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cityboy57 62 M
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Looking to chat with a real bottom.   6/3/2019

I got fucked pretty good the other day, by a real hot guy.It was only the second time , ive had a cock in my ass.I would love to chat with someone, i have lots of questions.

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hesagay 44 M
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boy   11/27/2018

boy boy boy boy boyTeenager boy boyTeenager boyTeenager boyTeenager boyTeenager boyTeenager boy boy boy boy boy

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hesagay 44 M
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boy   11/27/2018

boy boy boy boy boyTeenager boy boyTeenager boyTeenager boyTeenager boyTeenager boyTeenager boy boy boy boy boy

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hesagay 44 M
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boy   11/27/2018

boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy

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jjiang_T 33 M
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hi how are you   7/17/2018

Please help mankind to fight AIDS

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StikTweenDLips 57 M
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SHAVE 'YER JUNK E-Z From a Guy's Perspective (UPdated 2/2019)   3/13/2018

Having been encouraged to shave my lower equipment many ago by an ex-wife (whom I now Dead Sandy), I found it to be an exciting turn-on. Several attempts yielded mixed results, though the turn-on was totally enjoyable. I quickly realized it was an innocent way to get aroused while alone, with just me, myself, and I. (Woo-Hoo!). Now, you are probably ...

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LuluandBertrum 45 GC
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madison ave exposed   2/5/2017


Television, radio and Internet Advertising are picking your pockets clean. What's that you say? " No way your far too dam smart for that stuff to effect your life in any way!"

Well lets start with the basics to at least open your mind up for a fair and honest evaluation of yourself and how you manage and spend your hard earned money!

Fact: The ...

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qasim786 37 M
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TUTORIAL [things to do] for being a BETTER GAY BOTTOM   7/26/2016


Gay Bottoms, It’s Time to Polish Your Skills

Personally, I love the view below. Don’t get me wrong, I also like to change things and love to look towards the ceiling and if I am already looking towards the ceiling, I enjoy equally looking downwards towards my erect or semi erect cock moving crazy with each thrust that jabs into my ass hole from above.


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14U2BN 55 M
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4 THE LOVE OF CUM!!!   10/11/2014

I discovered, (late in life) that I Love the, (taste & feel) of cum! I found this out when I had my first, (experience/3-way) with 3 black men, in the woods of a local nature reserve! That's right, 3 black men @ a local nature reserve... All 3 of whom were, (of course) "Well Endowed!" I ran into "Tevan", (one of the men) @ a different park the other day, and asked him Flat-Out: "How were you ...

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desiguyVegas 55 M
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Mentoring   9/4/2011

I have created my own website - after encountering many young men who really, really need some good advice on being gay and its issues, including relationships.

I have been able to help quite a few people and hope to be able to continue doing so, as I mention on my site that I was inspired to do this because I realized that when I was coming out in my late teens, I had a mentor who ...

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markdd59 61 M
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just out   1/19/2011

can any one help me i'm just out and a gay virgin what can i do to enjoy what i've missed all these years. it's so frustrating do i go all out and try everything or take my time it's like being a all over again and going for anything that moves or i don't know

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tongueincheek0 66 M
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questions of dom and subs   12/20/2009

This is part of a letter I recently wrote. After writing it I thought it might be interesting to those of us who enjoy things more on the edge. It might even spawn some comments...

I enjoy many varieties of sexual conduct... or misconduct might be more appropriate. I enjoy vanilla sex with either or both men and women, kinky sex with either or both men and women and I ...

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brandy58 60 M
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i can get ia guy   7/29/2009

I would like to know how to get some guy to email me and talk a little and maybe meet I, m new to this i would like to meet young or older guys that like to have some fun so tell me what i, m donig woring

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hungry129 57 M
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trusting   6/7/2009

Is it ok to bring back an old love into your life.I really could use help on this one. THe love I am talking about broke my heart after two years. He slept with a women in my house in my bed then stoled from me

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hungry129 57 M
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How much is to much.   4/29/2009

How much can you want something and keep getting nowhere befor you change your mind and feelings. Does one keep on going on looking or give in. I want to find a life partner but I am so horny for some

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sxysml4 51 M
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Favorite sex toy advice?   2/23/2009

I would like to get a toy for anal sex. While I like the idea of a big natural shaped one (for practicing sucking , butt plugs are ok, but I want to have one that I can really explore some things....vibrating? certain shape? Any advice?

