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The Private Message Thread
Posted:Sep 15, 2017 7:40 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2021 10:04 pm

So, as a standard member I'm not able to read new messages. Apologies in advance for that, so i hope that you will feel free to leave your comments here. These will be between us and won't be shared with everyone else.

I will be back to posting here again soon, till then... i hope you guys enjoy yourselves on the site.
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Daycation Part 4: The Conclusion
Posted:Oct 30, 2020 12:09 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2020 3:33 pm

My day at the bath house a couple of years ago still rings around in the back of my head as one of the most interesting 24 hours of my life.

I spent the afternoon swimming with two men, found someone in the sauna and even spent some time in the evening with a nice guy from out of town. I wanted to relax before i finally retired to my room for the night, so I headed back into the sauna for a few minutes. I just sat there and let the day wash over me and smiling to myself to the more enjoyable moments. The noises from the dance earlier had begun to quiet down and the crowd began to filter out.

I must have spent about twenty minutes in the sauna before I felt like it was time to step out. I stepped out and it was quiet again, I made my way to the shower one last time and grabbed my towel. I walked down the dark hallways and could hear the ambient moans from other rooms, I walked past open doors and caught a glimpse of men entangled together.

I made it back to my room and closed my door to collapse on the bed. The TV was still on so I watched the porno that was still on for a few minutes before I drifted off to sleep, my body exhausted and still feeling the motion of the pool in my legs.

The next morning, I collected my things and packed my bags. I stepped into my clothes that felt alien again after leaving them in the closet for the entire day. I made my way to the front desk and turned in my key, I looked back one last time to look at gentlemen undressing themselves before I walked out for good.

That was my only time over night at the Bath House here and while I only went there every months or so, I always practiced discretion and safe sex, elements that I tend drop off for the sake of the blog.

One of these days, when things get back normal I might have check out the Homestead in Texas. Due the distance and my interest in experiencing the entire resort, I will get a room again. Till then, you guys stay safe out there and take care of yourselves out there.
Daycation Part 3: Overnight in the Garden
Posted:Oct 29, 2020 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2020 8:29 am

My daycation at the local Bath House had been a nice afternoon, so far. After spending some time in the swimming pool with two naked man, I disappeared into the sauna and found a good partner to spend the afternoon with. I made my way back to my room and relaxed on the bed for a while. Outside noises started to get a little louder which meant a crowd had begun to show up for the night.

I used the muttering background noise to lull myself into a nap. I slept for about 45 minutes before my next door neighbors began to get a little loud with their moaning. So, I took that as my cue to wake up and venture out again and I realized that I could hear the rhythmic beat of some dance music which meant that the night party had begun to start and men were beginning to show up. I opened my door and stepped out naked and found the darkened hallways full of activity with equally naked men... some of them with towels wrapped around their waists. The room next door left their door open to invite anyone in wanted watch or more..

I walked back out the outdoor deck see what was going on by the pool and I found that the place was lit up with christmas lights and the bar had opened up for everyone. I could see other men standing around and some in the pool with their beautiful penises bouncing back and forth on their thighs as they moved around and laughed amongst each other. I stepped out on the deck and laid out my towel on an empty deck chair and sat back and watched the scene for a while.

I was sitting mindlessly stroking my cock at the sight of all of the naked men before me when a man in his mid-fifties sat down in the chair next me. He was still dressed and rather well, he had salt-n-pepper hair and he was in good shape. He introduced himself me as he set his drink down on the table next us. He explained me that he was in town for business and heard about the good reviews of the bath house. He was curious enough to visit and wanted to see what might happen if he came out.

We sat talking before I suddenly remembered that I was completely naked and he was still dressed in his evening casual wear. He excused himself go his locker and undress while I sat and waited for his return. After about ten minutes, the door swung open and he stepped out slowly and awkwardly with his towel still around his waist. He walked straight back to his seat and sat down, I could see that he kept himself in great shape, he didn't have visible abs, but he certainly had nice arms and shoulders. I enjoyed his eyes scanning my body and noticed the nodding approval under his towel as well.

