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checking out the theater
Posted:Nov 19, 2019 6:59 pm
Last Updated:Nov 21, 2019 2:40 pm

after they left the room Danny and i sat on the table and discus the fucking we each just had.
you want to go and see what the theater is all about?
i sure do but i do not think i could take another fucking.
i am also very well drain dry.
i would like to suck some cock before we go back to the motel room.
i hear what your saying.
there is no way i will let anyone fuck me either.
i am also very well drain dry.
i also would like to suck a couple of cocks yet before we go back to the motel room.
when we walked into the theater we stood there until our eyes got use to the darkness.
there were dim lights that pave the aisle way.
the movie gave off considerable of light.
we could make what everyone was doing and they were not watching the movie.
some of the men were giving each other blow jobs .
some were fucking.
the ones that were getting fuck was setting on the other guys lap and bouncing up and down.
just then a hand reached over and touched my leg.
i looked over and saw two men setting together.
they both were stark naked setting there playing with there hard cocks.
you both want to suck on our cocks. before i could say anything Danny said sure we would like to suck you both off.
do you both swallow also.
we sure do and we make sure you are very well drain dry.
Danny got on one side of the two men and knelt down by him.
i knelt down beside the other man.
I started to play with his balls.
so nice and smooth.
your uncut also.
nice size cock you have there.
i started to lick on his cock.
i took the head of his cock into my mouth.
i slowly swallowed all his cock deep down my throat.
i held his cock deep into throat.
i looked over to see what Danny was doing.
Danny was sucking and playing with his mans balls.
i started to suck very slow.
after a little while of sucking slow.
i started to suck faster and harder,
playing with his balls all the time while i was sucking.
he let out a moan.
he started to fuck my .
his cock grew a little harder.
his legs was starting to tremble and he was moaning and breathing deeper.
he let a yell i am going to fill your fucking tummy full of my .
get ready because i am just about ready to exploded into your tummy.
suck hard and fast.
just then he reached down and grab my head and pushed his cock deep into my throat and held it there.
i am going t , here it comes.
oh fuck yes i am cumming.
take all of 's .
i swallowed and swallowed every last drop he had.
he let go of my head.
i keep on sucking making sure i had every last drop of his .
he looked down and pulled my head off his cock.
it is very sensitive right now.
fuck man you were sure did give a load of i loved it.
i looked over to see how Danny was doing.
just then the guy he was sucking reached down and grab his head,
then he pushed his ass up in the air and force his cock into Danny's throat.
he let a yell take my right now .
i could see Danny swallowing his .
after he swallowed the last drop of his .
he sat back down in his seat and pulled Danny's head off his cock.
after i my cock gets very sensitive right a way.
you sure do know how to suck cock.
you drain dry like you said you would.
then he looked over his friend and asked him if i had drain him dry.
fuck yes he did.
Danny and i Got up from the floor.
thank you both for letting us suck your cock.
i am ready to go back to the motel room how about you?
yes i am ready lets go back to the motel room.
the book store room cont on
Posted:Nov 14, 2019 1:34 pm
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2019 8:50 am

Bert and i sat on the table and watch Danny getting his turn.
Danny asked Danny to stand at the end of the table.
i would like you to lean over so your head is resting on the table.
fuck your hole is so inviting.
your hole is asking for daddy's hard cock.
daddy is going to fuck that hot tight hole until you can not take it any longer.
Danny asked us for the lube.
we handed him the lube.
we watch Danny lubing up his hard cock.
he then put some on his finger and started to rub the lube all over his tight fuck hole.
we watched Danny putting more lotion on two of his fingers.
i looked over at Bert he is going to stick both of his right up Peters hole.
Danny asked Peter if he was ready for two finger to enter his fuck hole.
yes stick both fingers up my fuck hole i can take it.
We sat there and watch Danny starting to enter his fuck hole.
after a little pushing in went both fingers.
Peter let out a small moan.
oh daddy that feels so good.
you think daddy's fingers feels good just wait until daddy sticks his hard cock up your fuck hole.
Danny moved his fingers around a little and pulled them out of his fuck hole.
he asked him if he wanted daddy to wear a condom/
yes please daddy put on a condom.
we watched Danny roll the condom over his hard cock.
he then put some lube all over his hard cock.
