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MoMENts From My LIfe!!!

They didn't care for me talking about my work, so now I will talk about many of the guys who have been in and out of my life! And for my fans, yes! There are still pictures, but not of the guys in the posts.

The Origins of Party Manimals!!!
Posted:Nov 18, 2019 11:50 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2019 7:14 am
Yes, finally! I have hinted for a couple of weeks that this was coming, and my hope is that it will encourage and inspire some of you to make one small step towards improving your sex life.

But before we get to that, I have several people I need to here. Now, the two guys who really influenced to take a break from my usual and write this, I will not by name, but I do hope they read it and pull something from it. And if you need more advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to ask!

I want to thank my two new fans for actually spending to learn about . Thank you guys so much, Busybunny2 and Fuckmetonight86! It was great to see my Outpersonals love quadrangle all visiting me...husband Cumlover401, mister/mistress Crskyler, and boyfriend Motorctyman! I have to be careful now that I noticed another cumlover on here. Welcome back, Wanting_it_now! It has been a long time, but it is always good to see you! I also pick up a couple of new friends, but should have looked them up before I got here. But thank you guys! I also want to thank 70Sport, Bjhogan, Bi4uatl1 and Tom767 for flirting with me! Also thank you Tom767, Fuckmetonight86, Cock4me37, GiveMeMy1st9, Petergozinya5 and Discretion39 for adding me to their list. I am immensely flattered by all the attention I have been getting lately guys! Thank you so much. I also spend some time with Just_needing_fun. You may remember I was mildly fixated with him a few years ago. So, after studying the profile, I decided that I would do it one more time, until the end of the year, for four local guys. So if Just_needing_fun, Christo678500, Chip46202 or Daxter3 went to come in a free session from now until the end of the year, I will it a Christmas present. And hopefully, I will not be inspired to do this ever again! lol

Okay, shall we begin?

February of 2003, a lonely, single gentleman moved to Kansas City for work. Now, for those who don't know, Kansas City could easily be divided into four places, which some actually it...North Kansas City, above the river, where the casinos and the airport is, Kansas City, Kansas, which you actually have to search to find interesting place to go, but there are some, Kansas City, Missouri, which include downtown, the Plaza and Westport, the fun parts of the city, and the south end, which is like a business district. The lonely man started in the fun part of Kansas City, enjoying the gay bars, the strippers, the restaurants, the shopping and all the fun that could be had downtown, in the Plaza or Westport, when he wasn't hard at work. But in two short years, he had managed to saved enough to get his own place, and since he was working for three hospitals on the south end of town, that's where he made his home.

And although his professional life continued to soar, his personal and social life slowly went to hell. Being a pedestrian, he could easily get to work. But it would take hours to walk to anyplace fun, and then he would have to walk back when it was over. And if he got lucky, he would have to either go to their place or play in some strange places, because no one wanted to walk that far with him. There was the time he played on the front porch of a house he would later discover wasn't his playmate's. Then there was the parking lot of the 24 hour eatery. but car lights and horns made them both nervous. Oh, and the was that time they did it in the bed of the playmate's pick-up truck, only to get up and see people watching them.

Now you are wondering about other options, besides walking. Well, in his experience, taxis and cabs were expensive and extremely unreliable, waiting hours for them to show up. And sadly, it would take two or three buses to get to the spots, but the buses would stop running before the bars closed, so he would still have to find another way home. Even the damn cruising park on the south end was a huge disappointment. So something had to change if he was going to have any kind of life outside of work.

He decided that there had to be something to do, closer to him. He looked at restaurants and bars that he might be able to take over if he spent enough . He looked colleges and universities that might have gay groups and clubs, but that didn't work . Even tried spending hours the cruising park, packing picnics and beers, but it never really amounted to much. Finally, he decided that he could regularly host something at his place. He could easily have a dozen overnight visitors if need be. He could allow drinking, smoking and serve food, and be particular about the guest list, since he for everything. And after a little contemplating, he set his heart on hosting a strip poker night, every month for months. If he didn't see an increase in interest or attendance, he could quit or try something else.

The very first one was on October 6, 2006, and he was a little disappointed. He ordered a bunch of pizza to serve to the guests, which ended up being him and two other guys. They ate, drank and played poker and then played with each other. They even played a second game before they took some pizza and left. Both would become regulars, and one was close enough that he would drive us to the bars in the fun parts of town, where I would talk it up and leave flyers on bulletin boards to try and boost attendance.

The November one had five attendees, including the other regular's other half. Good thing he loved fried chicken! That gave him time to do some perfecting before December. He came up with variations of poker, and name them so they would at least inspire interest, if not Doggy Style, and Jack Off. He made it more fun by requiring drinking, and changing the rules to make it more raunchy, more risque. He promoted it more the bars with more conversation, demonstrations and flyers.

He put more time and effort into December's party. He gave away door prizes, and did body shot, and made every do a shot just to get in. He also insisted every had a cocktail while they were playing. He took time to teach each everyone how the games they would be playing. And explain the rules, not only of his games, but relaying them to the poker game they derived from, and explained to new more adult rules to their way of play. He even cooked, instead of ordering food. They loved both his homemade chili mac and his venison stew. And December's party ended with a dozen guys there.

January's party had . February's had 22. March's 27 and April's 34. Now he didn't even have to leave the house, and he started hosting two a month. So now, every other week, they were play his house. And those guys started having guys over for circle jerks, and gang bangs, and cock-sucking parties. This was actually great because, the ringleader's job was now taking him to Saint Louis regularly, so he started doing a similar thing there. And then, parts of Illinois, and Kentucky, and Tennessee, and Indiana, and Ohio, and Michigan and Wisconsin. Hell, at one point, there was 37 chapters, and although it was more than one man could handle, eventually he would get some people in who wanted to help.

Some things have changed. The name of the has changed now three times. The mission statement has been altered to not focus on major cities, where they should already have established a homosexual scene. The of chapter keep fluctuating, I think we are at 19 or 21 now. And we have cut back on our major events, the four tours we use to do each year, to focus on make sure each chapter has enough dedicated members and is strong enough to stand alone for two or three months at a time without an administrative visit. Though we do still have our Frolic in the Forest and the annual Barnival, probably the biggest single event of the year. We are now participating in some Gay Pride events, still doing our membership drives and still getting those publications out each month as well. And even we have some big plans for the coming year.

