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Being yours...
Posted:Nov 19, 2018 6:13 pm
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 7:41 am

I massage your back and shoulders, feeling the strong muscles underneath, admiring their shape. I begin planting gentle kisses down your spine. I hear a "hmmmm" escape from your lips.

You turn over, and suddenly straddling your hips. I caress your hairy check, feeling your man fur beneath my fingers. You pull me dwn to your waiting mouth, as they meet and our tongues begin a slow dance, I feel the electric sexual rush run through me. I feel your hardening cock rising between my ass cheeks. We slowly begin to grind our hips together as our kiss becomes deeper, more passionate.

Your hands up my little breasts, and I wait for the touch on my nipples that you know will drive me wild. I gasp into your mouth as your fingers brush them. Its as if you can read my mind as I think of you tweaking them, twisting gently, pulling on them, sucking them, biting them gently. As you do all those things i adore and love so much, I grind my ass harder and harder against your cock as my now stiff cock moves against your pubes, your stomach, loving the feeling of your warm skin. I your cock inside me so much...

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