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My Top/Master For This Soft Slut
Posted:Nov 18, 2018 7:19 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2018 1:07 pm
I wish I could express how much I want to be taken by a Top or a Master in the BDSM lifestyle, perhaps a Mistress if she has a Male to join in the play.

I am here to serve, I have only one goal, make my Top or Master happy, do what ever it takes to satisfy them, even is used by others, I will comply once my Dominate claims me.

I would like to be able to be my tops total Cum dump, never letting one drop of love juice lost, I would accept all loads in my man pussy and oral, I want my Top or Master to feel complete and satisfied.

My Top, or Master would have up to date HIV Neg and STD Neg papers to protect me and anyone I am shared with, for my health and protection, I want to not have to worry about HIV or STDs .

We can go get test together or how ever he wishes.


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