My hope is that some of you, at least in those small towns, or perhaps far from the good stuff in your city, might consider making something happen on your own. With the internet, it should be pretty easy. On a site like this, you could start a for free, and post your first event. Hell, it could be your status statement. Most of the porn sites give you profiles with a news feed you can post events on, and some will let you blog about them. Some sites have a calendar of events and you can just add yours to it. Some sites let you post or advertise your parties, some even for free! You can still do the old pass out flyers and flyers and cards on bulletins boards if you want. And of course, you will want to talk them up when you are in appropriate places and with cool people. You guys can do this, and I am willing to do what I can, offer you advice on getting started, tell you where there might be things happening near you.

It just seems to me that too many guys are unhappy with their social and personal lives. And although some people think the internet and its many devices and apps may have improved their lives, I've seen how some have let it cripple them socially. Guys sitting at the bars or worse yet, at a damn sex party, and still , they hang on their phone, tablets and laptops, instead of communicating and connecting the old fashion way.

I have come to care about some of you guys a great deal, and if there is a way I can help contribute to your happiness, even some small way as helping you find some playmates, improving your social life and possibly your personal and romantic lives. I would damn sure like to try.

Now I know, some of you know I am screaming at you right now. I really don't think it will take much effort to get the party started where you are. sure there are others in your area, just like you, wishing it could be better but not knowing what to do to get the ball rolling. But if one person can get the party started, I bet there will be an avalanche effect, and that momentum will build slowly and gradually, just like it did for Party Manimals
What Is Your Ultimate Sexual Fantasy?
Posted:Nov 4, 2019 2:43 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2019 9:55 am

Let me start by saying, thank you all for making me feel really good about sticking around here. As awful as Blogland seemed to have gotten around here, you guys have made me feel nothing but liked and loved and appreciated in my little spot of it! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! I will be call some you guys out by name in my next post, which by the way, will not be my usual, but I feel like if it helps one guy out there, it will be so worth it!!!

This came to me as I was reading the responses to my last poll.

We all have fantasies, right? We want hundreds of guys on us? We want to be tied down and worked over? Maybe there is someone you know that you would love to have one night with? Maybe not even someone you know. Maybe Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Jake Gyllenhaal or Will Smith makes you want to cream in your dream with them. Maybe you are on the more nontraditional path with a family member, an animal of some sort.

If you were guaranteed only one of your fantasies would actually come true, what would you choose?
being the only bottom in a large gang bang
being tied down and worked over by a mob of men
a night of pleasure with someone you know
an evening in ecstasy with some celebrity
ravished by some creature or vice versa
engaged in an incestuous encounter
the "r" word that is a crime and they won't let me type...rhymes with tape
sucking dick and swallowing cum of the masses
performing for video porn
Other (Please Specify!)
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Oops! I Did It Again! The Anniversary Halloween Party!!!
Posted:Oct 31, 2019 10:47 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2019 8:18 pm
Hello everybody, and Happy Halloween! Or Halloweenie if you prefer, or you hung out with me tonight! lol I hope it was as good for you as it was for me, because it couldn't get much better. Now, I did partake in some liquid libations today, as well as eye candy that kind of melted in my mouth, but not in my hands. so forgive me if I am a little bit out there, and a different from usual. It has been a long time since I tried to talk to you guys in this state of mind. lol

But I have some hollering to do here first! Nobody thought I was hot this time! Guess I need to change the picture back! lol I do want to thank Bjhogan, Grecoromano75, Chingtoskin69 and Hc-cb for flirting with me. You guys have excellent taste! lol Speaking of taste, I bet Yorkguy94 would taste good! Thanks for checking me out. I want Deimos50 to know that I may be his biggest fan! And Hung10incher, I'm still waiting for us to host or attend a party together, so holler at ya boy! Damn! It has been a long time since I have seen you Motorctyman! Looks like you may have moved too. Still looking good though. Bradwith9, that is a great set of pictures you have there! And Cumlover401 may be my Outpersonals husband, but you, Crskyler, you can be my Outpersonals mister/mistress! Looking good as usual!

So if you guys don't remember, my group turned thirteen years old this month, and with all the events and plans, we had to force our Halloween party to also be our anniversary party. The good news is that it got a larger than usual amount of guys out of the house. The bad news was time for our "Best of" award ceremony.

Now if you will remember last year, I did quite well. I got five best of awards, one second place and either one fifth or seventh place. And I was pretty sure that a few guys were gunning for a couple of my favorite honors.

Well, let me make a long story shorter, and get into some of the details of the party. My two lowest categories are anal, basically because I prefer to do them in private. Being versatile means there is no such thing as a bad night, if I choose to go there. Somehow, I managed to rank second as both a top and a bottom. Shocked the hell out of me because I haven't been entered at a party this year, I expected to place third as a top, but I guess they decided that the biggest dick doesn't show up enough to take the top prize. Now on this later. I also expected that I might not hold on to the best rimmer award. But I did, and now I wish I could do myself, because the guy who got second has done me, and he is quite talented. I also got top honors for nipple play, fetish play, kisser and sucker. I also got loudest, but since no one can make me cum, I don't think I should be in that category!

Both our ringleader and my Tequila guy were both there, and Tequila guy trumped our ringleader in the cock-sucking division, which pissed him off, because he had been training the Tequila guy. I guess he forgot he has laid off of sucking dick since he developed dental issues. It is the award that carries the most weight and respect, and they got second and third.

As far as the party goes, it was wonderful, but ran two hours longer than we had expected. Joe, the only guy who has successfully sucked me off, dropped three loads to me before he gave up getting mine. I hope his husband isn't reading this, because we did a couple of things we weren't suppose to. But our connection and chemistry could not be contained as well as usual. Damn he was good! I received a lot of gifts, mostly liquor and beer, and Tony, this gorgeous hairy Italian, was one of the guys bearing gifts, so I thought I should return the favor, of sorts. Hey, we were both sucking on something! And since I had one after I finished him off, i can say ...mine tasted better! I made out for a while with Greg, a well-built, tattooed guy with a penchant for dark meat. Both Tonny and Greg asked me out on date, so I'm assuming I did good! lol

Jason, another guy with a craving for chocolate, spent a few hours with me as well. He was so damn cute and hairy, and a pretty good kisser too. Sadly, both he and my date, John, had to leave early after getting texted by their wives. I moved on to Scott, this beautiful, well-endowed bottom guy I would love to fuck. But as usual, i was eating his ass out when he got too close, and by the time I lapped his taint, licked his balls and put my mouth on that awesome cock of his, he was thrilling my taste buds with his natural juices. But I was at my best, I think anyway, with Nick. Once this oddball got out of his clothes, he had me triggered on all cylinders. We made out, sucked each other, did the nipple thing, I ate his ass out, and would have done more if he didn't have to leave. But I did get his number and I'm sure I will be seeing him again.

