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Old Man Cum Slam
Posted:Oct 15, 2018 3:06 am
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2018 3:03 pm

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Old Man Cum Slam
Posted:Oct 14, 2018 3:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2018 2:59 am

I know right, how lucky am I. I got to live out my biggest fantasy. It actually started at work one afternoon. My name is Chris, I'm mid 30s, attractive, and single. I've been bi for a couple of years but I've kept it secret until recently. I got caught watching gangbang porn at my work. I was so embarrassed. My boss called me in to his office to fire me. I got surprised by what he said instead. He asked me why gangbang porn, I bet you watch it for all the dicks dont you. Well sir. Actually I am bisexual but I shouldn't have to explain myself. He replied. It is my business now. You want to be the center of it dont ya. You want to be groped, throated. And surrounded by naked men dont you. I got up to walk out chris! I have a way for you to keep your job and you might like it. I sat back down. I'm actually gay Chris, he said, I have some friends at the porn store on south Avenue, we hang out at the glory hole on the weekends. Weve been wanting to gangbang a younger guy for quite sometime and you are going to be our lucky slut to save your job. At this point I went from upset to horny.. yes sir. How, when, where. Chris he said. Are you submissive, I assume you are a bottom. Actually I am sir. Good. I will work out the details and let you know. . I was filled with nervousness and cum all week. Wondering what was going to happen. I got a text from my boss suggesting I start training my ass to take a few dicks and be prepared friday right after work. I was so nervous, but I got really horny stretching my ass will a dildo I had bought. I tried to have at least 3 sessions a day of destroying my asshole with the dildo. I was ready i think. After work my boss who is about 60, grayish brown hair, about 6' maybe 200lbs or so, walked up to me and told me that the next 6 hours, I was his and I had to obey his command. He then handcuffed me and put me in his back seat and put a bag on my head. Told me to lay down. If I said a word or tried to sit up he would hurt me. I laid still. In fear and excitement. For what seemed like 30 minutes. I tried to speak but he would yell at me to shut up. The car stopped and he pulled me out. He took the bag off and I was at a shop. Like a mechanic shop in the back of someone's house. He then put a collar and leash on me and walked me into the shop. No idea what I was going into. I could see lights on and hear talking. When I was brought in I saw a bunch of old white guys sitting or walking around and they all looked at me. Holy shit I said. I started to count. 5, 7, 8. 12. 12 old ugly white guys staring at me. This is your present guys. Do whatever you want with this sissy slut. Time to get nasty. I was dragged to the middle of the floor where a drain was and my boss drops the leash. The guys are definitely impressed and gather around me. Grabbing my cock and ass, feeling me all over, grabbing my face and neck as they look me over. A couple shoved their tongue in my mouth and they tasted like stale old men. They started ripping my clothes off and pushed me to my knees. One guy started living my ass while they started taking their hairy fat wrinkled cocks out and about 5 or 6 of them stood around me while the others watched, I was instructed to open my mouth so they could piss. They took turns covering my face and mouth with hot, salty urine splashing everywhere. I could barely see i was so wet and next thing i know I've got a limp duck in each hand and 2 shoved in my mouth. After a few minutes of getting some cocks hard i got pulled over to a couch in the corner someone grabbed my ass and bent me over the back. He pulled the anal beads out of my ass that were inserted before my urine bath, my butthole quivered open in expectation. The first cock broke the plain and my asshole seem to just allow him in. He was so big around. I could feel his huge head slowly moving further in my ass. About that time I hear a duck yeah and his balls slap against mine and he grabs my ass cheeks hard. Then he starts pumping hard. The other guys fucked my mouth and made me choke. One guy grabbed my throat and shoved my lips down to his sweaty balls. All I could smell was cock, musty old men ass , and sweat as i barely got a breathe in between dicks. They would rotate and let me suck my ass off their cocks, I could feel my asshole gaped open when they pulled out. After a few crazy positions my Ass couldn't take anymore punishment and now it was the test of my stomach. I was laid on the couch with my head hanging off the side. I was instructed to keep my mouth open. The first guy jacked off and shot in my open mouth and the clumpy, metallic sperm coated my tongue as he moaned. He didn't even get done yet and someone else ran up and blasted a huge load right on top of his. I could feel it sitting in the back of my throat. I quickly gulped and felt it slide down slowly. Over the next 40 minutes I swallowed 10 more loads of 60 or 70 year old ball juice. It was amazing.

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