knew I was Bi when?   2/16/2009

It was about twenty years ago, me ans my girlfriend were out drinking and seen an old buddy of mine.. we invited him over for a drink. after we all got comfortable and a cpl of more drinks, she tells me she wants to watch a porn! Well yeah, I had picked up a cpl the day before and they were Bi cpls, and Gangbangs so were kicking it and she decides she wants to play with the TOYS in front of us, ...

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newlookerforyoun 61 M
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Dealing with a double life   8/8/2008

We all need the tender loving care in our lives to have less stress in our lives. We all want relase, or relaxation, and find it difficult to have that with one person. Living an alternative life style creates more stress, unless your comfortable with those who will always have negative thoughts of that life style.

So alot of people want to keep that alternative life style a secret from ...

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ronny55 68 T
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Meeting and finding   6/11/2008

this should be in here and not the other section Michelle and I had met through a mutual male friend at a Street Rod show but I had met her as her male self, Mike and we hit it off right away. This happened about 10 years ago after my divorce from my first wife who for most of the marriage supported and participated in my crossdressing. Mike was a really good looking guy and I had fantasies of ...

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expat26 55 M
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Personals' Websites   5/25/2008

How many of you have found and built good relationships by meeting someone through a personals ad, either in print or online? I've known one couple (straight) who met through a print ad and ended up getting married. They're the only ones though of whom I know. Are there others of you out there?

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kvbicur23 38 M
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It is so hard to bear...   8/15/2007

When you know that you love someone and know that they love you back but don't understand them enough to build a solid ground relationship. My boyfriend and I have been having problems with regards to partially me, my family aggravating me everytime I talk to them and the stress that they cause me when dramatic things occur. It really sucks b/c I don't know what to do I try to understand him ...

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jayjay4123 74 M
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What Makes a Relationship - Part 2   7/17/2007

I recall reading about an electronics supplier to the Big 3 automakers talking about his success and longevity in the business. He described the environment as one where the big automakers put out specifications of what they wanted in a particular component product or service, and suppliers were supposed to bid on the contract. Typically the lowest bidder who is perceived to meet the ...

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jayjay4123 74 M
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What makes a relationship?   7/16/2007

It is not news to anyone that we tend to like people who listen to us. We are drawn to those who seem to pay attention to us, who listen closely to what we say and even over time seem to listen to those things unspoken - things we convey with body language and subtle gestures. Scientific study has shown that even the amount of pupil dilation subconsciously conveys to us how interested someone is ...

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OneG8TLay 62 M
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Communication is Everything When It Comes to Us!   1/28/2007

This is a topic I feel very comfortable in discussing. After 14 years together we can say that we have built a relationship that stands up to the tests of not only time but of the harshness of our internal society. We are, of course, the most difficult group of people to contend with. No different that other groups but as Same Sex Partners go our lifestyle has its ...

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immortal25 43 M
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The Afluenza Virus   1/25/2007

Building a relationship, is what being on planet Earth is all about. Everything that we do in our 24/7 cycles is about relating with our surroundings. I find it so interesting to see that we especially as gay men put so much energy outside of ourselves to find a relationship. Most don't even know what that means or how to attract one, sustain one or be joyful and blissed out in one. All ...

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hairybearaddict 62 M
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finding a true relationship in the gay world   1/25/2007

First of all before you get into a relationship, you must prepare yourself to know that is what you are truly ready to commit yoourself to, and that you have totally accepted the fact that you are gay or bisexual and are comfortable with yourself being bornthat way. Also strong enough to handle all the negative responses from the straight world and ignorant people out there. Then you have ...

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darwin_0207 32 M
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just find out!   1/20/2007


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atakkeba 83 GC
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Meeting after persuation   1/1/2007

One person bcame a friend through one of these sites. We got into mails exchange mode. There would be atleast one mail a day from each side. We were far apart, 350kms. Both were eager to meet. Ultimately it came to this end that each one is not reliable. Now I promised that we will certainly meet before the end of 2006. I confirmed the visit with conviction that I will travel half the ...