Now, do you remember me saying I got second as a top? Because the biggest dick doesn't show up enough to take first? I don't know if he took offense or what, but he soon started fucking asses left in the playroom.Thank goodness, he is a clean, cute and sweet man, because we talked after he had fucked his third ass, but he hadn't got off yet. So I went to drain the monster for him as I know how. Of course, I had to eat some ass first. Shortly after I milked the massive monster, the guy who actually won first, came in and started fucking asses. And even though he had just dropped a massive load with me, the biggest dick guy found another ass and started fucking. I think they had both fucked two guys a piece when the Tequila guy came in. Number one hit Tequila guy first, but gave up after twenty minutes or so. So the biggest dick took his turn with the Tequila guy, finally getting him off. The best part...I watched as the biggest dick left his second load inside the guy who won best top! I'm telling you, it was HOT! Exhausted, the biggest dick laid out on the bed, and I engaged in a few of my fetishes, which apparently worked for him. In fact, we will be hanging out as soon as I finish this thing.

I will say, it was one hell of a party and one hell of a night for me!

But there is no rest for the wicked. I'm co-hosting a cock-sucking party on Sunday.Then I am co-hosting a strip poker night on Wednesday. Thursday, I am directing and filming a short porn film. And still managing to keep the happy at work. I will get a five day break before the next party! lol

It is times like this that make me think the new name for my blog is appropriate! lol
Busy as a Bee-I-T-C-H! Now allow me to be one for a bit!!!
Posted:Oct 20, 2019 7:54 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2019 5:16 am
Hello friends, fans, foes and frienemies! I know it has been a while since I last posted something here, and that reason is two fold. One, if you all will remember, from now until Valentine's Day, work is going to keep me pretty busy. If you are here long enough, you will get a sample of what I am talking about. But two, it just isn't as much fun being here anymore.

I usually come over here, catch up on what I've missed, check out my new and watched blogs, and incorporate that into whatever blog post concept I came over here with. You may remember my salutations, when I would holler at the guys who me some attention since my last visit. Answer all my responses to my blogs and emails. You may also remember me offering free sessions to local guys, like Chip46202 or Daxter3.

It would go something like this...I would like to thank 2newstart, Sub584u22 and especially Bradwith9 for adding me to their hot list. And to Brad in particular, I have really enjoyed our little bantering thing we have going on, so if you are ever here, or I have two chapters in your state, we must get together and see if that chemistry manifests itself. And while I'm on visits, Hung10incher, you expressed an interest in either hosting a party together, or attending one with me. Holler at me and we will work out those details. I must think one of my biggest fans, Bjhogan, as well as Bikes1027, Grecoromano75, the gorgeous Deimos50 and Chingtoskin69 for flirting with me. I also want to thank the later one for his email, which I did answer. Hope you got it! My husband down under, it is always great to see you Cumlover401! Tennisnfun, it was great to see you again! Keep on cumming, back!!! lol And thanks for popping , Cute_bi_guy69!

Unfortunately, this Battle of the Blogs shit has killed some blogs. And some of the guys I use to be cool with and read their stuff now have privatized their blogs so I can't even read them anymore. And others have deactivated their accounts, so I can't do a damn thing with them anymore. This place use to be friendly and fun, but this bull feces is slowly killing the vibe and good time we use to be able to have here. I really wish you guys could just come over here, do your thing, and don't worry so damn much about what the others are doing. If you come over here, and just be you, and do you, everyone can still have a good time! That said, I may be slow about posting, and the powers-that-be may have issues with some of my content, but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I still have people I like and care about over here, so you all with have to put up with my shit a little while longer. lol

That reminds me, I want to thank Jrodd, I think and there might be some numbers after his name. He is the reason I posted my last poll, and now I find myself in the site's magazine for the first time in ages. Actually, I may have made it before, I just didn't notice it until I signed on and saw my poll on the homepage. So thank you all, readers, responders and others who have made that poll such a delight to revisit and learn from. Most of you will note I have responded to your comments, as it is the proper thing to do.

Now this is the part that would usually get me in trouble, so let's see how this works out.

I had a Middle Eastern guy in last week that shocked the hell out of me. His pictures weren't bad, but they did not do him justice when he came in. OMG, he was the kind of guy I dream about getting on the table...hairy just about everywhere, a fuzzy cappuccino colored ass I could have ate on and lived in forever, a , though hairless face, a beautiful smile, and although I didn't use it as such, the kind of cock I could see myself riding off into the sunset with. On top of all of that, he was so sweet and romantic, I think I was in lust for a spell. It was his first time with me, so I didn't do all the things I wanted to, but he will be back this week, so I hope to finish off where I left off.

Just yesterday, I gave a young man his very first such encounter. He was young, early 20's, a nerdy-looking gamer type, skinny and tall. But how in the world does someone that skinny get that much ass. It was awesome, though cleaner would not have hurt the experience. You could tell he tried, just not good enough. And even he stated that he wasn't sure what to expect, so he could have done better and came more prepared. I was pretty sure he was a virgin, as he whimpered the moment I worked on his feet, and they only stopped twice...once, when I was in his ass with my tongue and finger, which drove him so crazy he made a comment he probably shouldn't have. His moans and grunts were louder here than even when I was drinking the milk from his loins.