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supersucker_3000 33 M
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Nee Advice: How do you prepare for anal sex   2/2/2009

Well i'm brand new to the anal sex game. I've read enemas are the standard. Do they eliminate the awful odors in the anal passage/rectum? Do you shove soapy fingers up there? We want to try it but I refuse to let him near the area till its completely clean. should there be any smell when clean? i'm extremely self conscious about this. I just want to know how you guys get ready and what the ...

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boardboy2 53 M
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My cam won't work   1/23/2009

Ive tried to cam a few times and all that seems to happen is that it connects to the site ok, says im broadcasting, but doesn't show a picture.Just a blank screen.Ive even tried to do it chatting on IMC to a private and again it says private broadcast but doesn't show at the other end.Should I have the cam at certain res. or is it because I'm a standard member(I don't think it's that).Any advice ...

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easyozzy 43 M
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any glory holes in adelaide sth oz   11/24/2008

hiya, can any1 tell me if there is any glory holes in adelaide sth oz. cheers

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luvmyhorse 69 M
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curiousity???   11/22/2008

I have found out late in life that I can enjoy being a bottom for anal sex. I also have a curiousity about dogs..I look at one and wonder if he could give me the same pleasure. I somehow can't believe it would be mistreating the dog! Anybody out there want to pass on their thoughts?

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LoneWolf222 42 M
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A Controversial Topic #2 - "Loving & Respecting Yourself"   9/21/2008

Let's talk about A Controversial Topic - "Loving & Respecting Yourself" & the Way that it Determines how Others Will Treat You.

I Invite You to Challenge How You Love & Respect Yourself by Explaining Why Doing That is Critical to Your Success & Happiness.

I Expect Highly Charged Emotional Responses by People who will get Angry or Accuse Me of Being Bias ...

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LoneWolf222 42 M
20  Articles
A Controversial Topic - "Challenging Your Beliefs"   9/19/2008

Let's talk about a Controversial Topic - "Challenging Your Beliefs."

I Invite you to Challenge Your Beliefs by explaining why doing that is Critical to your Success & Happiness.

I Expect highly charged Emotional Responses by people who will get angry or accuse me of being bias or worse. This raises two key questions: Are there Absolute Truths & are You ...

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Yeahhhhhh 43 M
7  Articles

Hey Everyone,

Am I to understand that everyone using this service would be naive enough to believe that yet, another, OP Member is in fact, who he portrays himself to be - or perhaps, is something more sinister going on with all of this?

Case point: Does memnoch27 really fit the bill of a man looking for a special relationship or is he another male porn star ...

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seio69 65 M
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Getting over a relationship   3/31/2008

I was with a fellow/partner/friend/'married' for 35 years. Well, now I'm alone and the big ol' house is awfully quite now a just a tad empty. Finding a gay friend is next to impossible here in the "redneck" capital of the south, no not Alabama. Belive it or not NW Fla Panhandle has EVERYONE beat in the south. Help!?!!

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Yeahhhhhh 43 M
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THE SEEDS OF LOVE   3/29/2008

Advice For The Young At Heart

"Advice for the young at heart Soon we will be older When we gonna make it work?

Too many people living in a secret world While they play mothers and fathers We play little boys and girls When we gonna make it work?

I could be happy I could be quite naive It's only me and my shadows Happy in our make believe Soon...

And with ...

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LoneWolf222 42 M
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Fake Person With STOLEN Photo's Fool's Over 400 OP Member's & Gets Gold   1/13/2008

I received the following E-mail from a True Friend of Mine.

Happy new year to you also lone wolf. since you said you would be removing some friends I have checked out your profile more often and your blog also. I guess i dont like losing "real" people that are very few it seems to me on here lately. What really has me ...

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LoneWolf222 42 M
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The IRS Says, Prove You're Charitable...   12/21/2007

December 21, 2007 Balt. Topix

"Tis the time to give, but if you're giving to charities, remember to hang onto those receipts if you want to deduct the gift on your taxes next year."

