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Random Shit!!!
Posted:Sep 17, 2019 12:05 am
Last Updated:May 3, 2020 2:20 am
Yes, I know it has been a while. So rather than check my last post and pick up from there, I am just going to throw a few things out there and see where it goes.

A list was recently published about the 200...yes , I know, 200 greatest gay male porn stars. And I am going to admit, it was full of surprises, at least for me.

I'm not nearly as into porn as I use to be, so I expected some names I wouldn't know, assuming any new guys I've heard of must be good for something. Diego Sans, Francois Sagat and Carter Dane were expected. But how in the hell could Cody Cummings or Griffin Barrows make the damn list and Woody Fox be left off? Also left off the list was Jason Branch...really? Luke Garrett or Gage Weston? Shane Rollins?

I was thrilled to see some of my favorites like Colton Ford, Damien Crosse, Wilifried Knight and my personal favorite, Blake Harper on the list, I don't know why I always got Zeb Atlas mixed up with Zak Spears, but they both made the list. I also use to mix up Max Grand with Tom Katt, both of whom also made the list. Both my Johnnys, Rapid and Hazzard, made it, as well as Colby Keller, Matthew Camp, Aiden Shaw, Anthony Gallo and Brent Corrigan.

Now, usually with these kind of lists, I try to pick the top five or ten. So I wasn't surprised to find Ryan Idol at number four. Or Joey Stefano at number three. But I will admit to being flabbergasted that my anticipated winner, Jeff Stryker, was number two. But I never would have come up with the actual winner, though he was a very pleasant surprise to me...Al Parker!

Now, as a lover of strippers and one hell of a drag queen, I have met several porn stars in my day. Douglas Maverick was awesome, and I'm thrilled he came back for more! Steve Kelso is a prince, and just as fine today as he was in his heyday. I was cat-fished by a guy claiming to be Vincent Greco, but became friends with his perpetrator anyway. Gage Weston is an absolute sweetheart, just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. He was probably my first actual gay crush, though he was with another porn star....story of my life, Mr. Harper! lol Colton Ford is another one, and by now, all of you know about my thing with Woody Fox. He is not only sexy as hell, and extremely talented, he also has intelligence in the packaging as well. I will continue to support my porn star friends!

Now, if you are wondering how you can get to know some of them, like me, you could do that internet thing, but there is a good chance you will be cat-fished. You could go to the raunchiest, seediest, gay bar in your area. They tend to use porn stars as special guests on the weekend or for special nights or events. The same can be said for some of the bath houses and gay resorts. But the best chance of finding them, getting to know them and getting to blow them or more, lol, is going to a male revue or stripper bar catering to men. They frequently have porn stars come in on the weekend to boost business. And of course, we all know what can happen with money and nude guys, so just make sure you leave some sort of good impression, big tip, maybe a drink and a shot, and they will find you when they get off the stage.

Now sadly, I was checking out Logo, the allegedly free gay channel, and once again, found myself greatly disappointed. Back in the day, Noah's Arc, RuPaul, Sir Ari Gold and lots of gay event videos carried the station. And like MTV in its heyday, we couldn't get enough. Now, there is an occasional gay movie, which they will play back to back, hoping to trick someone I guess. Will & Grace and Golden Girls, which I am fine with. And then...Married with ? Laverne & Shirley? Mama's Family? The Mindy Project? The Facts of Life? It's a Living?

So Logo! Listen up...again! I'm going to help you find your balls! By offering you some ideas I got from other cable network stations.

Ridickulousness~~From MTV's Riduculousness, ours is an adult video clip show hosted and ran by gay and gay friendly guys. The original, ran by Rob Dyrdek, why do I have a crush on him, Chanel West Coast and Steelo Brim, another guy I could see doing, is funny not only because of the clips, but the responses of the three stars and their special guests. Now, in my honest opinion, some of their best show have been with gay guys like Adam Rippon and Michael Carbonara. But in our version, we don't blur out the good parts or bleep out the naughty words. Actually, I want Chanel's part...all she does is try to look good and laugh, but I am quick-witted like Steelo. And since the clips are themed and come straight off the internet, this would not be an hard thing to pull off.

The San Francisco Trick~~Did anyone see Lifetime's The List? Basically, it was about this that did legal and illegal business, the employees and how they managed to do it. The lead was a single mom who tried to take the high road, despite the money, the others and the temptations. And I do mean temptation, as every week there was four or five hot guys coming in for massages. Our version could be similar with a mostly male cast, and if the doesn't thrill you, it could take place in a male stripper bar.

Nursing Homos~~Similar to Golden Girls, but with four gay men who own and live at a bed and breakfast. The out house boy they hire to handle the lawn, pool and cars. The buttler/personal ass to take care of inside and the jack off of all trades...personal trainer, masseur, etc. The banter between our characters and with the special guests each week would be the source of laughs and shit we will be talking about all week.

A Couple of Guys~~ I've actually been working on this one for years. It's about a gay couple who move into an area that isn't use to and may not be ready for them yet. Each one has one co-worker who is aware of the situation, and the neighbors slowly become aware and try to adjust. This could be more like a dramedy.

I could also see Oz: Revisited, though I'm not big on them toning down the language and nudity and violence. But I could see a new generation of Schillingers, O'Rileys and Hills coming in to find out what happened to their ancestors who were there before them. I never did get to see Terry Kinney, Mcmanus, naked either. lol And we could add some Schibettas, Adebisies, Siads and Alvarezes, maybe even a Beecher and another killer Keller to the scene.

And Wolf: A New Generation~~Based more off of MTV's television series than the movies that inspired it, we could get us a new batch of werewolves, banshees and other mythical and mysterious creatures, as well as a new pack to fight them. Would love to see Tyler Posey back as a mentor to the new group defending Beacon Hills, and Danny return as the only human who knows how to interact with these monsters and beasts, and the occasional returns of Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes and Charlie and Max Carver would just generate more heat for the revived show.

This would also give us a chance to see some of our favorites back on television, like Rupert Everett, Matt Dallas...bring that adorable husband with you too, Justin Bartha, Jesse Bradford and more.

Now, back in the day, the only fitness guru I knew was Richard Simmons. And I can honestly say, I was up with him until 9 am working out. But now, we have the likes of Shaun T, creator of Insanity and several other exercise routines, including Hip Hop Abs, which I actually use. Now, not offense to Richard, but Shaun T is fine, and then I learned he was gay! Eventually I would come across Bob Harper, from The Biggest Loser. Now, I'm not sure how in the hell I missed all of the tattoos, but I did. And I thought he was fine, and then learned he was gay! And now there is the ultimate in fine, such a sweetheart and a cutie patootie, by the name of Chris Powell. And so of course, I keep waiting for the inevitable. But it isn't happening! He use to be fat. He use to be homeless and lived out of his car. Perhaps that's how he lost the weight. Just kidding. But my luck isn't extending to him I guess, Married with four , two of his own, I guess I will just have to get use to losing water weight drooling over the one I can never have.

And I want to say Happy Birthday to both Nick Jonas and the sexiest politician on the planet, Brian Sims! Other Happy Birthday Hunks this month include Chris Evan's gay brother, Scott, on the 21st, Scott Baio on the 22nd. Ryan Paevey on the 24th, Will Smith on the 25th and Aaron Milo on the 28th.

Glad to be back gentlemen and I will see you again soon!
Pride, What To Watch & Gay Porn Stars!!!
Posted:May 23, 2019 2:33 am
Last Updated:Oct 13, 2019 11:09 am
It seems like it has been a while since I wrote here. I was at the Flamingo Resort in Saint Petersburg, Florida for a week. Before that, I was performing my one-both sex show in Waukegan for a week and at the Illinois border near Saint Louis two weeks so I have stayed busy, and surprisingly out of trouble!

Let's first talk about the Jussie Smollett thing, for the last time hopefully! I'm not happy with where things sit right now. Last I heard, they dropped the charges, but wanted him to pay for all the trouble, to the tune of about $160,000! Which he hasn't paid, and if he is truly innocent, I could even understand that move. However, there is something missing, or that hasn't come out yet. If he is really guilty or truly innocent, yes, of course. But I would also be interested in learning why they truly dropped the case. I was nearly convinced he was guilty, until they dropped the case. I feel like if I knew that, I could settle this matter in my head at least and move on one way or the other.

