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Chescorp 51 M
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Feeling the time has cum to move on   5/1/2016

I've been in a sexless marriage here for the past 5 years or so and its gotten to the point where I've finally accepted that I'd be better off being on my own again. I've always been skeptical of what she does while I'm at work and I'm almost certain that she's been sleeping around while I'm busting my ass off everyday trying to provide a happy home for us. Then when ever she would offer to be ...

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matt248 39 M
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The end of a relationship   9/1/2006

When i was with my boyfriend at the time, i was sure that everything would be great. We had so much things in common that are love was growing well. That's what i thought untill after the new year's holidays. That's when everything when wrong. First he started to get distant when i was talking to him then he started putting the blame on me that our relationship was going bad. But i realise ...

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wannahavefun51 68 M
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Last entry about Sam.   8/17/2006

How no respect ended what I thought was beautiful!

Did I do the right thing?

My mind says :"yes".

Why the fuck am I crying again?

I know:it will fade to the background.

But I will always cherish what what I thought, was there.

And have no remorse what so ever.Want to know all about it?

Then go back to:"Are you getting, what you are looking for?"

There the ...

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ghosting 54 M
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EX-LOVERS   7/27/2006

The ex-lover, the person who you know is in a room before you even spot them: The air feels different, your heart is off a beat or two, and you get a whiff of that strange energy before you even smell their perfume/cologne. It's chemistry you feel, that mix of excitement and terror. You either want to run into their arms or just run. Sometimes it's a little of ...

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TommyTenInch 37 M
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Brokeup with boyfriend   6/5/2005

I just broke up with my boyfriend so I'm kinda bummed out if anyone want's to cheer me up feel free to send me a message. Any tips to help me feel better/get over it?

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xcuteviet 42 M
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Time will heal   4/22/2005

I left my boyfriends after 2 yrs in a relatioship. I thought i wouldn't be able to survive.....but the creator is great to give you life if you know how to accept. Don't worry , time will heal ....

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greenwhorejay 42 M
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Help Me!   3/31/2005

Hello my name is Jason and I just can't stop loving him no matter what I do and I even know that he was using me but I still love him deeply!! It is starting to make me crazy so can anyone please help?

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rsquared2 34 M
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The hardest thing to do is say goodbye   3/11/2005

The hardest thing to do is say goodbye. Especially when you know you've found the one for you. You know that it's your fault for getting involved, but at the same time you can't help yourself. Here is Mr. Right begging to be your Mr. Right and yet, he can only be your Mr. Right Now. The hardest thing to do is say goodbye when you know that you can't handle it. It's even worse when you ...

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tyraledesma 34 T
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do i need to be perfect!!   10/27/2004

i am shemale looking for good guy to live with i am so serius specially in sex i have many admirer but i didnt find anyone for love and real for me what do i need to do . do i need to be perfect , i think i already do anything for this kind of feeling inside me !!!

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cnapca 50 M
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RE:want to tell wife i'm bisexal   9/8/2004

ok i was in a bit of a pickle a couple of weeks ago. i had decided to come out of the closet!!! so i finally told her! she took it better than i thought all she wanted to know is if her and the girls where going to have to leave? i told her no because i still love her as a friend! and i hoped that she could understand why it took so long to tell her. well it is the next day and i'm ...

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maxx65 54 M
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Will the pain ever go away   9/5/2004

After 3 yrs in a relationship and 2 yrs of it being long distance ... But talking everyday halfway across the world. We finally met again and everything was wonderful.. We made so many plans over the past two yrs. I really thought we were in love...After one week being together again.. I came back home to settle affairs and move to another country. Then i get the phone call that its over ...

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madboi24 40 M
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does it ever stop hurting   8/30/2004

I was finaly in a gay relationship we seemed to get along great we had a few problems but what couple doesn't he was my first and we both said I love you and he seemed to mean it I guess I'am just a fool because he seems to care less now and it hurts so much I truly loved him and I would have done anything to make us work but he just didn't seem interested and in the end it seemed like he ...

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fish2029 35 M
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stick to your guns   7/27/2004

dont second guess yourself...lifes too short and there are too many roads out there to be traveling just one

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hanger7 73 M
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believe it or not   7/2/2004

i just read the article about being in the bathroom at a truck stop. well, part of it anyway. so stupid it's downright funny!! sounds like a straight guy wandered in here and browsed some articles and had a good chuckle so he decided to write "the ultimate story" for all the mushheads who find that kind of stuff titilating. a 22 inch dick...hahahaaa! must carry it in a shopping ...

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carloskel 41 M
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How do I tell him   3/10/2004

I''m in this relationship for 3 years, we are living together for about 1 1/2 year now. I relocated 400 miles to be with him, i left my family, friends and work. NOW I DON"T WANT TO BE WITH HIM ANYMORE, I don;t know how to tell him. I care for him but i don't love him anymore. He cheated on my many times because I loved him I stayed but I can't live with someone how is going to bring some ...

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