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MoMENts From My LIfe!!!

They didn't care for me talking about my work, so now I will talk about many of the guys who have been in and out of my life! And for my fans, yes! There are still pictures, but not of the guys in the posts.

Labors of Love & Lust~Tribute to the 501, the Unicorn & Work!!!
Posted:Sep 8, 2020 11:14 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 9:12 am
Happy Labor , gentlemen! Yes, I realize I am a late, Billy surprised with one hell of a visit yesterday, and I am just getting to post. And believe it or not, the party is starting to slow down for .

I did make it on here yesterday, and both my post were still readable. The String f Days actually did get a winner with picture 8. However, there is a four-way tie for the Saturday post, so I will hold off on declaring a winner. I do want to thank JustFun1 for popping by, and thank Bjhogan, Dennis21937 and 0NYC for flirting with . And my OP Mister, Motorctyman, and my OP boyfriend, Crskyler, for spending part of the holiday with .

So, I was a sex party Sunday, and I saw, and yes, played with someone I knew from my heyday. Outside of some amazing relationships and my three marriages, this may well have been the happiest time of my life.

I would consider the reign of the "True African Queen" to be about a year period, running from 1992 to 2003, and somehow, even with working one and usually two jobs, I still managed to drop a couple of hundred thousand during this span, a true testament to work hard, but play harder, and I had one hell of a time!

This is something of a local read, and a fairly long one. So if you were part of the Indianapolis gay community during this time, you probably know me, saw me or the very least, heard of . Daxter3, I can practically guarantee you will remember me! Now, to protect some of the parties involved, the names have been used in such a way that not everyone will know of your involvement, but you will know if you are reading about yourself. Strippers names instead of real names, variations on real names, that will be obvious when you figure it out, and if you or I wouldn't care, your name is here. Shall we begin? lol

My legacy probably started at NYC, where I wasn't only known as the"True African Queen," but also a dancing queen! The deejay seem to put all my tunes together, and they would give me space on the dance floor for thirty minutes or so to do my thing! Here, stories began about me. The three nights I spent with a local television news anchor, the "Forest Gump" episode involving Robert and his two , so on. I was crushing on a regular customer in the store I managed the time, and he was feeling me too, but neither of us did anything about it...until Brian, a bartender there, thought we would get along and put us together, and although it would be years later and another bar before Andy and I would make real progress, it was a very pleasant evening, and the dynamic between us changed after that. We are still cool to this . But I digress. There was Shep, the sexy cocktail waiter I would eventually fall for make a proposal to...two weeks before he was to move. We are still on good terms as well. But probably the most notorious is the story of Rick, a sexy ass bartender the bar. Early on, I ordered a drink from him, gave him a fifty and told him to keep the change. When he inquired about the tip, I informed him that my was on the bill, if he wanted it. He put the fifty in his pocket and for my cocktail of his tip jar. I didn't know the time that his other half, also worked in the bar. Long story short, I got more than I bargained for, and still didn't get what I wanted...Rick became a dear friend and poker buddy, and his ex, is now my sister in the name of Dynasty! We were both huge fans of the show, and my wardrobe was fashioned after it, accounting for my big ass. Think if Dorothy from the Golden Girls was a rich character in Dynasty! lol

Another thing seem to be, If I stopped being a regular at a bar for any reason, if would closing soon. This seem to be the case with NYC, Jimmy's, Brothers, Oz. Jaguar's, and Utopia, to name a few. I followed my favorite bartenders to their next employment venue, stalked a few guys into new places to hang and such. I was actually and literally dragged into Betty Boops, and fell madly in lust with the late night bartender at Tubes video bar. This became my favorite bar and I learned to go every night of the week. Usually I would stop going only when I was seeing someone, and Tubes became a victim of my curse.

The decades I spent Metro started relatively tamed, and I was a man of many talents there...customer, cook, barback, bouncer, doorguy, entertainer, co-host of a weekly game show, honorary member of the Court, master drinker and ruler of the dance floor. My main reputation was for being a hard worker, one hell of a drinker and the "nice" bouncer, but the talents of my mouth, kissing and otherwise, started to get some attention. It was also here that my obsession, support and fascination with strippers was born. And although my legend as a make-out artist would follow me to this , only a few chosen customers and several of the strippers would learn of my other skills, in restroom or patio encounters. And I would end up spending way more than I was making, following the chests of Wolf, Craig and Cowboy, the asses of Jimmy and Tyler, the kisses of Conrad and Darius and the cocks of Kevin, Maverick, Justin, Hart, Mac and Zack. In fact, one of these guys would beg me to come to his regular gig. I would learn that although Metro gave the strippers a base plus tips, his regular gig was strictly tips. And since Metro is the only one still open, I will leave the stories there to a minimum! lol

This would be when the "True African Queen" started to become less of a lady! The place was called The Unicorn Club and it was a stripper joint. Metro, we might have strippers two or three nights a week, and I might only like half of the five or guys they had. the Unicorn, they had strippers every night, 8, , sometimes more than twenty, so enjoying half of them was a whole lot more. And it wasn't long before I was there four, five, nights a week, closing the place.

It was difficult, but not impossible to misbehave there. There was always the restroom, but it seemed you could only get to other patrons there. You could get some tasty appetizers at the main stage or the shower stage...just remember to tip well enough that they remember you when they get off the stage. And then there was that dark section of the bar, where friendly strippers really tried to earn good tips. Of course, a lot of that was altered when they started letting females in.

But I loved the boys, and most of them liked me and my . I had no problem doing body shots on them, getting them tipsy if they were part of my nightly party, bribing patrons of their clothes on occasion, whatever I wanted pretty much, I either for or the strippers made it happen for . And by now, our time together was not limited to the bar. I would take some to eat after the bar closed. Sometimes we had parties at one of their places, and a few of those might have been private. A few may have made it to my place to do some landscaping, be my driver for the , or give a rubdown...what they did then would be an insult to what I do now. lol I was making car payments, mortgage payments, paying support, buying groceries, making their lives easier because they were making mine so much more fun! This was on top of the hundreds, sometimes more than a thousand bucks a night I was spending at the bar. Honestly, if I hadn't moved to Missouri for work, I'd probably still be ding it...well, probably cheaper since the bar is now closed, I would just keep some of my favorites around.

And I did have favorites, and slowly the legacy of a lady was tainted. I would say I dated one for four years, and was severely obsessed with another. I earned the nickname "Rim Remy" when I made a stripper climax on stage by eating his ass . I actually started going to one bath house because that's where the strippers went who couldn't or wouldn't go home. And the Rim Remy name was cemented with a series of screaming and climaxing bottoms in my suite. Now my reputation at the bath house was as seedy as the one at the bar. I became infatuated with the asses of Shaun, both Alexes, Todd, Matt, Kyle and Steven. In awe of the chests of Kyler, Christian, Jayrock and JT and enthralled with the cocks of Mason, Alex, Caesar, Gabor, Kai, Gavin, Shawn and Jayrock. And because these guys wanted tips enough to be friendly, I grew in lust with the kisses and interactions with Devin, Alex, Patrick, Todd and Mike. I even started searching for them at the bath house, where I finally got lucky with Damon, Jonathan, a few of its employees, some more than once, and several employees of other bars, expanding the grasp of my reputation. I actually still have a weak spot for strippers to this , and for some reason, I see my semi-retirement looking a lot like this period in my life. LOL

My descent into the abyss of this life continued as I finally made myself go into the scariest, shadiest, seediest, raunchiest, most fun gay bar in the city...the 501! Actually, I can't take for that. My boss at the time had gone in and seen this sexy ass bartender working there and wanted me to see him. The bar had a reputation that scared the hell of , so I was in no rush to go. And after two weeks of waiting for my assessment, my boss gave me the night off, with , plus twenty bucks to cover my drinks, if I went in right then. That bartender was the dreamiest fucking I had laid eye on up until that point, and he was friendly and fun! Hint...if I am tipping one hundred percent, having a great time and you are doing well! So much like NYC and the Unicorn, the 501 was frequently one of those nights. This bartender would become a very dear friend, his other half, who also worked there, became my best friend, and a small circle of their friends, mostly patrons and employees of the bar, had me at that bar almost every night of the week. There were even nights when I would start off at Metro, for work or play, go to the Unicorn for company for the evening and try to get back to the 501 before last , since I knew there was going to end up being an after party happening somewhere some point.

In addition to the "True African Queen" and "Rim Remy," more nicknames would be attributed to me. Like "Kisseyface," because of the makeout sessions I had with several of the guys as my hello greetings upon my or their arrival. Or "Rich Bitch" because of the way I dressed and carried myself, and came off of when I was having a good time, but always finicky about who I spent time and on. But most often, I was "The Instigator," as I was known for using my for getting the party started...getting guys of their clothes with shots and drinks on Undie Mondays, my favorite night to be there. On a bad night, we could get a body on the bar to do shots off of. A great night could be sex, sex on a pool table, strip poker, strip darts, strip pool, restroom or dark room encounters, and maybe even some outdoor play.

This became my home bar, and I did whatever I could to help it out. I was the door guy or the coat check guy when they needed one. I wrote some of the questions and even was a co-host on game show nights. I was a judge for a lot of the contest, and yes, my vote or support could be influenced. lol Mostly, I was the unofficial bouncer during the week when there wasn't one on the clock.

I don't think there was an inch of that place I didn't have a story or three for. My shoving ice in a guy ass at the bar, and then sucking them out. Or me using dicks as drink stirrers for my personal cocktails. Even the damn ladies room has a story in it for me. Friends who became with benefits after a night at the bar with me. It was a fabulous place, until changes came. The biggest one being that it was not limited to just men anymore...Seems to be a theme Indy bar owners....if you cater to gay men, in a perhaps sexual manner, stay in that lane! We are just too much for most!!! But when it was kicking, damn, it was kicking!

