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bjhogan 62M  
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6/16/2020 2:24 pm

with JUNE being PRIDE MONTH! & FATHER'S DAY this WEEKEND !! a BIG SHOUT OUT allllll the GAY DADDIES OUT there !! BE PROUD ! BE LOUD !!! EMBRACE your HOMOSEXUALITY with OUT GUILT ! or SHAME !!!! as any one who follows my blogs ! i was a late cummer the GAY PARTY !!! late 30's before i SUCKED my FIRST COCK & took it MY ASS /PUSSY !! after my first divorce in 94 ! i had always known i much DIFFERENT from my OLDER MACHO BROTHERS !! 8 of them ! & 5 sisters too !! ! being the YOUNGEST !! growing in a large CATHOLIC FAMILY !! there WERE NO GAY role MODELS & GAYS were treated HARSHLY in the 70's in a SMALL TOWN !! pop. 5500 !! so i hid those gay desires and attractions ! and over CUMpensated by playing SPORTS & LIFTING WEIGHTS ! chasing GIRLS ! which came easy for me !! LOL yet ,, i always felt something was missing ! THAT BOND ! THAT CLOSENESS !! maybe that would explain why i always ended getting dumped for a MORE MACHO GUY !! and most of my brothers are STILL MARRIED to their HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS !! it was in HIGH SCHOOL when FAMILY & FRIENDS started calling ME a SISSY FAGGOT !! my long black hair ! and a sense for fashion ! i later became a HAIRSTYLIST !! go figure THAT !! LOL and once again ! i was called a SISSY FAGGOT because REAL MEN did not do HAIR for a LIVING !! especialy in a SMALL TOWN !! as i learned later ,, lots of gay men marry and have ! to hide their gayness ! which is what i DID ! i MARRIED my co-worker & had 2 daughters !! and even still ! some customers still called me gay ! HMMM ? was my HOMSEXUALITY that OBVIOUS ? !!! any hoo ,, the beauty biz WAS my GATE WAY to the GAY LIFESTYLE as my EX's BROTHER is GAY ! & we would VISIT HIM in AUSTIN ! & he would take us to his FAV GAY CLUBS !! to see grown men DANCING /KISSING /MAKING OUT ! was a turn on to say the least ! and those DRAG QUEENS & CDERS with BIG 80's HAIR & OUTlandish OUTfits !! i remember CUMmenting how PRETTY ONE GURL LOOKED ! & BOTH my EX & her brother said SHE'S a HE !!! WTF ? i was'nt in KANSAS any more !! either way ,, i felt aroused and cumfortable ! as if a STRAIGHT MAN would be caught dead in a GAY BAR !! even if HE was with his WIFE !! i even managed sneek a gay mag home ! and that was my TRAINING MANUAL !! LOL !! the images of men sucking dick ! getting fucked ! and those facials turned me more than ANY PLAYBOY /PENTHOUSE MAG !! i jacked off constantly those images ! untill my ex CAUGHT & blew a GASKET ! of course i denied everything ! and that it was her GAAAAY BROTHER'S MAGAZINE !! but of course the red in my face told a different story ! she DEMANDED to KNOW if i was GAY or NOT !! NATURALY i said HELL NO ! but then why was i JERKING OFF !! i had NO ANSWER !! & soon after we DIVORCED !!in 94 !! i at least had the freedom to scratch that gay itch ! and Knew where to MEAT MEN !! and honey did i ever ! like a duck to water ! it came naturaly ! sucking dick ! getting fucked and those passionate kisses were electric ! i was now living a DOUBLE LIFE ! STRAIGHT in my TOWN ! A CUM away !! but i was still afraid of being found out ! in 98 i met a blonde bombshell ! LIKE i said earlier !! i had no problem dating women & she was the PURFECT COVER !! as i never went with out dick ! gradualy our marriage became more open ! & it was a DON'T ASK ! DON'T TELL !! i knew she was hooking from the sexy lingerie she packed her business trips ! but i think when she DISCOVERED i was HOOKING with MEN !! that she could not deal with ! and i suppose she just needed an easy out ! as she wasted little time moving in with the guy she was fucking even before our divorce was final ! in 09 ! it was then i joined OUT PERSONALS & MET a GUY from my HOMETOWN !! as FATE would have it !! we went to HIGH SCHOOL TOGETHER in the 70's !! and soon we were the talk of the town ! no secrets here ! " THE MACHO JOCK is NOW A FAG "" and of course my lover told every one he was fucking me ! i was not upset because ,, yes he was ! and he was great at it ! i thought it would runs it's course ,, but my being gay was being talked in circles WHICH is HOW my OLDEST HEARD IT ! while working at a LOCAL BAR !! but when she told as long as i'm happy ! that's that matters ! so the QUESTION NOW is ?? let's HEAR about YOU SILVER DADDIES & YOUR STORY ! about being GAY & A DAD !!

bjhogan 62M  
1661 posts
6/22/2020 4:57 am

thanks hon ! the screw up was on my profile name ! as my cd name is RAVENOUS RAVEN