He laid his hard cock on his fuck hole.
He reached down and grab his cock and potion the head right at his hole.
here it comes.
he gave his cock a Little push and in went the head.
he never pushed his cock in further.
Peter let out a yell dam daddy your cock is so big.
ready for more of daddy's cock.
yes daddy give me all of it.
please do not stop until i have all of your hard cock.
he pushed his cock into his hole slowly until his balls were resting on his ass cheeks.
just as he has his cock buried deep inside his hole.
that was when Danny got a surprise.
Jack grab Danny around his waist and told him to hold still.
He reached down and grab a condom and slip it over his hard cock.
then he picked up the lube and lube up his hard cock.
he placed some lube on his finger and rub the lube on Danny hole.
he slip his finger up Danny hole with what lube was left on his finger.
hold still your going to get a hard cock right up your fuck hole.
when you start to fuck peter i am just going to stand here and let you fuck yourself.
he reached down and grab his hard cock and placed the head on his hole.
he push a little and the head slip right inside Danny hole.
Danny said do not stop until i can feel your balls resting on my ass cheeks.
Bert and i watched while he pushed his cock deep inside Danny hole.
his balls were resting on Danny's ass cheeks.
he told Danny go ahead and fuck peter.
Danny started to fuck peter.
peter looked back at Danny and saw Jack also Danny.
oh fuck! we have a train going on here.
fuck me fast and hard daddy.
it did not take long until peter was yelling out i am going to real soon.
Jack yelled out i am getting real close to cumming.
Danny yelled out i am going to cum real soon i cant hold it back any longer.
i jump off the table and laid under peter.
i took his hard cock deep into my throat and held it there.
his cock grew a little harder.
he let out a yell fuck i am going to cum.
just then he started to squirt his hot load deep down my throat.
Jack let out a yell i am cumming also.
Danny yelled out take daddy's cum.
i swallowed peters last drop of cum.
i pulled off his cock and stood up.
fuck you sure do taste good.
what a load you had i liked it very much.
Danny was still deep inside his fuck hole and laying down on peters back.
Jack was still deep up inside Danny's hole.
slowly jack pulled his cock out of Danny hole.
his cock was dripping with a few drops of his cum.
Bert got down on his knees and started to lick his cock clean.
Danny slowly pulled his cock out of peters hole.
Peter turn around and started to lick Danny cock clean.
once we were all clean we stood there looking at each other.
we told each other what a great time we had.
Bert looked at me and said you sure do know how to fuck.
i have been around.
they all left me and Danny setting there on the tables.
book store room cont
Posted:Nov 11, 2019 5:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2019 4:09 pm

Bert told lay down on my back .
as i was laying there on my back i was watching Bert slipping on a condom.
the condom only went down about three quarter of the way down his long shaft.
he looked at and smile you don't mind wearing a condom do you?
i do not mind all.
he asked peter to hand him the bottle of lotion.
he smeared so his huge long cock.
he asked me to grab my feet and pull them up toward my chest.
dam you sure do have a nice looking hole.
he reached down and patted my hole, and said it will not be long and you are going to get my big cock up inside this hole.
he put some lotion on his finger and started to rub it on my hole.
then he place some lotion on his finger and place his finger on my hole.
relax so i can put this lotion up your tight hole.
i felt his finger starting to push ageist my hole.
then in went his finger.
i felt his finger moving around inside my hole.
then he pulled his finger of my hole.
then he looked and said he was going to insert two fingers up my hole.
i want to make sure your hole will be ready for my cock.
i watched him putting more lotion on two of his fingers.
he placed his fingers on my hole and started to push both finger inside my hole.
he pushed a little harder and i felt both fingers going up inside my hole.
i let a little moan.
he asked if i was alright.
yes i am alright.
i felt him moving his fingers around inside my hole.
he worked my hole for a little while then pulled his finger of my hole.
i think you are ready for my cock.
i looked him and just smiled.
i watched him putting more lube on his cock.
he placed my feet up on his shoulders.
i felt the head of his cock resting on my hole.
he reached down and grad his cock and placed the head right on my hole.
