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Whored out (continued)
Posted:Jun 14, 2020 8:05 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 1:39 pm
As i beg daddy own with his magnificent BBC, he slaps again across the face with, "shut bitch, get " with that he pulls my feet by my leash and tells bend over the arm of the couch as he begins undress. As i i get into position and bend over, he gets the first glimpse of my butt plug, "Mmmmm you are a dirty little bitch, are you ready for this dick" He pulls my g-string aside and removes the plug, "Mmmmm daddy, yes I need you inside " His strong hands grabbing and kneading my soft smooth ass cheeks, god his hands feel so good. Suddenly i feel the familiar sting across my ass, then another, "Bitch this pussy is going be mine, I am going treat you like the fucking you are" with that i feel his big mushroom head pressing against my tight little sissy pussy, my god, its so big. I try catch my breath as he slowly slides inside , the pain is searing as he is stretching my pussy its limits. Inch by inch he enters , giving a chance get used him before going further. "Hows that dick feel bitch, you ready for the rest of it" my god, theres more, i dont know if i can take, daddy. "too fucking bad bitch" with that he pushes into , i feel his full length and girth, he's completely inside now, i feel his heavy balls slap against mine.
" GOD DADDY, ITS SO BIG" "I've never felt so full" The pain begins give way the most exquisite sensation of pleasure I have ever felt. I can't control myself, I began moaning like the little bitch that i am and begging " god daddy fuck , fuck hard, yes daddy take this pussy"
He pulls out and then slams his cock back inside , over and over, faster and harder and deeper. He grabs my leash and begins pulling and yanking it. Slamming his huge cock inside , his balls bouncing off of mine. "Yes daddy fuck harder" His grunts get louder as he slams into as hard as he can. I can feel that familiar sensation building, my balls tighten and my sissy little cock begins twitch, " GOD YES DADDY I"M CUMMING DONT STOP FUCK HARDER" i scream. My cum shoots out over his couch, stream after stream, my legs go weak and begin quiver.
Damn bitch your pussy is so tight. "GOD DADDY DONT STOP, THIS PUSSY IS YOURS, OWN IT DADDY" Then i feel him pull out, lets go bitch he says as he pulls on my leash leading the bedroom. your back bitch. As i lay down, he places my ankles his shoulders and with one fluid thrust slams his cock deep inside . I let out a loud moan of approval and pleasure. His pace picks right where he left off, fast and hard. My heels dig into his back, spuring him like a wild stallion. He slows his pace just long enough, remove my collar. I feel his big strong hand wrap around my throat and begin squeezing. His pace quickens as he applies more pressure. I am moaning uncontrollably now. His grunts are getting louder, i can feel his cock beginning swell inside as my ass muscles begin squeezing and milking his cock. I can tell he his close. "Yes DADDY FUCK , FUCK HARDER" i scream, "GIVE IT DADDY, FILL WITH YOUR CUM"
Damn bitch i'm going cum. And with that i feel his cock stiffen and i feel the first warm stream of cum shoot deep inside . "Yes DADDY CUM IN " I feel stream after stream of his warm cum fill , then i feel that urge building again and i cant control myself, i cum again. Shooting my cum over my stomach as the last stream of his cum fills .
He pumps deep inside a few more times as his cock begins soften and slip out of my satisfied sissy pussy. He collapses top of as he tries catch his breath, "Damn daddy that was amazing, this pussy is your do what you want with any time you want it"
And with that i hear his doorbell, he just looks at me and grins and says thats good bitch, cause your evening has just started.

Being whored out (another fantasy)
Posted:Jun 13, 2020 8:11 am
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2020 11:45 am
Feeling super horny one night I decided to get search a few adult sites to check out pics and possibly chat. I come across a profile that really sparked my interest, a 68y/o BBC with a bear daddy build. Oh my just want i have been searching for, i immediately send him a message but not really expecting to get a response. When he messaged back my little cock began twitching, my excitement began to grow. We chatted about likes/dislikes, fantasies you know the normal chit chat stuff. He mentioned he really enjoyed using sissy cross dressers and figured what the hell, i told him he has gotten me so horny that i HAD to have his gorgeous BBC. He responded with his address and directions on what to wear. Now normally i will wear the majority of an outfit under my normal clothes and finish getting ready when i arrive at my playmates residence, but since it was late and already dark out i figured what the hell. I told him to give me about an hr to get myself ready and i would let him know when i was on my way.
