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DandR4hands4men 50M/49M
337 posts
9/20/2019 9:26 pm
Why Are You Interested or Involved In the Homosexual Group Scene?

For those of you who don't know or may have forgot, my life revolves around men, nudity and sex. Not only my profession, but I'm also heavily involved in the group sex scene for men.

One gentleman in my last post, asked about why people might be into the male group sex party scene. And although I threw out a couple of my reasons, i thought I might get other guys opinions and more information for him and perhaps even myself.

So the question is...what is it about the homosexual group scene that attracts, fascinates, interests or involves you?
It is a greater arena for the voyeur in me!
It is a broader arena for the exhibitionist in me.
Live porn is so much better than the stuff I normally watch.
There is better chance of my fantasies being fulfilled there.
Numbers bring out the freak, the beast in me.
Other...and please specify in the comments below. Thanks!

interraciallove7 49M
100 posts
9/25/2019 8:44 pm

I'm more of a romantic, One on One kind of guy!

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/1/2019 9:13 pm:
You can still be romantic with more than two guys in the room. but good for you!

10 posts
9/26/2019 9:49 am

I went with three, but it is actually more like 1, 3, 4 and 5! Ha! Ha! Ha!

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/1/2019 9:14 pm:
Sounds like a man who hates to spend the night alone! lol I'm happy for you!

GG4GRemy 46M
33 posts
9/27/2019 6:39 pm

I have different modes at parties, because I usually see at least one familiar face I didn't know was in the scene, a few guys I kind of stalk hoping to get with before the night ends, a few blasts from the past, and motivation to do things I haven't done in a spell.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/1/2019 9:16 pm:
A man of many talents, a jack off of all trades, the life of the party and a stalker to boot? Damn, what a karma chameleon! lol

jjfsrvt77 55M
23 posts
9/28/2019 5:20 am

Its like test driving all the cars on the lot till you find the one that feels Just right.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/1/2019 9:17 pm:
You don't ever end up buying a whole fleet of cars? lol

kimfox 32T
8 posts
9/29/2019 12:39 am

just a 1 on 1 kinda girl here

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/1/2019 9:18 pm:
Thank you very much for your comment!

naykidagain 67M
1 post
10/2/2019 4:18 am

there's nothing hotter then men if there's more then a few guys you can join watch then get hard again and join in the fun.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/5/2019 1:06 pm:
I have to agree with you. I have learned a few surprises about myself at sex parties, orgies and adult afterhours.

Ica915bob99 68M  
194 posts
10/2/2019 5:53 pm

i have had been involve in orgies or group sex. love every one of them.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/5/2019 1:07 pm:
I can't say I've enjoyed everyone of them, but I do usually have a good time.

BuckeyeBtm 68M
1 post
10/5/2019 12:07 am

To get my hands, mouth and ass around nice cocks like yours!

Willingbott00 58M  
10 posts
10/6/2019 5:51 am

I think it's great to share and be shared by others.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/7/2019 8:54 am:
You are absolutely right. My first husband was like, as long as there is something that is mine and mine alone, you can spread the love! lol

Cuminbothends 47M
3 posts
10/7/2019 4:49 am

Very good information

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/7/2019 8:55 am:
I really glad you picked some news and information! I'm here to help! lol Thank you again!!!

Cuminbothends 47M
3 posts
10/7/2019 4:49 am

Very good news

bjhogan 62M  
1109 posts
10/7/2019 10:55 am

i chose all of them !

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/9/2019 1:07 pm:
No, not you BJhogan? I would expect nothing less. lol

adickted18 43M
165 posts
10/7/2019 3:03 pm

I like to be watched and of course love being the center of attention if I'm the only bottom. Multiple cocks at one time is great! But I love to watch as well and what's hotter than a roomful of naked dudes? I just think it's alot of fun whatever happens and love the group scene . I enjoy a group more than one on one.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/9/2019 1:09 pm:
I agree with most of what you said there. I do enjoy myself at the parties. But I do think I enjoy the one on one better if it is someone I am crazy about. Until that day comes Thank you for responding!

jrodd 60M
3137 posts
10/11/2019 6:58 am

I sense groups would not only be distracting but lacking intimacy ,I stick to one on one.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/19/2019 2:12 pm:
I can see that. I usually have that problem with menage a trois, where I'm more into one guy than the other, or the chemistry between two is so awesome, one feels left out. And although, I will admit to being distracted before I find someone to connect with, once that is done, I have no problem staying focused until our time is done. I personally don't see intimacy as an issue, as you are only interacting with a few at a time, as oppose to everyone at once.