here it comes and it is going to hurt as soon as the head goes inside your hole.
i felt the tip of the head of his cock starting to enter my hole.
then the whole head went inside my hole.
i let a yell.
your cock is so fucking huge.
he looked down .
relax and you are so fucking tight and so fucking .
he started to push inside further.
he stopped so i could get use to his huge fucking cock going up inside .
that is it relax i can feel your hole starting to relax.
he started to push in further.
my hole was on fire.
you have taken about half of my cock.
he started to push deeper inside .
he keep on pushing until i felt his balls resting on my ass cheeks.his cock felt like it was up inside my throat.
my whole body was on fire.
you enjoying my cock deep up inside your hole.
oh fuck yes i am enjoying it.
fuck please.
i felt his cock starting to pull of .
i felt his cock leaving my hole until only the head of his cock was inside my hole.
you want to fuck you?
yes please fuck i want your hard long black cock deep inside .
fuck with that huge black cock.
he started to push his cock deep up inside .
he never stop until i felt his balls hitting my ass cheeks.
each time he pushed up inside my hole i felt his balls hitting my ass checks..
he started to fuck me faster and harder.
yes fuck me fast and hard.
your fucking cock feels so fucking good.
fuck me fuck me
you are going to get a fucking that you will not forget for a very long time.
he started to fuck me faster and harder.
with each deep thrust i felt his huge balls hitting my ass cheeks.
wit each thrust i let a yell.
with each thrust it felt like his cock was going to come my mouth.
i was so on fire.
i felt his cock getting a little harder.
i started to shack and yelling out fuck fuck please.
i am so close to cumming.
my legs stiffen .
he started to fuck faster and harder.
i shouted out i am going to .
he pushed his cock in until his balls were resting on my ass cheeks.cock.
he held his cock deep inside .
he let a yell i am cumming oh fuck i am cumming.
with each time he squirted he pushed his cock in deeper.
oh fuck i am cumming.
i started shooting my load all over my tummy.
he looked down .
dam that was great.
he started to slowly pull his cock of my hole.
once the head left my hole.
i felt so empty.
he pulled the condom off his cock.
he told to lick his cock clean of his .
i started to lick on his cock and then i started to suck on his cock.
while i was sucking on his cock i was playing with his balls.
oh fuck i am going to again.
your fucking mouth is so fucking .
i felt his cock starting to grow harder.
i sucked and sucked and never let up.
he let a yell i am going to again.
fuck you have one fucking mouth.
i keep on sucking and playing with his balls.
he let out a yell here it comes.
just then i felt the first squirt hitting the back of my throat.
he shoot one load after another.
i felt the last squirt hitting the back of my throat.
i keep on sucking.
he pulled his cock out of my mouth.
oh fuck you sure did drain me dry.
i have to say i really did not think you were going to take all of my cock.
then you turn around and worked my cock until i again.
i like to suck cock and i enjoy swallowing a load.
i have to say you sure did have a huge load to fill my tummy.
your cock felt so good inside my butt hole and it has been a very long time since i have had a huge cock inside me.
you made me with even jerking on my cock.
thank you for a great fucking.
i thank you for letting fuck you.
book store room
Posted:Nov 9, 2019 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2019 6:21 pm

when were leaving the booths Bert said you go up your room and we will be right up. we have get something first before we join you.
Danny and i went up the room.
once we were inside the room i turn Danny and asked him he was going take Bert cock.
it does huge what i could see through his jeans.
if it is as big as it looks like through his jeans it is huge.
i wonder how big around it is.
i know what your saying it does look huge.
do you think you could take it? i asked Danny.
i would like try take and take it.
it has been months since i had a huge cock up hole.
just thinking about it going deep inside hole makes hole twitch.
the goes for also. it has been a very long time for me.
just thinking about what it will feel like makes hole twitch also.
Danny asked what was the biggest cock i ever took up hole.
he was just over inches and big around.
it felt so good and i felt it for days after he was done fucking ..
what about you what was the biggest cock you ever taken up your hole.
he was around inches but very big around.
i thought he was going tear apart with his huge cock.
it sure did feel good and like you i felt it for days.
before i would take Bert cock i would like have Peter and Jack fuck first.
the goes for . i guess we will just have wait and see what happens.