I did an amazing out call the other night as well. You may remember that I'm not a fan of out-calls, but I'm glad I did this one. Another one whose pictures did not do him justice, I was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door. He had hair on his head, though none on his chest. Awesome nipples though. He was not a fan of his own ass, but I was digging it enough for the both of us. And that hot rod he was working with, damn! He, too, turned out to be a complete sweetheart and an excellent host. During our three cocktails, he relayed the story of what made he set up this appointment with me. Apparently, his first session with someone else surprisingly came with an oral happy ending that got him hooked. I felt like I had to at least live up to that one, and I believe I did. My oral assault on his ass alone he is still talking about! Then there was the prostate massage from Heaven, as he calls it, and the draining of his dick, which he said far surpassed his previous encounter. I believe him, and so did half of the people in the Hyatt that night. I was actually glad he walked me out, so they would just assume all that noise they heard came from me. He is from out of town, but he will try to see me again before he leave and will be back twice a year for work.[Image2[

You may also remember how I feel about people in my line of work coming in, so when this big gay guy came in for a session, I was concerned. I had to prove myself without doing anything gross. It is harder to work on 335 than it is to work on 0, if you know what I mean. Plus, most of the time, their parts are not going to be as attractive, so you want to do your job, and make them happy, but not too well, and nothing that you don't want to do. And of course, most people that size don't take as good of care of themselves as one might like. I expected it, but it became apparent the moment I started his feet. And at this point, in my head is like...No ass-eating, sole-licking, toe-sucking! And heavier people require more pressure and strength, so I'm actually putting more effort into his back, shoulders, thighs, etc. I did what I could, but it was an exhausting hour. He perhaps enjoyed the prostate massage a little too much, as he decided to make an awkward and vulgar request. Fortunately, his front was easier to deal with that the back. Some extra nipple work, scrotum surfacing and manual pubic grooming, and he handled himself as I revisited his prostate one last time. He may never come back in again, but he did tip well.

And in addition to two of the previous four guys coming back in, I have Sydney, my weekly black guy, Kendall, my ten inch late night black guy, Jason, a hot newcomer to me anyway, Tim, a new semi-regular, and a possible four hands coming up, plus Jeff is trying to come in. And I actually haven't even tried to strum up business for this week yet. lol

Now, my love life actually sucks right now. John, my ex from long ago, I'm sure I've talked about him. He is here, two, three times a week. I feel like he might be getting too close, as he is basically something to do to me at this point. I actually try to take to him about fixing his marriage to a female, so I hope he gets that we are not revisiting our past situation. Hell, he isn't as talented as he use to be, and even then, we were in a throuple relationship and I was more fond of the other guy. But he is sweet, funny and as I said, something to do. Billy got himself into a bit of a situation, so his visits will be sporadic, but will likely work more in my favor. Sawyer and I are still speaking, but he is on my shit list, so he knows there is some ass kissing to be done when he returns.

But the parties have certainly been entertaining. Mica, my Native American future porn star, has been fun to play with. John, from before, has attended a few parties with me. Nick, the sexy hippie, has been a joy to get to know. As has Bill, the sexy, hairy bottom who loves my concoctions. Stuart, the surprise redneck I find myself drawn to. Joe, the best cock-sucker next to yours truly. Hell, it is almost time for that contest again. Scott, the big-dick bottom I dying to fuck. Dan, the flight attendant I can't get enough of. Still hoping to see Michael and or Tony again. And there are about five other guys from another I am hoping to get my hands, or something else on!

And so you have some idea of what the title of this post is about, on top of work, and the gay holiday, Halloween, coming up, check out my calendar of events. Saturday the 26th, party. Halloween, party. November 3rd, Cock sucking party. November 6th, special strip poker party. November 9th, Bathhouse party. November th, daytime orgy. November th, sex party. November th, massage party. November th, strip poker night. November 23rd, evening orgy. And November 28th, Thanksgiving party. And I am certain since this is the 20th of October, that there will be a few more events in November, and December is already collecting party dates. But I will squeeze you guys in somewhere. Until then, here is something to remember me .

Oh, and Happy Halloween!!! lol

Why Are You Interested or Involved In the Homosexual Group Scene?
Posted:Sep 20, 2019 9:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 20, 2019 9:55 am

For those of you who don't know or may have forgot, my life revolves around men, nudity and sex. Not only my profession, but I'm also heavily involved in the group sex scene for men.

One gentleman in my last post, asked about why people might be into the male group sex party scene. And although I threw out a couple of my reasons, i thought I might get other guys opinions and more information for him and perhaps even myself.

So the question is...what is it about the homosexual group scene that attracts, fascinates, interests or involves you?
It is a greater arena for the voyeur in me!
It is a broader arena for the exhibitionist in me.
Live porn is so much better than the stuff I normally watch.
There is better chance of my fantasies being fulfilled there.
Numbers bring out the freak, the beast in me.
Other...and please specify in the comments below. Thanks!
38 Comments , 101 votes
My Most Recent Sex Party!!!
Posted:Sep 9, 2019 10:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2019 11:40 am
I know it has been a while. even longer for those of you who weren't one of the over two hundred viewers of last post, before it miraculously got denied. Yet another reason become disenchanted with this site, and move on more evolved ones. Anyway, I felt inspired share with you most recent event, if they will let .

But first I have say some words a few people. Crskyler, it is always good know I still have your attention. Would love make it more personal sometime. I hope I'm getting these right ...Deimos and Slim 22, perhaps it was 44, you guys rock! Thank you for entertaining a bit longer than I had planned be here. And I want thank all watchers, viewers and readers who continue hang in there with , as these people try figure out what they want do with . It is truly, very much appreciated.

I will admit, I attended not expecting very much. would be because I had anticipated six guys being there I wanted hang out with, but as time went by, dropped one of the two hosts having the affair. said, i went there thinking I would be smoking clove cigarettes and drinking most of the night. I did take a pie and a couple of sides fill out the menu a bit. When I arrived, i was greeted by the host I was hoping get hands on, but didn't immediately see anyone else I was particularly interested in. I should say, I always being own alcohol, so I dropped off goodies, got naked and went the basement, where smoking was permitted.

I had smoked two cigarettes and a cocktail, and went refill glass. When I returned, two guys had taken spot, so I grabbed things and moved the other end of the couch. Overhearing the conversation, the two guys were cocksuckers and were having issues decided who was going suck who. Eventually, the older looking guy went down on the for a brief spell before they flipped. When the older guy was getting sucked, he asked if he could suck cock the same time. I went over and made it comfortable for him do so. It became obvious relatively quickly this was going be a waste of time, but least I got the party started. He made it obvious what he was after, but he didn't have the skills get it done. After thirty minutes or so, the three of us stopped with none of us getting relieved. Four guys came down and watched, including a black guy I would see later, and host I was hoping get hands and more on. Not longer after, I would get him on the pool table for nearly an hour, and had a damn good time with him. And from the noises he was making, he was enjoying himself as well. Among the things I did him were eating some fine ass, sucking a lovely cock and working his nipples into a frenzy, mainly with mouth. This comes into shortly.