I used that as my opportunity to show him around the bath house. We stood up and I asked him to follow me, hoping that his eyes would get a good eyeful of what he could have in a bit. We turned to the right and made our way across the bar area to another door that went straight into a room with a large tub with room for 60 men. We stopped in the corner of the room to observe the scene and I felt his hand rest on my hip as we stood next to each other and I turned to him and smiled with my approval. Other men were sitting at the edge of the pool while other men were sitting on the edge getting their cocks sucked by men in the water. I watched him for a second and saw his reaction, and then I tugged his towel off his waist to expose his hard cock that flopped down on his thigh. He looked a little shocked, but smiled at me as I placed the my left hand on the front of his thigh and could slightly feel his testicle brush on my finger tip. He let out a sharp breath when he felt my finger and we moved through another door on the opposite side of the bath room.

We stepped back into the hallways of the bath house near the back room. We looked at each other and I led him down one hall way show him one of the shower areas, this was a smaller shower than the ones near the sauna but we found two men enjoying each other showers. We stood watching for a second and I watched slowly begin slowly stroke his cock at the sight. Eventually we were spotted and we made our way back out of the shower. He went place his towel back around his waist but I asked him to walk naked with me back my room.

He kept the towel off and we made our way back to my room. When we got back, I closed the door and I lit the candles again. He sat at the edge of the bed as I grabbed the remote control for the TV in the room. The available thing see is gay porn, but I turned on and joined him on the bed. He had laid back with his head on the pillow when I made my way back and crawled up from the foot of the bed. I settled down next him with my leg draped over his leg and started rubbing his chest as we laid watching porn. This was when he confessed that this was his first time with another man which put me at ease since my experience was pretty thin. I just assured him that we could take our time and enjoy the movie. He had a nice cock too, a little thinner than mine but he had a big head on his cock.

We laid just enjoying ourselves when he asked if we could switch positions. I switched with him and he asked lay behind me on the bed, so I rolled over on one side and invited him over. He placed himself behind me and I felt his cock wedge between my thighs under my ass. We enjoyed the movie for a while and he laid behind me slowly rubbing my shoulder and kissing the back of my neck softly and every once in a while I would move my ass for him slightly and let his cock get closer my asshole.. once he was kissing my asshole with his cock I leaned my head back and he hugged me close for a few minutes. His right hand began slide down my hip and down my belly.. I could feel his erection throbbing and a wet spot starting form on my asshole. I could feel his and wet precum on my ass and he finally reached over and grabbed my hard cock in his hand and began stroking my cock with a nice long stride. It was hard do, but I wanted his cock in me so badly that I rolled over grab the coconut oil. I reached back and lubed up his cock really well and took my time to stroke his cock really well before I guided his cock to my asshole.

I lifted my leg up to my chest and I aimed his cock straight to my asshole and pulled him close. He took his time, but I welcomed to his thick cock head into my ass. He went all of the way into me on his first try and I let out a nice soft moan once I adjusted to his cock. He slowly withdrew his cock before plunging it back into me with a nice stride. Little by little, he began to increase his speed into my ass and I enjoyed the feeling of his cock rubbing my prostate in the right spot. He had a nice pace going and I could hear that he was enjoying himself, he kept his hand on my hip and rubbed my ass. I started to feel a very comforting tingle starting to grow up my spine and I let out my first real audible moan.

The tingling continued as he quickened his pace and amazingly when he seized up to cum in my ass, I suddenly felt myself start to shoot my own stream of cum at the time. We were both breathing heavily and collapsed in bed together with his cock still deep in my ass. We both enjoyed the moment and laughed to ourselves about what just happened. After a few minutes, he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and we made our way to the showers to clean off. When we were done with our shower, we said our goodbyes and he went off to the lockers and I took that as my opportunity to walk back into the sauna and relax a little more before I walked back to my room.