Just then in they walk.
we all strip of our clothes.
Bert said we had get some condoms and some lube just in case we need it.
Bert grab his cock.
which of you what have this nice big black cock up your tight hole.
i looked at his cock and his balls were just as huge as his cock is and very smooth.
i reached over and grab his cock.
your uncut also and your cock is not that big around but very long.
it is inches,
your balls are so huge also.
they hold lots of cum.
Peter said they sure do when he fucks his cum runs right of hole.
Bert reached around and patted Peter ass checks. you do have a very nice hole fuck.
Bert ask wants go first?
I said i would like you fuck .
Bert reached around and started rub at butt hole.
he was also trying stick his finger up hole.
he never enter hole with his finger. later that will happen.
very nice and tight.
it will take some doing get cock up inside your tight hole.
be cont
book store cont
Posted:Nov 8, 2019 12:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2019 9:33 am

just as we entering the booth area there were three men standing around playing with there cocks.
as we were walked by one of the men he asked if we were new here.
Danny told him that we were new here.
He went on and told us that there rooms you can rent if you like.
he went on telling us about the theater were most of the men go to and have there fun.
the booths here do have glory holes were you can get fucked or sucked off through the hole.
i am sure you both do know all about that.
i looked at him oh yes i have been fucked and sucked through those glory holes before.
Danny looked at all three men and asked them if they had a room.
one of the men said no they did not it cost to much for us to rent. we only pay for the booths.
we have a room maybe you all could come up to the room if you would like.
fuck how rude we are the other guy said.
i am jack i am forty eight this is Peter he is the young one of thirty eight and that one over there is Bert he is the old one he is sixty.
I am Danny and i am sixty eight and this Jim he is sixty eight also.
why fuck you both only look like to be in your fifties.
nope we are both sixty eight the man behind the counter could not be leave it either.
Jack ask what we like to do.
we both like to do the same thing.
we suck and fuck. we both are mostly a top but we will also bottom.
what about you guys what do you like to do? I asked.
Jack said he was mostly a bottom and likes to suck and get sucked.
Peter said he was all bottom and likes to get sucked and have his balls sucked on. i also like to suck and suck on a mans cock and balls.
Bert said he is a top if the guy can take my twelve inch uncut cock up your hole.
i also like to get sucked really like it if he can deep throat my cock.
i like to deep throat a nice cock.
Danny said the invention is still open if you all would like to join us.
We did not have to ask again.
we all went up to our room.
to be cont.
the book store
Posted:Nov 5, 2019 1:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 12:22 pm

we entered the book store and right away the clerk asked us for a ID. we showed him our ID.
i have to ask everyone that enters the book store.
he looked at both of us.
for being sixty eight you sure do not look like your that old.
we thanked him for the complement.
this your first time here?
Danny said yes it is a friend of ours told us about the bath house and the motel next to it.
the man at the bath house told us about the book store he never told us what it was all about.
we decided that we have to check it out.
i am glad you stop by.
here is how this store works. once you your ten dollars that will let you watch all the movies in the private booths.
you each have ten dollars.
there is theater also were you can fifteen dollars go in and watch a movie.
we offer a gay theater or a straight theater.
i said it will be a gay theater for us.
there is also a upstairs were there are ten rooms you can rent for twenty dollars for as long as you stay in the store.
if you take a room i will assign you a room.
if you decide to take all options. i can let you have them all for thirty five dollars .
for each of you.
Danny said we will take all .
i paid him the seventy dollars and he told us what room we have,.
for taking all here are four towels and bottles of lube just in case you might need it.
he smiled at both of us.
we thanked him and headed for the booths.
after they left
Posted:Nov 3, 2019 1:56 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2019 1:31 pm

Danny and i sat on the bed talking about what had just happen.
i asked Danny if he thought they were ever fucked before.
I do not think that Tommy was ever fucked before.
when i inserted my finger his hole was so tight and he yelled out it hurts.
i mean a finger does not hurt that much. he really tighten up as soon as my finger started to enter his tight hole.
then when he asked me if i though that my cock would fit inside him.
if he was fucked before he knew it would fit inside his hole.
his hole was so fucking tight.
i like being the first one to break him in.
