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Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day 11 Oct 14 8:10 pm
Swish your Balloon blog is copied and pasted from 6 Oct 14 7:59 pm
a Moanday.... 16 Oct 14 7:37 pm
Truth:An Event Like No Other! is PLAGIARISM 27 Oct 14 3:09 pm
Our next Purchase............ 66 Oct 13 8:31 pm
My Blog
by  Ica915bob99   68M
the bath house 90 Oct 13 4:45 pm
An Event Like No Other! 300 Oct 13 2:29 pm
Scored 119 Oct 12 7:21 pm
My Blog
by  Ica915bob99   68M
hooking up 132 Oct 12 2:38 pm
Hey Sherlock Why Don't You have a pic taken with pete 105 Oct 12 9:18 am
It's all about time!!!! I will show the truth your busted! 76 Oct 12 2:28 am
I never deflect from the truth!!! 79 Oct 12 2:15 am
If you cant take the heat get out of bratty's kitchen!!!! 61 Oct 12 12:46 am
Hurts, always deflecting with nonsense questions. Funny, you can never factually answer any either! 378 Oct 11 7:34 pm
Your up late OnDa dont JD find you funny anymore? 76 Oct 11 7:16 pm
More childish jibs, that is all you have. Bankrupt in credibility. Do you know a lady named Dee? 197 Oct 11 7:14 pm
Russian Sues Apple 101 Oct 11 7:00 pm
Whats with the changing from friend view only to all can view?????? 54 Oct 11 6:58 pm
You would not know the truth if it fell from the sky and wiggled it ass at you! 58 Oct 11 6:38 pm
Fiesta Nacional de Espana 83 Oct 11 5:56 pm

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#TBT for Sept. 26th: Your Call! Post it, Let us read it, then kick back and enjoy the comments! 735 9/29
An Event Like No Other! 302 10/14
Imelda is a reminder from Mother Nature, "TWC is fun entertainment, but I'm still the Boss"! 664 9/28
This Astros team will be remembered as a legend! (visible) 447 10/12
Hey friends, my profile has been updated. This man is officially "attached"! 494 10/6
Digital Storm 912 10/3
Happy Birthday Brooke! You are truly "The Gent from South Carolina"! 480 9/28
Friend Only Viewing on Blogs??? What are they hiding? 142 10/11
Notice how peaceful and calm it has been the past couple of weeks 1093 9/28
My Blog
by  Ica915bob99   68M
if this happen 431 10/3
What a Joke:Positive ID of LuLu and Bertrum Half Ass Facts 103 10/11
Vintage M2M Views 478 9/23
My Blog
by  flashbangbottom    51M
again? 282 10/1
My Blog
by  goofy48    74M
Just do it and shut up about it 535 9/27
My Blog
by  marsub77    53M
how long is my very hot cock? 385 10/14
My Blog
by  jbkssme    48M
At the game 448 9/26
Submissive sissy wife. 195 10/4
Random Shit!!! 356 10/13
Romaine Lettuce Day 2 10/14

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