It was 11 o'clock and I was anxious to see what was still to come over night.
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Daycation Part 2: The Sauna
Posted:Oct 28, 2020 2:33 pm
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 6:01 am

Once I started writing, I knew I wasn't going to be able to get my entire experience in one post. So, here we go with the next spot that I visited at the local Bath House.

I had sat out in the sun with a couple of men by the pool. I watched them skinny dip with each other and at times, I even jumped into the pool to cool off from the sun. We all stepped inside and into the showers where we continued our conversation from outside. We separated when we stepped out of the shower, they disappeared into the darkness of the maze of hallways together and I stepped right into the sauna.

The sauna was my favorite spot of the bath house to visit. I loved the steamy room lit up only by one light at the corner. Aside from the adjustment to the heat, your eyes must adjust to catch the slightest movement in the cloud of steam. Again, I would walk in naked and find my spot to sit. Eventually, the steam would fill my lungs with the heat and the heat would draw out anything on your skin. The heat would also relax my body and my cock would get nice and fat and hang between my thighs. Through the steam I saw a good looking red headed man sitting in the corner naked. We weren't the only ones in the sauna, but he is the one who caught my eye.

I could see his white body through the steam and I could see him slowly stroking his cock. Eventually, I made my way to sit next to him and started up a short conversation. I felt like he would be the one who came back with me to my room once I felt his thigh rub up on mine. I was quick to put my hand on his thigh and work my hand up and down in appreciation. Eventually, we stepped out of the sauna and into the shower to cool off. I found myself captivated by his body, he was slim but built. His cock was nice and pretty shade of pink and his ass was perfect.

The two of us made our way out of the shower and I asked him to follow me back to my room. Once we got back to my room, I lit up the candles made available by the bath house and I pulled out my vile of coconut oil. I began to apply some to my body and offered him the same. Eventually, I ended up applying some to his back and made sure to get enough on his beautiful ass. I sat at the edge of the bed and he turned around for me as I began to work the coconut oil into his ass cheeks. Little by little I would let my thumb stray off a little further towards his asshole. Each time I did, I could hear a slight purr and chuckle from him. I turned him around and slowly started to apply coconut oil to his cock and balls. He quickly got a nice erection in front of me as I began to kiss the tip of his cock softly. I continued to move my hands on his hips and down the front of his thighs as I began to lick the pre-cum coming from the tip of his cock. Then I plunged his cock into my mouth, wrapping my lips on the shaft of his cock and sliding his cock back out of my mouth. I began to suck his cock and with my right hand I began to pump the shaft of his lubed up cock. His breath began to get short and there was a slight thrust every time I began to move back down the shaft of his cock. I kept licking and kissing the head of his cock and pumping his cock harder and faster as he began to breathe faster. I pulled his cock into my mouth as soon as his sharp breathing came to a sudden halt, his body seized up and then there was his sudden hot gush of semen straight into my mouth. I made sure to swallow his entire load and he sat next to me at the foot of the bed.

I invited him to lay back on the bed with me and we crawled up to the center of the bed. he laid on his back and I laid next to him under his shoulder with my hand on his cock and massaging his balls. We laid there catching our breath and laughed a little about little jokes we made earlier in conversation. His cock stayed hard in my hand and when we found our breath again and relaxed a little.. we shared a look again. He rolled over and took the coconut oil off the night stand by the bed and applied some to his ass and took some more and lubed up my cock. We didn't have to share a word here, but we knew exactly what we were doing. He stoked my cock for a little and moved to his left side and I inched up behind him.