As a gay, black, male entertainer, I took this matter personally, perhaps a little too close to home. Especially because I liked him and thought he was a good guy, in a similar road to travel as I. With Chicago dropping the ball as they did, there might be one other way to get some closure out of this for me.

Lee Daniels, the captain of the Empire ship, is also a gay, black man. And aside from that whole, Monique versus Oprah thing, seems to be a man of integrity and respect. Empire is now rolling into its last season, and Jussie had been written out. Since Jussie has been "cleared," some of the cast wrote, asking that he be brought back. There is a part of me that believes that lee may have info, or access to information I don't have yet. But if he is truly a man of integrity, the kind of gay, black man I hope him to be, maybe what Lee does with Jussie will settle things one way or the other for me.

Pride is coming up , and we are already making plans and doing research. I'm hoping that Sir Ari Gold is well enough to be out of the hospital, and may be even able to perform. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Colton Ford somewhere. And I'm looking to see if Martha Wash or Ce Ce Peniston might be doing there thing somewhere. And if I accidentally see Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle or Cyndi Lauper somewhere, great. I would travel to see Tina Turner right now! And even I am planning to hit the road, Saint Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati and St. Pete. The question is...will I be working the stage or working the crowd?

I'm also taking great pride in the fact that we have two gay guys running for President. Now, I'm going to say it! The American people fucked up, and you have had four years to see how badly you did it! I have convinced myself now that any famous person with a reasonable amount of intelligence, people skills and clout could win this baby! I know Oprah didn't want it, I think Michelle Obama needed and wanted a break and I don't know why Bill can't run again, or why Hillary can't seem to win one! Now, I'm sure by now we all know who that Pete guy from Indiana is, But you don't here much about the other gay guy, actor and model Ronnie Kroell. Now he will have my vote until he either wins or drops out, and this is probably the biggest reason why!

So what are we watching on television? I don't remember the name of it, but did you see the show with Dylan O'Brien and Ed O'Neil as gay lovers? Is anybody else surprised that Silky Nutmeg Ganache is still on Drag Race? That bitch pisses me off so badly, I've switched to ginger, cinnamon, clove and allspice! Her personality worked my nerves early on, then she starts showboating, and now the bitch can't make a decent outfit or properly pad herself? Come on now! Vanjie had impressed me this time around, and even though it did look like she may have emptied her bag of tricks, Ru made a bad choice, sending Vanjie home and keeping Ganauseating!

With all the great movies coming out, I hope we are all going out to see Rocketman. With apparently a great gay sex scene between Richard Madden, who is spending a lot of time with Brandon Flynn lately, and Taron Egerton, and the lovely Jamie Bell, could be interesting. And did you hear about the new show on the CW, Batwoman? Apparently, she is a lesbian superhero. And did you hear about Pornhub, possibly buying Tumblr and returning it to its former glory?

So the first season of Now Apocalypse is over. Were you watching it? Did you see the parade of hot men that came and went on that show? I will admit, I think Avan Jogia has a great face, but my big-boned ass would break him! And as you all know, I was all about Tyler Posey, but I only saw him in two episodes and his tattoos are turning me off. But the beautiful Beau Mirchoff, my, my my! He is the show for me! But if you look hard enough, you can find the goodies that aren't being displayed on Stars.

And I believe we are about at the halfway point of the new season of The Haves and The Have Nots. Now one day, I'm going to post ten pictures and call it the top ten reasons to watch the show. Despite several interesting storylines, and a few moments of brilliance with the writing, something is off with the writing as well. Segments of the show seem to drag on because the repeat the same things two to four times. Even the action and drama seems slow, but intense. Now even though my post will be ten of the guys who are on the show, we are only dealing with the four gay characters right now. They have manage to drag that triangle out a little bit longer with Justin, Jeffery and Madison. And Landon has been temporarily reduced to the president's girlfriend's gay best friend, though he has a crush on the president, even offering him a blow job in a not-so-subtle manner.

And damn, looks like the life of gay porn stars should be a primetime soap opera these days. Well, it looks like they are getting ready to begin the photo shoot for Red Hot 2020 in June. It is essentially a calendar of red heads and gingers. I am sad to report that we recently lost 29 year old gay porn actor Casey Jacks to suicide. So again I say one person has to save the world! If we all will just be there and look out for and after only those we truly care about, everyone saving their own little spot in the world should get the job done. So again, check on your loved ones! Make sure that they are okay, and that they know they can come to you if they need to, for anything,

On to happier news, porn stars Adam Champ and Carlo Masi recently celebrated their anniversary. I believe it was their first or second. I do remember they got married twelve years after doing their first porn scene together. Now so I can end this on a good note, let me get the horrible news out now. Gay-for-pay porn actor, Sebastian Young, pleaded no contest to porn charges. Allegedly, the victim was his own five-year old , who he engaged in sexual activity with, taped and gave an STD. I feel the need to say that this picture is not him!

And finally, the Grabby awards are coming up, the weekend before Memorial Day. But there is still time for you to vote. This is not the same vote that you find on Squirt. As far as I know, the Sword is the route to take if you want to vote for your favorite top, bottom, scene, cock, ass, so on and so forth! So I'm going to take some time to speak on just a few, and let me just say that believe it or not, I do not watch a lot of porn.

I do not know what it is about William Seed, but he is almost as bad as Silky Ganache to me. He isn't ugly, there is just something about him that turn me off almost to the point of gross. Now I think Griffin Barrows is a gorgeous man, especially when he lets himself get a little bit hairy. But I hate it when he plays with someone else. Saw a solo of him in the shower...beautiful! Seen several scene with him and others, and I am always disappointed. I've narrows down to a few things, but I hope he goes solo. I also hear that my current favorite, Woody Fox, may be taking a break again, so sad! I guess I will have to move to my other one, Diego Sans.
Bad News, Strange Celebrity Crush & Luck of the Irish Risque!!!
Posted:Mar 16, 2019 9:58 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 8:35 am
Let me first thank all of my readers, and for the responses I got to my last post. I guess dark meat still gets attention, even if it isn't all BBC! Speaking of my last post, that black guy I could not come up with...his name is Matthew St. Patrick. Funny, I should come up with it the day before the holiday. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Now, here is your picture.

How many of you have a crush on a celebrity that you just can't explain? Maybe he is not your type, or isn't the hot, manly Adonis that most would go for. Perhaps you are into a character he played, or through interviews have found their inner beauty? Hell, with social media, perhaps you even feel like you know him a little bit?

We may have talked about my thing for Jason Lee. For a long time, the star of "My Name Is Earl" had my undivided attention, and some may think it is sad of me to say, but he has never looked better than he did back then. Still, I followed him to his show on TNT, Memphis Beat, Memphis Blues, something like that. I even sat through all of the Alvin in the Chipmunk movies because of him. Or my obsession with Clark Gregg. From the Marvel Universe to One Hour Photo to The New Adventures of Old Christine, this man can do little wrong with me. There is something about his face, his ass and his chest that drives me crazy.

Well, my newest one baffles me as well. I guess I'm getting a little better with my selections though, as he has done drag, is actually gay, and is in an open relationship. He was definitely hotter when he was younger, and for a while, along while, I thought it was the character he played. But I figured it out when I saw him in a rather odd place. Turns out, he is not as uptight as I had hoped he would be, so he could actually be fun. It is actually his face, adorable, and lovable, and his eyes in particular that won't let me go. His eyes are so expressive, they seem to dance and gleam when he is happy, and soft, sad and needing affection when he is not. Thank you very much Guillermo Dias, for reminding me that even though I've seen you naked, the face, eyes and smile of a man is still the most attractive physical trait on a man! Much love always, and feel free to come and see me if you're ever in my neck of the woods!

In the way of bad news, there was quite a bit of it lately, and most of it involves my brothers. R. Kelly was behind bars after all these reports of him abusing and misusing some females, some if not most were . Honestly, once again, I find myself playing the devil's advocate. Yes, he definitely has a thing for the young ladies, but we all knew that! Remember, Aaliyah. But I'm feel like some of the women know what they are doing when they go there...trying to cash in, either by getting pregnant by him, maybe hoping for marriage/divorce, some sort of settlement or being taken care of by him while they are there. I think some of them might actually be into him. But the bulk of the complaints are coming from outside, from the parents and family members of the girls in his home. So, I'm not saying he is innocent, but I don't think he is as guilty as they would like us to believe.