And to finish off my Labor , I wanted to homage to some of the hunks, bad boys and sexy studs I've worked with in my life. Kent, James, Fred, Allan and two Steves, all in Kansas City, Missouri. Marc, Mark, Sexy Sam, Troy, Chuck and Blake in Saint Louis. To the cast and crew of Code Bar and the guys of the Flamingo Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida. Here in Indy, Jay so sorry we left it the all talk and no action phase! John from Hills Department Store, my first husband saved your ass! lol Eric from the Census Bureau, and Jason, Phillip and Osman from the 's Museum. Chris, John and Jeff from Reliable Drug Store, a good third of the customers Friendly Foods, my fun and dirty dozen patrons at the liquor store...glad that wasn't caught on camera! My boys at KFC...Steve, Joe, Jim, and Kent...thank you guys for knowing, and letting it change nothing! You guys set a standard for me that went to all my other public sector employment...if it wasn't cool with who I was, they didn't deserve to have me! And to my homies at Shoney's...Jeff, Jack, Nicholas, Reed, Jon and David, one of you I did have an amazing encounter with, and no, it was not my D&D husband, unfortunately! lol

And from those I worked with to those I worked biggest surprise, Tim, you were so much hotter than I expected you to be, and would to get you on this table again. Biggest disappointment...your husband, only because he wasn't the same husband you were with when we met, But I would love to do a couple's session with the two of you. If you read this, write me for a discount! While on the subject, Ryan, same deal for you and your husband as well. You win best kisser, but I think it could have been more if Dee wasn't in the way. Maybe if the third person in the room is your husband, it would be a hell of a lot more fun! And for all the pretense, I know who you both are! For best body, Skyler my military guy, but you know how I love body hair, so in that sense, it would be Osman, and with the combination of the two, I will go with newcomer Todd. Best cock has to be Kendall, and almost all of these guys have wonderful asses.

Now remember for Labor , I went with people I worked with or on, not those working it, so Stephane, Billy, Sawyer, Big and Little Mike and Little Dan can only counting in this honorable mention!

Now, if you excuse me, I have a cutie patootie doing booty duty on his birthday. Tutti Frutti!!! And, yes, he is an honorable mention. lol
What A Fucking Saturday...Kendall, Threeway & Strip Poker!!!
Posted:Aug 31, 2020 1:10 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 9:18 am
I know! I know! I was just here, but my Saturday was just damn hot not share. And they haven't blocked my last post yet, so this one may not make it. Speaking of the last post, I want thank Mral65 and Hungr4yungr for responding it, and for hanging in there with after this time! I want thank Bjhogan for flirting with , Take_Me_Hostage for adding me his hot list and the lovely Jacic10525 for paying a visit. And I actually make it your neck of the woods from time time, so perhaps we should get better acquainted!

As you know, or maybe not, I rushed through my last post because Kendall asked me . He was trying get in after he had finished Ubering drunks around. So I did what I could and he showed time and limping. He immediately stripped and put himself the table ass , and I started working his unattractive feet. I moved his sexy, hairless calves and his beautiful mocha thighs. I spent a considerable amount of time on his gluteus maximus, his sciatic nerve, his piriformis muscle and his hips. Then I straightened and lengthened each legs and aligned his entire lower half. As usual. his neck, back and shoulders required a lot of attention and I did those before I went back for my reward for doing his back half. I ate his ass and he immediately started moaning. After twenty minutes, he was so moved that his only real concern was the happy ending, and he simply turned over while I was still in the area. I slowly tasted his taint and prepared for the task at hand. He has huge balls and one hangs considerably lower than the other. In fact, you could probably put a whole testicle in the distance of the two he already has. I started sucking and he started groaning. Then I bathed his entire pubic and genital area, minus those prized family jewels, with my tongue. He was near grunting when I finally put that huge, ten inch tool between my lips. It took a while to get that fat piece of meat entirely in my mouth, and nearly two hours before he released both his impressive and tasty load, and a symphony of alto screams and yells before panting to catch his breath. We laid together for quite some time before he dropped me off at my next destination.

There, I took care of the liquor, setting the rooms and cleaning for the party later . When I felt like things were right, I left a series of notes for the owner and I went home take a nap.

After my nap, I cleaned myself and prepared dinner for four. I made some homemade garlic mashed potatoes, caramelized carrots and maple glazed pork chops. Then my usual menage a trois for Sunday showed . Osman looked and smelled wonderful, but once again, John put forth little effort. His ass was clean though, because he cares about now is getting fucked. John got naked and positioned himself on the bed. Osman and I did some catching as he slowly got undressed. He had get himself hard before he topped John. After a spell, he took a break and they realized I still had my clothes . Osman came over, took my shirt off and started playing with my nipples. Then he stripped me of my pants and underwear and started stroking my cock. John got moody that nothing was in his ass, and Osman went back to fucking him and I started eating Osman's ass. After a bit, he stopped fucking and let my tongue take a vacation in his hole. John interfered again and I just went and sat down and let him finish fucking John. When he was close, he called me over and let me suck him off. John offered his ass to me but I passed, opting instead to get Osman primed for a second round. As I was sucking on Osman, he was making noises and complimenting me on my work, and John yells that he has one too. So I am sucking Osman and he is sucking John. Now something happens that makes John moved away, so we played around, throwing in some romance, eroticism and sensuality. Normally, Osman is a one and done guy, but I worked him for second, and John passed on a second fucking. And in five minutes, I had sucked the second load out of him.We spooned, cuddled, groped, fondled and rubbed one another before he dropped off for strip poker.

explain a bit, when you arrived, you had get a cocktail and shots (hot sex, cowboy cocksucker and a rimjob). We waited in the living room until the players for each game were presence. The main bar and warm food...chicken, pizza, venison stew and chili...were in the kitchen and snacks were placed in the dining room, where we planned for the card games be played. And then there was a restroom right before you the back deck area, for smoking, cooling off, etc. Now, if you stayed this floor, you would only have have a cocktail for each game. But some of the guys might want be paddled in the yoke, or maybe fucked in the sling. These items and a few other contraptions were in the dungeon or basement, but the price go in or out was a mind eraser and two more shots (Everclear & Jagermeister). Or perhaps you wanted sleep in a bed, get a playroom. Well, going or down those stairs the second floor would cost you a Long Island Iced Tea and two more shots (1 & Tequila) And we were playing games, with the winner getting his wish with a twist and guys who lost their clothes before the game was over would rally service the remaining players in the fashion of musical chairs!

So the first game we had Scott, an adorable, hairy, blonde musclebound cub, Steve, a cute and skinny cowboy and his husband, Roderick, a sexy well built city slicker, a heavyset coach, Steven, a sexy father of , Jack, the host, an attractive man losing his looks, Jeff and . Since I won the first game, the guys who lost had suck my cock before I got my wish. Scott and I went the bondage bed, where I tortured him pleasantly before I rimmed him, fucked him made him suck my dick, sucked him off and had a little make out session before I freed him. I'm under the impression that the two Steves played together, as did Jack and Roderick. Scott leaves after we talked, as does Coach Steve.

So Jack, Scott, Roderick, Jeff and I remain from the first game, and joining us, were Dallas, who was sneaking in from the old lady, Joe, a sexy, thin artist, Ryan, a lovely red head, Chris, a thin, sexy, hairy, young guy and two of the sexiest guys I've ever seen, Dale and Drew. Unbeknownst to us, there is bad blood between Joe and Drew, and as the game progresses, it feels like they may come to blows, and not blowjobs. Fortunately, I won the second games as well, and this time, Drew went to the bondage bed, and Chris and Joe had a good time which included talking. Drew was so damn sexy I just ended licking every nook and cranny that hairy, magnificent body, The dreamiest ass the planet, a great chest, licking armpits, sucking toes, kissing, the whole works. After he got off times and a brief make out session, I released him and checked on those staying for the last game. Joe and Dallas had left and Steve and Roderick went bed in one of the playrooms.

So that left Jack, Dale, Drew, Chris, Ryan, Jeff and I for the last game and sexy blonde accountant, David, and older guy, Ken, joined in. Apparently, there was some history between Ken and Drew...glad I got my turn with him. I lost for the first time that night, and I had to suck Jeff's cock. We plotted at this point! Since he hadn't been fucked at yet, and I had only sucked cocks the whole night, we decided that Jeff would get in the sling, and anyone who wanted fuck him could, but I had fluff them until they were good and hard first. So I sucked Drew again, so he could fuck Jeff, and then Ken, and then Jack, and then Dale, and then finally David. Well, unless you count . Yes, I sucked Jeff off as I was fucking him in the sling. Then I had a cocktail and a clove cigarette with Ryan and Chris, and I think Jeff passed out in the sling. Ken and Drew left together, Dale and Jack hooked in one playroom, and I slept with David, Chris and Ryan in Jeff's bed. What? It was big enough!
What A String of Days...The Hot Days of Summer!!!
Posted:Aug 28, 2020 11:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 9:19 am
I have a whole lot of ground to cover, and still having issues with my keyboard, but I had to share this series of great days, even with the apparent relapse of the virus, with you. This will be a long one, and since they seem to be blocking every other post after a few views, sure how many readers will see it. Just know, I keep trying!!!

Those of you who missed the last entry missed some impressive pictures. Damn, they were nice! But we managed to get a winner in five before they stopped the voting. The last one you are able to see, finally got a winner in three.

You know I have to give my shout-outs to my OP husband, Cumlover401, my OP mister/mistress, Motorctyman, and my OP boyfriend, Crskyler. I have to say hello to NinFun21cm, Nudeaz2 and Honestlover01! And it is always great to see Bradwith9 and Hungincher. Are we doing this again, Christo678500? After several offers of a free session with you, I had kind of given up. Similar deal with you Daxter3, but now I know what I have been missing, and I want you to do the same! lol I want to say thank you to my new friends, especially Whowantme, and to answer the question, I could! lol. I want to thank Readyfucker, Dickmedown696, Guest724, Ruby_St_Jonsbury and Whowantme for adding me to their lists. And I want to thank JimSilva, Tom767, Whowantme, PaulyC62, Ruby_St_Jonsbury, Bjhogan, 0NYC and Grecoromano75 for flirting with !

