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Shrove Tuesday
Posted:Feb 24, 2020 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 10:14 pm

Shrove Tuesday is the day in February or March immediately preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes. In others, especially those where it is called Mardi Gras or some translation thereof, this is a carnival day, and also the last day of "fat eating" or "gorging" before the fasting period of Lent.

This moveable feast is determined by Easter. The expression "Shrove Tuesday" comes from the word shrive, meaning "absolve". Shrove Tuesday is observed by many Christians, including Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and Roman Catholics, who "make a special point of self-examination, repentance, and what amendments in life or areas of spiritual growth they need to ask God's help with.

As this is the last day of the liturgical season historically known as Shrovetide, before the penitential season of Lent, related popular practices, such as indulging in food that one gives up for the upcoming forty days, are associated with Shrove Tuesday celebrations. The term Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday", referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which begins on Ash Wednesday.

IF you have an IHOP® close by they give out a free short stack of their Original Buttermilk Pancakes to each customer on IHOP® National Pancake Day®. During their visit, diners are encouraged to donate money to an organization that is helping to fight illnesses. In the past, IHOP® has taken donations for organizations such as 's Miracle Network Hospitals, Shriner's Hospital for , and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Millions of dollars have been raised since the day started in 2006. Guests can also enter into the Pancakes for Life Sweepstakes, which, as it sounds, is a sweepstakes where those who enter have a chance of winning pancakes for life from IHOP®. Contests for other prizes are held as well.

**************** ADDENDUM *****************

Everything went well at the dentist ... no cavities ... they cleaned my teeth and good for another 6 months.....

Get ready cause Wednesday Lent begins............
Last Night
Posted:Feb 24, 2020 7:20 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 6:25 pm

Last night I leaned back against JD on the couch after dinner and fell sound asleep. Sorry no blog post.... JD covered up and I slept on the couch the whole night. The MUTTs didn't even pester . JD woke wanting breakfast this morning. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon..... Arrrg!
Martha Stewart Kinda Day...
Posted:Feb 22, 2020 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 6:24 pm

Prior to my wanton sexual escapades I found this neat old brass lion's head drawer pull... only one... but WTF there was a nice frame to mount it in too and I knew exactly where I'd set it upstairs.

While rummaging I also found this frame with kind of a shotzied mirror in it so I bought it too.

Remember back awhile ago I bought the French 1870 Napoleon III Silver Panama Canal medallion? This frame is perfect to display it in!

After I put away the groceries MUTTs Inc. wanted to "help" me in the shop...... so I relented.......

I removed the mirror and selected a piece of plexi-glass. The MUTTs did a jig when I turned on the table saw

Next I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the interior edge of the frame. Selecting a scrap of crushed light blue velvet i glued it to the cardboard. While the adhesive dried I went to the safe to find the coin back.... I KNEW We'd put it in there Somewhere!

We FOUND IT ! Using a pen knife I pierced the velvet and two layers of the cardboard carefully removing them to expose an accurate cavity to hold the medallion firmly in place. Dropping the plex-glass into place I centered the mountinng then folded over the securing clamps.... and TaaaaaDAAAAH !!!! I have our historic old French Coin ready for display in our French Bedroom upstairs.
Posted:Feb 22, 2020 6:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 7:14 am

While shopping the friendly isles of our local Hy Vee I noticed an uber hawt Latino guy selecting bunches of tomatoes. He'd glanced up at me a couple times as I made my way towards him. The guy was dressed just too nice to be just an average dude... So I went by picking up a cluster of tomatoes and smiled at him in that " I wanna fuck your brains out" kind of seductive smile then strode down to the cucumbers.