I wish I could say the same thing for Jussie Smollett. The more I hear about this situation, the harder I find it to try and wait for all the evidence to come out. I had his back at the start of this thing, but I'm finding myself below his ass at this point, and as you know, most of the best parts are away from me now. And my boy, Pooch Hall. Looks like he may be headed for some jail time too.

I was majorly saddened by the news that Alex Trebec is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer. As Jeopardy has been my favorite television game show since the Weakest Link got cancelled. I truly hope he can win his losing battle. Thoughts and prayers! And I was absolutely brokenhearted when I learned of Luke Perry's death. I've had a major crush on him since 90210, and unlike most of the people I know, I thought he got hotter with age. He had one of my favorite episodes of both Criminal Minds and Law & Order:SVU. I liked him in Riverdale, and even sat through Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, the movie, for him...and only him! But my crush turned to lust and love when he played Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier in Oz! I knew he had a colon cancer scare some years back, and he appeared thinner and more frail to me. And I wonder if his weakened body might have contributed to his stroke, which led to his death six days later. Talk about gone far too soon. I will miss you Luke!

And of course, with Saint Patrick's Day being tomorrow, I can not let this one out without a few Irish men I would love to get lucky with.

Colin Farrell has probably been on my radar the longest. I've always that he was hot, and on top of that, he was my favorite kind of Irish lad...drinker with no filter, fun-loving. I just knew he was a good time boy! Then came that video, and I guess some were disappointed. But I was tickled pink....He's into dark meat! And I enjoyed him in Daredevil. I liked him in Phone Booth. I watched him in S.W.A.T. But when he played Bobby in A Home At The End Of The World, he created a character I came to love, and became a template for what my next man has got to be!

My newest Irish crush is Michael Fassbender, which I find really strange because he really hits and misses with me in appearance. When he is hot to me, he is freaking hot. But most of the time, he is not. I did like him as Magneto, but I prefer the original, Jackman, Berry and Paquin to the reboot. There are times when he looks more ginger than others, and I do love my spices. There are times when he is more hairy than others, and I do love the body hair. And he is actually a talented actor and a funny man. But it was Shame, that forever placed him in the back of my mind, making him a fixture on a long, lonely night!

The rest of this is just pictures of Irish men. Because not only are they fun-loving, drinking party guys, they don't seem to be shy either.

As happy as I was with Michael Fassbender, I was shockingly impressed by Liam Neeson. I had heard stories, but his is up there with the Loch Ness Monster.

Cillian Murphy and jonathan Rhys Meyers are two of the younger set that have made quite a name for themselves.

Colin O'Donaghue and Stuart Townsend are both sexy ass men I would enjoy spending time with, on my television screen or in my wet dreams.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and may you all find a hot ginger, a sexy Irishman or a hunky Patrick to spend some time with on this special day!
Hot Black Actors~ A Tribute to Black History Month!!!
Posted:Mar 1, 2019 3:06 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 7:33 pm
Let me start with a few television shows before I get to the heart of this post!

Now Apocalypse, yes, that one again. I started off all over it because of the potential romance between the lead, Ulysses, played by Avan Jogia and the first gay role of my once obsession, Tyler Posey. Without saying too much to ruin it for the rest of you guys, I came across a few developments, and in my last post, I basically said that I thought I would have to struggle through it to get to what I was after. Well, yesterday, I came across a new piece of information, and I'm almost back on board. This one involves another hot guy with nude pictures out, and I am gagging to see what the heel is going on over there now.

And on The Haves And The Have Nots, also in my last post, I basically gave you the details of the two gay storylines currently running on the show, and the story behind the scenes that was affecting the storyline. Well, it looks like I am getting my wish, and the gay love triangle seems to be coming to an end, and the way I really wanted to go. The thing is, I actually like the guy, the character who will be losing in the end. I just didn't think he needed to fuck with my favorite couple. So Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and the powers-that-be over there at OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, I have a suggestion. Rather than write anyone out of the show just yet, would you consider putting the two gay guys losing at the game of love together. Madison and Langdon may be a boring, normal couple, but there are gay couplings that don't have the drama that couples like Jeffery and Justin have. Just a thought, and a damn good one, I might add!

One last thing before I actually get to the heart of my post. I said this in my last post as well. I am really trying to give Jussie Smollett the benefit of the doubt, trying not to join the brigade of supporters or haters until all the facts are in. For those not in the know, Jussie is an openly gay actor, currently playing Jamal in the hit FOX program, Empire, who allegedly was attacked in Chicago in a supposed racial and homophobic hate crime. Empire was created by Lee Daniels, an openly gay producer/director in Hollywood who also happens to be black. So as new details start to come in (the check he allegedly wrote to pay for the attack, the note he received before the attack, etc.) and now being removed from the current season of the show, I'm finding it harder and harder to believe this man. But being in his shoes as an openly gay, African-American entertainer, I'm still trying and willing to wait and hope he hasn't done us a huge disservice. But I will also admit, I have my Vaseline and stilettos ready to shine with his ass!

Now you will notice that I left a great deal of guys out of this post. Two time Oscar winner Denzel Washington, the talented Mr. Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Danny Glover, Sidney Poitier, who just turned 92 earlier this month, the incredible Billy Dee Williams, Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr, Mario Van Pebbles, Kristoff St. John, who passed away earlier this year, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Michael Beach, Richard Pryor, Nipsey Russell, Clifton Davis, so on and so forth. Okay, maybe I didn't leave them off, so much as I just mentioned them.

I was motivated to move towards a few guys I thought might be visually appealing for pictures sake. Let's start with a couple of guys I have a long history with.

I tolerated the Fresh Prince as a rapper, basically because at a time when was focused on so many negative messages, he, LL Cool Jay and Heavy D seems to keep theirs light, happy and fun. The Fresh Prince might have made my top ten rappers list, Heavy D, Big Daddy Kane and Kool Moe Dee would have been my top three with the others occasionally getting something on my play list.

When he turned his attention to acting, it was not real surprise, as it seem to be a natural extension of his video career. His television was more cute than funny, but not unbearable. I can't say I was a regular viewer, but I didn't necessarily turn it if it came on. Then, I thought he had great face, but was entirely too damn skinny for my taste.

When he took on the role in Six Degrees of Separation, and then ordered a rewrite to clean up the gay parts so he wouldn't be stereotyped as gay, he really pissed me off! And trust me bitches, I can hold a grudge. Ask Cracker Barrel and Chick-fil-a, and you know when a black man boycotts a fried chicken joint, he means business! So Mr. Will Smith wasn't getting any more of my hard earned music, no television, no movies with him attached to them. And for a long time, there was none of this diva's funding going into his pockets.

Sadly, like most of us, i can be a shallow bitch, and when a certain movie came out, and I was forced to watch it, there were some scenes of Will Smith, that I simply had to rewind. The movie was "I,Robot" and between the shower scene and the scenes you will see a still from, I decided that Will had finally developed into a damn fine looking man. So although I'm still not willing to spend money on him yet, if someone is going to make me look at him for free, i won't have too much of an issue with it! lol

Unlike the man who was the finest black man on the planet to me for over a decade.

The first time I saw Shemar Moore, he was on The Young and the Restless, and that mother fucker was FINE! Up until then, I was strictly an ABC soap fan, Ryan's Hope, All My , One Life To Live and General Hospital. Such a fan was I that I was taking three hours lunches from work, so i wouldn't miss anything on my soaps, and Shemar was guaranteed to get my pantyhose moist and my drool cup out before I went back in to work. I actually cried when he left the show.

He would turn up on one of my favorite shows, Criminal Minds, and honestly, he may have been the only reason I watched the show for years Until I actually got into a few other characters and the dynamics of the group as a whole, a family on the show. During this time I saw him do a Tyler Perry movie, which actually made me want him more. And when CBS gave him his own show, which only allows for occasional appearances on Criminal Minds, I cried again. And actually have been quite as crazy about the show every since.

But there is good news, he has a heavy presence on social media, and over the years, I feel like I know him a little bit. We both love to drink and enjoy good music and dancing. And those of you who saw that picture of him at the gay beach, he is not gay. In fact, he is actually too straight for me! And between that and the increased appearance of body art on him, over time, my crush has subsided into a mere like and appreciation for the man. Still a wonderful and fun guy, but today, I prefer him with his clothes on. But back in the day, hey hey hey!

