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Posted:Nov 30, 2018 3:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2018 6:34 pm
This is pure fantasy, one that I have had for sometime now.

I have gone out with some friends over the course of the evening I had met a couple of guys and had run into them place to place as we were casino hopping. By the end of the night I thought it odd and had made the comment to a friend that I thought they were following us. They,had just laughed it off and so I just played it off as maybe they were right and it was just chance meetings and they,happen to be ending up at the same places. After all this wasn't Vegas and it was just a strip of course with most everything on one street. At the end of the evening I headed to my room drunk and ready to pass out I put the key card in and felt someone push me in the room. I felt arms all over pushing me and also taking cloths off as they shoved me on the bed. Soon I felt rope tying me up and a bathroom light came on and two men in masks were standing there naked. I felt my heart race and began to panic I went to call out but one came forward and shoved a ball in my mouth and strapped it around my head. The other opened the door a little and peaked out then closed it and bolted it.
I noticed them from the bars even with the masks one was black with dark skin, the other was Latino with Carmel colored skin. The Latino placed a finger in front of his mouth and said shhhhhh.... He removed the gag " were gonna have some fun." With that he played on the bed his dick half hard and from what it looked uncircumcised. " Now bitch suck my dick ." He commanded as he began stroking his dick. The other man moved the seat to watch me better I did as I was told wrapped my mouth around his dick and slowly began sucking him off. My god his dick was nice about seven inches and thick I could feel me get hard at sucking him off. The man in the chair commented " would ja look it here this freak likes it. " As I looked over and seen his dick was half hard and already looked as big as the dick I was sucking off. " My turn." He got up and they switched places " suck this big ol dick you slut." I opened up and he slid his shaft in my mouth " suck it suck it real good..." I soon felt hands around my waiste pull me to,a doggie style position. I felt my cheeks spread by a pair of hands and slap my ass repedidly " did you hear him suck that dick like you mean it." I began sucking faster know Silvia going everywhere " that's it baby nice and sloppy... let's see how much dick you can take." He grabbed my head and pushed it down I gagged as I toke almost three quarters of his dick in my mouth. " that's it... suck it..suck my fucking dick.." then I felt a nudge on my ass the other man was entering my ass pussy now. I,opened my legs farther now as he slid in balls deep. I moaned out with dick in my mouth as he began to fuck me with a very lubbed cock. He fucked me hard and fast my dick was rock hard I loved it I had never been tag teamed before let alone interracial style. I dreamed of BBC but not like this. I lifted my head now " fuck me take this ass popi" he slammed me hard now nothing but dick. I went back to giving head and moaning after some time I felt him stiffen " come on popi, cuz in my it" I began fucking back meeting his slams. Then he shoved in hard and deep and screamed out" fuckkkkkkk......" as he can in my ass. " woooo... fuck you little freak." The black guy said as he got up , the guy pulled out and collapsed in the chair. " here baby take this" he handed me a lighter and a bowl and we smoked as I felt my head rush and my dick swing. " Now get ready for some dicking" I played there as he lubbed up got behind me. I raised my ass up and he slid in as I moaned " fuck...fuck...fuckkk..." I said as I tried to wiggle of his dick. " relax now hit this.." he handed me the bowl and I did as was instructed. He slowly put his meat in me as I was distracted now. " oh fuck.. that's deep... I spread my legs as far as I could. He moved back and forth slowly now as I relaxed and was slowly sliding on his dick. " oh fuck... this is so fucking hot.... so,deep...damn..." I felt him grad my hips and pull me in and deep I moaned " that's it bitch you,like that?" I moaned yes as I grinned against his dick and went deep down. He motioned a little quicker now I moved back and forth on his dick" that's it take that dick.." I was doing all the moving and he was just holding my hips. Soon pain gave way to ecstasy. An with that I was bounckling on his dick and screaming..." fuck my ass take it... show me who's ass this is..." he pushed me d9wn and began plowing me now..." you want that?? Huh??? You want this dick bitch... " he was pumping hard and fast now fuck..." you gonna take this nut huh bitch?" He slammed into me " take it...take it..." he called out as he barebacked me soon I felt cum splash in me....
Glory holes
Posted:Nov 30, 2018 3:02 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2018 3:04 pm

Love gloryholes. Love yo see a hard dick slide through the hole and twitch, almost begging to be sucked off. I have a few story's (real) to share on this thread about gloryholes. So what are some of your stories?

