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do_me_deep69 43M
19 posts
10/12/2018 4:11 pm
Which do you like more?

I think I sexiest in feminine attire, but want to know what you guys think.

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
10/13/2018 5:43 am

i can't eXXXplain it !!! but i just lovvvvvvvvvve a hot man who is shaved smooooooooth in seXXXy lingerie !! i feel my seXXXiest after i have SHOWERED & SHAVED & prance around the house with a butt plug firmly in place in my thong ! cleaning /vacuming ext. !

do_me_deep69 replies on 10/19/2018 7:14 pm:
I love dressing up after shaving. I just wish I stayed smooth longer. I am going over to my girlfriend's tonight dressed up. Going to meet her friend as Hannah.

hamonman 59M
246 posts
10/13/2018 7:13 am

feminine attire, for sure

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
10/13/2018 10:22 am

nothing hotter ! than a CHICK with a HARD DICK !!! it's the LESBIAN in ME !!!

wiser2 63M
29 posts
10/13/2018 5:37 pm

Whichever really - as long as I get to slowly take it all off your hot body

do_me_deep69 replies on 10/13/2018 7:09 pm:
Can only use your mouth... blindfolded... lol

IrishKevTF 55M
8 posts
10/14/2018 10:07 am

Hot sexy lingerie

do_me_deep69 replies on 10/14/2018 8:41 pm:
Thank you, I need some new Lingerie!!

cityboy57 61M
4 posts
10/16/2018 3:34 am

I love a hot cock,in sexy little undies!

btccu4 58M
26 posts
10/16/2018 5:06 am

You are "HOT" no matter what you are wearing...........or nothing at all !!

do_me_deep69 replies on 10/16/2018 6:31 pm:
thank you

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
10/18/2018 3:20 pm

yes he is hot !!!! sometimes LESS is MORE !! nothing seXXXier than a MAN in a THONG ! or TEENY g-string laying out by the pool or lake ! it's the TEASING ASSpect !! we have a clothing optional park over looking LAKE TRAVIS near AUSTIN !! as it's a popular gay hang out ! where i began exxxploring my gay side ! i have many ! bright colored MICRO THONGS & G-STRINGS !! and lovvvve to strut/swish ! like a gaaaaay peaCOCK ! laying down my towel ! ice chest ! and suntan oil ! i find that you can CATCH a MAN'S EYE in something BRIGHT ! & seXXXy !! i also lovvvvvve that sexxy tan line ! but i always end up nude ! especialy if a see some one watching me ! i leave little doubt that i'm not only a sissy faggot ! but also very horny to suck some dick up in the bushes ! i even took my 2nd wife there as nudist i ASSured her she would BE SAFE as ALLL The MEN ARE GAAAAY ! she never asked how i knew that ! or why i was soo cumfortable and flirty with gay ! nude dudes ! eventualy she figured me out as Queer ! and divorced my faggot ass !

do_me_deep69 replies on 10/18/2018 6:29 pm:
You had the wrong wife... My ex was great. We never went to a nude beach, never got the opportunity, but she would have been fine with it. We were swingers 9 of the years we were married. Our second partner was a bi man that was my first consensual gay experience. She loved it almost more than I did.

My first date with my current girlfriend was actually at our local nude beach. She doesn't get off on the gay sex as much as my ex did, but she doesn't discourage it either. She knows very about my gay side, and completely accepts it.

We even went to a movie with my daughter last week. I was completely cross dressed. It was a lot of fun. She also bought me a dress and shoes, she thinks my female side is a little slutty (which she is).

There are women out there that love and get off on gay sex. You just gotta find the right one.

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
10/19/2018 1:46 pm

i agree totaly !!! both of my EXES were WRONG !! but i was also in DENIAL !! after my 2nd divorce was when i officaly came OUT of the CLOSET and EMBRACED my FEM HOMOSEXUALITY !! & that was 10 years ago !! that said ,,, i no longer hide ! or deny the fact that i'm more gay than bi ! but never say never ! i will be UPFRONT & tell HER i lovvvvvvvvvve DICK & IF SHE"S WILLING to SHARE a man & USE A STRAP ON on ME !! then it's all good ! no lies ! no deceptions ! i do not have a jealous bone in my body ! maybe when i was younger and confused ! but now ! i'm all in for the fun ! be it a man or a woman !

Head4two5 52M
2 posts
10/31/2018 9:21 am

Right, a Hot chick with a Big Long Cock to go hunting for...making it grow while you fumble your way along the searching. Opps it ended up in my mouth...looking up at her Big Tits and smiling face while I lay her Long Cock on my face sucking on her Low Hanging Balls! Fuck I need this Now!

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
11/3/2018 4:51 am

i AGREE HEAD4two a hot chick with a big cock to go with her BIG TITS the BEST of BOTH WORLDS !! she would be my dream cum true ! call me a GAY LESBIAN !! something a about a fem guy that lovvvves to dress up turns me on MORE than a WOMAN !! as i lovvvvvvvvve to dress up also ! i also lovvvvvvve a horny man who will take me ! no holds barred ! and have his way with me ! i also find being TALKED to DIRTY & NASTY a HUGE TURN ON !! calling me every name in the book ! fag ! faggot ! sissy ! Queer ! homo ! cock sucker ! ass muncher ! and so on ! lol yes ! " RAVENOUS RAVEN " is your cum whore ! cum get me boys and gurls !

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
11/5/2018 4:42 am

hi hon ! how was your date as HANANAH ? details !

do_me_deep69 43M
6 posts
11/5/2018 9:35 am

I have dressed a few times over the last few weeks. My ex wife actually helped me with makeup. I have had fun, but nothing overly exciting.

discreetman53 65M
706 posts
11/7/2018 12:28 am

I'm with you city boy... there is nothing as hot as sharing some hard willing manly cock.

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
11/9/2018 4:10 pm

i agree !! SHARING ! is CARING !!

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
11/9/2018 4:14 pm

wished my ex would do my make up ! YOU MAKE A SEXXXY WOMAN !!! but ,, you are ALSO a HOT MAN !!!! i must be a gaaaaaaaaaaaaay lesbian ! lol