My esteemed colleague and new consumer reporter Liz Kay wanted me to remind everyone that the IRS did change its rules a year ago about charitable gifts so you must have a ...

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LoneWolf222 42 M
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College students sleeping on streets to raise awareness of homelessness   12/9/2007

Friday, November 16, 2007 The Examiner

BALTIMORE - George has lived on the unforgiving streets of Baltimore since June, weathering the blistering heat, chilly rain and bug bites while trying desperately to sleep in what he calls "Bum City, " the churchyard next to the Jones Fall Expressway where the homeless gather for hand-outs to survive.

But ...

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LoneWolf222 42 M
20  Articles
Homeless Persons Memorial Day, December 21, 2007   12/9/2007

With the National Coalition for the Homeless, the National Consumer Advisory Board and the National Health Care for the Homeless Council encourages communities to conduct public events on December 21 remembering your neighbors who have died homeless in the past year.

Homeless Persons Memorial Day, 2006 ***The Hard, Cold Facts About the ...

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sxysml4 51 M
7  Articles
what about afterward   6/26/2007

so i think about hot sex with a hot dude...but i think what would stop me is what the hell would we talk about afterward?

Yeah there's blow and go...but it's not my style.

I think about the sex part...but what about after?

What do you more experience cock suckers and suckees say?

Any suggestions?

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BlahBlue 36 M
1  Article
I'm Confused!   4/17/2007

Ok, for the most part so far my time on outpersonals has been fun. But I guess I just don't understand does this site have a lot of problems with the messaging system or what?

I've been hotlisted and winked at by certain members, so I usually just send a message. About 70% of the time I get a response if not I just take the wink as a compliment, but sometimes the same members will ...

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cockcumallover 38 M
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suck that cock good   3/30/2007

i love sucking cock licking the shaft from one end to the other sucking balls toungeing ass than working my lips around a hard cock taking it down my throat love a throboinghard cock cause i know im about to get a hot load i swallow all that hot juice i love the taste of cumit makes me so fucking hornyone nite i suck off 5 cocks had cum all over me it was great

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needy0077 42 T
3  Articles
comming out   1/26/2007

im new to cross dressing and wishing i were female any advise on this subject thanks you...

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YoungSlaveCD 34 M
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Crossdressing   1/2/2007

Here's a dilemma I've not thought I'd run into (or, that I've not hoped to run into):
My desires run along the submissive and crossdressing route. My motor really gets going when I'm dressed in feminine clothing, innocent/sexy/whatever that's just feminine.
Most of the people interested in my.. style, I suppose, are all men who don't really have any experience with ...

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HornyDawg2000 40 M
5  Articles
Consulting a Psychic   12/26/2006

Sometimes people need advice and come to me....I've been readingg tarot cards since i was twelve and have done it professioanlly. I know that there are things people cant say to their doctors or they get another prescription that make them tired.....there are issues people have questions about besides just the future they cant ask a sexual partner about who their cheating on and is this the ...

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hkyguy18 31 M
1  Article
I wonder who   9/26/2006

I just want to know from all the guys on this site, who would date me or even give me the time of day if I asked them. Im just wondering if it is worth the trouble of being on this site if nobody is interested in me.

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cheekybitch 40 M
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advice for those who've been cheated on   6/20/2006

Hello Readers, Cheekybitch here with a little friendly advice for anyone with shattered hearts.My advice to anyone suffering illness or anxiety through this problem is, always listen to your heart, in a relationship i was in 3 years ago i followed my head, look where i am again now.Back on the shelf.I say these words when i get asked about decisions in life by anyone "YOU ...

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tbforty 56 M
3  Articles
Going on Vacation   5/1/2006

Hello all,
I am headed on a 14 day cruise vacation and would like to know where to find str8 acting gay hunks. How should I approach them and ask them. I would love your advises on getting some action without the knowledge of my partner.
thx tbforty

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polerider68 64 M
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How do I get Better access to site?   4/12/2006

I have 4190 points and would like to know how to get better access to this site?

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tightassboy23 42 M
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"Straight" young guy eager for cock   4/1/2006

Hi there I'm 27, good looking straight guy. But at night I dream about being gangbanged by hard bodied guys and eating cum. I want it so bad. Is there anyone else in my position?