I know what you are saying that is how i felt about Sammy also.
he did put on a good act at first until i started to enter his tight hole the expression he had on his face that was when i really thought he had never been fucked before.
he was biting his lip and shacking his head back and forth like it really does hurt.
i felt his ass muscles really clapping down on my coc
when he was doing that i was going crazy. his but hole was so tight and hot.
i also enjoy every minute of it.
there is nothing like breaking in a young man for the first time.
do you think they will be back tomorrow when they get off work tomorrow?
what do you think he asked me bac
i think they will be bac
then it all depends on how they feel after the fucking they got.
We both fucked them real good.
Danny looked at and smile.
what are you smiling about i asked him.
i bet they both can still fill the fucking they got.
i have agree with you on that,
i remember the first time i got fucked i felt it for a couple of days.
i would reach around and with my hole see if i could make it feel better.
it was not a hurt kind of hurt. it was more like a good hurt.
The same goes for me i still remember that night after my first fucking my butt hole was sore for a couple of days also.
it was also a good hurt feeling.
Danny ask if i wanted go and get something eat.
we left go and get something eat.
we walked by the adult book store.
what about after we eat we check out the adult book store.
just to check it out is all.
we will not do anything just to check it out.
Danny looked at sure just check it out.
we both started laugh.
we walked into the restaurant and sat down to eat.

the motel room (Tommy turn)
Posted:Oct 30, 2019 2:00 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2019 4:42 pm

Sammy and I sat there watching Danny and Tommy.
Danny asked Tommy to turn over so he could lube up his butt hole.
Danny grab the lube and put some on his finger and on his butt hole.
He started to insert his finger inside Tommy's hole.
Dam you are really tight try to relax.
Tommy let out a small yell that it hurt some.
Once he had his finger inside his hole he keep on pushing in deeper and deeper.
He pulled his finger out and ask him to turn onto his back.
Tommy turn around onto his back.
He watched Danny putting lube on his hard cock.
Danny asked him if he was ready for his cock to slide up inside his tight hole/.
You are really tight and it is going to hurt at first.
just like Sammy said after a little while it is going to feel so good.
If you ever want me to stop and pull out just tell me and i will stop and pull out of you.
Danny looked at him are you sure your cock is going to fit inside my tight hole?
your cock looks so much bigger now. than it did before,
i am very sure i will get it to go inside your tight hole.
are you ready for it?
yes i am ready for you to fuck me real good.
Danny laid the head on Tommy's hole.
Here it comes and it is going to hurt.
As soon as the head enter his hole Tommy yell out stop it hurts to much.
Danny stop and held his cock inside him.
You want me to pull out.
Sammy looked at Tommy and told him just lay still and relax the pain does go away and you will soon start to feel the enjoyment of his hard cock.
Jim's cock hurt at first also then the pain turn to enjoyment.
Tommy said you are right the pain is starting to let up.
Tommy told Danny to go ahead and fuck me some more.
Danny started to push his cock in further until Tommy told him to stop after a little while of waiting Tommy said go ahead a fuck me some more.
this time Danny went in all the way and we could see his balls resting on top of
Tommy ass cheeks.
I am in you all the way can you feel my balls on top of your ass cheeks.
You hole is so fucking hot and tight.
I can feel your balls and cock.
you feel so fucking good.
you want me to stop now?
fuck no! fuck me i want your cum in me.
Danny started to fuck him slow at first.
pulling out to just so the head of his cock is inside his tight hole.
he pushed inside him slow at first.
he started to fuck him faster and hardier.
he grab a hold of Tommy hard cock.
he started to jack on his cock.
Tommy said he could feel something happening and i can not stop it.
he started to breath heavier and his legs stretch straight up in the air.
i am going to cum he shouted out.
i am going to cum real soon.
i can not hold it any longer.
go ahead an let your cum flow.
i am about ready to cum deep inside you.
Danny pushed deeper inside his hole and held it there.
Tommy let out a yell here it comes.
Danny said i am cumming.
Just then Danny cum was flying all over his tummy.
his cum filled his belly button and cover his tummy.
