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Mandrogyny 46T
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11/5/2018 8:59 am

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11/5/2018 9:01 am

Erection Election~~~Rise To Vote!!!

Yes, I'm still blaming you people for two lame jackasses running the White House today! Having spent time in Indiana, i was already familiar with Pence. And anyone who hadn't seen Trump for the conniving, scheming, fortunate buffoon by then needed to talk to Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder about being blind! But you all did! You managed to get him in! And nearing the halfway point of his term, what do you see? How do you feel?

Now, I'm going to say this until the cows come home. As long as Hilary is running, she will get my vote. Not so much for her, as to see Bill Clinton become the first first man! And I'd like to think that Hilary, being an intelligent woman, would use the resource at her disposal, a tarnished but successful former president, to help her along the way!

Now, I hearing Bernie Sanders name again. And most say Ross Perot is too old. Oprah claims she has no interest. So I'm looking at Colin Powell or somebody with a good head on their shoulders, and who is fairly well-known, popular and respected to run against him. The right person could get us on the road to recovery after this fiasco. And with people like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and George Clooney speaking out again Trump, we got two years to build up this momentum. So remember these words, and say them regularly with me....DUMP TRUMP!!!

By now, you all know I am a big mouth bitch, in every sense of those words! So the areas of conversation we are warned not to talk about, don't bother me. I love talking about sex! And I don't mind talking about religion, because it may help me with my ever-evolving spirituality. That's right, folks. Spirituality is an individual thing influenced by beliefs. And politics, well, it sucks more than I do, but it is a men's world, so I've got my thought, opinions and beliefs. And one of them is, for the most part, politics is an ugly man's world too. More on that later.

But I do think it is important that we go out and vote EVERY time we get the chance. If you are sitting on your ass, just letting things happen to you, then you don't get to bitch about it later. You aren't doing your part!!!

I had an early interest in politics, when I thought my career path would be law and government. I helped at the polls. I worked on some fundraisers. I worked on some successful campaigns. When my folks retired, I spent five years working for the Republican party...and the one principle I picked up from them that I hold on to to this day is..." the greatest thing you can do for the American poor is not become one of them." Later on, I would spend five years working for the Democratic party, and agreed with most of their philosophies. So now, I feel like I can honestly say, I'm middle of the road, voting any damn way I choose. And here is how I do it.

I study the candidates, to see how they vote on certain issues that matter to me. I also check to see what they have said or done, in hopes of finding candidates who I say are "helping my own personal agenda." Gay rights, children and animals...because they can't take care of themselves, those that might help my retirement or financial security, those who could possibly assist me in my hopes, dreams and plans for the future. And those are the ones I vote for. And when all else fails, like any gay man, you vote for the best looking man! lol

Taking me back to that comment about politics being and ugly world. I went on the hunt for sexy senators, ravishing representatives, manly mayors, gorgeous governors and charming councilmen. So if you are wondering why there are so few pictures here...there you are. There wasn't much!

So I went the only way I knew to finish this off... political scandals! Now locally, there is this city councilman that I am crazy about. Not just because he is one of us, but he takes the time to inform us of what's going on, on his Facebook, his mailing, letting us know when the meetings are and the agenda to be covered by them. Yes, I had a crush on him at one point, but now he is my idea of what a person in a politic office should be. There was a little blemish in his record, of which we was cleared of, but I will follow him wherever he goes.

There was also a local representative who got into a little stink with Sydney Leathers. Remember her? She is that porn celebrity who was on the receiving end of sexted pictures of Anthony Wiener's wiener. Well, this representative was doing a similar thing, though not as graphic, even though he was engaged. Perhaps that wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't admitted to dressing in feminine attire. Or having had sex with men. The scandal though only costed him his fiance. He cleaned up his image, changed his look, and he will be one of the guys I am voting for tomorrow. Such a shame though...he looks much hot now than when those picture came out! If you are reading this, I would still do you!!! lol

Let's do a few more scandals and call it a day! Do you know about the Lavender Scandal of the 1950's? Apparently, a democratic senator from Massachusetts visited a male brothel. And in an endeavor to get the Republics control of the house, a republican senator threatened to out him if he didn't give up his seat. The democrat refused to be a victim of black mail, and the rest is what they call history. Or Jon Hinson, who resigned after charges of sodomy were filed for him having relations with a male employee in the Library of Congress! Or Stan Rosenberg, who resigned from his post after charges were filed against his husband for sexual misconduct with four men. Or the guy, and there might have been two, who hired their boyfriends, lovers, etc. for jobs they were qualified for with the government!

Sadly, there were not a lot a great shot of these hot shots going down in flames, almost literally. Yes there were more stories of fondling, groping and molesting. And sure, more of those restroom scenes gone wrong. But hot swimming trunks or underwear...not so much!

And your homework assignment....get out there and vote tomorrow!!! Thank you!!!


Mandrogyny 46T
15 posts
11/5/2018 9:01 am

I guess if they aren't going to post my pictures, this would be the best blogs to have them mess it up! lol


Stevie1954 60T
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11/5/2018 1:00 pm

I have already voted. Thank you!

discreetman53 65M
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11/6/2018 11:56 pm

Thanks for the inclusion of the fine hot men pics. Very thoughtful. The fellow in the Speedo's bulge is especially notable. Should I vote for guys this hot...? I would be tempted. Thanks again... I hope to be seeing you around... exposed would be nice.