Fuckmetonight86 33M
6 posts
10/14/2019 11:01 pm

I love to try new things and I really enjoy having some watch as I try them

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/19/2019 2:13 pm:
Someone wants to be the star of the porn...good for you and those within view! lol

DandR4hands4men 50M/49M
677 posts
10/19/2019 2:15 pm

I just wanted to thank all of you guys who have responded to this poll. I have learned a bit, had a lot of laughs, and at times I felt like I was engaging in a conversation with you, and learning about you as individuals. thank you so much!!!

passionategaybtm 62M  
51 posts
10/20/2019 3:41 pm

I love being seen/watched as the sissy I am. Even in a group it I keep the feeling of one on one as i take a cock in me and then the next and the next.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/24/2019 7:39 am:
Exactly! You can have some degree of romance and intimacy, even in the group settings, through your interactions with others.

bjhogan 62M  
1109 posts
10/21/2019 5:05 pm

OK BOYSZ & GURLS !! and i mean alll you GAY MEN ! CDER ! TRANNIES !! get YOUR COCKS OUT !! because this gonna be a LOOOOOONG ONE ! PUN INTENDED ! i lovvvvvve you all ! let me start by saying those WHO have READ & FOLLOWED MY BLOGS KNOW i'm a late CUMMER to the GAY PARTY !! even tho i have always been attracted to the male body going back to high school when i began NOTICING my TEAM MATE'S COCKS in the SHOWERS after FOOTBALL PRACTICE !! and perhaps i gazed tooooo long ! becuz THAT'S WHEN FRIENDS & FAMILY sarted calling me a SISSY FAGGOT !! HMMM ? ! i was also a HAIRDRESSER in my 30's which only FUELED the GAY innuendos ! go figure ! ha ha ! like many fags back then i got married and had 2 beautifull daughters ! but yet i was told LOTS of GAAAAY MEN get MARRIED & HAVE KIDS !! sooo true i later discovered on my journey to gaaaaaaaay town ! my ex's brother is gaaaay and we often visited him in AUSTIN.texASS !! as he would always take us to his fav ! gay dance clubs ! where i got my first up close and personal view to the gaaaaaaaaaay nite life /lifestyle ! seeing gay men dancing ! kissing ! making out ! was quite a turn on ! and honey hush , those damn drag queens /cders even had me fooled ! as i told my ex and her brother how pretty one was ! in UNISON ! they said SHE is a HE ! WTF ? !! any hoo i stole a fag mag from my ex's brother and hid under our bed ! seeing men fuck and suck turned me on than the PLAYBOY"S & PENTHOUSE i used to buy !! it was my TRAINING MANUAL ! JERKING OFF to those IMAGES !! wishing it was me sucking and getting fucked ! now you darlings out there ! WOULD a STRAIGHT MAN be TURNED ON by men sucking and FUCKING ? not to mention seeing them kiss in person ! well , one day me EX caught me RED HANDED ! JACKING OFF with my TRAINING MANUAL !! & BLEW A GASKET !! demanding to KNOW what the FUCK was i DOING ? with that MAGAZINE ?? of course i denied being anything but gaaaaaaaaaay ! but the blush on my face said different ! and it did not take her long to file for divorce ! that was in 94 ! and thanks to my gaaaay brother in law ! i now knew where to go to finaly scratch that gay itch and find out if i was truly GAY ? Bi ? or just HORNY !!! as a nudist in my 20's i used to go to a clothing optional park called HIPPY HOLLOW ! but now i learned there was a GAY SECTION !! at the far end ! and that's WHERE i began having the FIRSTS of MANY GAY ENCOUNTERS in the GREAT OUTdoors !! up in the woods ! i got my first BJ from a YOUNG TWINK & he was BETTER than any WOMAN before !! but i feared being arrested by the park rangers so i left quickly ! but i kept going back ! and i did SUCK my FIRST COCK !! and i naturaly deepthroated him with ease ! and swallowed every drop ! he thanked me and called me a great cocksucker ! i felt soooo proud ! when i wiped my face i noticed that there were several men WATCHING ME & it TURNED ME ON !! but again i felt embarrased and left ! the