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wantinU2fuckme 71 M
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fun recomendations   2/4/2006

Where are recommended gloryholes found? What was your first experience? <br> I was in my twenties, in Iowa. There was a place there that had everything including whores. Too many years to remember names or even location. I just remember, I enjoyed my time there.

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
For All Our Military Veteran's Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!   1/27/2006

Howdy Cowboy’s: <br> Writing a Special Biog. like this truly comes from the deepest part of my inner soul, this message has a Special meaning to me personally being that I lost my very dear Eric at age 21 in Iraq December 15th 2003 <br> I would like to dedicate this Blog; To my Eric to whom died for this great nation! . <br> Being an ex military Navy pilot ...

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honest   1/21/2006

Honesty is the best policy.Because if your not honest your the one that will be hurt in the long run. PS Always be your-self:

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
Thanks To My Friend's, I Strive To Be A Better Man   1/18/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: Good Morning, I need to apologize for my previous rant about people pissing me off, I hate myself for allowing the negativity of others to change my attitude, then I do stupid thing's like rant on my Blog to all my friends out there and pass the negativity on to others. It's not right that I do that, and I apologize for doing that, especially to all my friends to whom ...

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infinitykn 33 M
1  Article
Twinky tops, how rare are they?   1/16/2006

Just my luck, a twinky top had to be my ideal type. Is it just me or are they very hard to come by?

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Buck7583 64 M
102  Articles
A Period In Time I wish To Forget..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   1/9/2006

Howdy Cowboy's: I thought I would try to analyze a period in my life today and try to put things into perspective. I am 50 years old, and divorced after 22 years, have two 's as a result of that marriage, one that was killed in the Iraq War December 15th 2003, It was a difficult time for us but we are still working through it, I have been Gay my whole life sense I was molested at age 5 ...

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ohopenupandsayah 48 M
2  Articles
what to do when I guy can't get his dick in hole.   1/4/2006

ok I've been out with this guy now 3 times for some fun. He likes to top and thats fine, but everytime we get to him screwing my ass. He can't penetrate. We have tried several different lubes and full range of positions. but no dice. To be honest I think its the condoms but he won't bareback and well he won't change condoms. any ideas? let me know.

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bigrich1962 57 M
2  Articles
Top and Bottom   12/28/2005

I have been on OP for about six months and I have yet to find a TGirl who is versatile in being top and bottom. I understand she wants to feel and be treated like a lady. I respect that and I would treat her as such, but I guess my perception of the term... Best of both world...... to me is a woman who can give as well as receive. Someone please correct me if I am wrong

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RoforCock 73 M
34  Articles
Active / Passive   12/23/2005

I'm not sure but tell me if I'm wrong. The role we play and how it is surposed to be. I have been reading a lot of profiles and now I'm starting to get confused. When you scroll down to the Role that you take, Why do so many people put in that they are [Active] and then say they want a Top guy to fuck them? I thought Active meant that the person is A top that likes to fuck and ...

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bigrich1962 57 M
2  Articles
Curious of the real thing   12/20/2005

I usually date women, but I recently have been dating women who use a strap-on on me and now I have been curios and very interested in having sex with a male or better yet a TS. I have been thinking about this for quite sometime, but don't now how to present it...... This might sound stupid, but I need some advice .....Can you help me

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dragonboi2 56 M
3  Articles
Dragonboi's Do's And Don't about Drinking or How to Drink Like a Fish and Maintain!   9/17/2005

Hello Everyone! After going out last night, I felt compelled to share my drinking tips and remedies. Many of my clubbing buddies have always marvelled at how much I can drink in an evening. Yet, I always maintain, and even worse (they get really irrate about this), is how I get up the next day usually with little or no hangover or side effects. The other thing that tends to amaze people ...

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longtglegs 64 T
5  Articles
question about butt plugs   9/11/2005

I'm using my first butt plug which is just 3" long, I'm ready for my next one, , I found some that are 5-/2" long, and one that is 7" which seems like wow! Should I be concerened about getting one that is too big, would it casue me harm having one that is to long? like to have it in me when I'm out. Also one other question, with anal sex is sixe of my partner be a concern when he might ...

