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Doug's Booty-tale Blog

Whether it's a Blow-job or Butt-fucking (I prefer both) I'm your Bottom Man. Plus, a Top if you so desire. Looking for a few good men. But one at a time. One-on-One. Please. Safe sex. Bring rubbers. Thanks!

Posted:Sep 14, 2019 7:29 pm
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2019 8:38 pm
You wanna know something I have not had done in awhile? Here's My Best Cocksucker Testimonial. A little short guy stayed with me a couple days many years ago. This was in the late 1990's. He wanted to suck me-off. Desperately. Told me many times by the pool. Man, I love the way your cock hangs. Soaking-wet in your shorts. You're not wearing drawers underneath. Are you? Cause I can still see every inch of it. I just have to suck your dick. We would drink beer. He watched me as I pissed by the oak tree nearby. One day he came-up close. How could I stop? Before I could shake-it off and tuck it away safely, it got hard. There was some additional sexual discussion right there on the spot with my prick still dripping piss. He held the base of my cock firmly in his hand. Shook my dick (and, just a little piss) at himself. I laughed. He giggled. Then, I invited him back upstairs to my place. Neither of us could not resist any longer. I fell right into that hole. I had to find-out. We went inside to my place. He laid-down and rested his head on my pillow. Then, I straddled his head butt-naked. My balls rested on his unshaven chin. Gently, I slapped both sides of his face with my growing penis. He wanted to help. Said, no. I got this. Held the back of his head and shoved my erect penis into his mouth. Slowly. Back, and forth. Down to his throat. He arched his neck to take-it all-in. He did not gag. He moaned. And. He liked it. And, I liked that. We both found-out this was gonna work real easy. Was rock-hard in his mouth with his nose up-against my clean-shaven pubic region. Deep throat. As I pumped, he bobbed. Fucked him in a steady rhythm as the stereo played rock-n-roll on the radio. Until I came heavily in spurts down his throat. Dude gently fondled my nuts as I shot my multiple-loads. Felt-like several times. It was. Was the greatest cocksucker head I ever had. We both loved it. I'd do that again. For, sure. Might could fall in-love with anybody who would do all that with me. Love a good face-fuck. Even if, it's on me (sometimes). After he left, he eventually moved away. Never saw him again. Sad. He could really suck some dick. Quite The Man.
Posted:Sep 12, 2019 8:49 pm
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2019 8:44 pm
Close to ten years ago I had a next-door neighbor boyfriend. He was gay for my ass. So eventually, I invited him in. I sat him down in a chair in front the bedroom TV and rubbed his crotch. I had given head before. Never took it in the ass. He was my first. He was proud to have Broke Me Out. Yes, he was a top. We had fun on-cam on the internet porn dating sites. We made tapes of him topping me. Passed the videos out to friends. It was great fun. Even had a girlfriend at the same time too. Made her watch me and my next-door buddy on TV before I would have sex with her. She hated it at first. But, then. She came to love-it. Decided we should do porn, too. So, we did. She used to put-on a different outfit every time for sex with me. My camera covered the whole bed. Every move we made was there on-cam. However. I only published the gay stuff with me and my boyfriend. One night after laying facedown on my belly for him, with him tooling my ass; he left, but came-back. Said, his roommate wanted me to give him head. Never thought about that before. Said, sure. Why not? So I dropped by next-door awhile and attempted to suck his dick. They both told me it was ten inches. Well, I could not swallow all of it. Nowhere close. He said, I did better than any of his ex-wives. So, afterwards. I went back next-door to my place. Boyfriend came-back again. Said this time, roommate wanted my ass on the bed in the front room. Replied shamefully that I would. But they left the front door wide-open the whole time we had sex in bed. We started doggy-style. That always works best for me. Especially, for the big dicks. Then, after opening-up my hole I flipped-over to the front for him. Looked into his eyes. Watched him as he worked his magic down below. My toes reached for the heavy bedposts behind me while my neighbor tooled me missionary. The entire neighborhood was outside. Watching us. And, filming. I was in Hog Heaven. Hardly even noticed anybody else but us. But they all seen-it with their own two eyes. After that, the neighbors acted kind of funny. Like I was the Apartment Complex Slut. Was too embarrassed. But, I took it like a man. One night, later. The owner of the building had heard about it and threw a big party in one of the bigger units. I was the guest of honor. No, it was not gonna happen. But those Mexicans all wanted sex with me. If I had given the go-ahead signal, I probably would have been having sex with twenty or thirty men. But, no. I didn't do it. Moral of the Story? Yeah, I wanna have sex. But not like that. Might be a nymphomaniac at times. Unfortunately, sex with that whole crew would have been crazy. Pure insanity. Wasn't my idea. Glad I didn't do it. Amazing how I survived all that. Happy to be here. I'm older. And, wiser. No group sex. No thanks. One-on-one. Much better. Thanks.