Now, some of you may remember that for a spell, I was having menage a trioses every Sunday with Osman and John. Well, those have ceased. As I indicated, both guys were starting to slip with me. Osman, my favorite patron, started looking shady to me, and rather than try to clean it up, I decided to put some distance there. His work started requiring more of his time, and things faded. We are still friends, and he will still come in, but it will be a while before we can close the gap that developed between us. John, my long ago ex, just lost most of his abilities to be fun for me. He has literally ruined his ass for me, getting sloppy, greedy and careless without a condom ,and letting strangers in his ass. It is to the point that I have to be drunk to even consider fucking him, which is why it hasn't happened the last two times he was here. But we are friends, and we have history, so as he says, we will be in each other's lives for a while.

Meanwhile, Sawyer another surprise visit and it was something. He got naked and I noticed a change. This made me probe until I finally got the truth. What I knew was that he was slipping back into his old ways. The new news was that there is a he has been seeing. So we took a bubble bath together, t wash her off of him. I guess he thought I would be pissed, but I explained...when I was carrying you, these would have been problems. But you have your own place, and job now, and as long as you leave all that down there, and your ass and time is all about me when you're here, we don't have an issue. The rest of the time was quite romantic, and he asked me to do something we've never done before. He some awesome compliments before and told me he still loved me and that was that!

I spent a lot of time trying to build and boost the business since the virus . Enhancing my websites, creating promos, advertising specials and discounts and creatively putting it there, and effectively using social media, with great results, and a few drawbacks. 1) I get calls at all hours now, from men, straight, bi sexual and gay, and sadly women. 2) 2 or 3 guys have actually showed up at the door, looking for a massage from a female. Turns somewhere, there is a reference to my work, but they didn't verify the information. So there is no mention of my specialized field, or limited or preferred clientele, or that I am only opened 24 hours on the weekends. Needless to say, it has created some interesting episode.

Like a week ago, a guy showed up around midnight. Dressed, he looked average, and when I explained everything, he opted for a level two session, meaning with a happy ending. Minus the tats, he was sexy from the neck down. I went to work on him, and was actually enjoying myself. When I got to the ass, I decided to test the waters, and learned that he liked having his ass eaten, and the finger prostate stuff went over well as well. But he seemed upset that I moved on to his back, neck and shoulders. I even revisited the rear area with my hands and tongue before I flipped him over. Everything seemed to be great, finished the front and started working on the finale, when he startled the hell of by making a grab for my shit. Not that he couldn't, I just wasn't expecting it. Sadly, the same thing happened the second time he went for it. I am not sure which disappointed him the most, but I don't expect a repeat performance. Can't win them all.

Another night last week, Troy showed up after a thirty minute notice at near 1am. First, he pulled up in an utility truck. Then walks this , stocky, football player built guy. With the lack of information I had, I assumed he was straight and was a bit apprehensive. He wanted me to do his legs, back and shoulders mainly, and as he stripped, I noticed his ass, his nipples and the fact that he was virtually hairless. I did my work , and judging from the moans, I did it well. Again, I tested the waters when I was doing his thighs, and received the sign that I could sample the beautiful, tight buns before me. They were delightful and he seemed appreciative of the effort. I turned him over and continued impressing him with my craft. I had to lick them nipples. And this led to another unexpected happy ending and a fifty percent gratuity.

Hell, just last night, a lovely lad was here at 2 am. Between the way he carried himself and his sheer beauty, I was intimidated, and probably didn't relax into it for , twenty minutes. When he stripped, he grabbed a towel, so I missed the family jewels, but I was still intimidated. Even his huge ass tat was pretty, and I hate tats. I did his feet, calves and thighs, and checked once more about the type of work he wanted done...I had skipped two I normally would have done on a guy this sexy. He gave the okay and I skipped nothing else. Actually that isn't true. There was a few hairy places on his back I would have loved to have tasted. But I tasted that ass...three times as well as two manual prostate manipulations and his shoulders, which were in dire need. I turned him over, and sucked his toes. Finally seeing what I had missed earlier, I aimed for an edgier finish. I did one calf, thigh and sucked and licked the testicle on that side. Then I did the same thing on the other, and it became apparent he was liking it as much as I was. Then I fondled his balls as I licked his entire pubic region without touching the prize. I licked his navel as I rubbed his torso. Then I sucked, licked and nibbled on another set of nipples, but these were wired to the prize and surrounded by some beautiful body fur. I could have worked on him all night. He napped after I sucked a gallon of man milk out of him. I think it is safe to say I haven't seen the last of him!

I had an Indian, Native American, come in after talking with him for well over a year. I find it funny when a guy thinks this part or that part is his best asset, and I find myself drawn to anther feature, and this guy was one of those. But I remember being very let down by it, and finding other things...his , armpits, chest and cock far more appealing. In fact, this was the first time in recent memory that licking it before I stick it wasn't an option. But I did do my job, wishing I had spent more time on his chest and armpits and less on his ass. And when he left, I could not help but think of the sexy Indian in my life.

We've talked about Billy several times, but he is the synopsis of the whole story. I started going to these sex parties at a place where more of the guys were something other than gay. So they would have to either leave or be naked during the parties. Several would leave, including Billy. But word was, he had a big cock. I had to hear those words for two years before I finally saw it, and even in its flaccid state, I thought it was one of the most beautiful pieces of meat I had ever seen. And it would be two years, a sick girlfriend and the absence of his normal go-to guy before I would get a taste. And it is still one of the most beautiful, awesome cocks I've ever seen. Did I mention that Sawyer's cock looked longer and thinner than the last time he was here? Back to Billy though, over time though, I have also become enthralled by his asshole, one of the most appetizing and inviting I've ever seen, mesmerized by his armpits, and lately have been fascinated with his chest...muscle tone, hair and nipples. I can tell I will be handling my business at some point tonight. lol

Speaking of parties, somehow I managed to have a good time at a party with only guys. I was sharing the three bottles I brought with a couple of guys, including an attractive Asian. We have played before, usually I will eat his ass and suck him off. But this time, it was kinkier and more romantic. Maybe it was because of the drinks, or the fact that we had the bed to ourselves for well over an hour, but it was definitely not our norm. I don't think I did anything to his ass, but did a lot of frottage, and even did some kissing. There was a lot of nipple play, and groping and grinding, and edging, but eventually I sucked him off and then we just kind of cuddled and talked and laughed. He even thanked me the next .

But after the party, I spend some time with Dell, a small, hairy but somewhat effeminate white bottom. I am surprised at how much ass a little guy can have, and he is an impressive talent! We started off making , because we are both great kissers. Then the chest play, because he is hairy. Then the ass, which I ate, fucked, fingered and stretched for hours. Then I started sucking in the front while working in the back. At some point, he told me that I had brought his dick back to life. This is not the first time I've heard this, and this case I believe it because he got off twice before we were finished. We spooned, cuddled and made for a few hours before he left, and he can not wait to get back with "my magic hands and mouth," his words, not mine! lol

And what Dell refers to as "my magic hands and mouth," Ryan refers to as "my magic hands, mouth and tongue." Ryan is a bit of a funny story, because we started off as online buddies. We gradually became acquaintances, and this is when we finally met. We met as a bit of a challenge. He thought he was a great cocksucker and that he didn't quickly. I was confident in my abilities and knew I was hard to get to climax. So what was suppose to be a 69 sucking contest was a huge disappointment...he was spent in minutes and he still hasn't made ! lol After three attempts, he conceded. Then he would come by occasionally for a quick -minute blowjob. Then he went through some things and I did what I could for him, so I guess you could us friends. Last week, he decided to see what else I could do and made an appointment.

When he got here, he was coronafided...mask, hand sanitizer and the rest. He stripped and got on the table ass up. And I actually tried to keep it professional. I mean I knew he wanted a happy ending, and assumed it would be oral, but the rest, was pretty much standard. When I got to the ass, I did not like what I felt, so it was the second ass recently I did not lick before I stick. His back and shoulders really needed to be done. Then I turned him over and did my thing, but I did work his nipples, his hairy chest and teases his cock, balls and whole genital area with my mouth before I finished him off. He expressed his disappointment but did his part. He wanted way more anal action.

Now, I know a lot of guys don't have a full and clear picture of what their asshole looks like. But I have a good view, and on top of that, finicky as fuck. As a general rule, finger, mouth and cock is the order in which my body parts enter the hole. So if I have to visit a hole, and it looks wrong, the finger is the only thing going in. And a hole can be wrong for a lot of reasons for ...dingleberries, warts, feces, hemorrhoids, an outie, etc. But if I can avoid those holes completely, I will.

So Imagine my surprise when they days later, Ryan booked another appointment. And I really tried to do better. I spent more time on his feet, back and shoulders, I let him rise and fall several times before the actual conclusion. And when the time came, I even did better where it counted. Despite knowing what it was I felt there the first time, I actually spread the cheeks to see how bad it was. At that point, I had to make the finger count, and the manual prostate exercise did the trick, he made all kinds of noises before I wrapped it up. I believe he will come again, hoping for progression in the way I treat his ass. I suspect his days are numbered.

I also had a guy from Pennsylvania, coming to town for a day and wanted to get a session. The only way we could do it was if it was the first thing he did when he got here, which actually worked out for him since he was headed downtown and I was on the way. I was a bit surprised when he arrived. The picture I saw indicated he was blonde, short and , but this guy was taller than , brunette and maybe thirty. He was also very friendly and charming. As he undressed, I learned he was moderately hairy. I missed what he was working with when he jumped on the table, but the rest of what I say was damn good. In fact, I gave him 90 minutes for an hour. Which gave time to spend on his sexy calves, his beautiful and tasty ass, which I revisited three times. I nibbled on his earlobes, licked his ears, kissed his neck and then, flipped him over. I also kissed him as I stroked his and rubbed his forehead and scalp, licked his armpits , sucked his nipples and played with his hairy chest. I also licked his navel and worked his genital and pubic areas into a frenzy, producing one of the tastiest loads I've had this week. He said I was awesome and he would definitely be back when he gets back to town. That list is starting to get pretty long too.