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shavedcockboy 37 M
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kinky undies   9/7/2005

I enjoy wearing kinky little undies(thongs, gstrings, and bikinis.)I was wondering where the best places to buy these type of undies at. I also like wearing panties, and I was wondering the best places to buy the same. I am getting bored with the same old same old.

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00016 115 M
9  Articles
wondering   9/7/2005

I have read a lot of articles about the first time and even posted some myself. MY question is simple how many guys have had there first male experience by force it seems that a lot of the stories I read that is how it all started. My first time was by force I just wondering that I am not alone in this matter.

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Dressed4You 62 M
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first time   9/5/2005

My wife lets me dress in anything I want, She loves to slip on her starp on, 10'inhes of Cock.she makesme suck on it. She know I want to suck on a man cock, and says o k. Were do I find a man to bring home, so she can watch

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Try these two things when your alone...   8/31/2005

I HAVE 2 Things: #1) A hotdog wiener (frankfurter) warmed up in the microwave and then slide in...feels good and it is different. #2) A sandwich bag with lotion in it and slide on a condom and put the bag between two pillows. Insert your cock in the bag and put pressure down as to make it feel tighter. Your able to stand up and reflects doggie style. I am not weird, but I have done these at ...

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cuddly4 60 M
4  Articles
why is it?   8/14/2005

Why is it that when you have sex with some guys aspecialy if ou know them that even if the sex is very good.the next time you see them thay say don`t tell anyone what the two of you did.thay even avoid you for a very long time.Even if you are discreet.There is one guy that even calls me a cocksucker when he sees me, I remind if that he is as well since he started the sex first. Oh well ...

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HotTG4Fun 59 T
2  Articles
Passing As A T-Girl   6/21/2005

It is every crossdresser's, transvestite's, or transsexual's dream to be able to go out in public and not have everyone staring saying, "Hey, look at the guy in the dress". While passing as a girl can be the ultimate experience, it is not really as hard as it seems sometimes. <br> A lot of transgendered people try so hard to look the part of a woman, and sometimes it is there own ...

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NM_Vegan 54 M
3  Articles
Not Meant As A Trigger: Anyone Else Have Problems From CSA?   6/1/2005

When I was young I used to wonder whether I was attracted to guys because of abuse I went through as a by an otherwise str8 cop or whether I would have been attracted to guys no matter what. After going through therapy myself and becoming a therapist, a wounded-healer, I've decided that it doesn't matter for me one way or the other. <br> Sometimes I still have fear on meeting a ...

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cnapca 50 M
2  Articles
how long do you wait till you move in w/boyfriend for the very first time ?   5/31/2005

well i meet this guy and i really like and love what he looks like. To me he is good looking. and our first time we meet at my office and talked for about an hour. i had to go to a call on a he said bye and i did too! 2nd time we meet for a beer and chatted for almost 4 hours before we got done and we where so involed with each other it just flew by. the 3 rd he took me out to dinner and ...

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NM_Vegan 54 M
3  Articles
What Should I Have Done With My (Str8?) Fraternity Brother?   5/31/2005

Sam was a handsome hispanic dude about 9 months older and 2 inches taller than I was and we hit it off as soon as we met at freshman orientation, long before I joined the fraternity. He had a constant smile and uplifting voice that could charm and melt the heart of the cutest sororoty chicks. This did not even include the affect on the eyes of his thick, medium length, wavy black hair, ...

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oralone5 80 M
1  Article
Deep throating   4/27/2005

I love oral sex but have always had trouble downing the big one. Advice on preparation or technique would be helpful. I would really love to take it deep into my throat not just in my ass.HELP

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Bbestman176 68 M
1  Article
I want to suck my buddy   4/7/2005

I am going on a vacation later this year with a friend of mine. We are going to do some fishing and some laying aroun the pool in Key West. I have only had a few get togeathers with other men. Once we were fishing on my boat and I saw his cock hanging out the side of his shorts. I got an instant hard on that I had to conceal. We stayed on the boat all night and he kept saying man I wish we ...

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BoyNeedsADaddy 33 M
6  Articles
The taste of cum   4/4/2005

I have heard that your cum will taste different depending on what kind of food you eat. Is the true? If so what type of foods are good for the taste and what foods are bad for it?

