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Klingensmith 53M
17 posts
3/23/2020 8:14 am
Best of Both

My perfect lover.

bjhogan 62M  
1385 posts
3/24/2020 4:49 am

oooooooooooooh god yes she is !

suc912 71M
4 posts
3/24/2020 6:22 am


wants2try12 63M
12 posts
3/24/2020 6:49 am

mmmmm YES so far only in my dreams, but one can only dream.

nubee69 57M
12 posts
3/24/2020 8:12 pm

Oh WOW!!! So very nice and you are sooo very LUCKY!

skuden 57M
27 posts
3/25/2020 3:30 am


posty2 65M
62 posts
3/25/2020 5:55 am

Nothing better than a hot CD!!!!

jcs73 46M
2 posts
3/25/2020 7:19 am

gorgeously perfect.....please?

bjhogan 62M  
1385 posts
3/25/2020 12:58 pm

this my kinda of woman ! as i do not care for pussy ! i want the dick !

talltravler57 63M
14 posts
3/26/2020 7:11 am

Just fabulous!

mjblucas 52M
5 posts
3/29/2020 4:17 am

Your perfect lover ! Where are all the men like you ? I'd love to find a man that wants me to dress for him and please him like that. Years ago, I thought I finally found that type of man. He loved that I wore women's things as he was into T-Gurls very much! I wanted him to help me transition as I though he was the one for me. Instead, he was more discreet about things than I was! Plus I found out he wasn't so "able" to help.