Guy time
Posted:Nov 30, 2018 3:01 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2018 6:34 pm

First time, but not the last.

This happened when I in my late 20s, and is true just changed the names to protect the not so innocent. It was summer and I was celebrating my Birthday with friends, I had a house party. There was a keg, lots of booze, and yes recreational stuffs. The night was getting late most everyone had left accept for a few people that were leaving. An my friend who had past out on the couch and did I mention he was my gay friend. We had chatted in the past about some of the feelings I had but never acted on. When he was living with us ( my roommates and he had busted me a couple of times “accidentally” putting one of his gay porns in the player. Little did he know I already had watched them and jacked off to them more than one occasion. In fact I had stolen one of his movies before he moved and hidden it to watch from time to time.
I had gotten an idea I ran to the hiding place like some love smitten girl and popped in the movie. An watched half of it my dick hard, and my mouth salivating like crazy. I always wanted to see what it was like to suck a dick. I tend to try and be a pleaser when it comes to sex sometimes. I kept looking over at my friend and looking at his crotch area and wondering….. how big was it, could Actually go down on someone and if so could I do it like the people I watched in the movies. I couldn’t take it any longer curiosity, chemical influence, and being hella horny won out. I reached over and started fondling his cock though his jeans. At first nothing I was getting discouraged when I felt him move his hips then his dick started to grow harder. I got even more brazen and undid his jeans and toke out his dick it stood at attention and was precumming. Well I made it this far I thought to myself and bent closer I strolled his dick as I kept getting closer and closer soon it was right in my face thick, and stood seven inches and slightly curved upward. It felt hot to the touch I hot precum on my hand and licked it off , not bad I thought to myself. Then he moved “ what are you doing?” he asked me as he looked on the screen and then to my hand and how close I was. “ I just was well…. Curious.” I answered looking embarrassed expecting him to get all defensive and jump up and storm out. “ Really? So how curious are you?” he asked me. I bent down without word and wrapped my lips around his head and starred sucking him off “ mmmmmm…. Now that’s pretty curious.” After a few moments he got up and both of us got naked and I got down on my knees between his legs and started sucking his dick off again this time with passion. I kept sucking him more spittle building up “ hmmmm damn that feels so good.” He grabbed my head and pushed his cock deeper “ let’s see how deep …” I went all the way down before gagging then he let up. “ wow, are you sure this is your first time?” he knew it was for actually sucking on another man’s dick he knew I tried using different phallic looking items to simulate a dick. He was rock hard now “ fuck that’s good, that’s it don’t stop please don’t stop…” he said as I continued sucking his dick harder and faster now “ oh damn ….. oh damn.. God that’s it suck it suck it….. “ This soured me on I deep throated him as far as I could and kept sucking through the gagging. I felt him get even harder as his dick began to swell he was gonna fun soon I knew it. “ oh fuck gonna cum…” I don’t know what clicked in my head but I kept sucking faster now and didn’t let up. He lunged forward “ cummmming….” And shot his load in my mouth , down my throat, and it was all I could do to keep sucking as I swallowed. Knowing for some reason I was supposed to swallow his load. After I sucked him till he started getting soft. I sat next to him “ wow who would have thought…. That you could do that.” He painted then leaned back. “ shit if I’d known you could suck dick like that Is have hit on you a ling time ago.” We laid back and watched more porn as I jerked off my dick raging hard. I sucked him off again when he was raging hard he had me bend over on all fours and slid his dick in me. Oh my god it hurt, but soon turned into ecstasy….
Soon I was thrusting back against him fucking his dick as he pounded me from behind. God this felt amazing , I arched my back popping up my are more and spread my legs as far as they could go. His hands spreading my ass cheeks as far as they could go. It was nothing but hard dick pounding me now. " You like that? Want more, yeah you do don't you." He said as he pounded my ass his motion got even harder and faster now " Damn this is some hot ass, I'm gonna cum..." he yelled out " Cum in my ass, fucking cum in me." I called out as I was cumming to. He shot off in me and pulled out as fun ran down my legs he got in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth.... I sucked the fun off his shaft and we fell to the floor.
In the morning we fucked like rabbits again letting him bareback me, my are was sore and used but I liked it. He had given me the best first time experience I could ask for. We went on to having more fun as time went ....

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