I went into the bathroom and first grabbed my douche and cleaned myself out really good. i then got into the shower and shaved myself nice and smooth. Next i applied my rossie scented body lotion, not only does it make my skin super soft but the flowery scent makes me feel even more gurly. Next i slid on my red thigh high stockings, then came the red corset, as i fastened the hooks i began imagining how my new daddy will react when he sees me walk up his drive in this outfit. Next i fasten the garter straps to my stockings and pull up the matching g-string pantys with their little black bow. as i fasten the strap on my 3" black heels i run my hands up and down my stocking covered legs, over my now exposed eager little ass and down across my panty covered and hardening little sissy cock. i catch my breath as i am looking at myself in the mirror, i choose my brunette wig and get it just right, i apply my sluttiest red lipstick. Finally i grab my choker collar and leash, i apply a generous amount of lube in my tight little hole and insert my butt plug. I am finally ready.
I text him letting him know i was on my way and i should be there in about 20min, he responded with thats fine, he then mentioned he had a surprise for me. My mind begins to spin with what could the surprise be.
I arrived at his house, as i am walking up his driveway i am trying my best to be as sexy as possible. I ring his door bell and after what seemed like standing exposed on his front porch for hours the door opened. He greeted me with a big approving smile, he immediately grabbed my leash and led me into the house. As soon as the door closed, he smacked my ass hard, jerked on my leash and ordered me to my knees. "Get on your knees bitch, and suck this dick". As he pulled his cock out of his jeans, it was more magnificent than in his pictures. So thick and heavy, I immediately felt myself submit to this man and his "real mans cock" My eyes widen and my mouth instantly starts watering, an urge comes over me, i no longer just want this beautiful piece of meat but i know actually NEED it. Instinctively my mouth opens and take his cock into my mouth and begin sucking on its big gorgeous head. My tongue tickling his glans and licking up and down his hardening and thickening shaft. Sucking as much of his thick monster cock as i could, taking him as far down my throat as i could. I began thinking "my god this is the biggest cock i have ever seen, i dont know if i will be able to take him". As his cock began getting harder, i could hear him begging to moan, he placed his hand on the back of my head slowly guiding me up and down on his cock. "Damn bitch, you really are a cock loving slut, damn you can suck a dick" and then to my disappointment he pulled his cock out of my mouth, " look at me bitch" as i look up at him, he begins slapping me in the face with his thick heavy cock, "you like that cock you sissy little faggot" "tell your daddy how much you like his cock, tell me how much you need this real mans cock" God yes daddy, i love your cock, i need your cock daddy, i need to feel you deep inside me, i need you to own me daddy, make me your personal BBC .

Breast forms
Posted:May 31, 2020 6:04 am
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2020 9:42 am
Bought me some new breast forms to help fill out my bras and outfits. Now i can be a C cup or a D cup, who wants to cum over and squeeze them
all dressed up
Posted:May 21, 2020 11:55 am
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2020 9:43 am
Got all dressed up for my who was supposed cum fuck today but he backed out, now i have no cock to with
Posted:Apr 27, 2020 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2020 9:52 am
Damn some days i really miss CL. I had some really fun meet ups. One in particular was with an older gentleman who was really into CD's. It took me a few emails but i finally got him to agree to let me visit his house. His add said he had everything needed. So i showered and shaved myself smooth and headed to his place around mid night, he preferred late night meet ups.
I went to his back door as instructed and he let me in, he greeted me in his robe with nothing on underneath. He led me into his bedroom where he had everything from outfits to make up. He made me strip for him and told me to turn around slowly so he could get a good look at me. He then told me to pick out my outfit and wig and based on my choices would determine how he did my make up and what name he would then call me.