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oralee2 72 M
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Wishful thinking   10/4/2006

Recently, I was driving along a back country road when I happened across a tall, slim and rather handsome dude, a few years younger than I. he was holding his thumb out, obviously looking for a ride. I couldn't help but notice his handsome looks, his skin tight jeans, and that dark little goatee that encompassed his chin and facial area. At first I was simply going to drive on by, but ...

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Sirarena2 58 M
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Church and State Americans United?   9/4/2006

Church and State Americans United? By Bobby

Is the church influence on homosexuality in America totally destroying our freedom? There was a time when being in a gay relationship was as common as the cold. Now we have to rely on the comercial media's advertising just to hook up like we used to do in any and every rest room in America. Was the Aids epedemic the answer to ...

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Wishmaster_rick 32 M
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My first Real Relationship.   8/20/2006

This is all true, this happened a few months ago...

i had meet this guy, he was my age. and when we first sew each other, it was Lust!!
i bumped into him one day while up town, we started talking about stuff..
he gave me his number, and i gave him mine. Then we started txting each other, all of the time.
at first it was nice clean texts, ...

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hotsexychiguy 37 M
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new BF   7/9/2006

How can you tell if the person you are dating is really into? My boyfriend tells me he likes me but there are some things that he does that makes me feel differently. Sometimes he doesn't call me when he tells me he will.

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davnrnbsn 44 M
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It all comes down to one universal neccessity   5/24/2006

You know, I am single now after 6 years of being with the same man and letting him walk all over me in so many ways and it took me this long to realize and actually have the chance to clear my head, get my feet on the ground, and evaluate my life in what went on. Finally I see clearly that each and every last issue, argument, fight, event, action, thought, belief, accusation, etc. all ...

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Buck7583 64 M
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I Have Failed A Friendship, For I Am Sorry Justin !!   2/25/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> <br> In writing blogs I mostly try to write about anything that comes to my mind at the time I’m writing, I feel this post deserves its place here because I’m so friendship concerned, and I so much admire my friendships, and always welcome new ones as well, however sometimes a time emanates a period in which some friendships are lost, and losing a ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Valentines Night At Home With Charlie   2/15/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> <br> Just returned home from a VA appointment, you know the ole hurry up and wait routine, to hear some Nero Surgeon ask me if I wanted to have major back surgery to fuse a couple vertebrae that look to be degenerating from old age I guess. Hell No I said! I just can’t remember anyone whose had back surgery that wasn’t sorry they had it later, as ...

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BlackRussian 59 M
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Don't Be A Whiner! You Have To Love Yourself First!   2/8/2006

I see so many ads and articles from guys wondering where their love is and some ask why it is that they haven't found them yet.
Finding a lover is not always about finding the right person. Many people set out on a search for their knight in shining armor only to get burned, ignored or even spat on.
Before you even start down that road to finding that special someone ...

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Sometime's Your Just Have To Roll The Dice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   1/14/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: Life sometimes is like a Crap's Table, sometimes you get a feeling about luck and you lay your money down and take a chance, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I have played the game a few time's in my life and I looked at life in many ways like a Crap's Table, I have played safe, played reckless, and I've put it all on the line, most of the time I have come away ...

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sweetlover29 44 M
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Tired from my 30   9/20/2005

Well it's the same old story.I'm tired to listen about honesty and respect from men that they really don't know the meaning from these words.Erase his profile and make new one after 2 days.How stupid u are?Doesn't knows that are many ways to find out what he's doing the days that u don't see him?Our community is one big BED.You can find a way to know what he does when he's not ...

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MeHerUs2005 45 BC
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Our perfect people.   7/7/2005

My wife and I have been looking for men/women respectivly. we've had a little bit of luck in the women department. She loves it but its not really fair, we join all these sites hoping to find the perfect couple. A male/female bi-sexual.Now we know we can't be the only ones within reasonable driving distance. Don't get me wrong we don't discriminate against the single bi-male or bi-female ...