Danny milk the last drop of cum from his hard throbbing cock.
Danny started to pull his cock out of his hole.
just as the head fell out of his hole so did some of his cum.
Tommy reached down and felt his cum and put some on his finger.
he looked at Danny's cum then put his finger inside his mouth.
he pulled his finger out of his mouth taste so good.
Danny started to lick up Tommy cum on his tummy.
dam you cum taste so good.
they both sat up and we looked at each other.
Tommy said how much he enjoy the fucking.
it felt so good after the pain went away.
i had never cum that much before and so much cum.
you really did drain me dry.
Danny said i try my best to satisfy you.
you sure did satisfy me.
Tommy asked Sammy how it as for him.
It was great,
Jim also drain me dry and never came that much either.
it felt so fucking good.
thank you Jim for a great fucking.
my pleasure is all yours.
i am glad you enjoy it.
i sure did enjoy it.
Sammy said that they were both so glad that they meet us.
at first we were scared to come into your room.
Tommy said we sure are glad we did come into your room and you both did not ask us to leave.
why would we ask you to leave
because we are younger than you are.
we do not care about the age as long as your legal age and you prove that to use right away.
Tommy asked how long we are going to be in town?
for a couple more days maybe three.
Tommy looked at Sammy and smiled.
Sammy said that they have to get going because they both have to work tomorrow,
we are both off of work the next two days.
Danny asked them if they wanted to stop by after work/
we will take you both out for dinner and if you like you can spend the night with us.
Tommy right away said we will be here at five tomorrow afternoon.
we gave each other a hug and a kiss and they left.
on there way out the door we will be back we promise.
we will be here waiting for you two to return.
the motel room cont
Posted:Oct 25, 2019 6:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2019 2:04 pm

we finished cleaning out Tommy's butt hole.
i have to say you both did very well getting all clean out.
Danny said lets go out to the bedroom and see what happens next.
we all stood by the bed.
Sammy looked at me and asked if i would fuck him?
i looked at him and told him that it will be a honor to fill your young tight butt hole.
Tommy asked Danny if he would fill his clean but hole with his hard cock.
Danny said turn around and let me see your butt hole.
Tommy turn around so he could see his butt hole.
oh yes it will be a honor to fill your but hole.
we all laid down on the bed.
Danny and Tommy started to hug and kiss each other.
they were touching each other all over there bodies.
i took Sammy into my arms and started to hug him and feeling his but hole and then feeling his hard cock.
we started to kiss each other while he was kissing me he was feeling my but and reaching around and feeling my hard cock.
we brook from our kiss and i asked him to turn around on all fours.
that is it i am going to put some lotion up inside your hot but hole.
just as i was starting to enter his hole with my finger he let out a yell.
it hurts.
i stop for a while and move my finger around inside his hot hole.
i pulled my finger out of his hole and asked him to turn and lay on your back.
he watch me lubing up my hard cock.
now put your feet up on my shoulders.
dam your hot hole looks so good.
i laid the head of my cock on his hot hole.
this is going to hurt as soon as the head goes inside your hot hole.
i will stop as soon as the head enters your hole.
you feel the head resting on your hole.
yes i can feel it.
i am now going to start to enter you hole.
try to relax if you can.
you are so tight.
i gave my cock a little push he still was resisting the head to go inside his hole.
try to relax baby.
just then i felt him relax just enough for the head to enter his hot butt hole.
he yelled out it hurts, dam it hurts.
i stop and held the head just inside his hole.
the pain will stop and the enjoyment will start in.
you want me to pull out of you?
no just hold it there it is starting to feel better.
i am going to push in just a little further you ready for it?
yes i am, go ahead and give me some more.
dam your cock feels so big.
i pushed in a little further and stop.
this time he said it does hurt a little but i am getting use to your big cock.
i can tell you are your butt hole is starting to relax more and more.
while i was talking to him i was pushing in further until i could feel my balls resting on his ass cheeks.
oh baby i am in all the way.
you feel my balls resting on your ass cheeks?
yes i can feel your balls on my ass cheeks.
your cock feels so big and so fucking good inside me.
your but hole is so hot and tight.
i love your hot tight hole.
you alright/
fuck yes i am alright.
dam just like you said it feel so good.
all the while Danny and Tommy were watching Sammy getting fuck.