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timbaland2282 37 M
1  Article
cock ring   3/18/2005

I just purchased a cock ring and was wondering how it is worn. Box had no directions just the ring. Wanted to know how it was worn and does it add to the sex or is it dangerous.

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luvfun4you 62 M
3  Articles
Whats up   3/10/2005

Met up with a guy here said really loved sucking cock. I 69 with him but he was so rough I never came. I tried telling him what felt good but all he did was ram his face on so hard it hurt like hell. Why can't 2 guys talk about what feels orgasmic and get it right? Maybe just thinking that a guy should know

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richamp 52 M
4  Articles
problem with erection   2/28/2005

Why is it that when looking at porn on the computer or mag's or at night when I dream about guys bodys and the great things I would like to do for them and them me I have a rageing HARD on and Im as horny as fuck where as if I actualy meet a guy that ive chatted to sent photos etc when in front on him and i like the way he looks i have a problem getting it hard, is it nerves or something I ...

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Wanker26 73 M
6  Articles
SEX IN A SUBMARINE??   2/17/2005


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Wanker26 73 M
6  Articles
Do Pheremones Actually Work?   2/13/2005

Hi Everyone: I am wondering if Pheremones acutally work. I have heard that they do , but I havent actually met anyone who can give me 'firsthaded' experience with them. I know they are kind of expensive , usually around $39.99 for a small bottle. <br> If anyone has any advice please respond. <br> Wanker26

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gmm4u 61 M
3  Articles
A problem with intimacy   2/11/2005

I have a problem with intimacy. For some reason, if I meet a guy for mutual j/o or bj in a cruising spot, it's great. I get horny fast. But every time I meet a guy I like personally and we get into bed, I can't get it up!! I get so nervous I can't do anything. I don't understand why. I want to do more then just get a fast blowjob. I want to make love with another man, yet the ...

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everyonewantsit 34 M
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omg i need help so bad!!!!   2/2/2005

ok i ve never been out on a date with a guy so what do i do? i mean u would rather stay at his place and watch a movie get to know eachother a little, but im a virgin .. ok semi virgin lol "dont ask why lol !!! " ok if this guy picks me up do i have to give him sex in returne ? head mabey ( in my opinion )but i want to start a relationship so what do i do????? asap!!!

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tght14u 42 M
2  Articles
easy way   1/4/2005

im shy but i also have met some guys ..only tryed anal twice 2 time didnt get it in i would like to break the ice with somone and try again

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ktownbuddy123 60 M
1  Article
lies sex secrets   12/2/2004

story: met a guy .told him to be very honest with me about everything.he said he would .i ask him what he wanted in a relationship , sex , future, bunch of other things.i did this to make sure we are on the same throught all this we decided to comit because we wanted the same on one honest about everything.well after 4 weeks of committed relationship he ...

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spongebob9inch 50 M
6  Articles
For Cock Shot Haters   11/6/2004

I would hope that those who don't agree with other members wants or ideas are big enough to allow them the expression that OP offers. If you aren't into guys posting pictures of their cocks, that's cool for you. Please, stop busting on the the guys that are! Everyone has different opinions about this. Sure, many people would rather see faces and full body shots. However, you need to be ...

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gmm4u 61 M
3  Articles
RE: dream interpretation   10/3/2004

Wow. I had a similar experience. Back in my military days I messed around with men now and then but when I got out I got married, had and decided those days were gone. Then one night, ten years later, after a divorce, I had one hell of a dream where I was sucking a great hard cock. The dream was very romantic and steamy. Of course I woke up stiff as a board. That settled it. I went ...

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sxysml4 51 M
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dream interpretation, proof that i want to fuck a man?   9/10/2004

i have never been with a man before, and never really thought about it... <br> i have been having the same dream, i wake up suddenly and my dick is deep in the ass of a guy. he's tan, atheletic, hairless, bent over, and moaning. At first i am surprized (what am i doing here?) than i thrust my bare dick deep into him. he reaches around grabs my ass to get us close, and squezes ...

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tixif150 57 M
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In Responce to how to get a man off quicker   8/28/2004

All guys love to jerk off. Nothing feels better to be jerked off at the same time your getting sucked off. It's a natural. Keep in mind that most guys don't like the feel of your teeth scrapin their dick. Also if a guys laying on his back and you apply some pressure to his abdomen while your suckin and jerkin him he will blow that great load quicker. Also when your gettin ready to do ...