And is it just me, or does even the internet think we all look alike?

There was a time when I had a huge thing for Richard T Jones, the black governor in the rebooted version of the television show, Hawaii 5-0. He was also the black male antagonist in the Terry Perry's Why Did I Get Married series. So among the pictures I found were some of him in "The Wood" with Taye Diggs. Now, Taye would be the guy Grace married for Will in "Will & Grace." He would also be the reason Stella Got Her Groove Back! And baby, who could blame her?

Now there were some I completely forgot about. Peter Parros, Greg and Phillip Morris, and several others. And decided to look for some current pictures of them, to see how they were aging, and if they had pictures worthy of being in this post. Well, here's the thing.

Light-skinned like Gary Dourdan and Michael Ealy are commonly linked as one another. Bald black guys with goatees like Boris Kodjoe and Jesse Williams are mistaken for one another, and a shave and a haircut is just so temporary. David Haye and Jensen Atwood were mixed together, probably because they both are black and wear their hair in braids. And so it became difficult to find actual pictures of guys who really were who you wanted them to be

I'm going to hate myself because I'm thinking of a sexy black man with the rare, hairy chest, but can't come up with his name. Richard Lawson was in Dynasty. Michael Beach I had a crush on for the longest time. Can somebody help me out? He was a black cop in All My who somehow strangely found himself being Tad Martin's brother. He also played a football player with a gambling problem on Law & Order:SVU. And he was the darker half of the interracial gay couple on Six Feet Under. What was his name? His character's name was Adrian Sword on All My .

And I knew most of you would be looking or hoping for some BBC. That's big black cock for the sexually impaired. And yes, I went looking. Several of the rappers do need to be careful about how they drop that microphone. There was a certain football player who has to prefer wide receivers to tight ends. But there were also a few that were a bit disappointing. Especially one that I hope was part of the Polar Bear Club in the middle of a blizzard. I actually thought about posting just a dick pic to see if anyone could guess who it belong to. This is what you get instead.

There are a few more guys I want to call out, because they did something or created a character that has come to mean a great deal to me. Eamonn Walker, Ernie Hudson and the guy who played Adibesi on one of the greatest shows ever, Oz! Remind me to pay homage to the show at some point! Rockmond Dunbar, for portraying the guy in the scene I've replayed a thousand times and laughed my ass off. Hint..."Cause he's my man, Chris!" lol And Michael K. Williams, who played the greatest gay badass in the history of television, Omar in the Wire! That character did more for me than you will ever know.

A few more great black actors have come to mind. Charles S Dutton, what an amazing body or work you have! Andre Braugher, a huge talent who continues to amaze and surprise me. Blair Underwood, as my mother use to say,"That is one fine piece of chocolate!" Or Lamman Rucker, who as she would say, :That is one fine piece of furniture...for my bedroom!"

The multi-talented Wayne Brady. The gorgeous Lance Gross, who is probably now my newest obsession. And there is another bald, older black guy who keeps popping in my head. He played the cop turned educator who adopted one of the "bad boys" in the fourth season of "The Wire." I think we was in Oz too, Does Robert Wisdom ring a bell? I think that's him. Now if I can remember that other one.

I was about to wrap this up with a couple of openly gay African-American actors when I remembered the incredibly sexy Pooch Hall.

Despite what Jussie Smollett may or may not have done, there are still some brave, out, African-American male entertainers representing and looking damn good doing it. guys like Daryl Stephens and Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman.

And if you think this collection of pictures was a great way to celebrate Black History Month, imagine what the hell I'm doing with the rest of them! Lol

See you next month!!!
Gay Love & Romance, Hollywood Style!!!
Posted:Feb 14, 2019 11:40 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2019 12:58 am
Hello everyone! Surely you didn't think the day of love and romance would go by without hearing from the true African Queen of Hearts! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I think I want to start though with some words to Jussie Smollett! As you surely have heard by now, Jussie, from the show,"Empire" was brutally attacked in Chicago recently. And since a noose may have been involved, and both the "n" word and the "f" word were used during the attack, it should be considered a hate crime! Now, one of those few black people who has missed a lot of the racism experiences, and unless you count one's preference for meat isn't dark, don't feel I've been discriminated against much for being either gay or black. a fuller figure bitch though and pretty tall, so I wouldn't be the first black homosexual you'd negatively. But like Jussie, I am a multi-talented, openly gay African-American just trying to do his thing and live his life on his own terms. I know you are moving beyond ass of this now, and getting back to your life, but I do want you to know, one proud African Queen to another, I've got your back, and not only are you in my thoughts and prayers, but so is this sad ass country and this crazy ass world!!!

Now, I just went back through all my posts and realized with the exception of the Black Divas post, I have some incredible looking men on here. Most of them are gay, but nearly all of them are attractive. Apparently, I've done some pushing, and promoting, and hopefully made you aware of some you may not have noticed before checking me out. And if you are actually reading, and not just stuck on the photos, some names have quite a bit. Sir Ari Gold, my favorite gay musical performers outside of George Michael. Darren Criss, the singer and award winning actor whose talents could be making him the next big thing! But most of you would single out Tyler Posey as the guy I seem to be the most focused on, based on this blo Well, here is some news!

I was pushing for everyone to check out "Now Apocolypse," the new show has him in his first gay scene as a possible love interest for Ulyssess, played by Avan Jogia. Well, the more I learn about the show itself, the less I think going to like it. So going to try and stick it out, least until the big scene. But I will not be pushing it like I had been.

Now I could have gone a lot of different ways with this post. I could have went with some real Hollywood gay couples, like Simon Halls & Matt Bomer, or Lance Bass & Michael Turchin, or Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka, or my personal favorite, Blue Hamilton & Matt Dallas. I gave some serious consideration to doing some gay romantic comedies and love stories, and may do in the future. Epics like Brokeback Mountain and By Your Name, as well little known independents like Ciao, The Trip, All Over The Guy and Culture. But I decided to do just a few gay characters from television, in hopes the pictures or a brief synopsis of their life, might get some of you to go back and check out their journeys for yourself!

going to start with The Walking Dead, because I am still pretty pissed, and with key and favorite characters exiting the show, even I can't promise to hang with it much longer! Don't worry, Chris Hardwick. I will still be looking for your pretty ass on the Talking Dead!

Now for nine seasons, Daryl has not had a love interest. It looked like he might get one a couple of times, but not yet. And there was talk might be because he was gay, and the actor, Norman Reedus, didn't have a problem playing it way. Well, soon we across Aaron, played by the lovely Ross Marchand. He's gay, but not single. Eventually, his husband dies, and ...all right! Here we go! Well, not quite. Enters Jesus, played by the beautiful and talented Tom Payne, and it was a complete surprise to to learn he was gay as well. A gay love triangle? Well, not exactly. A six year jump in time is implemented to allow for the lead character's departure. During this jump, you get the feeling Daryl still hasn't had no loving, but it is possible Aaron and Jesus may have gotten close. Of course, we don't get to see any of , if it even happened. What do we get? The three of them fighting off an attack, and one of them doesn't make it! No love triangle. No kisses. And Daryl is still either a monk or a virgin. Though something interesting has developed and I think, we have one hell of a unexpected twist or tryst coming !

Now perhaps it is just , but in real life, it seems to when a comes out to a disapproving family, the usual recourse is either some sort of conversion attempt or them out. The total concept of actually leaving your on the side of the road is just unimaginable to . But we actually got to see it played out on Desperate Housewives, when Bree Van de Kamp, played by Marcia Cross, leaves her gay , Andrew, by the side of the road, with clothes and some of course. And even though she may have felt justified, (he did set it so she would walk in while he was in bed with her boyfriend the time.) it was still a heart-breaking scene to actually have to sit through. But apparently, a similar fate fell upon Will Lexington. On Nashville, Will, played by the awesome Chris Carmack, is caught playing with a "friend," and his dad drops him off by the side of a road. You don't actually get to see part, but you get to see his journey, including his struggle for self-acceptance, a suicide attempt, a bad move towards his best friend, coming out as an -and-coming country singer, eventually finding love and fucking it ...twice...with the same guy, and more. It is a powerful storyline, and Kyle Dean Massey is wonderful in his role. I haven't had to sit through much country music, since I stopped working the gay bar, but it was well worth it!