I looked over his selection and picked out a tight fitting red micro dress with white thigh highs and 4" heels with a blonde wig. As i walked out of his bedroom and into his living room he was sitting on his couch waiting for me. As i came into the room he stood, had me spin around one more time and said "Good choice, you picked the sluttiest outfit i have, Tonya" "Now lets do your make up" Hearing him call me Tonya mad my little sissy cock tingle as he took my hand and led me back into the room to apply my make up. First he applied the bright red lipstick then a little blush and eye shadow. He stepped back looked at me and said " damn Tonya, you look sexy as fuck"
"Now get over here and do what you do best you little slut and get my dick hard"
I slowly walked toward him, as i stood in front of him, my hand reached out and grab his cock through his robe opening. His cock wasn't very long but my god it as thick. As my hand slowly began stroking his thick cock, he reached up grabbing my face and pulling me toward him, as our lips met i felt his stubble tickling my smooth face, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, mouth opened almost as if by an involuntary reflex, my tongue meeting his. As we kissed, his hands slid down my back to my ass. As i gently sucked on his tongue in my mouth, i could feel his cock getting harder and thicker in my hand as he began squeezing my ass.
After a few minutes of kissing i felt myself kneeling down in front of him, my hands sliding down his covered chest. Now kneeling in front of him, his cock mere inches away from me, he untied his robe and shrugged it off. Looking down at me, a slight smirk came across his face. "suck my dick you little bitch"
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Fantasy part 3
Posted:Feb 10, 2020 12:57 pm
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2020 7:21 am
As i lay strapped down and blindfolded across the bondage bench, i can feel a pair of strong hands rubbing and massaging ass cheeks. All i think is how strong and powerful they feel and how i can not wait these two "real" men to make me their bitch, i am having trouble containing excitement. I feel the familiar cool sensation of the lube being applying to excited and eager tight little hole, i feel a finger working its way slowly and deep inside me, then a second, then a third, Mmmmmm god it feels so good, I can't take it any longer. I beg one of them to please fuck me.
"Shut up bitch, you belong us, you're our slut bitch and we will use you how we want"
With that i feel a heavy hard monster cock slap me across the face, mouth instinctively opens inviting it into wanting mouth, He grabs a handful of hair and shoves his rock hard monster into mouth and down throat. I gag with the suddenness of it, eyes are watering, i am trying to relax but he just keeps at it. Thrusting his cock down throat, face with out regard, he didnt care if i gagged, mouth was just another hole him to use his pleasure. I have never been face fucked this roughly and there was nothing i could do about it, all i can do is take.
Then i felt it, with the roughness of the face i had forgot there were 2 giant cocks, then i felt it. That giant beautiful mushroom head that i originally began sucking on was pushing its way into tight hole. "Oh god the monster white cock is taking me first", the pain is more intense than i had imagined as the gigantic mushroom head enters me.inch after inch he forces his way in, Oh god i have never felt so completely filled, i'm torn with wanting him to stop and being so completely excited at the fact that i can do nothing to stop this attack.