Sammy looked over at Tommy. just wait until you get fuck. you are going to love it.
i pulled my cock back until the head was just inside his hole.
i started to push in his hole slow until my balls were resting on his ass cheeks.
i fuck his hole slow and then started to pick up the pace a little.
the faster i was fucking him he was moaning out out.
then he yell out fuck me i love your cock inside me.
fuck me more and more.
i reached down and grab his hot hard cock.
his cock was rock hard.
Dam i am about ready to cum he shouted out.
i can not hold it very long i can feel my cum starting to come.
i looked down at him and said so am i baby.
let me know when your ready to cum because i want to cum at the same time.
i felt his cock getting harder.
his cock let out a little jerk.
i knew he was about ready to shoot his hot cum.
your about ready to shoot.
yes i am ready here it comes.
i can hold it it is coming.
here it comes yes i am cumming.
i felt his cock jerk and he shot his hot load all over his tummy.
i pushed in deep inside and held my cock there.
i started to feel his hot but hole with daddy's cum.
while i was feeling his hot hole i was jacking every last drop of cum he had inside his tight balls.
when i jacked the last drop of cum out of his balls.
i started to pull my cock out of his hole.
when the head came out so did some of my cum.
i grab his feet and laid them down on the bed.
i went down and started to lick up his sweet tasting cum.
i clean out his belly button and all his cum he shot all over his tummy.
i like his hard cock clean.
i looked at him and asked him if he enjoyed the fucking?
fuck yes i did.
he reached down and felt his hole and raise his finger up.
this is your cum/
it sure is and there is a lot more deep inside you.
he licked the cum off his finger.
your cum taste so good.
so does your cum taste so good.
i looked over at Danny it is your turn to fuck Tommy while we watch you fucking his tight butt hole.
Sammy looked at Danny. you are going to love it just like i did.
the motel room
Posted:Oct 23, 2019 6:39 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2019 8:59 am

while i sat there with Sammy beside me and Tommy was setting beside Danny.
I asked both of them if they really would like to know what it is like to feel a hard cock going deep inside there butt hole.
what do you say?
at the same time they both said yes.
well! then what about we all go back to our motel room.
Danny also agree to this idea.
they both agree also.
we got dress and left for the motel room.
once inside the motel room we all sat down on the bed.
i ask them if they would like something to drink?
all we have is water, juice or coffee.
neither one of us drinks alcohol.
Sammy said water would be alright. we do not drink alcohol either.
Tommy said water would be just fine also.
first of all you have to get clean before the fucking starts.
We both took a shower before we came to the bath house.
Danny said no that is not what James meat by getting clean.
what he is saying is this.
you both have to have your butt holes clean out.
I take it you have never had that done to you before.
no we have not Tommy said.
what is it like ask Sammy.
let me go and get the water bottle from the bath room.
then you both will see what we are talking about.
While Danny was getting the water bottle.
i explain to them that by getting there butt hole very clean out.
the fucking will feel so much more enjoyable and less messy.
Just then Danny walked back into the room with the water bottle and long tube.
first of all we fill the bottle with warm water.
then we will put some Vaseline on this end.
then we will put some Vaseline up inside your but hole.
then you will bend over while we insert this end up your butt hole.
when the water starts to flow inside your butt hole.
then when you feel like you can not hold the water any longer inside you.
then you set on the toilet and let the water flow out of you.
Tommy asked Danny how long do you do this to us.
We will do this until the water run clear.
since you both have never done this before.
Danny looked at me. what do you think four or five fills.
i think that will be about right.
I asked both of them if they really want to do this?
it does not hurt at all. in fact it feels really good.
Sammy asked if we both will be in the bathroom while we get this done to us?
we all can be if you like.
I will be in there as it does not bother me when everything starts to flow out of your butt hole.
Danny said it dose not bother me if you don't want use to do it we will show you and you can do it yourself.
oh no i want you both in there.
Danny said i want to watch also.
lets get this started.
we all went into the bathroom and started to clean both of them out.
more to come.

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