The black guy and I started sharing our alcohol, and eventually he made iit known he wanted with , in particular he wanted sucked his dick and work on his nipples, as he had seen and heard the host when i was working on him. We went the closest bedroom and started playing. I had sucked him off once and tortured him a bit when the cock sucker from the basement came in joined in the fun. So I focused on his nipples and let the cocksucker do his thing on his dick. I guess he worked the black into a frenzy because he decided he wanted to suck some dick. I gave him mine first and when it looked like was only going get hard, I moved down his dick and let him suck on the young cocksucker. All of a sudden, someone was ravishing asshole with his tongue, and I was all about it. I sucked the black guy off a second time while ass was being devoured. After a spell of torment, he moved with the cocksucker, and I got a chance to see who was tasting ass. I let him eat until his heart's content, and after he jacked himself off, he left.

i went into the restroom and saw a weird guy from the seventies arrive. When I came out, he was sucking an older man's cock, while the young cock sucker was sucking him, and a well-endowed old guy was sucking him. I watched the quad for a while. In particular, admiring the hippie. He was the only guy who got his partner off, and out of them clothes, he had the kind of body could float boat. Long brown hair, with a awesome, long graying beard, a lovely hairy chest, a beautiful tan, a decent cock and one of the dreamiest asses I've seen in a while. When the foursome dissipated, he and I spoke for a spell and shockingly learned we had a bit in common. Eventually, I went downstairs for another drink and smoke.

When I came back up, I found him in another bedroom. him and the young cock sucker were taking turns on another well-endowed old guy. The guy was making the kind of faces and noise not only indicated he was enjoying himself, I assumed he had gotten off, especially when the hippie started working on the young cocksucker. After a bit, he came over and I got experience what I had been missing. He was good, so good in fact, I thought he might get it done. But he didn't, and when he stopped, I returned the favor, which he seemed to enjoy. He pulled me up before I finished the job and we started making out. He was damn good here. Our hands started moving, and the noises started coming. We took a break, and he started sucking on the well-endowed guy again, and I started eating the hippie's glorious ass. Damn,we were both enjoying , and I was sure I was going get there, but he started getting loud and spurned on, and the old guy was reaping the . Again, i thought he had gotten the old guy off, but he came back , suck cock before I put it in his ass. Again, I thought he was going take load, especially when the old guy started working nipples. Apparently, i made enough noise everyone thought I had , but I hadn't. In fact, when I learned the old guy hadn't dropped his load yet, I sent him back over, and I worked on his ass some more, eventually working way slowly passed his taint, his balls and working the old man's balls until he finally got the job done. We made out a bit more and he was ready leave.

I walked him out, make out and making plans get together more privately. when i turned around after closing the door, the black guy was stroking himself watching porn. I went over and started working on his nipples a bit. when it was obvious he could drop one more load, I called the young cock sucker over and made his sucked the black guy's dick when I continued nipple . As he got close cumming, he tried get the guy off his dick, but I wasn't having it. I held his hands, and wrestled with his arms as I sucked, licked and nibbled on his nipples. When the time came, the young cock sucker caught it, and I made him continue working on him. The torture wasn't nearly as fun, noisy or eventful, but least it happened some.

Fortunately, I have two more coming up this month. I'm really looking forward the one next week. The host is great and it should have a good turnout. there are four guys I know of I'm hoping come across while I'm there. The last one should be smaller, but more fun because I am familiar with several guys in party. I also have a tomorrow I'm looking forward to seeing.

Looks like I have more moments coming up! Good night!!!
A Week In The Life! One Hell Of A Week!!!
Posted:Jul 2, 2019 12:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2019 12:37 pm
All right, fellas! This is a long one. So go grab a drink, a smoke and a snack before you get started!

It has been an awesome week thus far, and the way things have been designed, I shouldn't be complaining for another eight days or so. So much so, that there is a good chance that this one won't get posted. Because I have to do a combination of the old concept and the new concept in order to do it justice. In addition, some of my newer readers don't know me as well as Hungr4yungr, Bjhogan and Mral65, so I will be repeating a few things so they can keep up with us. The good news is, there should be seven pictures, and Jrodd, I haven't forgotten about you. lol

Let me thank all of the guys who took a little time to enjoy my view. Very much appreciated! Especially those of you who decided to comment of like my pictures. Question...should I kill the interracial pictures since Dee is no longer a part of this? They didn't let me change the name, but does anybody actually read the profile anymore? And to explain, Remy, the darker half, is more of a variety smorgasbord type of guy. lol Allow me to thanks Hardguy20, Bjhiogan and Grecoromano75 for their flirts, and Lucas77 and Hardguy20 for adding me to their hot lists. Thank you so much!

Some of you might remember Billy...he's the neighborhood handyman who doesn't always take my currency for his work, if you know what I mean. Well, he has been hanging around a lot these days, and I do mean a lot. So much so that he has pretty much killed any chance at this become anything more than what it is. Still a beautiful brute to look at, but in the head, he is fried, died and ought to be laid to the side. He's moody, pissed one minute and crying the next. He is also thoughtless, thinking mostly of himself and the hell with the rest. Probably the most distressing to me is he isn't very clean, tidy or organized.

Like the other day, I went to kiss him, which shocked the hell out of even me. Even more shocking is that he let me do it, and it was actually nice...until we finished and he immediately wiped his mouth with his hand. To me, that's the equivalent of sucking cock and spitting out the reward. Okay, perhaps that's just me, but I found it offensive. Last week, we had ten minutes and he wanted a blow job. No problem, but as I was in the finishing stages, I put my hands on his lovely ass, and he nearly freaked. But he does have his good points!

That ass for one, though I have pretty much decided to leave it alone and just admire it from afar. And if you can catch him before the funk or reek stage, his natural musk is quite intoxicating. And there is that dreamy cock of his, still the most perfect flaccid cock I've ever seen.

So I think I will keep him around. The thought was that since Sawyer can't come to see me very often, Caleb moved and Robbie has been spending all his time with the old lady, Billy would be the leader of the pack. But I guess I am still accepting applications! lol

And you might remember late night African-American VIP with the double digit, thick cock. I just finished five hours with him. It was actually kind of funny because we were so far from our normal. For one, in thirteen years, this was the first time I was ever at his place. A lovely home,I had just never seen it. For another, he was much more complimentary and talkative than usual. We talked about our past, as weird as it is. He complimented my arms and legs, reminding me that we use to arm-wrestle back in the day. And actually, he was a bit more feminine than I am use to him being. But I attributed all of that to him being comfortable in his home, and me feeling weird for a change.