He turned to the peppers and kept glancing towards me. I picked up a cucumber ... looked around and no one else but him was looking at me and put the veggie to my parted lips... kissed it.... then parting my lips further caressed the tip as if in adoration of the male member. THAT Got his attention......I placed the cucumber in my cart walking towards him glancing into his transfixed eyes. I nodded in the direction of the restrooms. Leaving my cart at the door I turned as I went in... there he was at a few respectable paces back coming in my direction. I went to the farthest stall as he opened the door. I stepped into the stall... a few muffled paces and there he stood.... the smooth handsome face of Montezuma... dark sensuous eyes of Ricardo Montalbán.... That's when my mind went BLOND on me and all I could say was "Hi." He responded "hi." Like a fisherman who just caught way too big a fish for his pole there I stood looking into his eyes. Luckily HE took the initiative pushed the stall door shut and put his hands around my waist and kissed me.... Not one of those "Nice to meet ya kisses" this kiss had me up on my tippy toes. Our lips parted and he began leaving a trail of kisses down my neck...

His hands left my waist to unbuckle my belt, he kissed above my underwear sliding them down to expose my cock... NOT what I'd planned. I was to be blowing him. My jeans dropped a little further as my cock parted his lips..... His silken lips teasing me.... This guy KNOWS how to please a guy!

L O N G... Deep sucking strokes on my shaft... Driving me fucking NUTZO... My back arched banging my head against the stall with a thud.


Like wanton desire to suck the very life from my soul.........

This guy knows the flames of Passion.........

His tongue tugging at the tip of my cock......

Only to plunge back down my shaft. ..

I couldn't hold back..........

Heavy panting......

My back arched again... and I am back on my tippy toes..........

pelting the back of his throat with my load...

My knees buckled and I started to slip down the stall..... those firm hands caught me... His face back close to mine.... then his kiss............ tasting of my nectar..........My shoulder blades balancing me precariously. another kiss... I fumble to get my phone back in my pocket to get my jeans back up.

He reaches for the latch to the stall I stammer "Wait.. Cómo te llamas? "

When he whispered "Fernando." my heart melted.............

************** WEEKEND SEX QUIZ ******************


***cues up Jeopardy Theme******

YES Bret's got Fernando's phone number.

No... Bret didn't get Fernando's phone number.

Posted:Feb 21, 2020 8:57 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 7:26 am

I dashed home with lunch for us at noon.... Some fucking MORON parked his pickup behind my Mustang blocking me in the driveway. After gulping down my burgers & fries I went out.... seen the mess and went into the Beemer Pad and drove JD's car back into town for my appointments and shopping. I came around a corner in the parking lot of Hy Vee where a slob in the handicapped parking had the vision impaired by his BIG JUNKY two bit rust bucket chevy pickup with a topper.... THEN WITHOUT LOOKING an old dementia riddled lady in of all things a G** D*** Suburban just Backs OUT and RIGHT INTO ME ! I was soooooo G** D*** ANGRY !!!! HOWEVER, when I seen the driver I was very polite and reserved... exchanged and insurance cards.... . Funniest was her husband who was the passenger who stepped oh and said "Christ you hit a BMW!~"

YES shithead across the pond.. look at the arrow and circle... We do have a large -eight-light New England Brass chandelier in our Garage too reflecting from the domed ceiling off the Z 4 besides the sidelight fixtures.
Response to S & S Blog
Posted:Feb 20, 2020 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 6:48 pm

*** a response to SwishNSwallow2 blog*** Tornadogenesis and Texas takes the Prize ****
These are some pictures JD and I have from our storm chasing in the poor old Jeep. Yaaa this old picture is from when we first got together and caught a quickie out in the yard....JD didn't notice the dusty imprint and drove it into town. I noticed it when he parked it back in the driveway facing the house.........

This storm came across our house looking North... It looked ruff but No Biggie.

Then I walked back into the house and out on the South Deck!

We didn't even have to drive anywhere to chase this down! It was practically over us.

I had Mono at the time and wasn't feeling very good but couldn't miss that show for anything as the funnel came towards the ground.!

Just as fast as it appeared it began to fizzle out

and disappear into the clouds...

these are rare pictures in that most tornadoes we have chased are wrapped in rain so you can't get good pictures or even SEE THEM. I one video one moment the tornado is in front of us... in a blink of an eye it is behind us!.