Now, in the last post, I talked about Kristian Kordula, who plays Langdon on the Haves and The Have Nots. He was the secretly gay right hand man to the guy who would be president. Well, let's just say his attraction to the president came out in an interesting manner, and now there seem to be a weird dynamic building between the two. But let's go to may favorite gay storyline on the show.

Poor tortured love of sorts with his best friend, drug addict, Wyatt, played by the gorgeous Aaron O'Donnell. Forever emasculated, belittled and devastated by his mother, Veronica, who make Alexis Colby seem like bunny rabbit in terms of bitches. This one truly has no heart. Dad id recovering from burns he sustained in an explosion, paid for guessed it, Veronica! And if all of this wasn't bad enough...

Meet Justin, played by the dreamy Nicholas Muscurella. He's a cop, or was who seems to get his jollies from molesting criminals he catches. I think Jeffery was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication...something on the softer end of crimes, and Justin did his thing to Jeffery. Well, it becomes a regular thing, and I think they might actually love one another. Justin has made his feelings known, especially after being outed guessed it, Veronica, costing his his wife and . But Justin is a bit of a sexy bad , so times his love can across as crazy or obsessive.

A little extra info might help here. Nicholas is actually dating on of the other bitches in the show, and when she got pregnant. There was talk of her leaving the show for maternity purposes, and it looked like they were trying to let go too. Now everything is fine, baby's fine, mom is fine and back work, and it is starting to look like may be on the show a little while longer as well.

Now meet Madison. Jeffery and Madison actually went to school together, and although there were apparently attracted to each other, neither of them were out at the time, so nothing happened. Madison is a nurse working on Jeff's dad after the explosion, and remembers Jeffery immediately. But Madison has made some physical upgrades made it difficult for Jeffery to remember hi So now they are seeing each other, knowing Justin still longs for his man. This could be one of the most interesting gay love triangles on television, but Madison is a goody-two-shoes, so Jeffery just has to decide between good and evil, bad or goody-two-shoes, crazy, intense and interesting or sweet, kind and closet freak.

And by the way fellas, this one, Brock Yurick, is gay in real life!

Everyone knows my favorite gay couple on television was Jude and Zero from the show, The Floor. Another good -bad couple, played wonderfully by Adam Senn and Brent Antonello. Not only were both of these guys easy on the eyes, they had a magical chemistry just made them cute and an absolute joy to watch. If you are interested, and you ought to be, here are five scenes to check out...the closet sex scene(classic and steamy), their first kiss, their first "I love yous", the bubble bath scene, and Zero's coming out scene...he's an all-star basketball player! I will be watching this couple for , even though the show is now cancelled.

I suspect most everyone else will pick Connor and Oliver from How To Get Away With Murder, and in fairness, it is a wonderful, beautiful story. still calling this one a good -bad story as well, but the way they seem to have adopted traits from one another is very interestin Oliver use to be a goody-two-shoes but has become a bit shady over time. And Connor, who started off as an uncaring, selfish, self-centered pricks has softened over time. Their issues and dilemmas aren't quite as rushed through or over like the other shows, and I still find myself fascinated by the whole guy with a not so guy concept. Hell, I keep hoping it will happen to !lol

Now, guessing most of you avoid a certain type of television show. So to test my theory, going to state a gay couple from a show and a few things would be memorable, if you had watched it. Your job would be to tell me the name of the show the gay storyline came fro

Kevin & Scotty-Kevin, a wealthy guy comes across Scotty, a weird, strange and attractive poor guy. Another good -bad story, it is a real shock when the good guy cheats on the bad guy. But they overcome their issues, get married, and if my memory serves me correctly, an uncle comes out later during the show's run.

Nolan & Patrick- Nolan, a young, strange, rich and shady guy.meets his best friend's nemesis's , Patrick, and what starts as a plot to get information for their side in the war becomes a complicated love affair. Nolan, who is actually bisexual leaning towards the men, regularly screws , helping his friend more than trying to make a real go of a relationship with Patrick, and eventually Patrick gives and moves away.

Paul & Jacob- They shared a drunken night back in college, which one put on the back burner and the other one fell in love. later, they become part of a fiendish plot, and with the help of a catalyst or two, they rekindle their relationship. Sadly, they get caught in the plot and when one gets brutally injured, he ask the other one to kill him, rather than go to jail or prison and have his folks find out what he's done.

And as far as I am concerned, one of the hottest shows ever to grace the small screen was MTV's " Wolf." Though just cute, quirky, smart, sentimental and funny on the show, Dylan O'Brien had appeal even then. Of course, Tyler Posey, and the start of obsession. One of the ten sexiest men on the planet, Tyler Hoechlin played Derek Hale, and I've never wanted to be bitten or eaten so much! And Ryan Kelley. And Daniel Sharman. And Colton Haynes! And Cody Christian. And honestly, I may have gotten through half the list there without lookin But when two of those bastards together, my word it is getting in here. So leaving you with Ethan and Danny! And hoping each of you find sex, love AND romance today!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
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A Dare for March, Award Season & More...
Posted:Jan 28, 2019 2:02 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 8:35 am
Howdy folks, and thank you for the wonderful response to my last post. I don't know if it is the pictures or not, but there does seem to be at least some interest in gay pop culture!

Another thing before I actually began. I told you I wanted to elevate the profiles of the guys in my last post, hoping for a break out year for some of them. Well, one of them, Christopher Salvatore, actually reached out to me on another site. Yes, I would definitely do him now! Anyway, it would appear that he is already getting some attention. The Eating Out actor now has his own line of underwear out, and I am now hoping to get a worn and autographed pair from the man himself! Thank you so much, Chris!

And while we are recycling from the last post, you may remember me talking about Matthew Montegomery and Steve Callahan, the gay power couple in the gay themed, independent movie arena? Well, it seems they have another project coming out this year. But this time, they will be behind the cameras. Steve is producing and Matthew is directing "Devil's Path." But from what I can make of it, and the trailer I saw, it looks like it could be a gay "Deliverance," with better looking bad boys! I will definitely be checking it out, and I hope you will too!

Since he has somewhat removed himself from major limelight, gay artist Thom Bierdz has been enjoying the secluded life away from the spotlight, but this man is fascinating enough to make 2019 another banner year for him. And I do not know how I am doing it, but he reached out to me on another site as well.

Back in the 80's, Thom played my favorite male character in soaps at the time, Phillip Chancellor the 3rd in The Young and the Restless. Now, probably going to get the order wrong here, but I think he left the show, to write "Forgiving Troy" an autobiographical story about coming to terms with his mother's death at the hands of his brother. Eventually, he was brought back to the show, ( they can do that in soaps, you know), and if my memory serves me correctly, the character had faked his own death to come out as gay. Made me love the guy even more! But then he disappeared...and has yet to be seen in the soap world again. Meanwhile, Thom pursues his true I've seen some of watercolors, sculptures and photos. Then he released another book, a book of his sexual conquests, including Hollywood players, and may have even mentioned a name or two. I wrote a review somewhere and that's when we became acquainted. Now he has a book of nudes coming out, including himself, and I will be all over it! Just to see if there are any Hollywood elite, before they became famous, and more pictures of him. That bitch will have a permanent spot on my coffee table, right next to Madonna's "Sex" and "Men before 10 A.M."