For all the talk about our past history, we didn't do a damn thing related to it. I usually say he has a near perfect body, minus body hair, from the neck down, but I'm taking his feet and hands out of that as well. Still the body, the beautiful coloring, the lean muscles, would be mouth-watering, especially if he cleaned his ass well enough. Still, he enjoyed the rimming I did to him, and by the time I had done his legs and back half, he was asleep. And each time he woke up, I had to do his neck, back and shoulders again.

He finally turned over, and I worked from neck to toe, skipping the key part obviously. He really likes it when I run my nails over his body, and I especially like doing his armpits. I also got some extra time in on his chest. And of course, I started teasing the monster when I was working on his thighs. As I worked each thigh, I also licked and suck each ball, and licked his pubic hair with my tongue. When I finished, I examined the massive slab of meat in front of me and decided he may have the second best length to girth ratio I have ever seen. But he had been noisy since the ass-eating, and it was now time for me to go for the gusto. His claim is, I'm the only one who can orally service the whole thing, take my time with it and get him off. Well, tonight was no exception, but by that time, he was so damn noisy, I had legitimate concerns about his neighbors. I suspect that will not be the last time I visit him at his home!

I also spent four hours with John, and you should up with this one because he comes up quite a bit in my past. Two decades ago, I was John's first boyfriend, back when I was in my physical peak. And back then, he was a sight to behold. It might be sad to say this, but I think I am at my sexuality peak now, but unfortunately, he can not say the same.

He has always been bisexual, even had a girlfriend when we met. And he actually lived with me for about two years, one of those with Big Mike as well. You will learn more about Big and Little Mike later.But that year with them both is one of the happiest times of my life. But all good things must come to an end.
But back in the day, I took care of everything for the guys, and all they had to do was take care of the yard, the car and me, if you know what I mean.

The whole point of this get-together was for him to prove that he could still be as much fun as he was then. Back in the day, both my boys were serious drinkers, but John has given that up. He is also now married to a woman who isn't sexually compatible with him, despite knowing he is bisexual. He says he doesn't remember a lot of what he did when he drank. So remembering how it use to be between us shocked him. He was never big on kissing, still isn't. But back then, he was versatile, preferring to bottom, and now he is almost always a bottom. Back then he sucked dick, but rarely to the point of climax, except that one time in the ladies room of a gay bar, my ass on the sink with one foot on the floor and the other against the door to keep people out. It took him a while, nearly an hour, but my boy was dedicated to his craft, and got the job of the few times I have been successfully blown that I like to remember. lol Hell, he didn't remember partaking in a few fetishes with me.

So was he as! But he was fun nonetheless. The unfortunate thing is the changes that time has dealt him. He isn't as attractive, but he is cleaner, and most of him is still doable, though a couple of parts don't work nearly as well as they use to. He couldn't handle me very well in the back, and he admitted that the front only works eighty percent of the time, so although I got him close five or six times, nothing came out of the tube. He did remember my weak spot and triggers, so that was good. And although neither of us came, I think we both had a nice time and it will probably happen again. Hell, it would be nice to make him like he was once again! lol

Now, Jason was a newcomer, and I honestly don't know if I will ever see him again.

The guy who showed up looked nothing like the guy in the three pictures he sent with his email. As most of you know, I prefer to do my business via email, as there is a written account of expectations, limitations and details. I was looking for a heavyset Latino, and what I got was a quiet and seemingly unhappy small, white guy. I was also looking for three tattoos, and his upper body was nearly covered. Hell, a couple were even somewhat attractive, but I'm not a big fan. And although his ass was dreamy, it wasn't pale, creamy white or hairy. The main thing that concerned me though, was his nonchalant, cavalier attitude and his lack of communication. And he was that way in the emails as well. Honestly, i wasn't sure he was going to show up.

He did care about much of anything, and rarely said a word. I asked about pressure, he said "whatever." I asked what kind of session, he said, "what is your favorite?" If I were Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano or Stevie Wonder, I could not have been flying more blind.

All that said, I actually enjoyed working on him. He had nice feet, soft skin, and beautifully hairy legs. I did his calves, thighs, hips, alignment, adjustment and then his buttocks. Since I could see his face or dick at the time, and he wasn't about to say anything, I had not idea if I was doing a good job or not. I got my first reaction as I was eating his ass out. It was obvious he was now enjoying himself, and I was enjoying doing it. In fact, i went back for seconds, thirds and fourths before i turned him over. He gotten even louder with the prostate massage. I did his neck, back and shoulders before I turned him over.

Despite the noises, he still had a bit of a scowl on his face. But his dick sent a positive response. I started the session again, from the feet this time, and when I got to his thighs, I started hearing noise again. I jumped to his torso, chest, armpits, and neck before I prepared to wrap it up. Bad choice of words. I staretd working the nutsack with my tongue, and lapped up the cream that started to collect in his belly button. The first time he was ready to blow, he moved my mouth, so I started playing his his nipples and genital area. I managed to get back down there and do it again. This time, he decided to take matters in his own hands, and I marinated his nuts until he shoot an impressive load on his chest and navel.

Chet was the other interesting newcomer I had this week. And although i wasn't pleased with his face, or the lack of body hair. I did enjoy working on him as well.

As he is getting undressed, I'm noticing his fine tan, his silky, smooth skin, and yet another hot ass. There was nothing special about his chest at all, but in the words of Meghan Trainor, it was all about that dick! lol

His feet were almost nice enough to suck on, but I didn't . And the moment he started working on his calves, I started getting compliments about the pressure. Did I forget to mention this was his first massage? So I was to gauge what I thought he would like, and apparently, I did a good job. Thighs, hips, was all good, especially the booty. Again, I opted to lube the way with my tongue and saliva before I put my fingers in for the prostate massage. He was enjoying this more than most, vibrating, raising his ass up for a deeper inspection. Moaning and groaning, and hating it when I moved on to his back, neck and shoulders.

Turning him over, there was only one thing even remotely eventful, and that was the tree trunk that was already dripping sap over its bark. I opted to tease a bit, doing a whole leg at a time, giving me two opportunities to manipulate and make the most out of the situation. After the digital and oral testicular exam, I left the meat marinating in its own juices, and did his torso, chest, neck and arms. I gave him a tongue bath, to remove the mess that had already been created, and started licking his taint. Occasionally, I would find myself sampling his ass again. Sometimes I was washing his balls. He was so excited that I had to twice remove his hand from the one spot I hadn't worked on. By the time I got there, he was so there, I think I got five bobs in before he moved my head, allowing one large squirt to shoot over my hair and land on the sheet. Best to believe, i caught the rest of that shit, and tortured him a bit after the fact for denying the pleasure of the whole batch! lol

And for those of you who are new to me, I also host and facilitate sex parties for men. I personally host strip poker nights, but I also help several other group with their orgies and sex parties. I attend one out of town last weekend.

