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bjhogan 62M  
109 posts
8/14/2018 4:54 pm

a big gay shout OUT to ALL the GAY UNCLES OUT there !! cummmming from a LARGE CATHOLIC FAMILY !!! i have several GAY & LESBIAN nephews & neices ! who have not only been ACCEPTED ! but have been EMBRACED for their HOMOSEXUALITY ! MY have times CHANGED back in the 70's ! GAYS were treated quite HARSHLY ! & even sent to another SCHOOL to save their FAMILY"S good name !! in fact ! FAMILY & FRIENDS started calling ME a SISSY FAGGOT in high school !! even tho i had not been with a boy ! i guess denial is a bitch ! i did what most fags did back then ,, i over CUMpinsated by LIFTING WEIGHTS ! PLAYING FOOTBALL ! & CHASING GIRLS ! ( which i never had problem ) but every one of them ended dumping me for no reason ! errr ! maybe once we got intamate ! they could see/tell i was not in to it ! and just wanted to bust a nut ! ohhhh ,, i must regress ,, growing up ,, we often SLEPT 2 to a bed !!! and i had 2 older brothers who used to EDGE ME !! no penetration ! but it sure felt good ! i pretended to be asleep when they dry humped me ! but i instinctly grinded back ! i never ever felt molested ! and perhaps they knew i was gaaaaaaaaaay and would never resist ! i later became a HAIRSTYLIST !! go figure !! & THOSE GAY RUMOURS began again !!! and again ... like most fags ! i denied it and married my co-worker and had 2 ! yet ! some customers told me ! a lot of Queers get married and have !hmmmm ? & once again !! i was dumped ! but thru my ex gay brother in law ! whom we visited often in austin ! he would take us to his fav gay clubs ! and i got a taste of the gay nite life ! and once our divorce was final in april 94 in my late 30's ! i knew where to go to meat men ! and honey did i ! I KNEW INSTANTLY from sucking my first cock & SWALLOWING his LOAD & THEN getting my ASS fucked ! that i was born for this ! it felt right ! and natural ! but the fear kept me in the closet and i eventualy remarried a blonde bombshell ! to hide my faggotness ! but by then ,,, i was becumming more open sexxxualy ! SUGGESTING a 3-some with another MAN ! and having her use her vibrator on my hole !! and of course she dumped me too for a younger man ! not a fag ! it was then i got on out personals met a man from my hometown ! as fate would have it ! WE went to HIGH SCHOOL together where he was OUT even then !! we fucked like rabbits that first nite and many more ! as he was pleasanlty suprized after alllllll these years ! i play for TEAM GAY !! and with in a WEEK ! the WHOLE TOWN knew we were GAAAAAAAY LOVERS ! as he TOLD EVERY ONE he was FUCKING the MACHO JOCK/LADIES man from SCHOOL !! tooo juicy a story ! and like it ! or not ! i was officaly out of the closet ! and to tell the truth i was relieved ! we no longer date ! but have remained good friends ! unlike allllll the women in my past who will nothing to do with me ! now that i embraced my queeeeeeeeeeeerness ! i attended my first GAY PRIDE FESTIVAL in AUSTIN shortly after i was OUTED ! and as fate would have it again ! i RAN into a NIECE i had not seen in years !! there was no hiding ! or denying i was queer as fuck ! from my bright purple booty shorts ! no shirt ! rainbow beads and bracelets ! to my goody bag filled with lube/comdoms ! and everything the vendors were giving away ! she ran and hugged me ! never asking the standard line ! as in oh ! i never knew you were gay ? but i can see you are !ha ha ! we chit chatted before she had to work one of the BOOTHS THERE ! and i swished my way over to the hot ! go go bois booth ! i never onced felt embarrased that a family member saw me ! as i was accepted/loved for the first time in my adult life ! and not only from my niece ! but alllllllll the gayy/lesbian family as well ! i know this is long ! but it brings me to this QUESTION ? IF SOCIETY still considers HOMOSEXUALITY a SIN ! or UNNATURAL ? would it be then still considered INCEST to wanna HOOK UP with my 20 something NEPHEW !!! i could tell he was gaaaay as fuck from when he was in grade school and chubby ! and would visit us on the farm where i grew up ! i never told any one as that would have raised questions about my own faggotness ! but once he was in college at TEXAS A&M he came OUT ! which took guts in a REDNECK SCHOOL !! where he has now morphed into a down right hot ! fem ! twink ! and from some of his pics on facebook ! he dabbles in crossdressing too ! he is definuitely a diva ! lol i have not told him i'm gay ! but it's not like it has not been mentioned at family gatherings ! no secrets in a small town ! and when i see my nephew !!! i see so much of me in him ! and not just my cock ! lol but i see me ,, if only i had the courage in my younger days to be that flaming fag ! and now that GUNCLE !! ie, the GAAAAAAAAAAY UNCLE !! so let me hear from alllll you gay uncles out there ! is it INCEST ? i know it will never happen !! but it is a FANYASY !! KISSES AND HUGS RAVEN