Shall we talk about the awards season for a bit? Why are you all ruining the Super Bowl with this Colin Kaepernick shit? I will admit, most , only interested in the commercials and the halftime show! But as I got it, the NFL felt it needed to be more sensitive to African-Americans this year. Don't get me wrong. thrilled that Gladys Knight will get a turn at the national anthem.And was happy that Adam Levine & Maroon 5 were doing the halftime show...until! I learned that Travis Scott and Big Boi were added to the roster, again for African-American sensitivities. I may tolerate this shit for the sake of the commercials, but much like Trump, going to bitch until the cows come home!
Oh, and before I forget! Congratulations to another black diva who seems to be enjoying a slight resurgence in her career. Diana Ross will be in the New Orlean Jazz and Heritage Festival, filling in the gap left by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

On to the awards, and it looks like it is going to be a banner year for Rami Malek, who has already picked up a Golden Globe, and is now nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody." And I am still quite pissed that Luke Evans has been overlooked for his work in "The Alienist." Openly gay actor Ben Whishaw picked up yet another award, this time a Golden Globe, for his work in "A Very English Scandal." And of course, Darren Criss collected both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for best actor in a limited run series for playing Andrew Cunanan in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Now, one of those people who do feel like, if an actor plays too many gay roles, they may be trying to tell us something. And when they look like Darren, going to do some research and try to pin it down, in case I get lucky enough to hear from them, as has been my luck so far! Now, I fell in love with Darren as Blaine, the hot half of the gay couple on Glee, and basically followed him over to ACS, where he played yet another gay character...fabulously I might add! And although I really wanted to make his bisexual, between him being engaged to a lady, and in an interview, he said he was taking a break from gay roles, as to not get pigeon-holed or stereotyped, I sadly have to resign myself to the fact he is just a sexy, talented, fabulously cool straight man.

But could that be the case for Kristian Kordula?

If I be honest, I first became aware of him on Tyler Perry's, "The Haves & The Have Nots," on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. There, he plays Langdon, the personal assistant to the man who would eventually become president. not going to say he is out, because he is in love with the president...Yes, another clueless president!...but hasn't said anything yet. Instead, he is comfortable enough in his sexuality to pursue men away from work. But Kristian didn't actually get my attention until he landed the role of Noah, the new love interest for the remaining half of one of the most intriguing and dynamic gay couples on television, in MTV's & VH-1's "Hit The Floor." The end of Zero and Jude was actor induced, so I tried to Noah, but he was no Zero. I'll put it like this...I liked Noah as a person, a character, but him replacing Zero as the love of Jude's life, i didn't see. Then "Hit The Floor" gets cancelled, and he is back on "The Haves & The Have Nots," so seamlessly in fact, still wondering if he was playing both gay roles at the same time.

Of course, doing my research now, to see if he is single, gay, married, bisexual, whatever. And not finding much. Several sources say he is single. One source says his has a girlfriend, but after looking at the picture, I think maybe she is his sister. So truthfully, I believe this one is gay, but will continue digging up dirt until I get a definitive answer!

And finally, this hottie has been getting a lot of heat for saying something stupid. Is it appropriate to make a blonde or jock joke here? The guy is Logan Paul, and he is known for his social media posts. He is a model, a surfer and something of an actor. I think I saw him in and episode of Law and Order:Special Victims Unit recently, though it could have been Criminal Minds.

Anyway, he posted, I believe it was Twitter, a list of things he wasn't to do this year, one for each month of the year. And what did he say for the month of March? He wanted to "turn gay" for the month of March. You can imagine how some people jumped all over him for that. And he has poorly tried to clean it up. I believe he said that he thought gay was cool, that's why he wanted to do it.

Well, bitch, do me! That's right! My birthday is in March, and if you really want to do this, you can be my birthday present! But I will warn you, once you go this black, you just keep coming back! LMAO

Until next time folks...
The Twelve Gays of Christmas!!!
Posted:Dec 28, 2018 8:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2019 8:50 am
One the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me...

12) Jake Gyllenhaals
11) Ryan Goslings
10) Channing Tatums
9) Chris Richardsons
Tyler Hoechlins
7) Taylor Kinneys
6) Darren Crisses
5) Adam Senns
4) Zac Efrons
3) Scott Caans
2) Matt Bomers
and a hell of a fantasy!!!

This was another difficult one to get started on. I think most of us would have fine with the list I presented. However, the idea was then pitched as a possible calendar for 2019. And then the actual idea of "twelve gays" came into play, which was a bit more thrilling to me. But then I went one further, which really made it good for me, and a potential regular project for Decembers!

Some of our gay guys are now mainstream. Guys like Matt Bomer and Neil Patrick Harris are high profile, possibly even A-list among Hollywood elite. And there are guys on the internet, like my darlings, Matt Dallas & Blue Hamilton, my personal favorite, Max Emerson, Davey Wavey, Wonder Robbie and Nico Tortorella, whose looks, personalities or talents have earned them quite the following in social media outlets. But my goal here is to elevate the profiles of some of the lesser known, and yes, attractive gay men, in hopes that the following year may be a breakout year for some of them. Like Tom Lenk, probably my newest internet obsession. He takes a Hollywood moment, like the infamous J-Lo dress, the Bjork bird dress, and various Lady Gaga moments, recreates them cheaply and photographs himself in a close facsimile to the original, donning wigs, make-up and accessories. He's actually pretty awesome, and cute in his original form.

After catching Adam Lambert's amazing version of Cher's "Believe," I felt the need to throw some light on some of our other gay musicians who may not have hit the big time yet. I miss George Michael, every single day! And Oscar and Grammy winner Sam Smith has definitely hit his stride. And everyone knows of my obsession with Sir Ari Gold! I even think most of you are aware of former porn star Colton Ford's music career. If you are not, you should, he has an amazing voice and some of his videos are still quite hot.

But do you remember Jay Brennan from Shortbus. He is still putting out music. though you're not getting those kinds of views anymore! Eli Lieb is having an amazing year with his original music. He definitely needs more exposure and recognition. And I told you about Jay Mohr's full frontal in a music video. Well, the song is "Nothing's Ever Wrong," and the artist is a very gay Logan Lynn.

I know when I say gay movie, you think porn. But there is a lot of gay themed movies out there, most independents. And the great thing to me is, there are gay actors who have made most of their careers with them. Sure you've some of them in roles on televisions shows, like Larry Sullivan, Ronnie Kerr and Darryl Stephens. But what about indie gay film super couple, Steve Callahan and Matthew Montegomery, who has done several dramatic gay pieces. Charlie David is another gay actor whose career consist primarily of gay themed independent movies. I also wanted to focus some attention to Alessandro Calva, who not only acts, but directs and produces movies and music videos.

And recently, athletes have been coming out of the woodwork as well as the closet with their alternative sexualities. Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy made the Winter Olympics with their antics. Tom Daley and Robbie Rodgers managed to get sexy pictures out every month.

I will admit, it bugs me that guys like Ian Thorpe would wait until after retirement before the make their sexuality known. After all, it is kind of hard to be a role model, saying "Be yourself! It is worth it." But you waited until you had done all you wanted to do before you came out, so what did you really have to give up or lose? Hell, you may have bought yourself a few more moments in the limelight. Especially when guys like Eric Radford have been out for a while, and yep. I knew it. You have no idea who he is!

I was trying hard not to post the wrong pictures with these paragraphs, but I'm going to have to forced a few more in, so bear with me and ask if you don't recognize a few for sure!

It appears to be a good time for interviewers, commentators and news personalities as well. By now everyone knows about the silver fox, Anderson Cooper. So by proxy almost, you should know of Bravo's Andy Cohen. They are very good friends, probably because Anderson is a bit of a gentleman, and Andy is a bit of a freak! lol Speaking of which, I though Brad Goreski was odd, and part of me wondered how he became a commentator of fashion. But no matter how many questionable choices I thought he made about his wardrobe, and there were several. The one thing I can't deny is that he has it going on underneath! And there is always the awesome Don Lemon. Picture is of Brad, not Don.

I probably should have put more work into organizing my thoughts before I started writing this, because I have more pictures to post than words to go with them. So let's go back to actors for a spell.

Did anyone else wonder just how many of the guys in the Eating Out series were actually gay? Are you like some who assumed that all the guys were gay. Hey, I did with both the A-List television shows. Or were you like me, trying to figure out who was and who wasn't? Like I did with the movie,"Trick?" Well, it turns out that my gaydar in real life is much better than deciphering them out in the movies. I think part of that is me fighting off my wishful thinking. Anyway, you might recognize a few of the guys in these picture from there, especially some of my favorites.

And there are the guys who either came out or got engaged or married in recent times. So I feel like it may be too soon for you to know their names yet. Like Garrett Clayton, or Dan Amboyer or most recently, Jake Borelli.

All right! I've exhausted what I had in me for this, so I'm just going to post the last two pictures and call it a night!

To you all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!!
Rectum Awareness Month!!!
Posted:Nov 25, 2018 2:40 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 8:35 am
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I am still tired and sore from mine, but of course, everyone wants to hang out with the domestic goddess on the holidays!