I know the couple who host it quite well. In fact, it was our intention that at some point, I would play with the youngest of the two guys, an attractive redhead I have been enjoying for years. Unfortunately, I never even got around to him, mainly because of Clint.

Sure there were other guys there. But David wasn't doing it for me. There seemed to be something off about Seth. There were a couple of other guys that normally might have gotten some play, but I was fine smoking and drinking. Honestly, even Clint shouldn't have flipped my switch, with his tattoos and his being far too skinny. I'm guessing we must have grown on each other because our initial introduction would never have precluded to what happened between us.

After a couple of hours, it felt like something was happening between us, but he had so much other attention, that we just looked at each other, laughed, smiled and joked. After a spell, we ended up talking about poker, a game we both love. So I volunteer to make a run for supplies and picked up some playing cards while I was out.

After the poker was done, all I can say is that I was in lust. The furriest, sexy legs, the roundest piece of hot ass, a beautiful set of cock and balls, a sexy little chest. I wanted some of that, despite others now really wanting to get to him. I decided to be happy with the show, but after about minutes, he came back to me. Turns out he is the perfect size for me to with, and he is an amazing kisser, and a a nice time was had by both!

Actually, I just picked up a and I have two more parties coming up!

Like I said, one hell of a week. Not grab a glass of gin, because gin makes you! Here's hoping it continues, perhaps for all of us! Cheers!
It is SO Hard....
Posted:Jun 24, 2019 12:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2019 7:55 pm
to come over here and not get lost, or lose track of time. You've got the hot guys like FirstAidBoy525, JKTahmooressi84, SCBrooke, Jacederveloy86 and TMulidis90 responding and distracting you with their charms and good looks. You've got the hot pictures of Mral65, JC05WV and Dansdick inciting reactions you weren't planning to entertain while you were here. The next thing you know, you were on a lunch break, but it is after 3 in the afternoon. lol

I want to thank all of you guys for responding to my last post. I responded to you guys there too, but again, I guess I'm just grateful I am not completely lost in the shuffle. Sadly, I think I am becoming more comfortable, which may make my sense of humor more crass, tacky or tasteless, so I apologize if my jokes don't always come across as they should. I don't think of myself as a funny person, so that is the only explanation I can provide.

Something else that is hard....Why are so many of the blogs marked for just friends now? Most of you are now leaving responses for me, and of course, it my blog. But when I get there, it is a friend only blog. I may not be funny, but I don't think I have ever hurt anyone here, certainly not intentionally. So if you are one of those guys, and you want a new reader, consider making me a friend of yours.

One more thing about my last post. I plan to let it go until next week, but they took one of the pictures out, so the contest seems to be between two guys, but I always post at least five in my regular postings, to give more variety. As a general rule, I am for at least two races, young to middle aged and at least one has hairy. When that is done, if I don't have a favorite, he becomes the fifth and I flip the order around. Then I read the post once more, and see if there is a picture that ought to be there that isn't. That's usually how I do it. This one doesn't count though...I wasn't planning on doing this.

Finally, thank you Tabitha4 for adding me to your hot list. Very much appreciated. Thank you for the flirts, Mike69usa and Bjhogan. For some reason, i just want to stop at BJho. lol Thank you guys! And thank you very much Akl34 and Mike69usa for all of the emails you sent. It was an honor to answer them. Oh, and a surprise...Dee came in for a massage last week. In our market, you have the massagers...basically , and masseurs who fall in two categories... deep tissue and other. Dee and I are basically the only two real deep tissue workers in the area. So we come to one another when we need work done. He still has the skills as a masseur, but the playmate skills are declining rapidly. He looked basically the same, other than he had recently had surgery and had a nice scar on his hip. He had also recently come back from a trip to Florida. But he warned me four or five times to back off before climax, which use to be a show all its own. It was all disappointing, except the actual massage. No stamina, and he wanted my load without doing the work. My marriages never killed my sex drive like that. Dee, next time, bring your old man with you so you can't play. Strictly business, no dickie!

Enjoy your last days of Gay Pride Month!!! And don't forget you have until the end of the month to get in on that Gay Pride discount. And no, this is no Dee! lol
Posted:Jun 21, 2019 2:10 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2019 5:46 am
Let first take a moment to thank all of you wonderful guys who responded to my last post! As you can see it worked, and I am bringing them back! But I truly did not see that coming, and am immensely flattered by the response. I think I responded to everyone there, but again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Let me also say that although the Father's special is now over, you still have until the end of the month to get in on the Gay Pride Discount on all sessions, except spot massages, and it won't apply to gift certificates. I had sessions over Father's weekend, on the actual holiday. I don't know how that many dads get away from family, but I was grateful, especially to Jeff, but I guess that's all I can say about that.

And let remind you that it takes a lot to get my attention through pictures, possibly because of how I make my living. I like to body parts on men, and if you have a good three, or a decent four or five, you may start to reach my gaydar. So don't be mad if I don't you every time I see you. I try to give everyone a little bit of attention, but some have managed to get their hooks in slightly. Like Dansdick...thank you for popping by. Or Singledogdad4LTR, you have some magic words here, and a couple of nice pictures. Thank you for the wonderful email, Tom767...very much appreciated! Thank you also for flirting with me, as well as Rawversbttmfreak, Just2getsucked, Veryhot601, Bjhogan and Spicy_D69. flattered guy, really! And thank you also for adding to your list, Rawversbttmfreak. Perhaps we should meet up the Flamingo Resort for drinks, the Code Bar, the next time I am your way.

Pride celebrations have always been wonderful periods for me. By now, you all know about my Pride in Saint Louis, when I met the amazing Sir Ari Gold! Not the Entourage character either. I was visiting a couple of friends there, and one worked for Magnolia's as part of the lighting, sound, music staff. I honestly did not know who Ari Gold was when they dragged me out to Pride, but I was a huge fan when it was over. He sung to me! He danced with me! He signed like twenty posters for me, as well as my CD. We even hung out some after his set was done. I now say we have two songs, one dance and on slow. And I still follow him hard today. In fact, he is probably the main reason I to see where guys like Steve Grand, Colton Ford and Brian Justin Crum might be performing for Pride, for to make more great memories with them as well!