Tears begin to stream down face, the pain is almost to much. I hear the man thrusting his cock in and out of mouth begin to laugh " the little faggot bitch is crying" i hear him say, instinctively i begin to rock hips back to meet the mans powerful thrust as he drove his cock deep inside me. I can hear a voice say see, "the little faggot slut likes it, dont ya faggot" "UmmmmHmmm" is all i could get out, i didnt just like it, god i was LOVING it.. I could tell the cock thrusting in and out of mouth was really enjoying himself and was getting close to cumming, he began grunting, i could tell his breathing was getting heavy, i could feel his cock swelling in mouth, i knew m,y reward was close. "I'm going to down this bitches throat" suddenly i feel a tug on leash, forcing head back just as the first stream of jizz hit the back of throat. He pulled his cock out of mouth and shot the biggest load of all over face, god i was in heaven, i love facials. As his was running down face he shoved his cock back in mouth "milk it bitch, get every last drop"
The pain in has turned to pure pleasure, I am moaning uncontrollably, god he is me so hard and deep, his thrust are getting harder and faster as he begins to really let ass have it, "God yes, Fuck me daddy, fuck this little slut" " Mmmmmm fuck me harder, teach this little bitch a lesson" His pace is getting faster and harder, can tell he is getting close to exploding inside me, the pleasure is too much me, i feel like i am being ripped apart but God i LOVE it. little sissy cock is rock hard, the feeling of cock rubbing against the lace front of thongs with each thrust is incredible. All i can do is urge him on "come on daddy fuck me, HARDER DADDY god FUCK ME.....YES DADDY FUCK ME" i feel his cock swelling and throbbing deep inside me, i know its coming..."YES DADDY GIVE IT TO ME", suddenly i hear strange voice, "Damn that little bitch can really take a pounding" . Then it hit me, not only are to host video taping our play session but they invited others to use me. That was all i could take, sissy little cock exploded, i came all over myself. Then i felt it, the monster cock in my ass swelled, as it exploded deep in my ass, i could feel stream after stream of his sweet man juice filling me up as he grunted and gave one final deep thrust. "Fuck i"m CUMMING, damn this bitches ass is tight"
I feel him collapse across my back as his cock begins to soften and slip out of me with a "pop", I let out an audible satisfied moan, I can feel hos cum leaking out of my freshly used hole and down my thighs. "Mmmmmmm Thank you daddy that was incredible". I hear chuckles and laughter and someone say "bitch we are just getting started"

Fantasy Cont'd
Posted:Feb 8, 2020 7:16 am
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2020 7:22 am
In absolute heaven i am sucking on the BBC, taking him as far down my throat as possible. He is thrusting his hips in perfect rhythm fucking my mouth. Telling what great little cock sucker i am, which excites even more. His breathing is getting heavy, his moans are getting louder. I can tell i am doing a good job. All of a sudden he pushes my mouth off his beautiful cock, i am disappointed as i really wanted feel him shoot his huge load all over my face. I look up at him for the first time and ask "what did i do", he looks down at me says "shut up bitch, we're just getting started".
He tosses me a collar with an attached leash and tells me to put it on, again i do as instructed, i am here for their pleasure. I am lead into another room, as i look around i can not contain my excitement, first i notice the video cameras set up in different parts of the room to capture all the action from different angles. I notice the various forms of bondage furniture, all the various toys. "Oh my god" i say softly as i am lead inside, "you like what you see slut?" "we are going to have some serious fun with you bitch" The older white gentlemen gives the leash a hard jerk and leads me to bench and tells me to get on. I do as instructed, as i climb up onto the bondage bench, my little sissy cock is as hard as steel, i have only seen pictures of these but have always wanted to with one. As i get into position, my ankles and wrist get strapped down, i am locked in. Next a blindfold was placed over my eyes and tied tightly in place. Securely restrained and unable to see, i become so excited that i almost came right then.
My mind is spinning with excitement and anticipation, i knew my tight little hole was going to be stretched and used by these big beautiful cocks and that the whole thing was going to be captured on video but what else do these have planned for me? The next thought was fear, the largest cock i have ever had inside of me was right around 9" and of average girth, i knew i could take that BBC but my god that white cock is a monster. just from sucking and stroking him i am guessing at least " and as big around as a soda can, i begin worry i wont be able take him. My god i hope the BBC takes first and helps open up for that monster.
Who wants to help
Posted:Feb 7, 2020 6:32 am
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2020 2:26 am
This is a fantasy but would luv to have it fulfilled.

I have a thing for older men, 60 and up preferably. I was bored and horny one afternoon and since Craigslist is no longer around i was surfing the usual online sites and apps trying to find some fun. i came across a gentlemens profile that struck my fancy, so i sent a him a message. His profile style stated he was 72, average build, with a long and thick cock, his pics immediately made my mouth water and my sissy little cock get hard.
