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Los blogs son una manera simple de crear tu propia página sobre tu vida actualizada regularmente en Canadian Gay Personals and Contacts Toronto. Son excelentes para averiguar más sobre otros usuarios y contarle a la gente más sobre ti mismo y tus experiencias de vida reales a personas que conoces a través de Canadian Gay Personals and Contacts Toronto. Puedes leer las publicaciones de otros usuarios o comenzar tu propio blog - ¡es fácil!

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Everyone Loves Raymond !! 73 10 Agosto 3:28 pm
H73 says who cares! 22 10 Agosto 8:19 am
No doubt about it, Here, There, and Everywhere, all should feel and be Welcomed! 224 9 Agosto 5:51 pm
Lovely day at the Lake in glorious sunshine! Offer for a debate still on table? 83 9 Agosto 10:57 am
So sad most of the profiles you name are no longer members here?? Get a life dudes lol 66 9 Agosto 4:43 am
Is naming members in blogs invasion of privacy???? 59 9 Agosto 1:07 am
Naming members in your blogs POS is invasion of members privacy!!! 32 9 Agosto 12:52 am
Wow such hostility from fake profiles on the blogs! Im sure that it is a Terms of Use Violation!!! 22 9 Agosto 12:31 am
and FarmerBullshit, Gimme05, AND the new one, with 3 underscores, Darter___50516 ALL AT ONCE !! 135 8 Agosto 12:07 pm
I will remain positive!!! Offer is still there for all your profiles in lobby debate! Lol 76 8 Agosto 3:14 am
Incuding Ondafake, OnDaCheat, OnDaDrugs, OverDaFence, hate_Fakers, Herts_1973, blonde_bummer? 98 8 Agosto 1:41 am
"Imitation is biggest form of flattery lol What a load of bull?" You said it, You own it! EOD! 134 8 Agosto 1:33 am
Tech Tips - Hey guys come into chat and let's debate? All of you at once? You up to the challenge? 72 8 Agosto 12:31 am
Even more bull on the OBX but I will remain positive! Imitation is biggest form of flattery lol 62 8 Agosto 12:04 am
We are officially three hours late. Our only excuse is sometimes "crap" happens, and this is ours! 160 7 Agosto 8:26 pm
A True "Load of Bull" is drifting in the Atlantic! Jellyfish, Sea Lice, and Blobs that Sting !! 140 7 Agosto 5:02 pm
What a load of bull? 76 7 Agosto 12:36 pm
TGIF Friends! The Time has Come! 190 7 Agosto 10:54 am
2020 Election Poll: How Will YOU Do It? 340 5 Agosto 8:36 am

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Ahh, west and wewaxation at wast! And NO wastically wed chikens either! 577 3/8
Mandatory evacuation ordered for Ocracoke Island ahead of Hurricane Isaias !! 435 1/8
I am so honored with the intense interest in my name. Full details, from Friday are reposted. 512 29/7
Mars Rover Launched Today - the first since 2012! 280 1/8
Lovely day at the Lake in glorious sunshine! Offer for a debate still on table? 83 10/8
Better to receive a testimonial than a Moaning Testicle! 437 23/7
Buying new undies. 236 23/7
My Blog
por  postie2    64H
bad parking 516 17/7
BBB...Wonder If You Get It Right!!! 185 7/8
Mi blog
por  Timothy0074   46H
" ALL Live's Matter" Whom ever you are. :-) 143 26/7
I've been a bad gurl . . . 313 21/7
Naming members in your blogs POS is invasion of members privacy!!! 32 9/8
Comet 126 19/7
Mi blog
por  Bibtm4hungtop951    37H
Newbie here 100 19/7
Mi blog
por  letmebeme48   72H
long process 126 19/7

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