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LTR with a TRANS

LTR with a Trans
Posted:Nov 10, 2020 2:01 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2020 5:37 pm

I've been thinking alot lately about maybe looking for a transgender for LTR. I'm currently with a women but It wont last. My first BF was out in CD mode when i met him the second time and i knew the moment i seen him i was going to have him bent over before sun rise. The reason I couldn't fully see us lasting was because I wanted . Now I have a and my desire to breed has diminished and have lost my drive to fuck chicks. Actually I find women rather annoying and I'm sick of pussy too. I was always turned on when he would go from a hot guy and slowly turn himself into a hot chick. I loved that he smelled like a women but had a penis to play with. It was very petite but I still enjoyed playing with it especially when I first woke up and he was rock hard. The last time I checked a few years ago He moved quite far away, got married and has a family of dogs. I find myself more and more thinking about the hours we spent watching Battle Star Galactic and I'd bend him over the arm of the sofa. He'd lube me up and quickly get into position. Oh how it felt to be balls deep in his perfect ass. I'd fuck him till he asked me to finish because he couldn't take it anymore and I'd explode deep inside him. I'd always kiss is neck while I ever so slowly pulled out my cock. Then I'd watch as he walked to the bathroom with his ass softly reddish pink from pleasure pounding that always seemed to be amazing. I miss you Ryan xoxo

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