And of course, there was Kendall, and he came on a night I was feeling pretty frisky. I did his back, neck and shoulders which are always trouble spots for him. Since he started limping recently, I put some extra time on his sciatic nerve, his piriformis muscle and hip joint, stretching, lengthening and aligning his lower half. Then I ate his brown / caramel ass three or four times, enough for him to just turn over and let me suck his huge inches. The noises came soon and he came soon after.

If you feel like I rushed through Kendall, he asked me too, as he is trying to get in tonight before he goes home. Then, remember that menage a trois I use to have on Sundays? They want to come tomorrow, and then playing strip poker tomorrow night.

Looks like I might just have a few more days left of this. What's a guy like to do? LMAO
Diverse City...My "Rainbow Coalition" Experiences
Posted:Jun 20, 2020 9:13 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2020 7:58 am
Hello everybody! I am going try and squeeze this in, but I have four specials running, including one for Father's Day weekend, so I hope I will not get interrupted before I finish. It is also Gay Pride here, such that it is, so it also may make a impact, as the lame way we are treating it may require some seek a more personal touch. lol

But first, let give a shout out my Outpersonals husband, Cumlover401! Hey there, ! lol I also want thank Bradwith9 for popping by again. Love looking at you! Thank you for flirting with , Bjhogan! And I really want thank both Nycman2019 and AllUpThere for their wonderful comments. So if you are wondering why the picture change, you can thank them. And by the way, AllUpThere, the feeling is mutual! lol

Now if you do not want learn more about personally, skip this post! Apparently, there are 400 more you can look at! lol

I truly believe I have done everything you can possibly do as a gay man, well, except for females! Yuck! lol But since I was kicked out at twelve, I tried maintain a normal life without anyone knowing I was homeless. This meant staying at school as long as possible each day, trying find a way get food, do my homework and trying find a safe place sleep, clean up and change before going school each day. Back then, I looked a lot like Jermaine Stewart. Very thin, long straight hair...all legs, ass and chest. So I because a street hustler, and was for a few , until one of my johns decided take in. That situation didn't work out, but it did give time get a regular job. Later, I would become a bona fide , and actually enjoyed that life until I lost my beautiful body, got fat, and figured I could make as a drag queen.

After winning a couple of titles, developing a one he-she show, and creating personas in different areas of the country, I semi-retired.I'm still asked perform these days, but usually for benefits and special events. Well, except for Teniqua, the creation that was desired by a black gentleman who "dated" for about six months. I lost some of the weight, but not enough think I could do the thing again, so I became a homosexual surrogate, basically teaching guys how live gay. Not just the sexual aspects, but navigating through the many options available, getting acclimated in the gay community, and most importantly, helping them figure out what "living gay" looked like for them. There are several guys out there thankful for my "creations" and in a couple of cases, "monsters."

After loving, marrying and losing husbands, I redefined my life, making it as gay and under my own control as possible. I gave up all my jobs where I worked for someone else, and became totally self-employed and privately contracted, and rather than touch my retirement, my late husbands' inheritances, at that time, I started working at the gay bars.A jack of many trades for many at one bar, then the drag bar, but not as a performer, then at my favorite, and the raunchiest gay bar in the city, where I did whatever...bouncer, host shows, judge contests, coat check, etc. This lead me back into hosting sex parties, even creating several groups, eventually creating an consortium of gay activities and even managing all operations for them. I also started working at a revue bar. It is then that my life made yet another change.

It became all about men, sex, and enjoying being gay. It was a year party, and a hell of a good time, paid for by yours truly. What wasn't covered by my income finally led touching my nest egg for the future. I become a for several of the strippers where I worked, continued and expanded the consortium and started my massage business, as a masseur. I "dated" about five of the exotic dancers, deeply infatuated with one and falling for another. Eventually moved away and went crazier for a while, at the bars every night, and falling for a married man. Moved back discover that things had changed drastically, but I hadn't. So I restarted the privately contracted, self-employment strategy, but focused on living gay, which led becoming a personal massage therapist, still doing the consortium and making living my gay life, my way, look damn good! lol

So early in my life, I thought Grecian and Italian men were the shit! I mean, there were so manly, so hairy and so romantic, how could I not? I have always thought of myself as a classy gentleman, so learn I could be drawn rednecks, skinheads and even homeless guys who just needed be cleaned up literally blew my mind. I avoided men with tattoos and piercings, thinking there is something kinky or freaky about a guy who spends that much time with needles, covering their bodies and experiencing so much pain. Turns out, I'm a bigger freak than most of them, but I digest. And even though I thought I was more drawn to brunettes, of my husbands ended up being blondes. Turns out, I am really more into nice looking wrappings, covering a truly special gift inside!

This has led have enjoyed many wonderful experiences and moments with all kinds of guys. Tops and bottoms, sexuals and romantics, "straights," bisexuals and gays. Sure, most of them were white, like Big and Little Mike, Stephane, Sawyer, John and probably several hundred others. And I have spent a lot of time with men like myself, Kendall, who you have heard about almost every post now, Andre, my first "real" relationship, Dewayne, several hustlers after a bad night at the bars and maybe a hundred others. When I worked at the gay bars, I learned that Latinos and Hispanics seem to like the dark meat, and I was more than happy to enjoy tacos, enchiladas and chimichangas. I have a Filipino playmate in Philly, and a Japanese-African-American in D.C. Another regular in my blog post, Billy is a Native American...actually he is Cherokee and Blackfoot, same as my great-grandmother. And after watching a certain porn video, I became fixated with Middle Eastern men, and now my favorite regular patron right now happens to be one. So now, I like to think that if you are a decent looking, in shape man, I am open to you! lol

You have lucked out! There is not enough time to take about my latest episodes with Billy. Or the most recent encounter with my favorite patron. Or how Sawyer accidentally ended up spending the night. Or how my latest night with Stephane went. Or any thing related the grand re-opening of one of our bath houses. Or the anticipation of the first sex party here in months. Or how things have picked up here with my four specials during Gay Pride Month and now Father's Day weekend. But I leave you all with a question.

After reading at of that, if you have, as a gay man, is there anything I haven't done yet? Perhaps I just haven't mentioned them yet! LOL
Own It!!! Be Proud of It!!! & Celebrate It!!!
Posted:Jun 8, 2020 11:52 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2020 6:11 pm
Let me get the negative stuff out of the way first! I will not be discussing Corona, unless it is that wonderful beer from Mexico. I am so over Trump until you all dump his ass! And I will not offer an opinion on the protests, melees and riots all over the country, other than I see stupidity on all side. Not all cops are evil, or have a problem with other races! And as a youngster, I was taught to respect the law, nit fear it. If a cop approached me during protest, I don't test them. I do as they ask. I can make calls, write letters, send emails, hit social media, use negative publicity to call attention to the matter. Escalating to the point of violence is stupid! And once again, much like in life, the powers-that-be thought that I was too hot to handle or too cold to hold, or rather, my last post. So it was only viewed 74 times before they declined it, and there were several nice looking pictures in there! lol By the way, I did respond to the three comments there, though I'm not sure you will be able to read them. And to the hot guy who responded...CPLuis or maybe CBLuis, we won. Or rather, we tied. Numbers five and six were the winners!!!

And since we are already here, and because most people didn't know I had been here to come look in on me, let me thank LilFunOne and Cubsfan123 for gracing me with their awesome presence! Speaking of, Honestlover01, your are seeming like you are excellent husband material!!! I'd like to thank Bill4pleasure for both flirting with me and adding me to his hot list! And also thank Orallyinclined0 and Bjhogan for their flirts as well.

So far this has been a hideous year for being this gay! lol I mean, social distancing meant no bath houses, no parties, a huge reduction in work...and still I managed better than most! Here is it Gay Pride Month, and it is still putting a damper on us. Our Gay Pride Celebration has been reduced to an eight hour online show this year...Yippee! Well, I'm sorry folks, but this month, I ain't going down like no punk bitch! It's Gay Pride and I'm going to do my best to keep mine fantabulous!!!

I am hosting a gang bang of sorts on Sunday, and I am hosting a strip poker overnight event, as well as a daytime strip poker event this month. And one of the groups that regularly host sex parties will be hosting their first one the last weekend of the month, and you know, I'm going to be there! In addition, I've brought my celebration into my work. If they come in three times this month, the fourth one will be on me! But that is mainly because I got a bigger studio and wanted to do something to celebrate that. And since I have the room, I will be doing four hand sessions on the weekends at a special rate. And of course, my favorite sessions are also part of the celebration. And of course, I'm looking for more ways to queerly rock the month of June, and the worlds of several wonderful guys and men along the way!

If you have been reading recently, you know I have been having a weekly menage a trois on Sundays with my ex and my favorite patron. And we are still doing them. But the dynamics have changed a lot. My ex tolerates a few things, and may suck a dick to get it hard, but he is almost solely about getting fucked. In fact, that gang bang I mentioned earlier...there you go! My patron initially was looking for a bottom to fuck, which is how this came to be. But I feel like he has been so sheltered from his gay side, that he is curious about a lot of stuff. So he wants to talk, but not necessarily experience some thing. Of course, that gets in the way of fucking, so we tend to squeeze in his education where we can. I've decided that he is a bit of a freak, but too shy or scared to actually do much with the information he is getting. But he really appreciates having a friend he can talk about these things with. I also think he is turned on by some kink, but he does seem to be disenchanted with my ex's slutty bottom tendencies.

Thursday, he came in for a session just with me, but it was less of a massage and more romantic and sexual. Normally most of our actions are confined to his body, and through the three-ways, I learned he has the interest in being more reciprocal, but this was the first time he has ever demonstrated that side with me. In fact, essentially I did his lower half in the back and his upper half in the front, though that was mostly laying in his arms, playing with his hairy chest and armpits, making out, and talking about him, and the things he might be interested in, in and out of the bedroom. You know, it is strange. It was not the hottest session we ever had alone...He made noise that time! lol It wasn't the most romantic time we've spent together...shockingly, that would be one of the Sunday's when my ex had had his fill. But somehow, it was special, and it indicates that our sessions may be evolving. I'm just not sure how I feel about that right now!