So November is Rectum Awareness Month, so I waited until after you ate to post this.

Now it wouldn't be very ladylike of me to talk about the rectum, and colon and the intestines and stuff. But being a butt man, I did think it was a good time to talk about some famous asses! lol

Now, butts are one of those things that varies with taste. Some people think they are gross. Unlike some people, I think there is such a thing as too much ass...on one person. Miss Nicki, I'm talking to you! Minaj your trot on out of here! And fortunately, almost everybody's got a butt picture out there! Some like the side angle. others want that bend over and spread 'em. I like mine in their natural state, clean, but not shaved or anything. Muscles can be sexy, bubble butts hit and miss with me, because too much bubble looks like a cow ass to me...the kind you might suffocate in while eating. TMI?

And although we aren't going there today, mainly because I didn't want to use porn stars or strippers for the pictures in this post, I do like hairy cracks, tunnel holes and innies, as oppose to outies. Now if I lost you, much like belly buttons, sphincters can be inside or outside the anus, though I suspect the outsiders are created by hard stools or frequent use, if you know what I mean.

And I usually refer to them as buns, because different types catch my eye. I use to be a huge fan of brown buns, but the guy can't be too dark, and his ass can't be too big. I love my white honey buns, but I want then the same color as the rest of the man. Tan lines are out! Latino buns tend to be hot as well. But I don't like what I White Castle buns, which don't have a particular color, but are just small and flat. My mom use to refer to the hole as the "dock." Well, I don't my dick to break one, so get some meat or some muscle back there. But too much dimple or cellulite will never do.

The wonderful thing about asses to me, is they can open my mind. For example, I have had a huge problem with Will Smith, every since he took the lead in Six Degrees of Separation, and then had the scenes cleaned up so you would almost forget his character was gay! Pissed me off so bad, I stopped watch Fresh Prince and buying his music. But I guess he was getting ready for Ali or something, but that shower scene in I, Robot and that ass of his, open me up a little bit about Mr. Smith. Now I can watch the reruns of Fresh Prince!

Does anybody remember how crazy everyone was about Mel Gibson's ass in the first Lethal Weapon? Or how disappointed most were with Kevin Costner's ass in Dances With Wolves? Were you as impressed as I was when you saw Darren Criss's ass repeatedly in The Assassination of Gianni Versace? And I for one was flabbergasted when I saw how hot that ass on John Krasinski was. Water was dropping from my mouth like it was in the shower he was in!

I actually remember the very first celebrity ass I was enthralled with. Actually, it was probably his hairy chest first, thought his face wasn't too bad. But when I saw Scott Caan's ass, I simply could not let it go. And now that I have seen what he is working with upfront too, that man is one of the two hundred or so celebrity men of my dreams!

Somebody else who got me for a long while was Mario Lopez. I actually had a huge crush on Julian McMahon, the hairy, man plastic surgeon on Nip/Tuck. But that shower scene with him and Mario Lopez actually lessen my grip on Mr. McMahon. And Thad Luckinbill was another beauty ass from that show. That ass had me running back to daytime soap operas! lol

Jake Gyllenhaal? Justin Timberlake? Zac Efron? Everybody's got an ass pic out there now. I will admit to being shocked seeing Adam Levine's tush in that music video, better than I thought it would be. And having met Sir Ari Gold, seeing his ass now in more than one of his videos has only made me want him more! Another flabbergasting moment for me was seeing straight man, Jay Mohr, displaying all of his assets in a gay man's music video. What a gay ole time we live in!

To me, just about anyone can make their ass look decent in clothes. Dress pants hold well to a nice round cheek. Tight jeans can smooth out some dimples. Even sweat pants can hing on certain asses very well. There is this gorgeous picture of Chris Hemsworth in a wet suit. That boy could have swam in my drool! But I do prefer to see the naked ass!

And there as several parts of an ass that can be sexy, as least to me. The rise and the curve from the small of one's back. The coloring. The of hair, The crack, the actual fleshy globes. Sometimes, just the way it moves. To me, Michael Fassbender has just an everyday, average butt. I'd much rather be in the front! I don't remember the name of the movie, but sometime about the way it moved, and the inviting darkness of his crack, had me re-watching that scene over and over again, only to return to the front! Damn, he was awesome in that movie.

Let me wrap this up with a few more names and a picture. Bradley Cooper and Paul more butt scenes! Channing Tatum, your ass looks almost as good now as it did when you were modeling and stripping. By the way, if there is another Magic Mike in you, bring back Matt Bomer's beautiful ass, leave Matthew McConaughey out and see if Ryan Kwanten or Harry Shum Jr. wants a part! And you all know I can't get a post without something for Tyler Posey. Baby, I thought you were adorable when I first saw you in Wolf, and you have filled out quite nicely growing into the sexy, confident man you are. But when you look that good, you don't need all that artwork! You can finish up that arms and legs, but please, leave the last five remaining places, and yes, your ass is one of them, for me to admire as they are! Thank you!!!

Oh and I have to say something about Austin Armacost Awesome Ass! Amazing Ass! Screw Triple A! I want to ride with Quadruple A! lol
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Erection Election~~~Rise To Vote!!!
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 8:59 am
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2018 12:51 pm
Yes, I'm still blaming you people for two lame jackasses running the White House today! Having spent time in Indiana, i was already familiar with Pence. And anyone who hadn't seen Trump for the conniving, scheming, fortunate buffoon by then needed to talk to Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder about being blind! But you all did! You managed to get him in! And nearing the halfway point of his term, what do you see? How do you feel?

Now, I'm going to say this until the cows come home. As long as Hilary is running, she will get my vote. Not so much for her, as to see Bill Clinton become the first first man! And I'd like to think that Hilary, being an intelligent woman, would use the resource at her disposal, a tarnished but successful former president, to help her along the way!

Now, I hearing Bernie Sanders name again. And most say Ross Perot is too old. Oprah claims she has no interest. So I'm looking at Colin Powell or somebody with a good head on their shoulders, and who is fairly well-known, popular and respected to run against him. The right person could get us on the road to recovery after this fiasco. And with people like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and George Clooney speaking out again Trump, we got two years to build up this momentum. So remember these words, and say them regularly with me....DUMP TRUMP!!!

By now, you all know I am a big mouth bitch, in every sense of those words! So the areas of conversation we are warned not to talk about, don't bother me. I love talking about sex! And I don't mind talking about religion, because it may help me with my ever-evolving spirituality. That's right, folks. Spirituality is an individual thing influenced by beliefs. And politics, well, it sucks more than I do, but it is a men's world, so I've got my thought, opinions and beliefs. And one of them is, for the most part, politics is an ugly man's world too. More on that later.

But I do think it is important that we go out and vote EVERY time we get the chance. If you are sitting on your ass, just letting things happen to you, then you don't get to bitch about it later. You aren't doing your part!!!

I had an early interest in politics, when I thought my career path would be law and government. I helped at the polls. I worked on some fundraisers. I worked on some successful campaigns. When my folks retired, I spent five years working for the Republican party...and the one principle I picked up from them that I hold on to to this day is..." the greatest thing you can do for the American poor is not become one of them." Later on, I would spend five years working for the Democratic party, and agreed with most of their philosophies. So now, I feel like I can honestly say, I'm middle of the road, voting any damn way I choose. And here is how I do it.

I study the candidates, to see how they vote on certain issues that matter to me. I also check to see what they have said or done, in hopes of finding candidates who I say are "helping my own personal agenda." Gay rights, and animals...because they can't take care of themselves, those that might help my retirement or financial security, those who could possibly assist me in my hopes, dreams and plans for the future. And those are the ones I vote for. And when all else fails, like any gay man, you vote for the best looking man! lol

Taking me back to that comment about politics being and ugly world. I went on the hunt for sexy senators, ravishing representatives, manly mayors, gorgeous governors and charming councilmen. So if you are wondering why there are so few pictures here...there you are. There wasn't much!

So I went the only way I knew to finish this off... political scandals! Now locally, there is this city councilman that I am crazy about. Not just because he is one of us, but he takes the time to inform us of what's going on, on his Facebook, his mailing, letting us know when the meetings are and the agenda to be covered by them. Yes, I had a crush on him at one point, but now he is my idea of what a person in a politic office should be. There was a little blemish in his record, of which we was cleared of, but I will follow him wherever he goes.