And I don't know what it is about me, but even though I am 7% gay, the ladies still love ! Lisa Campanelli used in her show for about twenty minutes when we went to see her. And the Queen of Mean got even worse, or hilarious when she realized I was part of a gay posse in her audience. Let me go to a real mean moment, when Crystal Waters was asked to do an encore at our gay pride celebration, and she demanded more . We quickly raised three thousand dollars for her, and she did three more numbers. She was really the time, and the audience wanted more of her. But we couldn't come up with enough, and she and her two dancers refused to go any further. Although I still like some of her stuff, that incident always left a bad taste in my mouth, and I just can not support her with my funds anymore.

But then, I've met the amazing Taylor Dayne, who was much better looking than I expected her to be. I've seen the incredible Martha Wash more than once, as she seems to the gay pride celebration circuit every year... love her for that! And because our Black Expo Celebration, one of the largest in the country, is usually the week before or after our Gay Pride, the overlap has allow for supporting performers like the incomparable Patti LaBelle, Luther Vandross and SWV to be a part of both celebrations. I've met Bootsy Collins and the DeLite...."Groove is in the Heart." As well as lesser known supporters like Inaya , Cathy Dennis and jean Carne. But probably my favorite would have been Ce Ce Peniston. She was kicking ass on the music scene at the time she perform at our gay pride. "Finally," "Inside That I Cried," " Not Over You," " In The Mood," "Keep On Walking," and "We've Got A Love Thang" made her huge on the dance floor. They asked or guys to be extra security and make sure no one made it on the stage, and I was one of them. We were literally the stage, nothing separating us from the show at all. I was probably accidentally doing my job, singing and dancing my ass off to the point that people just stayed away from . All of a sudden, the show stops, Ce Ce walks over to , kisses on my cheeks and says, " thrilled you are enjoying yourself, but your singing is throwing off key." I apologized and cranked the volume down on my vocals, and declared I would never wash my again, which only lasted like hours. lol

And you know I had to check some of the more adult entertainment when they make the rounds for Pride as well. I met Steven Kelso, who I would still do after all these year...such a beautiful and charming man. When I met them, they were a couple, but if Luke Garrett and Gage Weston are not an item anymore, send that Gage to me! Justin Brett also had a husband who i would have loved to have gotten my hands on, at least once. Oh and that Douglas Maverick! Now you have to keep in mind here, that not only was I a frequent patron of the Unicorn Club, the all revue bar in town, I was also a regular visitor of the seediest gay bar in town, the 501. And in addition to working or volunteering for these two bars, I was also working or facilitating at several other gays bars in the city at one time or another, including Jimmy's, Metro, NYC, Tubes and The Varsity. Point being...I thoroughly enjoyed the company of these types of gentlemen over the years. To what degree, and which ones, I don't think I am at liberty to say.

And let's not forget that two of my three husbands had jobs that made them like figureheads within the local gay community, so we couldn't get of a pride festival back then except in sickness and in death. So in addition to pitching in when one of my former home bars was down a man, or the entertainment needed someone who could play or talk shit with the audience for twenty minutes while the drag queens got ready, we would work a few booths of the companies or causes we supported. T.O.T.S., The Edyvean and the Phoenix were theaters we supported due to their commitment to alternative pieces and plays. At one point, we worked for the two largest groceries chains in the city, so we served as liaisons from their wallets to our community. And of course, gay youth, homelessness and suicides were always paramount with us, so working those booths and phone lines were mandatory with us. In fact, for a a years, Pride was more of an obligation, spending most of the doing one thing after another, things you had to do as oppose to wanted to do.

But my favorite Pride celebration memory happened years ago...before the internet was huge. Back when you met people through responding to personal ads in the back of gay magazines. I actually had a lot of success with that back then. But with one guy in particular, who lived about an hour away, it was magic. We were writing once or twice a week, back and forth. This went on for about months, and we decided that our first date would be at gay pride that year. I went all to make myself least seem like I was worth the wait. We met the fountain in the middle of the park, and although I was slightly disappointed, and honestly, more physically into his best friend who drove, we made the best of that weekend. Yes, I went home with them and made it back to work Monday.

Years later. more like decades, my second husband's would come across a picture of me sitting with this guy on the fountain gay pride, but among my husband's things. As luck would have it, my husband was on a date with his boyfriend of four years, at the same gay pride festival. And for some reason, they took a picture of us. Now, as the story goes, my second husband thought I was , and his boyfriend thought my date was . In reality, my date and his boyfriend were already seeing each other, unbeknownst to either of us at the time. Still, the fact that a guy thought I was a gay pride festival twenty years ago and ended up marrying all these years later, I think makes for an incredible story to share.

Happy Pride everybody!!!

Quickie~~~Do you miss my salutations/conversations?
Posted:Jun 10, 2019 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2019 10:52 am
I was doing a little tune up here, and realized something. In the transition from my original blog concept the new , something apparently got dropped. And I'm curious as if anyone even noticed or missed it.

I use come , give you a brief update of my life, and before I went into the sessions, I would give my shout-outs to some people. The guys -listed or flirted with me. the guys checked me , as well as some of my favorites had come through again. Thank the guys for their comments on my pictures, status or posts, etc. It went something like this...

Thank you Akl34 for continuing stay in touch with me despite the move. It is very much appreciated. And it was nice to see BiCuriousVic again...thanks for popping by. Now I know you think I'm stalking you, Daxter3, but this would be a damn good time to come in and see me. Drinks are on me! And while I may be coming across as tacky, let me go ahead and say to OnDaFence, despite our friendship and you taking me your wings with this blog, I am also digging those pictures of you, au naturel. Other hotties that I noticed with their clothes on included SalvoAvonBuxton, jacederveloy86 and Ajmesp82...thanks for coming! I can't possibly have of these without saying something Cumlover, or Dansdick or Crskyler. Thank you guys so much. I also want thank KScott 5 and Bjhogan for flirting with me, as well as Nitelate2 for adding me his list. I am immensely flattered. Thank all of you guys for making my last time on here so enjoyable.

So did or do you miss it, and should I bring it back?

To link to this blog (DandR4hands4men) use [blog DandR4hands4men] in your messages.