Kendall, my ten inch black guy, was in here twice this week. Tuesday night, he was here for maybe three hours. And it was pretty much our usual thing. I might have ate his ass out a little more, and he was noisier and needed more recovery time. You might remember that I am not a fan of his hands, feet or face, but everything in between, front and back, with the exception of the lack of hair on his chest is very easy on the eyes.

So Saturday, when he called, I should have said no. For one, there was curfew so unless it was necessary, we weren't suppose to be on the roads. And second, I had my Sunday menage a trois in the morning, so I really didn't even really need the company. Nonetheless, he was here before eleven that night and left before six in the morning. He even used the curfew as the excuse for him to essentially spend the night. But it was probably one of our best times. He was making all kinds of noises, and I was doing things to him I had never done before to him. Despite not liking his feet, I used his toes against him. My massaging came off more like muscle worship, and he even returned the favor on my lower half. I chased his rubdown with a thorough going over with my nails, which drove him insane! And I was all up in that ass with my tongue again, multiple times, which eventually led to him spreading them legs so I could get to those hefty balls and that massive slab of meat. He got off about one and fell asleep. He woke up a couple of hours later and wanted some more, and I gave him seconds, but not as good as the first, except I almost fucked him. I suspect I will be seeing more of him.

Billy was here twice this week as well. The first time it was quick, easy and sweet. He came in, sat down, and tried to talk me into sucking him off, which I would eventually do. But whereas, I was trying to see what it is I have been drinking all of this time, he just wanted me to do the usual suck and swallow. When I got him close, I tried to come off of it and finish it by hand, but he forced my head in position to stay. A decision he regretted, because he doesn't like the torture that can come from that kind of move, and clamped down and tongued his piss slit, vacuumed sucked his shaft and slapped his dick a few times with my tongue before I freed it from my trap.

The second time he was here, he was all wet and sweaty, but not quite to the point where he smelled. He greeted me with a hug and I knew i could take my time with this one. I even kept his underwear when we were done. By now, you all know I am crazy about his cock...big, thick, beautiful, with lots of soft, plush, calico fur and monstrous, low-hanging balls. That same hair is just a gorgeous brown under his arms, and mostly gray where his two muscular pecs from an Irish slip. And I washed all of that hair with my mouth and tongue. Once again, he seemed shocked when his nipples responded positively to my lips and tongue. And his butterscotch colored ass his the most inviting hole...unfortunately only my tongue was invited. By the time I visited all of these fabulous places on him, it did not take long for him to erupt his creamy lava in me. I still haven't see what the hell it is I am swallowing, but on days like this, who gives a fuck. lol

Sawyer paid me a visit as well, and it was wonderful. Hell, he looked wonderful, and it was not just because I missed him like crazy! From his gorgeous face, twinkling eyes and amazing smile, to his powerful, muscular chest with a nice distribution of hair, to his dreamy armpits, to his twenty-one suckable digits, to one of the most beautiful asses I have ever about bootilicious! lol and what he is working with in the front is nothing short of impressive and awesome. You may remember that most of the time, the number of climaxes between us reach double digits, but most of that is him, definitely not fifty-fifty! lol And although he hates doing it, he is an amazing kisser. He has grown to be a pretty decent cock sucker, and that cock seems to work well in all holes. Plus we both have freaky tendencies and similar kinks so we always have a wonderful time together.

This time was no different, except he got all the libations before he arrived. We also played catch up on each other's lives before we even started to do anything intimate. And he made the first move! Honestly, I can't even look at him for too long without wanting to do something to or with him. We made out, engaged in some of our kinky freaky stuff, then played the reciprocal game. He got off three times before I got off the first. He actually wanted to take a break and talk after his fifth. I don't know why I expected to hear something bad, like he had finally found a girl, or needed some money or some other issues or problem to deal with. Instead, he told me he loved me and wanted me to do something very special with him. And sadly, that is all you get to hear about. lol

Now a blast from the many of you remember Stephane? At one point, he was giving Sawyer a run for his money in the pursuit of my affection. Not as hot as Sawyer, but he loves with his whole, friends, women. Unfortunately, that has also made him a loser at the game of love multiple times. But like most of the bisexual men who hang around me, and I don't think I am being unfair when I say this...their taste in women suck! Ugly, fat, unemployed, alcoholics, addicts, most with responsibilities they are not taking care of alone, or combinations of any of that. Unfortunately, he picked another piece of shit, except this one ended up pregnant, and they got married, and the baby came with can tell where this is headed.

His mom contacted me, hoping I could talk some sense into him after the latest. She gave me the wrong address, but the right phone number. So Wednesday, I called and left a message, glad to think he was at least working. He called me back Thursday at dinner and invited me over Thursday night. I probably should not have gone, but I really wanted to see how he was doing, with my own eyes, to separate the lies. We did out usual thing, cooked, drank and watched television. After a spell he got comfortable, which made me nervous, as we haven't done anything in a while. There are spots on him that drive me insane! And as more and more of those spots were revealed, I had the good sense to ask if he had to work in the morning, and he did. I started to clean up the place and leave, but he asked me to stay over. I agreed, but only if he went to sleep soon, so he could get enough rest. Back in the day, I saved his ass many times, coming over to make sure he was up and read for work.

He laid on top of the bed in just his boxers, and I started having flashbacks, I finished cleaning up and sat in a chair, when he asked me to lay with him. It was beautiful and wonderful and romantic. We made out some, and I laid in his arms and played with the few long hairs he had on his chest and nipples. I eventually kicked his boxers off with my feet, and after checking everything out, groping, grinding, tasting, I attempted to get up. The rule is...if a man needs to sleep, he should not be in bed with me, because i will not leave him alone for long. But he wanted me to stay. I tied really hard to limit myself to only touching his hair. he has the most awesome hair, everywhere he has it, particularly, armpits, pubic and mustache. I did tasted his hairy ass a few times too.

In the morning, we shared a shower, and I made him breakfast. Cleaned up the house and called his mom before I locked up and left. I swear, I almost think she would rather see him with me than another girl! lol We got together Saturday as well!

Oh and before I leave...Bradwith9, didn't mean to ignore you. Just had to finish this, even if that only let 74 people read it before they decide it is too much! LOL
And The Streak Continues...Not That I'm Complaining!!!
Posted:Apr 30, 2020 2:04 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2020 3:02 am
Hello guys! How are we doing today? Hopefully, as well of better than me. I'm a little bit sore, and a little bit tired, but I'm in great spirits, so I will not complain. With Corona still doing its thing to us all, directly and indirectly, I am glad I am not depressed, sweating the bills, and relatively healthy and happy!

I want to thank all the guys who responded to my last post...the responses are with your comments. And we had a tie in the way of winning pictures with numbers one and five claiming the prize, a free session with me! LOL I also need to thank my new friend, Jackofspd, for being brave enough to friend me! lol I want to thank Bjhogan for flirting with me again. And RoseboyDana, it was so nice to see you again.

I suspect this will be a short post, so I will try to get as many pictures in it as I can.

Sunday started off with another menage a trois with my favorite patron and my ex, John. I have to admit, this one was not as hot as the first one. I learned something that made me a bit less into it, and John seemed to be all about getting fucked, so that was really all he did. So with one of us in his ass all the time, it was hard to do anything with one another. I did get to suck my patron off, and we plan to do a session tomorrow by ourselves. We are also planing to do another threeway on Sunday, but I'm already making plans to ensure it is a much better time.

After a marvelous diner, which I prepared myself, I spent six hours with an old acquaintance of mine. Actually, he use to hang out with another acquaintance of mine, but that guy moved, and he, loving his dark meat, wanted to see what I could do. Honestly, I knew I was better than his old pal, having played with him a few times myself, so it was just a matter of impressing him enough to make him leave wanting more. Considerably smaller in size and older looking than I remembered, he was still quite hairy, with an impressive ass and a very nice cock. I will admit, I was a bit concerned about hurting or breaking him in half, lol, but it turns out he is a great decent kisser and loves to spoon and cuddle. He is also a bit of a freak so that helped as well. He got off four times before he left, so I'm guessing he was happy with my performance! lol

Early Monday morning, I have a two hour exploratory and discovery session with a new guy. Yes, the sessions are fewer but the lengths are longer. Thank you stimulus checks! lol

Now, I have an issue with guys who come in knowing we are doing a discovery and exploratory session...and he knew that's what it was because I was to count and tell him how many erogenous zones I discovered on him. Well, when he got undressed and hoped on the table, he still had his socks on, and didn't even take of his jock strap. he had told me that he was hairy and that his skin was very dry, so I even made a special batch of cream for him...cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, my regular base and baby lotion for an hypoallergenic scent. I started on his calves, and he started to moan. I knew then what to do and by the time I got to his upper thighs, the jock strap came off. I spent a lot of time on his ass and hips, do the stretching, lengthening and aligning of his lower half, and went back up to eat some ass. The guys was in heaven! The noises he was making created a symphony of ecstasy that just kept me drilling my tongue into his hole. It was very clean and kind of sweet. I eventually went to my finger prostate routine, and watched him vibrate, wiggle and squirm from pleasure. As I worked on his hairy lower back, I would lick his crack and tease his hole with my tongue again. He loved my work on his shoulder blades and neck, and loved it when I nibbled on his ear lobes. By the time I finished his back half, his whole body was an erogenous zone, but I only registered six to him. lol

I turned him over, and was surprised to see he wasn't hard, but his dick looked like it was smothered in gravy. I made another executive decision, and did each leg, giving me two opportunities to try and manipulate an erection. As I did one calf, the knee and the corresponding thigh, I licked his taint and balls and teased his ass with my tongue again, and watched his meat stir and rise. When it got to full mast, I did the stretch, lengthen and align thing again, and pulled the same maneuver with the other leg. After that, I licked his pubic and genital region without touching the shaft. The cream was good. I rubbed his torso, and clean out his belly button with my tongue, which warranted a grunt from him. I enjoyed his hairy chest to learn that his practically non-existent nipples indeed did have an effect on him. Even combing his hairy armpits his my fingers and nails elicited noises from the guy. So I went to licking and sucking them, moving slowly towards his neck, making my way to his earlobes again before I started kissing him. I rubbed him all over to make sure that once again he was in such a fever, there wasn't a safe spot on his body. Three bobs up and down and I was vacuuming the cream from his shaft like a Hoover. He flounced and groaned and bounced and moaned for at least a minute before he sighed from exhaustion. I gave him a break, and he wanted to make out some more. His was amazing, incredible and you made my dick come alive again. And if you are interested, the final count was thirteen. lol

Billy came by for a blow job, and by now, you know how I feel about that cock. Gorgeous, with huge, hairy delicious balls, man-scented, lush, brown, black and gray pubic hair, and a large piece of meat, long and thick in its majestic glory. I savored the flavor for as long as I could, but twenty minutes later, he was squirming and moaning. He can't cum again that quickly, and although he hates it, he will let me suck on it for a bit afterwards.

