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JustShowingOff 48M
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2/11/2020 1:58 pm
My New Friend

Well, i finally broke down and purchased my first toy, and i love it!!

I actually strolled into the local adult shop on the gay strip of shops, night clubs and bars. I've been in the store before but mostly out of curiosity and never made a purchase. Yesterday, i just had a stray thought to cut the edge off not having any tangible opptunities here with my schedule. So, i decided that i wanted to pick out a realistic dildo.

I felt like i was buying condoms again for the first time since the dildos were behind a counter. I took a few minutes to browse the selection.. some are elaborate enough to have a functioning foreskin... but i just need something for the shower..

I couldn't make it home before i took it out of the package to hold in my hand in the car. I finally made it home and got a hot shower started and immediately stuck it to the tiled wall. I lubed it up and myself then slowly back on to it, and wow... i finally got a good position and started and nice slow rhythm. The intial pain faded away and i began to feel the nerves on my back light up.. it intensified as i kept my motion and suddenly i started to shoot cum on the floor of the shower.

I've had that happen only once before during a threesome with a couple, and under three minutes experienced this again with the new toy...

Not bad... i may start a collection.

bjhogan 62M  
1319 posts
2/12/2020 1:40 pm

wow ! i NEED to get one of these !!!!! i have Quite an areSINal of toysz since my divorce in 09 ! BUTT PLUGS ! ANAL BEADS !! an 8 inch LIFE LIKE VIBRATOR !! but the ONE i'm DYING to try OUT is my 18 inch BLACK ! DOUBLE ENDED DILDO !!! i just need a willing lover to share it with ! it's still in the WRAPPER !! i started off with my EX's small vibrator ! it was maybe 4 in . and thin ! i even got her to USE it on me !! telling her that it intensifies my orgasm ! which it does ! never had the nerve to TELL her i learned that from being fucked by a man/men ! but now that i'm SINGLE and out of the closet ! i still have NEEDS no WOMAN can full fill !! i have quite the collection of gay porn ! in addition to a large ASSortment of thongs and g-strings ! which work well when i have a butt plug in my ass/pussy ! when feeling horny ! i will wear my small butt plug for hrs ! doing my chores ! or edging my self while i watching some hot ! gay porn ! and when i DECIDE to CUM ! it's always in buckets ! but of course NOTHING beats the REAL THING ! ESPECIALY when he CUMS INSIDE MY HOLE ! mmmmmmmm

JustShowingOff replies on 2/16/2020 4:40 am:
I think you are absolutely right.

NOTHING compares to the real thing. And yes, I want to feel that warm gush inside of me that lets me know that he enjoyed himself as much as I have.

This is my very first time with any kind of toy for myself.. I have never even had a flesh light before. I like to get started with a really hot shower, both to warm up the toy and myself.. I like to bump into it as I lather up.

But after my shower.. oh boy.. I had to get used to having it in me and after three days... I have been taking up to four hot showers a day now!