He let out a slight moan when the head of my cock bumped his ass and he raised his ass for me a little more. I aimed the head of my cock at his asshole and slowly began to rub it . My cock sank in a little and his head kicked back into the base of my neck. My cock began to slide into his ass and he let out a slight pained moaned and I let it stop where it was for a moment. Once he adjusted, I slid my cock in further. As soon as we both felt that I was all of the way in, we both let out a collective sigh of relaxing. i placed my hand on his bare hip and started to draw my cock out again to the head of my cock before sliding it all the way back in slowly. We were both exactly where we wanted to be at that moment.
I started to move slowly at first and picked up my pace with each thrust. He had a beautiful pink asshole and I loved watching my cock in him. He began to moan and that made me fuck him harder with longer strokes. We changed positions when he wanted to get on his elbows and knees. i kissed and rimmed his pretty asshole and balls before I slid my cock back into him. I began to fuck him with a nice even pace and within a few minutes i could feel my orgasm beginning to build up. I kept pumping my hard cock into him at that fast pace and suddenly I started shooting my load deep into his ass. I turned him over and collapsed between his legs and went back to sucking his beautiful cock. His cock was covered with his own precum and was a good prize for me at the end. We laid in the bed for a while to collect ourselves again. He wasn't staying for the night and had to get going soon, but we enjoyed the rest of our conversation before we made our way back to the showers to freshen up. I invited him back to my room to get dressed before he left.

Eventually, he grabbed his bag and was ready to leave and we had our good byes. By this point, it was only 7 o'clock in the evening and there was still a whole lot more to come.
My Daycation at the Bath House Part 1
Posted:Oct 26, 2020 6:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2020 10:33 am

I have to admit..

I REALLY miss the local bath house and the possibilities that it presented. I really did become comfortable with myself and my body while visiting the bath house over time. When I first started visiting, there was a patio in the back with a large pool and I would take full advantage of the pool on a hot summer south Texas afternoon.

Most of the men that would visit the bath house only stayed in the dark hall ways and only the ones comfortable with themselves would venture out into the sun. I enjoyed being out there to work on my all over tan while watching other men swim naked.

Rooms were available there for the night and I decided to stay there for a night on a Friday. I heard there was a nice crowd of men of all ages and since I have been attracted to older fit men this might be a good night to meet a couple. I got there to the bath house at around 2 pm and instead of undressing at the locker area, i grabbed my room key to settle in to. My room had a nice single bed, a lamp which gave a warm glow to the otherwise dark surroundings of the maze of hallways and some nice scented candles around the room. I took my time to undress with the door open and got completely naked, i grabbed my towel and walked out to the pool area locking my door behind me.

I made my way back through the dark hallways and ran into a man walking the opposite direction with his towel around his waist. As we passed, i felt his hand run up the side of my body while I turned and just gave him a coy little grin. When I made my way to the door, I gave my eyes a moment to prepare for the stark contrast of the bright sunlight outside. Once I opened the door and to my first step out, I saw other men skinny dipping and laughing with each other in the pool.
They were both around my age, the first one was a dark haired hispanic man and his friend was a caucasian man with blue eyes and a pretty pink cock bouncing between his thighs when he stepped out check his phone.

We started a conversation and joked around and laughed with each other for a couple of hours. All of us made sure stand together in a circle and watch each other's cock nodding about and we didn't make a secret about it. At times, I could feel my cock growing into an erection, but none of us paused when that happened to us and we welcomed the sight of each other.

Eventually, we made our way back inside. We all showered up and then they disappeared into the darkness, and I knew I would see them again later in the night.
An Unexpected Adventure
Posted:Aug 10, 2020 10:50 pm
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2020 2:46 am
I really wasn't expecting the call that day.

I was going about my usual day and working from home. I got a text and saw who it was from, a friend that I haven't seen in a few months. He is a good guy, an older gentleman and in very good shape. He is married to a woman and both lived at a nudist resort that I have frequented. I have joined the both of them once before on a whim one day and we all enjoyed ourselves.

This afternoon I got a text asking if I had time to meet up with him. This time he asked if we could meet up for a couple of hours in a hotel room. Just the two of us.