One of our favorite pictures is from the Parkersburg tornado where someone's piano was deposited in their yard so they set it in the driveway to be reclaimed...
An Interesting Point
Posted:Feb 19, 2020 7:23 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2020 4:41 pm

In the hustle and bustle of the I ran across an interesting point of view. Unfortunately I am unable to the source, however, his point is well taken and worthy of sharing for discussion.

His contention was that the Chernobyl disaster was a major contributor to the collapse of the Soviet Union whose economy was already stretched to the maximum by the arms race with the United States. The weaknesses and ineffective response of the Gorbachev government to the calamity became evident to the general public, coupled with perestroika's policy of a tolerance of dissension entailing a greater awareness of economic markets and the ending of central planning. The dissolution of the Soviet system's fate was sealed by the Atomic meltdown.

Jump forward to 2020... currently in Communist China the swine flu has destroyed over 300 million hogs, a major source of food for the populous. Cremation fires are all over the country signalling the need for imports from the outside world to meet the dietary requirements of the nation. Pork plays a much more integral element of the Chinese diet than here in the USA.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping attempts to strike an increasingly confident note that the country can control the corona virus outbreak and manage the economic and social fallout, as some Chinese health experts predict a peak in infections by the end of the month. China tallied a total of 394 new infections and 6 deaths through the end of Wednesday, making the cumulative total 74,546 infections and 2,8 deaths — the overwhelming majority still occurring in central Hubei province. Many American sources contend that the Chinese numbers fall way short of the real totals this pandemic has caused. For the FIRST TIME many social media outlets are condemning the governments handling of the dire situation. Cracks are there, dissatisfaction brewing, a heightened awareness of the government's inadequacies to control and contain the internal threat.

In the last few days the Chinese Government's heretofore unwillingness to sign a trade deal with the Trump Administration has fallen through. The weakened resolve has brought about major trade concessions to the USA. The attempt to dishearten the American Agricultural community failed... prices are rising, exports increasing, and a general positive outlook has swept through the agrarian sector.

Could we be witnessing Communist China's Chernobyl ? Is there sufficient resistance and resolve for a change in the government. I, and many others, believe the seeds of dissent have been sown, coupled with nervous leadership in Beijing, we might be on the cusp of a political collapse of the ruling of Sino-socialism.
>>>>> ADDENDUM <<<<<

I came down to the TV room and I asked "what's the new sitcom you're watching???"

JD responded.. "the Democrat Debate."
Posted:Feb 18, 2020 8:46 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2020 6:14 pm

Iwo Jima Day marks the75th anniversary of the date in February 1945 when the Battle of Iwo Jima began, with the invasion of Iwo Jima island by the United States Armed Forces. Some of the bloodiest fighting of the Pacific Theater of World War II took place at Iwo Jima. On February 23, the Marines captured Mount Suribachi, a mountain on the south side of the island. A flag was raised and photos were taken by Louis R. Lowery; these photos weren't published until 1947. Six Marines raised a second flag, and AP photographer Joe Rosenthal took a picture of them. Known as "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima," the photo won the Pulitzer Prize for Photography in 1945.

The Battle of Iwo Jima lasted five weeks, with the United States capturing the island at its conclusion. Although it was believed from the start that the United States would win, it was thought that the battle would last days, or maybe a week, but not five weeks. The United States had larger numbers of people and arms, as well as air supremacy, and Japan couldn't retreat or be reinforced. About 70,000 Marines fought in the battle, compared to 21,000 Japanese forces. What was not known by the United States at first was the extent that Japan had built up their defenses, consisting of fortifications in the mountains, camouflaged artillery, and underground tunnels.

The United States declared Iwo Jima captured on March 25, although Japanese "holdouts" continued to be found in the coming weeks. During that time, about 1,600 Japanese soldiers were killed, and some American casualties took place. Remarkably, two holdouts remained on the island until 1949. Of the 21,000 Japanese forces, all but about 200 died. Of the 70,000 Marines involved, about 7,000 died. Over 25,000 Marines were casualties, meaning they were either killed or wounded. Just pause a moment and remember them.... both sides.... 27,800 dead.. beautiful soldiers... sons, brothers, husbands, fathers....
Posted:Feb 17, 2020 4:50 pm
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2020 5:45 pm

Instead of getting taken off to sunny beaches or an exotic cruise... JD drags me across icy, snow blown roads to Pipestone, Minnesota !