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WildScorpio 44 M
2  Articles
Problem x Solution   6/25/2005

Hi All ... I don't think a lot will understand this ... Maybe others won't even approve of the solution or the act ...

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Renohub42 58 M
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I am finally free and out of the closet   3/6/2005

As of this up coming week, my wife of 7 years and I are finally getting divorced. I am now searching for as much fun with hot sexy top studs to fulfill 43 years of hiding in closet. I am wanting to find W/E top Gay males or couples for no-holds-bard xxxhardcore homosexual sex without the need for discreetion any longer. I would like to find the same as mentioned above to eventually start ...

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happy6983 36 M
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I MISS HIM SO   12/20/2004

Me and this guy were like best frineds. He is also gay and he's always been my type, he's funny, outgoing and also a good listner. I want him so so bad right when I believe we were getting to be more than friends I up and leave him right there. I went to visit my sister in Ohio and I just realize how much I love him more than a friend. Should I tell him or let it be. The only thing is I ...

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johan_411 39 M
16  Articles
You Know Love When...   12/15/2004

You know you are in love once you spend most of your day thinking about that guy, and basing your decisions with him in mind. You go shopping, and you know this shirt looks damn good on you, but that doesn’t matter… Will he think it looks good on you? You know you are in love once you start going to the gym not just to stay healthy or to maintain that six pack…. Once again it ...

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cubbymich 55 M
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something NOT TO DO if your trying to build a relationship   12/9/2004

hi everyone <br> i split with my boyfriend this past summer. <br> we tried to make a go of a new relationship, but it didnt work out. <br> there was ONE SEROUS PROBLEM, his 'ex'. <br> no, the problem wasnt with 'the ex' it was with my boyfriend. <br> it turned out he was never out of the relationship with his 'ex'. i questioned him ...

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johan_411 39 M
16  Articles
Those 3 Words   12/6/2004

Some couples cannot go to sleep without saying "I love you" to each other. Some people find it hard to say these three words. However, in other relationships, these words are uttered after every phone call. Does saying these words more often make it lose value? Does saying these three words make it gain more value? The again we have to factor in the different emphasis on ...

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skeetertex 60 GC
2  Articles
It is possible to love more than one man at the same time   11/18/2004

My lover and I after being in a monogamous relationship for over 24 years decided to explore the possibilities of having a three-way to add some spice into our relationship. It's not that we had fallen out of love with each other. Quite the contrary. We had just gotten into a rut and seemed to have lost the vigor and excitement in our lovemaking. Soon, we met someone through the ...

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foreverknight412 44 M
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Finding that Special Someone   10/21/2004

In the past I have had a hard time finding that special someone but now I found him and he and I are wonderful together.

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biglun 34 M
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The hoping to get him some day.roommate   7/28/2004

He was my roommate.i belonged from another city studing here in a college. living as a paying guest . he came 6 dayafter me.30 and extremely handsome.i was in love with him instantly, but i knew its one sided.he wore shorts at night i was studing long.he was fast asleep on a bed next to mine.i suddenly noticed that his bulge was rising in his shorts.i was hard isntantly.he must be ...

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madboi24 40 M
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right in my own backyard   7/20/2004

I have found someone in my own town. When we first met I have to say we went pretty fast the day after we met we started dating and even exchanged rings since then we had a long talk about going to fast so we decided to be just friends but with benefits. We have had a few arguments in the past month but I guess we are just testing each other but nevertheless I love him and he is the only ...

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KamasutraGuy003 37 M
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come close to me.   6/9/2004

I never did know that my wildest dream would come true.Yeah that havin sex wit a guy.I know this guy for ten years and he is my best friend.I never want to want to hurt him so i kept this little secret to myself.I like him, ilike his style, i like his looks & i love him . He has got great body.When i masturburate he was my inspiration.We would flirt with gurls together.when i realised that ...

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