Posted:Sep 2, 2019 6:29 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2019 8:13 am
How much effort does it take NOT to come-out? Plenty, I guess. Because I have been online showing my ass for years now. Do not get much sex, except when I need it. Sometimes (most times) not even then. It is entirely possible people do not believe me when I offer-up FREE NSA SEX. I might like regular sex with a dude. But that might turn into a real relationship. I do not object to that option. There is always complications. Like, for instance. Despite how popular I might get here on-site at OP (or, not) I never feel worthy or deserving of all the loving attention. So do I give-up my hard-won privacy and come-out in public? I do not own a bullhorn to tell the world on national news. I would enjoy seeing a real live penis in-person right now. I mean, besides my own. I make efforts to get some dick, then shy back away from all the notoriety I might get from it. I have no pride. If I see a handsome penis, I wanna touch. Wanna feel. Wanna experience it. Without yours, I reach for my own instead. I would prefer you in bed. Right here, on top of me. Up close, and personal. Very personal. Sure, I always enjoy it better if I can taste you first. Love to lick balls and swallow what is offered. But the real crowd-pleaser is when I can show-off my sex-skills on-cam with someone other than myself. Might like to show the whole damn world I can have butt-sex just like any other guy in the videos. Except that, I am (almost) always the guy on the bottom.
Posted:Sep 14, 2019 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2019 3:29 am
Believe you, me. I rarely make shit-up. Every bit is true. Couldn't make-up shit like this if I tried. I have learned from my mistakes. Some folks, they do not. Some might keep repeating those fowl-plays. Me, I have learned my lessons well. My comprehension is actually quite high. However. I have my moments. We all do, I guess. Am a nympho, at times. Like, some of my ex's. Nymphomaniacs. It is justifiable to the nymphs only because it really gets our rocks-off. Even, the women of my crowd. Fortunately, I am retired. Thru with all those tramps seeking continuous sexual gratification. Like, I say. I quit. Fortunately, I still can perform. And, do. Occasionally. But just with the few. Below, I have a photo (once again) of my erect cock, just sort of hanging-heavy. Hope you enjoy it. That might be to both of our benefits. Cum alone with me. One-on-One. Do not forget the rubbers. Maybe just a dab of lube. Top, or bottom. IM me here on OP. Thank you, gentlemen!
Posted:Oct 6, 2019 12:06 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2019 12:23 am

Not a racist. Just never been fucked by a black dude. Nope, not yet. Although saying this fact may make-it like open-season on my tight, little white ass. I'm aware black is usually bigger. Not always, but usually. But that's fine. I've been with big guys before. Only a few. It's certainly easier to find a cock-strong black man. At least here in The Hood. I have delayed taking action on my suppressed thoughts for 60 years. Actually, the first black penis I ever saw was in National Geographic magazine. Right along with their naked women and . Interesting. Probably never thought about it at the time. However. That magazine was always right there on the coffee table in the living room. Near the Hi-Fi Stereo, while growin-up. The maps were great. And so were the pictures (of every kind). Let me just say this. American blacks are way different than Africans. Yes, I admit it. I've been to Africa. They are different. And so was I while there. Never had sex during my stay. Had some offers. No shortage. Maybe I'll finally do it. Don't know yet. We'll see. Been shopping-round a little. But lookin for big. Anybody bigger than me. I'm 7" X 5". You do the math. I'm not interested in gangs, culture or history. Only for the black cock. Am a student of handsome beauty in all its natural glory. Therefore. Show me first. Don't just jump my bones. If I don't like-it. That's it. So, please. Keep it clean-shaved & ready for action. But also be ready to hear no. Prefer a circumcised black penis. Long, and fat. I can probably handle that.
Posted:Sep 17, 2019 1:57 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2019 4:52 am
Hey, dudes. Here's 10 images from a recent photo shoot just a few days ago. Sneak a peek. What could it hurt. Interested? There's no better place to contact than right here on blog. Make it a good habit. Check blog daily here on-site on OP. Maybe you don't have points for IM's. Okay. Contact here on-blog. Not reading emails properly? Check on-blog. I check regularly. Maybe you should, too. Thank you! ~ Doug

Posted:Sep 10, 2019 7:46 pm
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2019 4:27 am
Yes, I must confess. Never get tired of jackin-it. No, I never do. Put-in an application for a job the other day. Asked if I could take breaks to jack-off. Fired. Scroll-thru some of my selected pix below and comment at-will. Thanks, guys!


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