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TheRapist4Men 50M
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3/23/2020 3:08 pm
How Are You Doing?

Corona is having a devastating effect on a great many of us. Some lost their livelihood. Many of us have lost our social lives. And after our last conversation, about being lonely and or alone, this social distancing and isolation may be making some feel even more so.

So I wanted take a little time to check on you, see how you are doing, and offer a few words that might make it a little easier.

This would actually be a great time to get in touch with some of those dear friends, family members and loved ones that life frequently doesn't allow us time to reach out to. Communication is key to maintaining any relationship, and although I truly believe that love never dies, relationships and friendships can suffer when life doesn't allow us time to nurture and appreciate them. So use some of this time to write a letter, send and email or make a phone call to a few of those people who mean a lot, but haven't gotten a lot of your time and attention lately.

How many of you made resolutions this year for like, get into shape or find a hobby? This is also a great time for some of that. You can find a work out routine you can do at home. Those of you who read, I read people...not the magazine, but men in particular...might pick up a couple of good books to read. Check out some movies or television shows you haven't had time for before. Music is also a great way to sooth the savage beast! Find some tunes that might move you. That can help you move, for housework or exercise. I dance with the mop and vacuum a lot! Songs can also feed the soul, so find some that just simply make you feel good. Do you have a hobby you haven't had time for? Cooking or baking? Is there a musical instrument sitting around you haven't played in a spell? Some sport you haven't had time for? Do you have a book or play you were planning to write? Maybe you like poetry? You can take some of this forced me time to do some of the things that had been sitting on the back burner. Even if it is just yard work, gardening, tinkering with the car or spring cleaning, these activities can not only distract you, but even make you feel better, with a sense of accomplishment when they are completed, and depending on what they are, could even make you feel better about yourself.

And I think most of us have one, but why not work on your internet and social media life? Right now, this could be the best way to still feel connected to the world, entertain yourself and distract from the isolation you may feel from time to time. Honestly, there was a time when my internet life was far more interesting than my real life, so having this time has given me the opportunity to get back in the swing of that, and I will probably never let it land that far on the back burner again.

You could hang out here or on several other sites, chatting and making some on line friends. Believe it or not, some of those can actually be real, and even become a part of your real life in some way. I love Twitter. I can badmouth Trump several times an hour in 140 characters or less. Pinterest and Instagram are great if you are more visual.Facebook is also one of my favorites and have a great variety of ways to entertain yourself, connect with people and play games.

But we are gay. So instead of just watching porn, why don't you set up an account, look around, make some friends and share some thoughts. Set up a playlist or two of only the things you like to see, so you can just run them until you are done, if you know what I mean. Pornhub, Xvideo, Xhamster and several others offer free accounts, and if you are into it, you can do some blogging, webcamming, or even start building up a fan base if you think porn might be another stream of income for you. And if you are on a dating or hook up site, you might take time to get to know a few guys well, before you get together in person.

They have been pushing the thought of alone together, and I do believe that can be achieved.We can have watch parties for our favorite shows, and listening parties for some great music through the internet. We can take this time to get to know ourselves better and maybe make a few improvements. And we can reach out to those people we care about, from our past, in our present and for the future.

I hope I have given you a few ideas or suggestions of how to past the time and still feel connected, to the world at large, to the people in your life, and possibly even get in touch with your self, beyond the physical. lol

We are all in this together, even if we are temporarily apart!

NinoFun21cm 29M
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3/23/2020 3:34 pm

hello man the raphist m i see tou publication but to me like more you what this mens here .} Hugs and many kissis .
for you

Hungr4Yungr 71M
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3/23/2020 9:26 pm

You have great insight into this forced isolation and present a lot of good ideas. I hand-washed 3 vehicles today as it was 53F outside. Tonight the temperature has plummeted and the Doppler radar is showing snow on the way. Shoveling the snow tomorrow will be a good distraction from the loneliness.

SwishNSwallow2 31M/35M  
2930 posts
3/24/2020 1:50 pm

We really enjoyed reading your positive and uplifting blog! Thank you for stepping out and posting these "coping" ideas during this highly stressful times for ALL of us, worldwide.

In return, we wish you the best and daily good health, too!

Our best to you,
Connor and Ricky