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bjhogan 62M  
109 posts
11/15/2019 3:09 pm

#1 YOU"LL INCREASE YOUR LOAD ! believe it or not .. sleeping nude may help increase the amount of semen you produce !!! ( AND DOES"NT LOVE A HEAVY CUMMER ? ) studies suggest that sleeping nude you're helping your scrotum maintain the optimal temp 96-98 degrees for producing semen #2 INTAMACY is more likely !!! gay men sleep nude may find that intamacy with your partner increases !! that's because SKIN on SKIN with your lover rockets the production of the SEXXX CHEMICAL OXYTOCIN according to SLEEP EXXXPERTS ! think about this if YOU & YOUR MAN have been in a dry spell ! #3 MAY KEEP WEIGHT OFF !! this may sound like a stretch but it's not ,,, HERE'S WHY ! when you sleep NUDE , you're helping your body keep CORTISOL levels in BALANCE ! " CORTISOL " a biochemical hormone is PARTIALY resonsonsible for sending messages the brain let you know you're HUNGRY ! when CORTISOL LEVELS are of whack, it leads STRESS EATING !! over time causing WEIGHT GAIN ! #4 ,,, YOU"LL SLEEP BETTER !! with the RESTRICTION of CIRCULATION ZAPPING CLOTHING ! SLEEPING NUDE allows you FEEL more CUMfortable & RELAXXXED !! this helps increase the PRODUCTION of DOPAMINE !! a required brain chemical that has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven as a nessessary ingredient more meaningfull & deeper sleep !! # 5 ,, HELPS INTROVERTS becum EXXXTROVERTED !! if you're the type of man struggles with SOCIALIZING ? try sleeping NUDE !! that's because when you WEAR CLOTHING sleep ,, like UNDERWEAR it is thought PARADOXICALLY restrict your PERSONALITY ! by jumping in the sack NUDE ! you becum LESS INHIBITED during your WAKING HRS. !! DON"T YOU WANNA MAKE MORE FRIENDS & MEAT NEW PEOPLE ANY WAY ? #6 HELPS FIGHT DESPRESSION !!! of the reasons you should be sleeping NUDE relates directly your MOOD !! we know from RESEARCH that getting a GOOD NITES SLEEP helps keep a person's mood in check !! IF you're all BUNCHED UP because of your UNDERWEAR you may EXPERIENCE HYPERSOMMIA ! a clinical condition that MAKES you feel TIRED during the day ! also related the ONSET of DEPRESSION !! # 7 HEALTHIER SKIN !!! every knows when you don't get ENOUGH SLEEP you end up looking TIRED & HAGGARD !! over time,,, bags begin form & dark circles set in !! getting QUALITY SLEEP helps your skin stay healthy ! THAT"S because sleeping NUDE allows your DERMIS LITERALY AIR ITSELF !! PURGING ITSELF of TOXINS & WRINKLE causing CHEMICALS !! # 8 ,,,,,, YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN !!! RELATED to POINT # 7 !! SLEEPING NUDE helps you look younger by INCREASING the hormone MELATONIN a hormone PARTIALY RESPONSIBLE for your CIRCADIAN RYTHM !! MELATONIN helps your skin stay YOUNG & SUPPLE !! # ( MAKES your " MANHOOD " HAPPIER !! sleeping NUDE allows your ENTIRE SEX ORGAN SYSTEM to REMAIN at a BALANCED TEMPATURE !! encouraging a BETTER FUNCTIONING PECKER & SHOOTER !!! !! # LESS SEXUALY INHIBITED !!! if YOU"RE the TYPE that INSISTS on WEARING PJ'S or BOXERS SLEEP !! there's a FAIRLY GOOD CHANCE you are SEXUALY INHIBITED according RESEARCH !! " FINAL THOUGHTS " i'd LOVVVVVE HEAR from all YOU MEN SLEEP NUDE or DON'T !!! HUGS & KISSES !!

jack_more 63M
1 post
11/27/2019 11:46 am

I so agree with you

adaboy69 61M
2 posts
1/7/2020 5:00 pm

wow never looked at it like that ok no more shorts camando it is