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XxXRockThizWayXx 33 M
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Ass play   8/10/2004

I've never had intercourse with a man yet, but my female friends are telling me their boyfriends like the ass play. I'm kind of wondering now...what's it like? And isn't it weird to give someone else a rim job? The idea grosses me out a little LOL but ya never know

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beachbum2704 47 M
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seperated from wife and need advice   8/9/2004

I am currently seperated from my wife becasuse she got violent and I left, she has known I have been gay since 2003 and we were working on it and in early 2004 she found out that I still had feelings for men and she was very harsh to me and the getting violent has nothing to do with the gay issue at the time what kind of ramifications am I in for the house was pre-martial and in her name ...

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DizzyEek 42 M
2  Articles
Following your personal legend   8/5/2004

When Joseph Campbell, today's most famous scholar of mythology (and author of the excellent "The Power of Myth") created the expression "follow your blessing, " he was reflecting an idea that seems to be very appropriate right now. In "The Alchemist, " this same idea is called "Personal Legend." <br> Alan Cohen, a therapist who lives in Hawaii, is also working on this theme. ...

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DizzyEek 42 M
2  Articles
Green Dog   8/5/2004

Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who am when I am with you. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches ...

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gangbangmepleas 49 M
2  Articles
Re: Do what boyfriend likes   7/23/2004

There is no harm at all in eating your own cum. A VERY NICE side effect is that you'll LOVE the taste of your own cum. Safe? YES. It is EASY to know if it is safe to eat your own know where your own cock has been....LOL. But seriously, all you are doing is putting BACK into your own body something that was IN your own body to begin with. Where is the possible harm in ...

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gangbangmepleas 49 M
2  Articles
Re: Desparate and Being Used   7/4/2004

You are young. Meet guys who have the standards you admire. Have fun. If the relationship is meant to be, it will happen. But don't give up and don't stop meeting guys. The relationship may not blossom as you may like, but you can never have too many friends.

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rhapsodie 66 M
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swallowing cum   5/3/2004

Be sure to breathe through your nose when swallowing a load of cum. Try to keep the cock in the front of your mouth when he's orgasming so you have some room to savor and then swallow.

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shycute 44 M
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How can you find a good friend who can do everything with?   1/22/2004

Is that difficult to find someone as a good friend who can do anything, hangout, even fool around with? I know friends can be different level... but is it possible that I can find someone who is very good looking, in shape... to be my good friend and can play around with? I have many friends... only few of them I really like... but I don't see them often... only talk on the phone once a ...

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neil246 36 M
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too scared to go to the doc   1/20/2004

im too scared to go to the doctors about this problem, just out of fear of what i might get told. you see ive not been fucked in over 2 weeks, but over the last few days i found this lump on my anus and its stared to bleed and wont stop. im scared but need some help to know if this is a sereouse thing. if anyone can help in anyway, i would be most grateful.

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tboy143 54 M
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RE: My friend AJ   1/15/2004

You say you tell him you're not gay but don't caare who is. Then you say you want sex and a relationship with him. I'm confused here. Wouldn't that make you gay too? Grow up! tell him how you feel about him. If you keep telling him that you aren't gay why would even consider sex, let alone a relationship with you? i mean, really!?!

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btm4topuk 63 M
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Re. Are there any guys who can break me into electro- sex   12/16/2003

Hi guys, I'm 47 live in Brighton/Essex and wish to experience electro-sex at the hands of a guy who knows what he's doing. If you can help and want further details of me check out btm4topuk. <br> Cheers.

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dongfangbo555 40 M
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He Killing Me Gentlely   11/28/2003

I am a Asian boy living in Kunming, Yunnan of China.There are DaLi, LiJiang, Stone-forest, Shangri-la and so on.It is a beautful and lovely city, but a lonely heart. I am single and alone here. Last week another boy moved into my residence to rent jointly.I find he is handsome, sexy and man, just like Romeo in my dream. He , a little older than me, comes from another city, HuNan to work ...

