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adventure into the joys of the cock part 3
Posted:Mar 23, 2020 4:06 am
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2020 3:16 am

after the great episode in the chicken coop i thought nothing could feel better... was i wrong lol

later that night i was lying down almost asleep and in walk my teacher... he asked if i was ok and how i was feeling... i told him i was ok he had a concerned look on his face so i asked him if he was ok?

he said we cant tell anyone about what happend in school or the coop... i was like thats fine his expression changed and he smiled cause he saw i was hard again undr the sheet...He reached over and gently grabbed my cock and looked in the eye and asked if i liked what happened earlier?

i told him it was i could think about how great it felt.... he smiled and told he liked my cock and i was like really? he was like yes it's very nice and sexy looking

i pulled the sheet down and he took it off and went back rubbing my hard cock... i was moaning next i felt him start slide my underware off i instictivly lifted my hips... i heard him moan as my cock slapped my belly and he slid off my underware...

he then ran his hands slowly my leg it felt great... i felt his hand my cock slowly grab it and hear him moan what a nice cock you have....

he started stroking and i closed my eyes and was in heacvan i couldnt believe how great it felt i was breathing heavily moaning ... the next thin i new i felt him lick the pre cum off .. i opened my eyes in surprise and he smiled your taste even sweeter than i thougt

do you trust he asked and i could do was nod yes.... then i watched as he leaned down and licked my cock from balls head it was a great feeling... the next thing i saw and will never forget id him slide his mouth over my cock the feeling was beyond words as i watched my cock slowly disapear into his warm mouth i could do is moan.... my cock was the way in his mouth and i heard him moan wich made it more intense

he then started move and down like he did in the coop but with his mouth... i felt the same stirrings as earlier in the coop i was moving over and moaning then i felt my cock slip out and i hear him tell i have be more quiet i was like sorry.... he smiled and said it was ok and asked how it felt

i told him it felt better and more intense and i had the same feeling as before he smiled and told me to relax and enjoy and dont hold back

then i felt his warm mouth take my cock to the balls he put more preasure on my cock and was moving and down i was lost in excitement i felt the begining stirring andi was jerking over he wa holding down and going town my cock....

then it like a train my body went stiff for a few seconds and then my cock started twitching like mad i heard him moaning as my cock kept twitching

i was out of breath and i felt him start toslide and i jerked real hard and he released and smiled
adventure into the joys of the cock part 2
Posted:Mar 19, 2020 3:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2020 3:44 am

as time went on i was looking forward to staying after school just to see and play with his cock.... after about a month he asked if i would like to stay overnight at his place... my parents were ok with it

so we were at his place a farm... he was showing me around and we went into the chicken coop... this is when he actually touched me for the 1st time i was nervous but excited... upto this point i had not experimented with myself lol anyway he started rubbing my cock and i got hard instantly... he asked if i was ok and all i could do was shake my head yes he then undid my button and zipper and i felt his warm hand slide into my tighty whities lol i let out a moan it felt so good he just smiled and asked if i liked that and again all i could do was shake my head

he took my pants down very expertly and my cock was sticking out in all its glory and i felt his hand gently wrap around my cock and i moaned again... he said i had a very nice cock and started to slowly stroke it... i was mesmorized by the feeling of how great it felt... was the 1st time for me to jack-off or be jacked off

i was watching his hand move up and down then i started to get the feeling i had to piss real bad and i told him... he said it was normal and just relax and let it go..

so i did and pissed a long stream all over the hay it felt really good.... i heard him moan he kept stroking and i started to get another feeling deep down inside and it progressed and got more intense... my breathing was labored and he was telling me to relax and let it happen....

all of the sudden i got this intense feeling my body went all stiff and next thing i new my cock start to spasm and i watched in great fasination as a huge glob of sperm shot out of me i was shaking and he was moaning as this went on what felt like forever.... it was so intense i could barely stand and breath.... and then i started to giggle uncontrolably i had to hold on to him to stand and couldnt stop laughing for like 10 mins he was like be quiet lol

was the best experince in my life upto that point
adventure into the joys of the cock
Posted:Mar 14, 2020 3:58 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2020 3:22 am

hello all

my journey started when i was in the 6th grade... i had a teacher who was incubating eggs in his classroom... he shined a light through the egg and i could see viens and a little heart beating was very cool.... I asked how this happened... he got this wierd smile and told me the male chicken put his sperm into the female chicken....

My next question changer my life forever... i asked him what sperm was.... he had the same smile and he told me it was what the male produces to get a female pregnant.... so my next logical questin was how was it produced lol he just looked at me for a minute or 2...

he asked me if i wanted to see how that was done... i said yes he asked me like 3 or 4 times and i assured him yes.... we went over to the sink and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock (it was already hard) he explained that the sperm comes from here showing me his balls... and one has to stroke the cock like this and he slowly started stroking up and down.... i was totaly fasinated by the look of his cock.... it looked very big (was 7") i just stood there watching....

his next question solidified my journey... do you want to try ... isaid try what lol he said stroking my cock.... i was to nervous to move he took my hand and placed it on his cock and it was very warm hard and soft ... he closed my hand wich didnt fit around the whole thng.... and started stroking.... it felt realy intersting ... he took his hand off and i continued stroking.... after a few minutes he told me to grip tighter and go faster.... i felt his cock getting harder .... he got all tense and said here it comes and i was thinking what lol and next thing i new this white stuff flew out of it all over the sink it was alot he was breathing funny lol i was mesmorized by it all

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