There was also a local representative who got into a little stink with Sydney Leathers. Remember her? She is that porn celebrity who was on the receiving end of sexted pictures of Anthony Wiener's wiener. Well, this representative was doing a similar thing, though not as graphic, even though he was engaged. Perhaps that wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't admitted to dressing in feminine attire. Or having had sex with men. The scandal though only costed him his fiance. He cleaned up his image, changed his look, and he will be one of the guys I am voting for tomorrow. Such a shame though...he looks much hot now than when those picture came out! If you are reading this, I would still do you!!! lol

Let's do a few more scandals and call it a day! Do you know about the Lavender Scandal of the 1950's? Apparently, a democratic senator from Massachusetts visited a male brothel. And in an endeavor to get the Republics control of the house, a republican senator threatened to out him if he didn't give up his seat. The democrat refused to be a victim of black mail, and the rest is what they call history. Or Jon Hinson, who resigned after charges of sodomy were filed for him having relations with a male employee in the Library of Congress! Or Stan Rosenberg, who resigned from his post after charges were filed against his husband for sexual misconduct with four men. Or the guy, and there might have been two, who hired their boyfriends, lovers, etc. for jobs they were qualified for with the government!

Sadly, there were not a lot a great shot of these hot shots going down in flames, almost literally. Yes there were more stories of fondling, groping and molesting. And sure, more of those restroom scenes gone wrong. But hot swimming trunks or underwear...not so much!

And your homework assignment....get out there and vote tomorrow!!! Thank you!!!
5 Questions, Happy Horny Halloween & Latin Heritage Month!!!
Posted:Oct 31, 2018 7:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 8:35 am
1) Why wasn't Ellen Page or Ellen DeGeneres or Kristen Stewart mentioned in your coming out post? A) First of all, I no fan of Kristen, More importantly, I hold a Master's degree in Homosexuality and a connoisseur of men, so I stick with what interests me, what fascinates me...pop culture, men and sex.

2) Why are you a TS in your profile? A) I've done everything a man could do, except women! I've done everything a gay man could do, and most of it would do again. a semi-retired drag queen, usually coming out for benefits or special events. I wanted to not be looked at as a sexual being here. I prefer to have amazing sex, but with people I know and have a connection with, so I wanted and prefer the friend first approach to relationships of all kinds.

3) So what or who are you? A) a happy, homosexual gentleman, who lives life to the fullest and enjoys the few people he has in his life as much as possible. In terms of what I think you are asking, I would say I do drag, mainly now because it makes me feel like connected to all sides of me. I could be a cross dresser, but I don't think my motivation makes that an appropriate call. under the impression that transvestites get some sort of sexual charge from it, and 98% of the time, whether I top or bottom, my sexual being is a man. And I don't think transsexual or trans-gendered works because they tend to be people born into the wrong gender, and I love my ability to exist as both. Besides, men like my cock and man boobs and I love my cock, so there will be no permanent changes here.

4) Do I travel and if so where? I recently wrapped up all things related to St. Louis, so I think it is off my itinerary and I can safely regard Kansas City as my home. My work takes me all over the Midwest, so I have spots in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois to stay in. As a performer, I work in all of these places, plus perform a one man show 2 or 3 times a year in Florida. A friend owns the joint and I take over while I there. lol

5) What kind of guys are you into? Well, as far as ethnicity is concerned, there are aspects of all that interests me, though Asians and African-Americans do have a harder time getting on the radar...only because I tend to be more attracted to the atypical versions of those two. I love body hair and romantic men. Age isn't an issue as long as you look good, and like a man. Baby faces and lack of body hair makes me feel like you might not be enough to enjoy this ride. I don't care for skinny or heavy men, so well built or average works best for me. But nothing is set in stone, because I a total package kind of guy, and I truly believe that were you lack in one area, you could more than make up for in another. A sense of humor and a brain are a great combination. I not a huge fan of tattoos. I can not stand stupidity, and you'd best be looking for more than great sex when you step to me.

So, who is being a Jack-Off-lantern tonight? Skeletons with a boner? Vampires or draculas looking to suck something other than blood? Witches hoping to ride something other than their brooms? Goblin on something other than candy? Well, I've decided to be a zombie, looking in the wrong head for brains. Actually, I am hosting five strip poker games here tonight, and even if I can only get five to ten guys for each game, I'll still be eating Halloween candy and eye candy tonight. In fairness, in order to watch out for my girlish figure, I will focus on the eye candy. Some of my favorite guys will be hanging out for at least one game. just thrilled they are making me part of their Halloween this year!

And I want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween! Make you trick more than treat, have some meat and some sweet, and other things to eat!

Now, this Latin Heritage Month thing was news to me until I wrote my last post. and I already had an idea for early November, so it had to be in by the end of the month. Well, I thought it was going to be easy. Boy, was I wrong.! You will learn why in the next paragraph, but this is just a heads up...some of my photos and pictures may be incorrectly in this post. I could leave you ignorant and you probably wouldn't know, and if I get something wrong here, please, educate me! But going to share what I think I learned, and you will see why this became a much harder task.

I have already started going through my photos of Ricky Martin, Mario Lopez and Wilmer Valderrama, trying to find hot and sexy, without revealing too much , when this dumb question came to me...Is Hispanic and Latin the same? And this is where black and white became murky gray for me!

Apparently, Hispanic is not so much about geography, as it is language. Hispanics are basically Spanish speaking people...who are not from Brazil. So geographically speaking, Spanish people come from Spain, and Mexican people from Mexico, the country directly below the United States. Don't get lost or confuse with the state of New Mexico. Unless there were born elsewhere, they are one of us. Now it gets interesting. Latino and Latin refers to Latin America. Now as a , I was taught that between North and South America, those countries south of Mexico made up Latin America. Places like Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala, which I thought were what was referred to as Third World countries. So now under the impression that Latin is that part of the Americas below Mexico but above South America. But then, I saw some people who were considered Latin, even though they were born in like Columbia, or Venezuela, which are technically part of South America. And sadly, Brazil still seems to be excluded from the list as well.

So still lost on the concept of what or where Latin refers to. sure it is the area below Mexico, but just how far south it goes, not sure. confident in reaches into South America, but how far. And confident that Brazil isn't a part of Hispanic, and quite possibly Latin. I believe they may speak Portuguese, which might make some difference. And the real question hanging over my head is...people of Brazil would be, if not Latin, Mexican, Spanish or Hispanic, then what? Brazilians? Portuguese? Latin? Is there a South American, which might include Peru and Chile? Or would they be consider Latin? Or are they there own little things, like possibly Brazil.

Well the good news is...this is how I continue to educate myself, pondering stupid shit like this, and actually getting up the nerve to found out. That's why I keep asking your help in steering where my posts go.The bad news is...even I have lost interest in it now, so let's get to some pictures of men.

I actually found a few surprises. Like I didn't know that the gorgeous Ryan Lochte and the talented Harry Shum Jr. qualify as Latin. And just when I thought I was going to have my first post without his name in it, turns out the Posey brothers, both Jesse and Tyler, fit into the Latin things as well. Oh my goodness, and the beautiful William Levy!

Some of my favorites made it in as well. Like Nicholas Gonzalez, who I didn't realize was so short. a giant among most of these men! And Nestor Carbonell, whom I've been crushing on forever! And calling out Guillermo Diaz, who played Puck on the television show, Scandal, as my leading gay Latino! I know it is Ricky for most of you!

I guess I shouldn't have been, but I found some awesome pictures of Latin guys, letting it all hang out if you know what I mean. sure you knew about Jesse and Tyler Posey, as I said it enough already. And most of you have probably seen Ricky Martin's. But I found a beautiful one of Diego Luna. And sure everyone remembers the awesome ass of Mario Lopez.

We have several who are up and coming and hot as well. Bobby Carnavale, from Will & Grace, Oz and Boardwalk Empire, seems to be in everything now. Adam Rodriguez, currently in Criminal Minds, but probably more familiar from the second magic Mike movie. And keep your eye out for Juan Pablo di Pace, Michael Trevino and especially Eduardo Verastegui. Latin eye candy galore!

Sorry about the rush, but I do have men and strip poker to get ready for. And because of the nature of the post, the next one will probably come across in a similar fashion!

Until next time everybody, have a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween!!!

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