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sexycdnikki 50T
147 posts
11/27/2018 2:25 pm

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1/14/2019 9:22 am

Sex Partners

Do you have sex with the same lover or do you prefer a different lover each time you have sex?
I'm monogamous - it's the same person each time.
For the most part I have sex with the same lover, every once in a while I mix it up
It's about 50/50
For the most part it's a different lover, but I have one or a few regulars.
Honey - I like a new cock each time - variety is the spice of life.

KumHard99 60M
2 posts
1/17/2019 5:54 am

depends on my mood .....just want my hole wrecked anytime !!!!

Kinkieguy69 48M
3 posts
12/28/2018 1:37 pm

I remember my first few years being Bi I was a one man man . One night after I was drinking with my lover at the time he asked if he could bring in someone he meet at the Book store. Back then there was no craigslist of internet LOL . I said yes and when he walked in and took his cloths off I knew right then and there that there was more to being happy then being with one guy. as I looked him over and seen that 8 inches of meat I knew I had to have him inside me . yes my lover at the time was good in bed but lacked the cock that this guy had . It started me sucking both of them off while my BF John played with my ass like always . well after I got lets Timmy the gentlemen that was joining us hard and also john I bent over thinking John would be the first in me . well to my surprise it was Timmy first in . I still remember his hands on my hips as he worked that monster cock of his into my tight hole. I never felt as much pain and Pleasure as I did that night as he entered me from behind for the first of many times that weekend . But as he slowly pushed his way in I could feel my BF John stating to suck my cock looking at me knowing I was enjoying that monster cock he found for us to play with . as Timmy was fucking my ass john sucked my cock like he never had done before . he sucked so hard that after a few min I came in his mouth . he stopped and came up and kissed me with my hot cum still in his mouth knowing I love the taste of cum mine your anyone's cum . Well after he kissed me I found out the real reason he wanted Timmy to go first . It was because my strictly top lover wanted to try and take on that cock I just had in my ass. Yes john had toys in his ass before but never a big throbbing cock in him and he thought I would be mad if he wanted Timmy inside him and not me for his first time and I was not mad at all I was excited to see someone that gave me so much pleasure getting him self some anal pleasure from a man that knew how to work his weapon like a marksmen. Well anyway after about 20 min and what seemed like a 55 gallon drum of lube john got his cherry popped and loved it and from that day on until I joined the army a few years late the three of us would play every chance we got . Oh to be young again .

cabbie9999 59M
5 posts
12/28/2018 12:58 am

Spice it up and as long as it's clean and enjoyable then why not.

Kinkieguy69 48M
3 posts
12/26/2018 6:00 am

Amen to that . I'm the same way adickted.

Kinkieguy69 48M
3 posts
12/26/2018 5:57 am

I love to mix it up every now and then but there is one I always go back too Heath. Heath is a strong take control guy that knows how to use what god gave him . in my job I am the boss but when I'm with him I can let my guard down and give total control to him . when I am with him I become his cock slave I will do anything heath wants . sometimes he will have other friends over to use my ass . He says it is to keep me humble. but I think he is getting off by watching but who am I to judge right . As long as it is clean safe fun I'm into it. But when I am not with heath I'm out looking for different cock to swallow and fuck every chance I get .

lovestick6969 45M
17 posts
12/24/2018 4:41 pm

Well, I'd love a regular discreet bf but I don't have one.
So to get my satisfaction I go to the gay/bi spa/sauna and get to try lots of different men <3😈

richhfx 63M
7 posts
12/14/2018 4:39 am

I like having a couple of fwb's but do like hooking up with someone new now and then too.

jjfsrvt77 54M
20 posts
12/13/2018 7:10 am

Variety is the spice of life. But how do you know that the 2nd or 3rd time won't be better with someone?

DaButt69 43M
5 posts
12/3/2018 2:21 pm

I have regulars but I like random cock from time to time.

Cummasseur 48M
60 posts
11/29/2018 10:32 pm

I prefer sex with someone I know, so FWB's and relationship are my preference. But in the in-between time, you know, whatever happens.

jrodd 60M
2692 posts
11/29/2018 5:00 am

I cant answer the above cause I don't do it any more.

GmDb878 55M
1 post
11/28/2018 7:37 pm

Love it when you see his cock for the first time!

adickted18 42M
114 posts
11/28/2018 12:55 pm

Either way. I have some regulars that I absolutely love, especially for kink as I trust them when I'm bound up. But Im2 also a slut, I love meeting a stranger, wondering what he's going to do to me, wondering how big his cock is, its a total rush.

Stevie1954 60T
109 posts
11/28/2018 3:40 am

Promiscuous little vixen you are!

OnDaFence 31M/38M
26519 posts
11/27/2018 3:48 pm

We are married but like to add some variety to the mix from time to time.

sexycdnikki 50T
11 posts
11/27/2018 3:13 pm

I do have to say, that I prefer sex with someone different each time. Perhaps someone out there will change my mind?