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Indy's Bi Men's Newsletter!

The bi is for bi-weekly! This will be a newsletter of the events, happenings and going on's in Indianapolis for men and guys are are less than 100% straight!

The First of 2019
Posted:Jan 3, 2019 3:22 pm
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2019 6:54 pm

In addition to the five bars and the two bath houses we currently have in the city, we now have two private clubs that are entertaining the guys who are old school and are willing to get off their phones and computers and actually meet people!

1811 Eagle has been getting quite a following since it was started. Combining drag queens, strippers and events catering to all members of our community, it could very easily become one of the top five places for gay men to hang out. But the crowd is not limited to men, so even though this one is closer to my house, my preference is to go to the other.

Gay Ole Time is an exclusive club, combining the best of two of our most beloved bars...The 501 and the Unicorn Club! To me, the best thing about it is, it is open three nights of week during the week, and only open for private events on the weekends. So it isn't really competing with the remaining bars. I've been there three times and now have my new home bar. Disco night was awesome. Their stripper night was fantastic, and they are even looking for some of the strippers who performed at Metro and the Unicorn Club to serve as guest strippers. And I was shocked to see them have a Romantic Wednesday. I slow danced with just about everybody there, after buying drinks and shots of course, But it was fun, and I did do a lot of kissing! Their weekday themes change every week, but I was told they will be paying homage to the 501 and resurrecting Undie Monday!

Bare Indy Boys monthly party will be on the 19th. GBIN will be hosting their cock sucking party on the 6th, their daytime orgy on the 14th and their evening orgy on the 26th. And Party Manimals is hosting their strip poker night on the 27th. Oh, and CumUnion will be at the Works on the 12th!

Also, there will be two rooms available in the GBIN house. The GBIN house is actually a house owned by two older white gay nudists, and maintained by the black masseur who rents a room there. The rooms range in price from 75 to 100 bucks a week and includes use of the common areas, wifi/internet, dinner each night and space in one refrigerator. You may even work out a deal for the black guy to clean your room and do your laundry. They are also considering renting the rooms overnight for out of town guests due to their proximity to downtown and the airport, like a raggedy bed and breakfast. lol

And lastly, hot male celebrities celebrating birthdays in the near future include Bradley Cooper on the 5th, Orlando Bloom and Julian Morris on the 13th, and Michael Turchin on the 14th!

These will get better. I was pressed for time and this was right off the top of my head. Hell, I did not even post a picture to get your attention.
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