Kendall, my late night guy who is usually here for at least two hours, popped by for a session. But he warned me that he would go to sleep, so wake him up so he would be able to cover the bill. You might remember that there are three things on Kendall I could live without...his feet , his hands and anything above his neck. lol I did his feet and calves. I had noticed him limping coming in, so I knew I would be working his hips pretty good, so I went to them and work each hip, with the corresponding butt cheek and thigh. He complained I was too rough on both sides, but he wasn't limping anymore. I went back to his ass, because he has a beautiful ass, and when is it is glistening with the chocolate-butterscotch cream I make especially for him, it looks and smells irresistible. Unfortunately, it wasn't as clean as it usually is, so I use a baby wipe to make it edible, and went back to it. This was important! I did his whole back, getting every kink and knot I could. The same with his shoulder blades. I started working on his neck and bald head, and realized he had fallen asleep. I quickly redid his back and worked on his hips again, and then, I ate his ass. That is how I wake him up. he loves it so much that he moans loudly and then spreads his legs, hoping I will go in deeper. Sometimes, I do, Sometimes I lick his taint and start working on his huge balls from the underside. He enjoyed it for a bit before he turned over.

His huge slab of meat was only at half mast. I quickly did his feet, and once again did each leg, giving me two chances to see it at full capacity, but knowing I would not need it. I did each calf, knee and thigh, licking his perineum and the ball I could reach from that thigh. And I watched it grow. By the time I finished the second leg, the full ten inches was up. I teased him by licking his genital area, minus the family jewels. He can get loud and it is now two in the morning. I worked on his torso, his chest and his armpits. he is also one of the few who wants his arms done, so I did that before I went down to the good stuff. When I started sucking his balls, that's when the noises started. I then did the "have mercy" starting with my tongue in his ass hole, licking his taint, balls and underside of his shaft, just short of the head, repeatedly. He soft screams tells me he is enjoying it. I then lick around the balls and lick and pull on his trimmed pubic hair. And then finally I put my mouth around the head. One of these days, that one scream is going to startle me enough to scrape him. I then start doing my tongue tricks along his shaft. I am one of the few who can take his full, thick ten inches in my mouth, and still manage to work my tongue magic. He is getting louder and louder, and I know he will not be able to hold back much longer. Normally, he makes me stop every once in a while, kind of like edging. i did it once, and pointed him to the clock so he could see the time. He did not deny me the second time, and the baritone voice became an alto howl, as he dropped his large, creamy taste load in my mouth. I sucked him dry, watching him jump, squirm and try to wiggle his way out of my mouth. When properly inspired, I have a vice-like grip! lol

And Billy left here a couple of hours ago, and this time I got to do more than just suck that awesome cock of his. I got to look at his lovely ass, and discovered a most inviting tunnel, to both my tongue and my cock, but respecting that fact the he is straight, and probably came unprepared, I had to settle to just look...this time. The same gorgeous hair that surrounds his most prized possession also lives under his armpits, and I enjoyed leaving my mark on it. And I believe it came as a complete and utter surprise to him that, while I was licking the predominantly gray hair between his pecs, I licked his nipples and got a positive reaction and response. Eventually, I did what he really wanted me to do, but after all of that, he was done in eight minutes, and I could tell from the fresh creamy load I got that, as I said to him, "I just saved you from a you can not afford!" lol He laughed, gave me a great hug and went on his merry little way.

And I am not done just yet. I still have my favorite patron coming by today, and he and John will be here this weekend for another fun day Sunday three-way. And I am certain I will see Billy again before the week is over And with my luck, there will a few surprises cumming my way as well.

Seriously guys, I love my life! LMAO
4-20-2020 The Happy Homo...the luckiest gay bastard on the planet!!!
Posted:Apr 20, 2020 8:20 pm
Last Updated:May 9, 2020 2:52 pm
I am enjoying a one hell of a thirty hour period, and it shockingly only got better when I got here. Some great news, some fabulous surprises, and of course, a few hot guys for distraction.

But first , let me holler at my Outpersonal husband, Cumlover401, and my Outpersonal boyfriend, Crskyler. It is always good to come back and see you two have not forgotten me. You guys are awesome, and I'm proud to be part of this Outpersonal throuple. It was also nice to see Ajmesp82 again. Thank you so much for cumming pictures? My other old favorites like Hung10incher and Wanting_it_now_...thank you guys for giving me some of your time and attention. Very much appreciated! And I'm going to call out a new guy, at least to me. I am very impressed, Subasianguy. I want to thank Cumforme4sex, Darkmr, NewbieMark68 and 69toyman6969 for adding me to their hot list, and Bjhogan, Darkmr, Orallyinclined0 and YesIswallow for flirting with me. Thank you so much guys!!!

Now, most of you don't know this, but if you took all of my titles, names, nicknames, monikers and such, and put them in a phone book, I would take up two pages. My former drag names, my the Grand Diva, The Oracle, L.Q.C.M.D.B.Q., legal names and such. One that I take a great deal of pride in is The Happy Homo, and I suspect you might understand a little bit more after you read this post.

Now, I don't want to hear no lip about what I am about to say. I know were are suppose to be doing the social distancing, forced isolation thing, but when you are this gay, going three days without seeing a naked man could be more dangerous to society as a whole than Corona! lol Anyway, about thirty-two hours ago, I was in a manage a trois type situation with John, my ex...we have talked about him here several times, and my current favorite patron. I saw them both do things I've never seen them do before. I learned things about my patron that makes me anxious to see him again. And even I pulled a few things off the shelf I haven't done in quite some time. I will not was fucking awesome! At my age, rocking and knocking with two fine younger men, fucking and sucking, rimming and brimming, moaning and groaning, humming and cumming! And what made it even better...I was rewarded financially by both of them for it! The old gray mare just ain't what she use to ass! LOL

You might be able to imagine the buzz, the high, the afterglow I was experiencing. And with the lack of attention that has been forced upon us, perhaps I got a little hungry or greedy because of it. So on this day, I spend a little time with Sawyer, my long distance boyfriend of sorts. Then, I remembered it was one of the former male strippers from the Unicorn birthday, so I sent him a message and ended up spending some time with him. You may remember that the John from the last paragraph and I were part of a throuple relationship for two years, so who else would get a massage and ended up spending time with me, but Big Mike. Yes, we have talked about him a few times as well. And then unexpectedly, Billy, who has one of the most beautiful and awesome cocks I have ever seen, popped by and ended up dropping a load with me. Of course, I'm reliving this period in my journal, and then found myself reading other ridiculous but rue ass stories from my life. So we are doing some recapping and summing up for you now!

You may remember, I grew up in a rough, black neighborhood. Being too smart, one of the few who obviously had money, and openly gay invited all kinds of issues in my youth. But even then, you had to bring your ass to kick mine, and I made no qualms about warning them that if they lose, they may lose their anal virginity as well. But I would get tested every two to three years, and only lost once. What most didn't know was that some of those tough guys dealt with me in strange ways. One of the really cute ones use to regularly show me his ass and penis...too small to call a dick, but I never did anything with him. But one of the thugs in the neighborhood hooked up with me every week for four years. The main lady-killer did for two, and was still revisiting the situation when he passed. My brains also afforded me the luxury of giving some of them blow jobs while I helped them study. And a few could even be bought for five dollars or less.

A similar scene in both junior high and high school. I came out four time actually, at twelve, and at each school I went to after The good news was... these were far less violent times. The even better news was...they decided that teasing me was the answer. Guys would grab, smack or slap my ass. Some would even grab my cock. Even better was when they would make me touch them inappropriately, or show me their ass or cock, Don't get me wrong, I still did some scoping to see what certain guys had to offer, but it was far easier to wait and see what would be provided for me each day. I even played a few sports if a guy inspired me enough to do so in the hunt. Thanks to a certain wrestler, a big ass baseball player and a particular runner! And don't get me started on the gym classes and locker rooms. The things I saw and did, and the people I did them too. There was a nerdy looking gym teacher who looked a whole lot less nerdy taking a shower one day. No names though, I could get more than one teacher in trouble perhaps, depending on statutes of limitations. lol

And accidental sightings...or as I call it being in the right place in the right time. I remember walking on the canal one night and seeing a naked guy through his living room window. He was hot enough to have me walking on the canal on the regular basis at night. Saw him several more times, but it didn't go any further than that. Wasn't a total loss though. I caught about a dozen other guys undressed, sucked a lot of dick there and even had someone suck my cock until it got hard and then ride it while I sat on a bench smoking a cigarette. I was managing a store in a great neighborhood, when college would streak by after midnight, a percentage of the guys were receptive to my charms, and I was named, "Mayor of the Corner." Another one for the phone book. lol Anyway, despite being openly gay, I was cool with several households in that neighborhood. I remember one couple who had a staying with them, and although the youngster, and several others would regularly show me their asses, the older guy did nothing for me physically. That is, until they invited me to a party, and I got there early to see him naked in the kitchen through their living room window. Unfortunately, the shock must have did something because I went from seeing a decent ass to oogling this monster cock, that I still haven't forgotten to this day, nearly fifteen years later. And let's not forget the employee who got drunk at one of my parties...not sex I let him stay in my guest room. When I went in to wake him up in the morning, his hard on had manage to work its way through the holes in both his underwear and his jeans and that made for an awkward shower. Or the redneck who would get so drunk I had to wipe his ass or hold his cock regularly.