To this old-world hotel with a rose quartz facade which dates back to 1888. You feel like you've been swept away on Valentines a la Addams Family!

The creepy staircase winds up to our room...

The "Valentine Suite" with it's crimson carpet. (probably to hide the blood stains)

The restaurant features lovely period decor.

With cozy nooks for overly amorous diners.

The bar features about any libation imaginable.

With modern amenities........

and entertainment.....

The breakfast was world class with the lunchtime Salisbury burger & fries which was to die for! Next Valentines you decide on a little sweet getaway I strongly urge you to try the Historic Calumet Inn at Pipestone, Minnesota.
Saint Valentine
Posted:Feb 13, 2020 4:30 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 8:30 pm

Valentine's Day originated as a Western Christian feast day honoring an early Saint named Valentine. It is still an official feast in many denominations, although the day was removed from the Catholic General Roman Calendar due to insufficient information known about the Saint.

The day is now also a cultural and commercial holiday centered around romance and love. It is celebrated in many places around the globe, although it is not a public holiday. Symbols associated with the day are the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of a winged Cupid.

There was actually not just one Saint Valentine, but three. The first and most noteworthy was Saint Valentine of Rome. He was a priest in Rome, who was martyred in 269 AD, and added to the calendar of saints in 496, by Pope Galesius. Legend has it that Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to get married, and for ministering to and assisting Christians who had been persecuted under the Roman Empire. It also is said that he cut hearts from parchment and gave them to persecuted Christians and soldiers, to remind them of their vows and God's love. Another legend says that during his imprisonment he healed the blind of his jailer, and sent her a letter before his execution, signing it as "Your Valentine." Saint Valentine is buried on the Via Flaminia.

A second Saint Valentine was Valentine of Terni; he was a bishop of Terni, which was called Interamna at the time. He is believed to have been martyred in 273 AD, under the persecutions of Emperor Aurelian. He also was buried on the Via Flaminia, but in a different area than the Valentine of Rome.

A third Valentine is mentioned in the Catholic Encyclopedia. He was martyred in Africa along with others, but that is all that is known of him.

The day first became associated with romantic love because of the fourteenth century poet Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote Parlement of Foules in 1382, to commemorate the anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia. When the words of the poem are modernized, they can be read as, "For this was on St. Valentine's Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate." The first time Valentine's Day is mentioned as an annual day for love is in the Charter of the Court of Love from 1400. Believed to be written by Charles VI of France, it notes festivities on Valentine's Day attended by members of the royal court, including a feast, love related song and poetry competitions, jousting, and dancing.

The giving of "valentines" began shortly thereafter. The earliest written valentine dates to 1415, and the earliest surviving English valentines date to 1477, and are part of the Paston Letters. By the eighteenth century, lovers were giving each other flowers, confectioneries, and valentines in the form of greeting cards. Valentines were so popular by the early nineteenth century that they were made in factories. Fancier valentines were made of lace and ribbons. Sixty thousand valentines were sent by the post of Britain in 1835. In 1840, postal rates were lowered and postage stamps were created, and in 1841, there were 400,000 valentines mailed. More began being sent by mail, but they became less personal. At this time cards began being exchanged anonymously as well. In 1868, the British chocolate company Cadbury created boxes of chocolates in the shape of hearts for Valentines Day—called Fancy Boxes—leading to the association of boxes of chocolates with the day.

Valentine's Day cards were first mass produced in the United States in 1847. By the second half of the twentieth century, various other types of gifts were given, such as jewelry. In the United States, 190 million valentines are sent each year. Besides being exchanged between lovers, about half are given to others, usually to . If school-made valentines are counted, a billion valentines are exchanged each year, and more are given to teachers than anyone else. In the age of the internet, more and more e-cards are being sent.

From JD and I ... we wish you a Happy St. Valentine's Day.

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