My cock twitched at the thought. I have had a toy that I have been playing with and was becoming more and more of a simple toy. I really felt like a real cock would feel much better.

I agreed to meet him later that afternoon and the day went by pretty fast as I thought about the possibilities. He actually came by my place to pick me up and we chatted along the way and never quite talked about what we were about to do together. As soon as we got into the room though, we both sat down on the bed and relaxed for a bit, turned on the TV and sat there.

He stood up first and announced that he needed a quick shower. i decided to jump in with him to tidy up a bit and just to get comfortable with each other. We both got undressed and stood in front of each other for a moment just to take in each other's cocks hanging between our thighs. Even though I only played with his wife, I was always attracted to his cock. He was a good nine inches and I just watched his cock bounce between his thighs while we showered. I trimmed up a little bit and stepped out of the shower.

I really wanted to be fucked well and went into this wanting to be a bottom for him and make him feel as comfortable as possible. I applied coconut oil to my entire body and made sure to lube myself up for him. I made an effort to measure my movements and seem more alluring for him. He stepped out of the shower and did something that I wasn't quite expecting. He grabbed me and kissed me right on the lips and then held me close to his body.

I really enjoy when my partner is as comfortable as I am when walking around naked. I let him sit back on the bed while I gathered everything we would need. Finally, I joined him on the bed and straddled his hips allowing my cock to lay in his and rub our balls together. I applied some coconut oil to his cock and balls and then went back to rubbing our cocks together. i was grinding on his cock with mine and he had his hand on my hips guiding my movements.
We moved together very well and i ended up on my belly with my ass up for him as he kissed and licked my asshole. i allowed him to get as much as he wanted. I was so ready for him that I began to moan out loud.

I felt him rise to his knees and knew this was the moment I was waiting for. I felt the soft head of his cock bump my waiting ass. We were both lubed up and I pushed back and took his cock into my ass. It felt so satisfying to feel his cock deep inside of me.
We stayed in this position for a few minutes before i prompted him to lay be my side and fuck me from behind. he picked up a faster and harder rhythm and I was pushing back into him. He pulled me closer to him and kept fucking me hard while grabbing hold of my cock.

We took a short break to rehydrate and catch out breaths. He gathered his shorts and went out for a smoke while I laid in bed stroking my hard cock. It wasn't long before he came back in.. rinsed up a little and came back to suck my cock for about ten minutes. I was so relaxed and satisfied from my first fucking that night that he made me cum and he swallowed my cum without letting any fall from his lips. I came a lot that day too.

He took a moment but then lubed up his cock again and lifted my legs above my head and fucked me hard again. This time I had my legs spread and up in the air. i just planted my palms on his thighs and pointed my toes for him and let him fuck me. Again, I began to moan out loud uncontrollably. His weight pressing down on me and I could feel his pace quicken again, he began to breathe a little shorter and then I felt it hit my insides.. His hot cum fulling me up inside.

We remained in that position and he leaned in to kiss me again. His cock deep in me as he kissed me was something I didn't know that I needed but felt really right in the moment. We took our time in the shower again and played a little again with each other.

Eventually, we got our clothes back on and took our time walking back to the car. It felt really good to do it and we had a great time together.

That is the third best date that I have been on with another man.
Gentrification and Good-Bye Guilty Pleasure
Posted:Apr 1, 2020 7:37 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 9:41 pm
Week four of being a castaway in my own home and I have watched all of Tiger King and most of Netflix now.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the local bath house had been shut down and ready be taken down make room for a parking lot for the High Rise Condo that went up next door last year.

The first few times that I went there, The property was larger and included a secluded pool for skinny dipping with men. I used be out by the pool almost every day and had a great tan without going the nudist ranch that was a twenty minute drive away as opposed the five minute drive downtown. I used to love rising out of the pool completely nude in an environment open to exhibition and voyeurs free to let their erections show proudly. I could walk past the outdoor bar into a room with a large hot tub for a large group of men. Again, it was another guilty pleasure to walk across the hot tub in thigh high hot water for every man to watch my cock bounce between my thighs as I found a place to settle down to sit.