We could talk about my adventures with some of the motto is,,,You can't borrow no money, but you can earn some quick cash if you... We could talk about my days as an escort...I once made 359 dollars for sucking on old guy's nipples in his car. We could actually talk about weird the cutie patootie I thought was gay, but after I found out he wasn't, we broke the law together and then played strip tennis.We are still friends today! lol My strange encounters at the bars...The 501, the Bad Dog, Magnolia's, Clementine's, NV, NYC, Missie B's, Buddies, The Unicorn, and I only worked at two of those. Six more are on my resume. lol We could talk about my episodes at my two favorite bath houses. Or the sex parties I have thrown or attended. Or some of my sessions with and patrons. Hell, luck played a part in how I met two of my three late husbands.

And then I love talking about my celebrity encounters. Like Patti Labelle, who has always been my Queen of Soul. That was solidified when I saw Aretha Franklin outside a radio station I worked at. I opened the door for her, said, "There you are. Ms. Franklin" and she never said a word. She lost respect that day. As president of the FCA, I met several athletes...Jim Courier, Jeff Gordon, Danny Sullivan,,,and remember my last husband was a semi-pro tennis player. I have actually been intimate with a member of both our football and basketball teams. And I like to talk about when Ce Ce Peniston kissed me, and how Crystal Waters destroyed herself with me, or seeing members of DeLite and George Clinton get fucked up. But the encounter with Sir Ari Gold remains my favorite...thus far.

Thank you for tolerating my stroll down memory lane. I hope it was half as good for you as it was for me.
Catching Up....Continued!!!
Posted:Mar 13, 2020 12:03 am
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2020 5:49 pm
Sorry about that fellas! You will understand better in a bit, but I feel the need to say a couple of things before I begin. The main one being...none of the guys in the pictures are the guys talked about in the post. But you can still vote for your favorites if you wish. I'm not sure how many pictures will be up right now, but there will be some.

And with the changes that has occurred, and the time lapse since my last post, I feel the need to do a re-introductory paragraph to some of the guys in this post. Long time readers may remember them, but newer guys might need it to keep up.

And so, the update begins...

Since John is the reason I was interrupted earlier, he can go first. I was actually John's first boyfriend, decades ago. The one thing I give him over most of the other bisexual guys I know is that he lets his women know about his bisexuality before they get too close. In fact, I met his girlfriend at the time, before we did anything to make sure she was cool with me, because women play no part in my sex life, so it wasn't like she would be watching or doing a three-way or anything. Funny I should say that, because John was part of a throuple relationship I had with Big Mike. Basically, I managed a store managed by a lesbian couple who employed one other gay guy, one other bisexual guy and eventually John, who at the time worked across the street. I was out, and just one day came in and told me he was bisexual and interested, the next week, I was approved by his girl, and we started kicking it shortly thereafter. I can't remember who moved in first, Big Mike or John, but those two years were one of the happiest periods of my life. Eventually, it ended, and it would be fourteen years before we got in touch with each other. He, being unhappy in his marriage, opted to revisited the situation and we have been kicking it every since.

He isn't what he use to be. Not just that he is not as hot, or as healthy as he use to be. Perhaps because he was a drinker back then, he isn't nearly as fun, and now he is a bottom when he used to be quite versatile. He isn't big on kissing, and doesn't suck cock like he use to either. But he tries to spoil me in other ways, and he is getting better over time.

Sawyer surprised me with a visit last night. Sawyer I have known for thirteen years. Back then, he worked for the "creepy" guy across the street, but as it turned out, it wasn't just work. He would come by after work and hang out. Eventually tried to seduce me, and I eventually fall for his considerable charms. then I lost track of him for about eight years. He moved away, got in an unsuccessful relationship with a woman, which resulted in a , and had to come back. I came across him by accident one night, and three days later, we were at it again. About six months later, he moved in, and for over two years we lived, loved and learned. Unfortunately, he moved to take care of his parents in Nashville about two and a half years ago, so it we have been doing the long distance thing every since.

I can not tell a did my heart good to actually see him, and hold him last night. We have a surprisingly connection, an amazing chemistry, and sex between us is always hot and long and awesome. Like last night, between the two of us, we got off seven times, and I just had to remind him of all the things I can do to and with him. I am now pretty certain he will be making an extra effort to try and come see me more often. He was in awe of one trick in particular, and I know that one will be on his mind for quite some time. Fodder for some of those lonely nights in hand. lol

Little Mikey, not to be confused with Big Mike, I met three years ago. And immediately we have an instant connection. Unfortunately he had a girl and four at the time, so we just kept things flirtatious and light, at first. Then we discovered our chemistry, but still didn't act on it. But it became obvious, it was only a matter of time before it happen. And when it did, it was incredible. being a friend first kind of guy, we agreed that it was to be one night to "scratch the itch." I have outlasted two girls now, and whenever he loses one, he comes to me for that friend first, friend with benefits eventually thing we do. Yes, he is single again, and I am digging him again.

And of course, Billy, the owner of the most beautiful set of cock and balls I have ever laid eyes on. I am also enjoying that asshole, though so far it has only been with my mouth. and we have discovered some erogenous zones he didn't even know he had. And he, too is getting better over time. But he, too, has a girl, and watching him with her makes me envy them sometimes. But although he has an amazing heart, he is really fucked in the head, and he honestly isn't someone I could see living with. But we do have a connection, and I feel like he deserves better than what he has, and we do have a great time together, so I will not be giving him up anytime soon.

Big Mike is still around, but circumstances makes it so that we rarely get to see each other. Danny is in the process of being resurrected. And I still hold Stephane in the highest regard! Don't see much of Robbie anymore.

And this is my personal life, and what you may not have noticed is...all of these guys are bisexual. Not one gay guy plays an important role in my romantic life right now. So I guess it takes seven bisexual guys to do what one good gay man could do for me. But I;m not complaining. I am happy, I just could be happier! lol

March has been a little slow thus far, but this year has been pretty good for business so far, despite dropping the fees on more expensive packages and increasing the rates on simple sessions.

I do have a favorite patron right now in the form of Alan, and not just because he tips. He is a lovely Middle Eastern man that I could see myself dating. But of course, he is bisexual, married and because of that holds back, making it harder for me to make him relax. But I do get the job done! Hairy all over with a lovely eight inch cock, physically he is near perfect for me. I have literally licked him from pinkie toe to ear lobes. And he is not the best kisser, i suspect because of the little lady. But he is getting better with time. He plays with me some now, and appreciates the finger prostate massage. And he loves it when I sucked his toes and eat his ass out. That and the oral happy ending are his favorite parts, thus far, as we are doing some exploration and discovery. He has even expressed an interest in fucking me, as well as exploring his wilder side, since he has grown to trust me.

And you may remember Kendall? One of my oldest patrons, almost twenty years now. You might remember him better if I mention his massive ten inch, thick dick. For a while I was the only guy he knew who could suck him off, so he came for the massage, basically for the happy ending! Well, recently he informed me that he had met another guy who could get the job done, though he was young and immature. So I took the opportunity to not only give him a great massage, but remind him of a few other things that I bring to the massage table. Plus an oral happy ending he was talking about a week later. I know that session had to be good because it was the second time ever he tipped.The best thing though with him, since I make my own cream, I can polish his skin until he is a gorgeous caramel, or chocolate, or butterscotch or coconut and then he smells like it and I can lick him all over. And we both dig that.

And Bernie is back as well, though I'm not sure how long. He use to get one of the most expensive packages and now he is getting a simple session. For some reason, he and his husband felt forced to live in separate residences for financial reasons. Doesn't make sense to me, but I'm his substitute for cheating, so I'm not sure how long he will be coming, but as long as he wants, I'll be here for him.

And we have to mention Steve. He's an attractive older, retired gentleman who originally came in for back issues. Then he talked about his sciatic nerve, so my focus slowly made it way down to his legs. And over time, he trusted me with some other health issues or concerns, and I altered our appointments to see if I could help some of those. And apparently I did. And even though we are still in the process of addressing those, he recently came off of the fact that he finds me attractive and wants to go out on a date! LOL In my head, I always thought that my next relationship might be better if we got the sex thing out of the way first, but I always saw meeting them at one of the sex parties. This might be even better. lol

And I actually did go on a date recently, with a guy who hosted one of the parties last month. Well, it was a bit disappointing. He was suppose to cook but didn't . He asked me to leave the alcohol I had brought. And I also brought dessert, that we never ate. We did talk about his life, and at four in the morning decided to cuddle in bed. We both had early mornings, so I think we both focused on getting rest. Not long after, we tried again, but we ended up talking again, and I felt like he need a friend more than sex, so we made it to bed to making out and hold one another but again no sex. Third time was the charm of sorts...he really wanted to get fucked, I really wanted the other stuff to put me in the mood to fuck. So we both found it a bit disappointing. But we are still cool and we are even still trying to have sex! lol

So 2020 has been one hell of a year so far. January turned out to be a month of sexual surprises. I have topped more times so far this year than I have the last three. And my moss-like ability to grow on guys has made my mantra..."Friends first, the benefits will come...eventually!" lol But I ended up doing things to some people I didn't see cumming, and even doing some guys I didn't see cumming. lol February truly turned out to be the month of love and lust. And March is always interesting because I lost two husbands this month and I never really know how they are going to hit me, and my birthday is this month as well, with several celebrations coming. But if Billy's last visit and Sawyer's surprise visits are any indications, somebody's going to have a damn good month!