We exchanged a few messages, just the basic intro type of stuff outlining what we were both into and what we would like experience. He told me he hadn't had a good piece of ass in a long time since the size of his cock tends to intimidate most of the people he meets, well i am always up for a challenge and the thought of his thick cock entering my tight little excited me even more. I explained to him that i enjoyed dressing slutty and submitting to older men and being used for their pleasure. I also told him of my fantasy of being used by 2 or more older cocks at the same time. After a few more messages neither of us could stand it any longer and decided to meet, he said he lived alone and preferred to host, which was fine with me, he sent me his address, according to my GPS it would take me about 45min or so to get to his place. I told him i needed to shower and "clean" myself up and could be there in about 3 hrs, he said that would be perfect and that he maybe able to arrange a little surprise for me. I sent him a few pics of me dressed and he picked out the outfit he wanted me to wear. So i jumped in the shower, shaved in all the right places , cleaned myself inside and out and started to get dressed. Normally i wear my outfits under my "normal" clothes but today i was feeling a little daring, so i dressed, grabbed my wig, bright red lipstick and my 4" heels, threw on my log over coat and out the door i went.
I was so nervous and excited the entire way to his house that my silky little thong just could not contain my rock hard little cock. I got to his place and pulled into the drive way and pulled around back as instructed, before getting out of the car i put on my wig and adjusted it just so, applied my bright red lipstick and put on my heels to complete the look. I was feeling like such a sexy good little slut and could not wait to feel his cock.
He greeted me at the door wearing nothing but a robe with a drink in his hand. As i walked in he smiled and said "welcome" as he handed me the drink. He grabbed a drink for himself as we walked thru his house into the main room, he instructed me to drop my coat and turned around so he could check me out, i took a sip from my drink and did as instructed. As i did i could see the front of his robe starting to rise. I began to get super excited with the anticipation of seeing his cock for the first time. He smiled and said he "liked" what he saw, i politely said thank you and responded with just wait til you feel how tight my hole is and gave him a little smile. I couldnt take my eyes off the rise in his robe but kept casually looking around trying to figure out what my "surprise" could be but i just couldnt wait any longer, i stepped toward him and slipped my hand into the front of his robe and started rubbing his chest, my hands exploring his strong chest and working their way down his stomach to what i could only image to be the most magnificent cock i have ever seen. As my right hand worked its way down to his semi hard cock my fingers worked their way thru his soft mound of pubic hair and gripped the base of thickest cock i have ever felt. I havent seen it yet but now i a starting to get worried if i can take this monster. I knew there was no way i could deep throat him, he sensed my fear and quickly tried to reassure me that he would take his time and go slow, then he opened his robe and let his monster cock free and i got my first glimpse. My mouth immediately began to water and i instinctively dropped to my knees, gripping his monster with both hands and wrapping my lips around his large mushroom head. I can feel his monster growing in my mouth, As i slowly work my stretched out mouth over his growing cock, first slowly working him into my mouth and as far down my eager throat as i can i began to gag, i the slowly withdraw, running my tongue the full length of his shaft til i get to that beautiful mushroom head, my tongue goes to work, then i slide him back into my mouth and a little further down my throat, i really concentrate on relaxing my throat and am able to get him a little further each time. He begins to moan, i feel his hand on the back of my head, slowly guiding me. I thought i heard the door open but i was too focused on his massive cock to really pay attention.
The next thing i know i feel another large thick heavy cock slapping me on the side of my face and i hear him say, "we have a good one this time, she really knows how to suck a cock" I open my eyes i cant believe what i see, my fantasy is going to cum true, not only did he invite a friend over but he is a well hung older black gentlemen and he has a BBC. I immediately go to work, taking that BBC as deep into my throat as it will go. It didnt take long till he was growing and i could feel him getting rock hard. He wasnt as long or thick but still well above average, i was instantly in heaven and could not wait to see what they hand in store for me.


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