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DougNOLASub 60M
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10/6/2019 12:06 am

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10/10/2019 12:23 am


Not a racist. Just never been fucked by a black dude. Nope, not yet. Although saying this fact may make-it like open-season on my tight, little white ass. I'm aware black is usually bigger. Not always, but usually. But that's fine. I've been with big guys before. Only a few. It's certainly easier to find a cock-strong black man. At least here in The Hood. I have delayed taking action on my suppressed thoughts for 60 years. Actually, the first black penis I ever saw was in National Geographic magazine. Right along with their naked women and . Interesting. Probably never thought about it at the time. However. That magazine was always right there on the coffee table in the living room. Near the Hi-Fi Stereo, while growin-up. The maps were great. And so were the pictures (of every kind). Let me just say this. American blacks are way different than Africans. Yes, I admit it. I've been to Africa. They are different. And so was I while there. Never had sex during my stay. Had some offers. No shortage. Maybe I'll finally do it. Don't know yet. We'll see. Been shopping-round a little. But lookin for big. Anybody bigger than me. I'm 7" X 5". You do the math. I'm not interested in gangs, culture or history. Only for the black cock. Am a student of handsome beauty in all its natural glory. Therefore. Show me first. Don't just jump my bones. If I don't like-it. That's it. So, please. Keep it clean-shaved & ready for action. But also be ready to hear no. Prefer a circumcised black penis. Long, and fat. I can probably handle that.

Ica915bob99 68M  
101 posts
10/10/2019 8:00 am

i have a few black guys over the years. they are no different than any one else. some of there cocks are big and some not so big. some are uncut and some are cut. some are very long and some are not so long. for me i enjoy all cocks big or small black or white or brown. or what ever other color they might be. there juice is all the same and taste good.

bjhogan 61M  
1044 posts
10/8/2019 8:18 am

i do regret not having this BLACK STALLION pound MY FAGGOT ASS !! in front of EVERY ONE ! but i was more than satisfied drinking his creamy man milk and mine as well ! if i was a kitten ! i would be purrrrrrrrrrrrring !

ineedtraining4 58M
8 posts
10/6/2019 5:03 pm

I would love my first time to be with a black guy. I bet they are very agressive and just take what they want.

bjhogan 61M  
1044 posts
10/6/2019 9:24 am

i hear ya about BBC !!! i first NOTICED black dick in high school ! when we all showered together after football practice ! and omg ! every one was hung like horses ! and they sure enjoyed showing off ! i was not aware of my homsexuality back then ! but i could not keep my eyes off of them ! and i never understood my attraction to allll my teamates ! was i that obvious in my LUST ? ! lol becuz it was then that FAMILY & FRIENDS began calling ME a SISSY FAGGOT !! of course it would be many years later when i began having gay butt sexxx after my 1st divorce in 94 ! in fact , it was my late 30's ! that i sucked my first cock and eventualy learned i was born to bottom ! living in a small town , pop. 5500 ! finding casual gay partners was non existant ,, as i was still in the closet and deathly afraid of ANYONE finding OUT i was a QUEEEER FAGGOT !! so my escape was going to a bath house in austin where i could be my true ! sissy self ! i quickly learned who was cruising me ! by the way they looked at me ,, shaking their cocks at me ! of course i left no doubt i was a bottom fag ! by wearing my rainbow bracelets ! anklets ! hoop ear rings ! and when i layed out on the deck for some nude sunbathing ,, i would oil up and lube my hole ! i would lay spread eagle ! revealing my shaved boi cunt ! clenching and relaxing my cunt ! i would pretend to be sleeping , but out of the corner of my eye ,, i would see men stroking their throbbing cocks ! mmm ! my invitation ! i would never wrap my towel when i swished downstairs to the " PLAY ROOM !" and i would always be followed ! and i wasted know time finding a hard cock ! many times a man would lie back on a bed and i would lean over begin to deepthroat him ! their moans always drew a crowd which i loved ! with my free hand i would spread my ass cheek ! again ,, a signal/invitation i need to be bred ! nothing like being drilled while sucking dick ! often i would take on all cummers ,, but sometimes men just wanna watch and jack off ,, fine by me as i enjoyed putting on a show ! well , on my birthday many years ago ,, i followed my routine ! and too my plezzzzzzzure a young black man followed me ! his cock was only semi hard ! but i could tell he was hung ! a good 10 inches ! he sat in a chair shaking that monster fuck stick ! like a moth to a flame ! i sashayed my way between his legs and layed my towel between his knees ! i had never seen a black cock up close ! so i was enjoying and savoring every inch as i gently fondled his balls ! and saw it grow and twitch ! i soon began licking underneath the shaft ! causing a low , deep moan ! i then licked and sucked just his cock head ! in fact i was just teasing him ! again , i was AWARE a GROUP had GATHERED & i'm SURE they were WAITING to SEE if i COULD DEEPTHROAT this BLACK STALLION !! so i grabbed his cock and slooooooooowly got him down my throat ! feeling his kinky pubic hair ! i learned early on ! i had no gag reflex ! so when he grabbed me with both hands to skull fuck me ! i never onced gag ! and hearing him moan made me horny as fuck ! so i took every stroke as i gently squeezed his nut sack ! i can always tell when a MAN is READY TO BUST A NUT !! his balls suck up ! and he hold my head tighter ! gushing like mt. gushmore ! i swallowed as much as i could but there was so damn much cum ! some dripped down my chin ! the intense plezzzure of his taste ! in turn caused me to cum ! hand free ! i made sure i swallowed it all , licking his shaft ! cock head ! before showing him my gob of man milk still dripping from my cock ! i scooped what i could and swallowed it ! his big smile was all i needed to see !