Another guilty pleasure was definitely to watch men walk around completely nude, to follow them into the darkened room where a maze of walls led you to different spots to sit and wait. There were times that I would turn a corner and come face to face with a naked man. Brushing the tip of his cock as he walked by and let him run his hand down my hip and around to cup my ass.

I would walk through the room full of beds and some with men laying down ass up or with their cocks showing. You could watch men fuck each other and sit across from them as they enjoy their moment. To listen to the noises as another man thrusts into a man's ass. I was dragged into one of the private room once by a muscular man that just wanted me to rub his body with coconut oil as he stood in front of me naked.

My favorite guilty pleasure of all though. I could spend hours in the steam room. I loved to walk into the room and feel the sudden heat of the steam and walk in to the fog. I could see the shape of men sitting on the benches or standing near the one light source in the room. There, I was in my fantasy environment to be sitting there completely naked with others. Everyone free to stroke their cocks and watch others do the same.
I would leave the steam room every once in a while to go take a cooling shower with others too. My cock long and hanging down, i would let a man inch up to me and start stroking my coc I would lead him back into the steam room again.

Once in there, we would start to cross cocks and feel each other completely. I loved to bend over for him in the steam room and give him my ass to fuc Completely clean and smooth. His cock would just slide right in with little coaxing. I would love let him cum in and walk right over the shower again with him.. cool off and clean up a little.

The bath house was a first for a lot of things for . It definitely was the beginning of being exposed the true underbelly of meeting men for sex. I was very discriminate with who I got involved with. A lot of times, I went simply enjoy the facilities and walk around nude watch others and jack off for someone watch. I ran into a man that justified my own exhibitionism and I walked around without my towel after I met him.

I was fucked for the first time in a room there, I explored a man's body for the first time. I kissed a t-girl for the first time there. I sucked a cock to completion for the first time and tasted another man's cum for the first time there. I sucked a man's cock poolside for the first time there.

I will miss the bath house, but also a little relieved that i don't have the lure of dangerous sex with strangers anymore.
Bareback with a Friend Part 2
Posted:Feb 16, 2020 5:23 am
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2020 3:34 pm
This past summer, a friend of mine came into town for a few days and we made plans to go one afternoon.

We met and got along really well at the nudist resort here in town and decided that we both needed to get some sun that afternoon that we would be hanging . We gathered up a few towels and some sun block and made our way there and stopped at the one gas station along the road to the resort where every cashier gives you a coy little smirk because they know where you're going dressed in beach wear and buying an ice chest full of drinks and snacks. Though, they looked at my friend and I oddly..

We made our way to the resort and our entry fees. We made our way to the room to just undress and chit chat for a bit. I undressed knowing he was watching and made sure to give him a good view of everything and to do it slowly enough to tease.

I have always loved that wiggle and bounce that a flaccid penis does between a man's thighs as he walks. My friend stepped up to me to just put an arm around me and tell me how long it's been since we saw each other.. ten years. We made our way to the pool area and had our fun there. We swam, mingled with the others in attendance, laughed and finally made our way back to the room to get dressed. We were being reserved knowing full well what we would be up to back at his hotel.

We drove back and talked about our day and made it back to his hotel downtown. We tossed our bags on the floor and made our way to the bathroom to shower.. undressing, our bodies were still warm from the sun and a little darker from the exposure to this southern sun. The shower was definitely large enough for both of us as we stood in there cooling off and allowing the water to run over our bodies.. he started to lather my body up and I returned the favor.. just allowing our hands to go every where on each other. I slowly started to stroke his cock first deliberately grasping on to the head of his cock tightly before running my hand back to his shaft and up again. His cock stiffened quickly and he did the to me.