P.S. I have lost track of my pictures, so I hope these have not been used already! lol Enjoy!!!
Catching Up....It has been a while!!!
Posted:Mar 12, 2020 9:14 am
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 8:43 pm

Hello everybody! I know. I know. 2020 has been one hell of a year thus far, so I haven't been the visitor I use to be around here. And it looks like a few things have changed around here. I guess I will find out if that is for the better and if it will be as much fun!

Thank you to all the guys who have hot-listed me over the last few months. Apparently one of them is no longer with us, so I am going to skip the names there. Thank you YesIswallow and BJHogan for flirting with me, even with this picture! lol It is greatly appreciated. Thank you to my OP husband, Cumlover401, and my OP boyfriend, Crskyler, for checking in on me and letting me get a good look at them. And thank you for checking me out Daxter3! I will not lie! I am still hoping to get you on this table one least. Perhaps you will recognize me, enjoy yourself and cum again! lol

Unfortunately, I have to cut this short. Duty calls, but I will be on later tonight to bring you all up to speed on my wonderful life.
2019 Revisited!!!
Posted:Jan 2, 2020 10:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 8:41 am
I know, right? No poll questions! No unsolicited advice! Just good old , talking about life, more the point, 2019, with more pictures! That is of course, if the powers that be allow first post of 2020 go through.

But before we get into all of that, I have some serious calling do. After all, it has been a good month and a half since I thanked you guys appropriately for making time such a joy. I want thank Hungr4yungr and Mral46 for being the shit for ! I also want thank Outpersonals boyfriend, Crskyler, Outpersonals mister/ mistress, Mtrctymn, and Outpersonals husband, Cumlover401, for their almost conjugal visits! lol I want thank Scott44u55 for returning the fold. It was good see you again. As it is always nice see Hung10incher...thank you for the ! there were others sent emails as well, but I believe they will be coming up in the next paragraph!

I want thank top fans, Fuckmetonight86 and Petergozinya5. Thank you for the emails, as well as the guy I am not to mention anymore he visits profile again. Just glad see you are getting the word, baby! lol I have thank 69toyman6969, Northguy2020, Btccu4, Pcobttmboi21 and Fuckmetonight86 for adding me to their list, even with this picture! lol Thank you very much! I need thank Bjhogan, TabooFlesh, 10010NYC, Petergozinya5, Herbstgewitter and Herbers1962 for flirting with . Very much appreciated! And I have thank friends, Hairy428, Ladd2046 and SwishNSwallow2, which was like getting a for special! Thank you all so very much!

As you know, back in October, I was voted best kisser, best rimmer, best cock sucker and other awards at the Party Manimals Anniversary Party. So of course, at the Year's Eve Party in Castle, a few of the guys wanted hang with . And honestly, I was happy obliged. I got some fetish time in with Michael, as well as eating that ass and swallowing a load from him. I did the ass eating and cum swallowing thing with Scott too. And you long time readers might remember that there was a redhead claimed it took hours suck him off, and it took years for someone finally get it done! Yes, that someone was me, and I did it in twenty minutes! Breaking his curse, beating the legend and the ringleader advertising cock sucking abilities, made a property most of the night. I had an awesome midnight kiss with Stuart, and another with David, which led us sleeping in each other's arms. That's . But a great night, nonetheless!

Some of the other memorable party guests of the year would be, Kevin, if he shows up more often could be a real threat -peat as best rimmer. Nick, you might remember for looking like a completely and utter freak... he got of those clothes. Underneath the tie-dye, long hair and beard and weird pants is sexy mother fucker! lol Joe, of course. Jason. the hairy bear cub loves his dark meat. I also made it several BIB parties, a CumUnion affair, a Fellowship function, a Prime-Timers Party and several strip poker nights. I have also recent become a regular at the private club, Gay Ole Time. If you are or were into the bars of the 70's and 80' know good liquor, nudity and great music, you might check their calendar of events. Unless I have a reason not be, I am there at least nights a week. lol

In what would be the remains of personal life, Mikey got engaged a with , and I haven't seen much of him since. i don't sweat it though, as he will likely need help, , help him take care of his family. Speaking of family, I am now the godfather of Stephane's , Michael. I got finally spend some time with them Christmas evening. The of us made an incredible meal for , and then made a memorable night for ourselves before he went home and I went work. Mike is now on the run from the law, so i don't expect see much of him. make sure you are not confused, Mikes so Mike, Mikey, godson Michael and Mike. lol Billy now makes his last night visits when he can get away from his . Unfortunately, he can't do work at that hour, so we usually just talk, drink, or . I'm hoping the year will grant more quality time with him, as well as David and Stuart from the parties. And of course, Sawyer made it for his birthday in December. I was still sore about his last visit, but we still had a nice time. he has been doing a lot better about communicating since his visit though. What does all of this mean? I'm looking accept applications from quality men looking for a more significant role in life. I will phrase the old make room for the as needed! lol

2019 was best year as far as work was concerned, despite the fact that I did not do session in December. most improved patron was Kendall. He was coming in times a week, supposedly due insomnia. He'd show up between midnight and 2 am for hours, fall asleep during the first twenty minutes. I'd just let him sleep. When he woke up, it would turn into neck and back rub, though lately, sciatica seems to be an issue, eat that lovely ass of his and suck that massive inch, thick beautiful monster he keeps in his pants. When it is back its regular size, I cuddle with him a little he goes sleep again, and wake him up in time go home, clean up and change for work. And hell, i can start the next day hours early. lol

Best patron of the year is definitely Alan. This gorgeous, Middle eastern guy is almost material. a little too soft spoken for taste, but a romantic sweetheart. He lets do anything I want during the course of our sessions, so I have engaged in some fetishes with him and his beautiful, hairy body. His chest is dreamy, and if I were going go there, his cock is perfect for ass. I hope he doesn't read this because he has asked about that! lol It is long and thin. and his dreamy ass! I would enjoy him a lot more if I could. He even sends notes every week. I must be doing job well though, because the happy ending never last for long, but between the gratuity and the fact that I would gladly do him for free, he is at the very top for 2019!

So the worst has be Rob. this young black has a nice, thick plus inches, and is an amazing kisser if you can get pass the breath. His body can always use some moisturizer, but his ashy ass is the worst, especially because it is rarely clean enough even touch. Unfortunately, his attitude is piss poor too. When he inquired about discounts, to informed him of both the frequent visitor and the VIP programs, and he had a cow about it. I explained that at this day and age, work is not a requirement, but a luxury item, so I try it worth the trouble for everyone including myself. His next appointment, I think in an endeavor get done for free, he asked . When I told him, he might be fun, but I didn't see anything coming from it, he turned it into a race thing. As he left, I indicated that that would be why I wouldn't be inclined to date him, and I have not seen him since. lol

Best -of-towner of the year would have to be David. As you know, I hate doing calls, but I made an exception in his case, and I am very glad I did. I got the downtown Hyatt, and went to the room to find a lovely, middle-aged guy at the door. He was very friendly and easy to talk to, and honestly, I know I stayed much longer than I should have. We talked over a few cocktails, and they we got the party started. I wish I could have done a few fetishes on him. I also wish he was a kisser. But I enjoyed working on him and talking with him. And although he has never been of the parties, he would gladly vouch for skills as a rimmer and cock sucker. When a man that fine, and middle-aged, tells you you are the best he has ever had, you have feel like you truly are damn good. He came hell of a time, I was concerned about leaving, for fear someone had heard him. But I ate that ass for breakfast, lunch , dinner and midnight snack! We had another cocktail, talked some more and even had that after cigarette before I left. I know he will be looking up the next time he is in town. Hell, I might let him stay at house!

And the surprise of the year was DC. You may have already made a few assumptions. This is when I learned that not other therapists had stopped working weekends, but others had retired, moving on better there is such a thing. lol So I'm on most weekends because I'm the working weekends between the airport and downtown. DC had tried all weekend to get some bodywork done, and despite that fact that I could barely make what he said...another reason for emailing folks! I agreed give him ninety minutes literally right before he left town.

First surprise...he was a Japanese-Mexican. Pudgy but attractive, a bit on the short side, but after some over footers, it is nice see someone easily fits on the table. I was also a bit taken aback by the amount of hair he had in spots. Hairy asshole but smooth cheeks, hairy legs but none on his chest. Surprise ...the crescent roll cock! After doing his back half, including his first climax during the rimming prostate massage, I figured how I might be able get a second load of him. fourths of the way there, and his erect cock was a vision behold. His cock started off average or normal, but then was swollen twice the size in the middle, and returned thin at the head, and the fact that he was uncut just added the oddity of its appearance. Surprise .... the first time he came, tongue or finger was in his ass. The last time he came, I was shop-vacuuming his pubic hair as I was licking and sucking his balls and playing with his nipples with fingers. Honestly, I wasn't sure how go about the second happy ending, but he just thought it was the greatest, safest in the world. So delighted was he with work that he not promised that I would be his bodyworker when he comes town, but he also got the honor of the biggest gratuity...surprise ! lol

And I am calling that wrap-up of 2019, and already 2020 has with better co-hosts than Barbara Walters, and with perfect vision for all the eye candy I should see. Now allow bad moment ...I see that the blog wars seem have gotten even more ridiculous since the last time I took the time to read a few. And may 2020 be the year that Dump Trump is the motto to live by!

Last notes....there is a on I would like put together, so for do some matchmaking. the guy I am not mention he visits again, it counts, and I would still love see you on table sometime. A few of you other local boys may get a chance, but you will definitely have approach this time. By now, you should know you are. Kansas City and St. Petersburg, Florida I hope will be better this year.And if any of you may be coming the area, for the big race or something, holler at me sometime. They the Gay Chamber of Commerce for a reason, so I would be an excellent tour guide, even underground, and if I think you are worth the trouble, that whole B&B offer could stand...body worker, cook, maid and tour guide, hell, maybe even host a party while you are , or get you into ... all in ? It couldn't get much better than that!

And let say thanks the formerly Akl34! I heard that this place was not the best for meeting people. Most seems content just hang , which is cool! But you would be the example that real connections can happen . Thank you so much for the times we have share in our lives. Very much and extremely appreciated!

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