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happy423 60 M
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Alcoholic Lover   11/27/2003

I am a 43 year old professional hispanic. I have been with my lover for 24 years. Our problem is his drinking. He drinks every other night. Most of the time he drinks two bottles of wine and passes out on the sofa. The next day, he takes it out on our . Our and him cannot get along. He's moody the next morning after drinking and doesn't want to do anything but watch t.v. I enjoy ...

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up2udoit 56 M
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Looking to find A good Soul Mate..   9/22/2003

I have had no luck in the love department, I cant find some one to have a relationship with. I am almost 40 years old and I can find some one to settle down with. I hate going to the clubs to find some one, and where I live is about 25 miles from all of down town. I dont mind living out this far, I just want to share it all with some one special. I have some great friends and most of them ...

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wolfgang1980 39 M
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gay for life, but.....   10/3/2002

i am 22 yrs old and as long as i can remember i've been gay and in '98 after the death of a friend i came out to my family (they wondered why i took his death so hard, i was in love with him) i told them. well after i told them mother totally disapproved of it she would always say things like, "it you are going to be 'that way' don't do it around me" so no support there. my brother hates me ...

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CORY300 50 M
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How to MEAT the pizza boy!!   8/8/2001

I have found out that it is pretty easy to lure a pizza guy into fucking. After a few pizza places and a good list of pizza guys trust me this works! When you call and order your pie tell them on the phone to deliver to the back door or the lanai(anywhere that is somewhat out of the public view.Be prepared for them ahead of time, I always sit on the lanai and wait with a beer or a cocktail ...

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2  Articles
I'm gay, so don't try to tell me I'm going to hell !   7/14/2001

As a gay 39 year old single father, raising my two young alone, knowing I was different from the age of two or three, and raised in multiple faiths of religous beliefs...I have seen and heard of every excuse possible from gay people, about why they believe, or doubt the love GOD has for the gay community. <br> I believe in God, the creator...I believe in his , Jesus...and I believe ...

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nikos1963 56 M
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Slut in the circle   1/23/2001

So here I was, meeting this guy that none of my friends knew (which is very hard when you know almost everyone). We went on date, kind of, since he had just "gotten out of a relationship, " and we were going to a club. There we were going out to the club, meeting my friends. I introduce him to most of the people I know, they "hi" and such. Now me and this guy are getting really close, I ...

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boy722 63 M
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Breaking cycle   3/23/2000

I go out and sing every Sunday at my local club, and as a result I meet a lot of people. We talk, laugh and have a good time, however, I want more. I'm very shy when it comes down to converstions about sex and have been told that I come off as being snobbish or prudish. I have offered my phone number, dinner dates, and movies, all with no takers. This is really bothering me as I ...

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rider105 58 M
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first time with the boys!   1/17/2000

The first time I had sex with another man was what had to be the best way to be introduced to the bi life style ever. It happend a few years ago I was 38 yrs and was visiting a friend at his weekend beach house I had known the friend for a few years and assumed he was not gay, as he has a wife and grown . He's a few years older than myself. After arriving at the house I noticed that there ...

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SuperCox 43 M
6  Articles
Anthem for AIDS Victims Who Show Symptoms of Dying   3/14/1999

Anthem for AIDS Victims Who Show Symptoms of Dying The morning's light spilled through The freshly opened curtains as the nurse Turned to leave but caught a glimpse of truth in The eyes of a struggling soul whose Body had been ravaged by the Unmerciful hands of death, and, although her Eyes were swollen mostly shut Closing out the ...

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louass 67 M
11  Articles
Cruisin in the park   11/25/1998

I enjoy cruising the park for gay men, and today was my lucky day.(Again) I usually go bike riding and sometimes I just sit by the park benches to see who else is cruisin. Thats how I met James, I was bike riding and he was sitting in his car playing with his huge beautiful cock, which I happened to see as I rode by his car. I nearly fell off my bike , turned around to see what I had just ...

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louass 67 M
11  Articles
My First Lover   11/1/1998

My first time with a male was when I was in the military. I was on leave and decided to go check out a local town for any type of action, never realizing what I was going to experience. I went to a local bar and sit next to a beautiful older I thought. After dancing and drinking a little too much she suggested 'we' go to her place to get to know each other better. We ended up in ...

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