Slowly we stood there watching each other as we stroked cocks. He was my first ever at the nudist resort and he was the first that I bottomed for. we stepped of the shower eventually and dried off leaving the towels behind. I followed him naked into the bedroom and stood together in front of the bed. Our cocks rolling rubbing together as we swung our hips in opposite directions.

We crawled on to the bed and laid down in a 69 position.. finally face to face with his cock. i kissed his spot where his shaft meets his balls and started to lick his shaft upward.. I rolled the tip of his cock with my tongue and finally took it into my mouth. I could taste the first bit of precum already as I licked his stiff cock. He rolled me on to my back and took my cock into his mouth and gave me a blow job that made me shoot my load into his mouth in less than three minutes.
We laid next to each other for a few minutes just catching our breath. i could feel his cock pressing into my side... so I excused myself for a moment and went to my bag. I pulled out a bottle of Coconut oil that I brought along for this moment. I lubed myself up really well for him and crawled back into bed. I still had a little coconut oil on my had so I reached down and lubed up his hard cock.

i got on all fours in front of him and asked him to mount me. i love that moment of vulnerability.. waiting to feel the head of his cock on my ass.. to feel it press into me.. to let his cock into me... to feel his cock in me.

i love to be fucked by a guy knows how to fuck. For twenty minutes and ten different positions, we fucked..

I loved being on top, legs spread and my cock bouncing up and down for him to watch. I love being on the bottom, missionary style, but I love to feel his cum fill my ass when he can't take it anymore. i love the feeling when I cum hands free and only his cock getting me off.

we both collapsed on the bed.. still inside of me we laid there for a few minutes before taking another long shower together to relax.
My New Friend
Posted:Feb 11, 2020 1:58 pm
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2020 2:13 pm
Well, i finally broke down and purchased my first toy, and i love it!!

I actually strolled into the local adult shop on the gay strip of shops, night clubs and bars. I've been in the store before but mostly out of curiosity and never made a purchase. Yesterday, i just had a stray thought to cut the edge off not having any tangible opptunities here with my schedule. So, i decided that i wanted to pick out a realistic dildo.

I felt like i was buying condoms again for the first time since the dildos were behind a counter. I took a few minutes to browse the selection.. some are elaborate enough to have a functioning foreskin... but i just need something for the shower..

I couldn't make it home before i took it out of the package to hold in my hand in the car. I finally made it home and got a hot shower started and immediately stuck it to the tiled wall. I lubed it up and myself then slowly back on to it, and wow... i finally got a good position and started and nice slow rhythm. The intial pain faded away and i began to feel the nerves on my back light up.. it intensified as i kept my motion and suddenly i started to shoot cum on the floor of the shower.

I've had that happen only once before during a threesome with a couple, and under three minutes experienced this again with the new toy...

Not bad... i may start a collection.
What I Want
Posted:Jan 5, 2020 7:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 9:41 pm
I want Comfort and I want Intimacy.

I feel like I have fooled around enough with enough guys that I know what I want when I see it in regards a sexual relationship with another man. I don't need someone with the biggest fattest cock out there. I don't need rock hard abs or that adonis body that we all strive for.

I want be able walk out into the kitchen and catch you there making something totally naked. I want to be able to watch you move from counter to counter.. keeping my eye on a flaccid and bouncing coc

I want walk into the bathroom and catch you looking over your shoulder in the shower. Throwing a playful grin my way as you catch looking at your wet naked body.

I want feel you crawl into bed and feel your skin on mine as you close the gap. I want to feel that cock resting on my bac. i want that cock get hard as I puch into you. I want that swarm of familiar feelings as you grab my cock and stroke it till it gets hard in your hands.

I want to know what your cock feels like sliding into my waiting ass. I want you to know exactly when i get enough of your cock in . I want be filled with you and feel your breath on the back of my nec I want feel the pace quicken and your breath shorten as you begin thrust into . I want feel your body tighten up and feel that hot cum fill my ass.

Then I want do it all over again.

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