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Mandrogyny 47T
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9/17/2019 12:05 am

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10/13/2019 11:20 am

Random Shit!!!

Yes, I know it has been a while. So rather than check my last post and pick up from there, I am just going to throw a few things out there and see where it goes.

A list was recently published about the 200...yes , I know, 200 greatest gay male porn stars. And I am going to admit, it was full of surprises, at least for me.

I'm not nearly as into porn as I use to be, so I expected some names I wouldn't know, assuming any new guys I've heard of must be good for something. Diego Sans, Francois Sagat and Carter Dane were expected. But how in the hell could Cody Cummings or Griffin Barrows make the damn list and Woody Fox be left off? Also left off the list was Jason Branch...really? Luke Garrett or Gage Weston? Shane Rollins?

I was thrilled to see some of my favorites like Colton Ford, Damien Crosse, Wilifried Knight and my personal favorite, Blake Harper on the list, I don't know why I always got Zeb Atlas mixed up with Zak Spears, but they both made the list. I also use to mix up Max Grand with Tom Katt, both of whom also made the list. Both my Johnnys, Rapid and Hazzard, made it, as well as Colby Keller, Matthew Camp, Aiden Shaw, Anthony Gallo and Brent Corrigan.

Now, usually with these kind of lists, I try to pick the top five or ten. So I wasn't surprised to find Ryan Idol at number four. Or Joey Stefano at number three. But I will admit to being flabbergasted that my anticipated winner, Jeff Stryker, was number two. But I never would have come up with the actual winner, though he was a very pleasant surprise to me...Al Parker!

Now, as a lover of strippers and one hell of a drag queen, I have met several porn stars in my day. Douglas Maverick was awesome, and I'm thrilled he came back for more! Steve Kelso is a prince, and just as fine today as he was in his heyday. I was cat-fished by a guy claiming to be Vincent Greco, but became friends with his perpetrator anyway. Gage Weston is an absolute sweetheart, just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. He was probably my first actual gay crush, though he was with another porn star....story of my life, Mr. Harper! lol Colton Ford is another one, and by now, all of you know about my thing with Woody Fox. He is not only sexy as hell, and extremely talented, he also has intelligence in the packaging as well. I will continue to support my porn star friends!

Now, if you are wondering how you can get to know some of them, like me, you could do that internet thing, but there is a good chance you will be cat-fished. You could go to the raunchiest, seediest, gay bar in your area. They tend to use porn stars as special guests on the weekend or for special nights or events. The same can be said for some of the bath houses and gay resorts. But the best chance of finding them, getting to know them and getting to blow them or more, lol, is going to a male revue or stripper bar catering to men. They frequently have porn stars come in on the weekend to boost business. And of course, we all know what can happen with money and nude guys, so just make sure you leave some sort of good impression, big tip, maybe a drink and a shot, and they will find you when they get off the stage.

Now sadly, I was checking out Logo, the allegedly free gay channel, and once again, found myself greatly disappointed. Back in the day, Noah's Arc, RuPaul, Sir Ari Gold and lots of gay event videos carried the station. And like MTV in its heyday, we couldn't get enough. Now, there is an occasional gay movie, which they will play back to back, hoping to trick someone I guess. Will & Grace and Golden Girls, which I am fine with. And then...Married with ? Laverne & Shirley? Mama's Family? The Mindy Project? The Facts of Life? It's a Living?

So Logo! Listen up...again! I'm going to help you find your balls! By offering you some ideas I got from other cable network stations.

Ridickulousness~~From MTV's Riduculousness, ours is an adult video clip show hosted and ran by gay and gay friendly guys. The original, ran by Rob Dyrdek, why do I have a crush on him, Chanel West Coast and Steelo Brim, another guy I could see doing, is funny not only because of the clips, but the responses of the three stars and their special guests. Now, in my honest opinion, some of their best show have been with gay guys like Adam Rippon and Michael Carbonara. But in our version, we don't blur out the good parts or bleep out the naughty words. Actually, I want Chanel's part...all she does is try to look good and laugh, but I am quick-witted like Steelo. And since the clips are themed and come straight off the internet, this would not be an hard thing to pull off.

The San Francisco Trick~~Did anyone see Lifetime's The List? Basically, it was about this that did legal and illegal business, the employees and how they managed to do it. The lead was a single mom who tried to take the high road, despite the money, the others and the temptations. And I do mean temptation, as every week there was four or five hot guys coming in for massages. Our version could be similar with a mostly male cast, and if the doesn't thrill you, it could take place in a male stripper bar.

Nursing Homos~~Similar to Golden Girls, but with four gay men who own and live at a bed and breakfast. The out house boy they hire to handle the lawn, pool and cars. The buttler/personal ass to take care of inside and the jack off of all trades...personal trainer, masseur, etc. The banter between our characters and with the special guests each week would be the source of laughs and shit we will be talking about all week.

A Couple of Guys~~ I've actually been working on this one for years. It's about a gay couple who move into an area that isn't use to and may not be ready for them yet. Each one has one co-worker who is aware of the situation, and the neighbors slowly become aware and try to adjust. This could be more like a dramedy.

I could also see Oz: Revisited, though I'm not big on them toning down the language and nudity and violence. But I could see a new generation of Schillingers, O'Rileys and Hills coming in to find out what happened to their ancestors who were there before them. I never did get to see Terry Kinney, Mcmanus, naked either. lol And we could add some Schibettas, Adebisies, Siads and Alvarezes, maybe even a Beecher and another killer Keller to the scene.

And Wolf: A New Generation~~Based more off of MTV's television series than the movies that inspired it, we could get us a new batch of werewolves, banshees and other mythical and mysterious creatures, as well as a new pack to fight them. Would love to see Tyler Posey back as a mentor to the new group defending Beacon Hills, and Danny return as the only human who knows how to interact with these monsters and beasts, and the occasional returns of Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes and Charlie and Max Carver would just generate more heat for the revived show.

This would also give us a chance to see some of our favorites back on television, like Rupert Everett, Matt Dallas...bring that adorable husband with you too, Justin Bartha, Jesse Bradford and more.

Now, back in the day, the only fitness guru I knew was Richard Simmons. And I can honestly say, I was up with him until 9 am working out. But now, we have the likes of Shaun T, creator of Insanity and several other exercise routines, including Hip Hop Abs, which I actually use. Now, not offense to Richard, but Shaun T is fine, and then I learned he was gay! Eventually I would come across Bob Harper, from The Biggest Loser. Now, I'm not sure how in the hell I missed all of the tattoos, but I did. And I thought he was fine, and then learned he was gay! And now there is the ultimate in fine, such a sweetheart and a cutie patootie, by the name of Chris Powell. And so of course, I keep waiting for the inevitable. But it isn't happening! He use to be fat. He use to be homeless and lived out of his car. Perhaps that's how he lost the weight. Just kidding. But my luck isn't extending to him I guess, Married with four , two of his own, I guess I will just have to get use to losing water weight drooling over the one I can never have.

And I want to say Happy Birthday to both Nick Jonas and the sexiest politician on the planet, Brian Sims! Other Happy Birthday Hunks this month include Chris Evan's gay brother, Scott, on the 21st, Scott Baio on the 22nd. Ryan Paevey on the 24th, Will Smith on the 25th and Aaron Milo on the 28th.

Glad to be back gentlemen and I will see you again soon!


DandR4hands4men 50M/49M
677 posts
9/20/2019 9:32 pm

Damn! The pictures in your post are hot this time! Might need to handle my business!

Thank you for the news and the memories. And some of you advice for Logo is good too!

Mandrogyny replies on 10/13/2019 11:11 am:
Thank you very much for your comments and your compliments!

Cummasseur 49M
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9/25/2019 7:59 pm

Thank you. I love some of your ideas for television shows, especially Oz! And oh, my God! Richard Simmons...really? lol

But the way, these are the hottest pictures you've ever posted, especially number 2 and Ryan Paevey! Yum! Yum!

Mandrogyny 47T
36 posts
10/13/2019 11:12 am

I'm quite proud of this collection of guys, so thank you very much!


bjhogan 62M  
1104 posts
10/13/2019 5:00 pm

i agree with DnR !! alllllll these MEN are soooooo FUCKING HOT !!

boux601 71M
607 posts
10/28/2019 11:24 am

great pics thanks for posting