next time i went ! i met a guy who said he lived close by ! so i followed him home ! his place overlooked the lake we had just left ! we quickly got nekid ! and enjoyed the view as we shared a few beers ! i was more relaxed not fearing the park police ! so we made out ! oh my god ! his hands were all over me ! and a he began to finger fuck me ! i had never been fingered fucked before and i lovvvvvved it ! i was his to do what ever he wanted ! he positioned me me looking over the lake ! on all fours ! he lubed my hole ! slipped on a rubber ! and gently entered me ! i gasped LOUDLY ! AND INSTINCTLY GRINDED/PUSHED BACK on his 6 inch cock !! there no pain at all ! just pure plezzzzzzure 1 he firmly grabbed my hips and pounded away ! oh god i lovvvvvved the sinsation ! when he was ready to cum ! he blurted out loud ! he gonna cum ! i felt his cock swell and spurt in me ! i had never felt this intense plezzzzzzure from any woman and i too came hands free ! spiiling my milk on the deck ! i scooped what i could and kissed him ! our toungues dancing ! his stubble was electric ! after cumposing and cleaning ourselves ! we chit chatted a bit before i headed home ! he informed me of a bath house in austin where i could get alll the dick and cum i wanted ! so naturaly i went there ! wow ! gay porn every where ! a hot tub outside ! a steam room ! a dry sauna ! and a dungeon with GLORY HOLES ! A MAZE ! & A SEX SWING !! at first i was nervous ! but i made my way around ! men were every where ! stroking ! fucking ! sucking ! now i have never been the shy type ! and once i began having gay sex ! i could never get enough ! i found a place with a small bed in the dungeon ! there was a guy stroking himself ! he motioned me over ! and we got in a 69 ! my ass was up and spread as an invitation to any one ! while i sucked him ! it was not long ! i felt a HOT TOUNGUE probing my HOLE !! I GASPED ! but kept on SUCKING ! then i felt a finger ! then 2 ! mmmm ! with one hand ! i held on the cock i was sucking ! the other hand i spread my ass cheek ! and on que ! he began fucking me ! i had never had 2 cocks in both my mouth and ass/pussy ! and i was in heaven ! when he finaly came in me ! i busted my nut too ! my first anal orgasm ! i filled his mouth ! he filled mine ! we filpped over swapping cum kisses with the guy who had just bred me ! i was drenched in sweat ! and afterward i need a smoke break and a shower! there were now a large GROUP WATCHING !! oh my god ! as i made my way to the showers a guy groped me and thanked me for putting on a hot show ! and yes ! i lovvvvvvvvved the attention ! and on my way home ,, i finaly admitted to my self i was indeed queeeeeeer as fuck ! i had just had the most intense orgasm ever ! i only remarried in 03 to hide my homosexuality ! as i never gave up the dick ,, but as every woman before ,, she figured me out ! and that was the time i officaly came out in 09 ! with today ! oct.21st being my birthday ! i look farward to many group encounters!

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/24/2019 7:41 am:
Damn! I hope this means your blog is back! lol

LordDrkEnchanter 59M
9 posts
10/22/2019 2:48 pm

Because .. I like cock .. It is as simple as that .. !!

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/24/2019 7:54 am:
Joining the club! lol Thank you very much! Like that picture too!

bjhogan 62M  
1109 posts
10/26/2019 6:57 am

i must also add besides the gay group scene ! a hot 3-some ranks high for ROMANCE & INTAMACY !!! when i began DATING BARKLEY !! it was the BEST SEXXX EVER !! he was my FIRST OPENLY GAY RELATIONSHIP after my 2nd divorce ! we met here on OUT PERSONALS !! but as fate would have it ! not only did we live in the SAME TOWN !! BUT we went to HIGH SCHOOL TOGETHER !! BACK IN THE DAY he was ALREADY OUT ! & I WAS A MACHO JOCK ! LADIES MAN !! later MARRIED ! WITH CHILDREN ! so he was pleasantly SUPRIZED when we MET for that first date to learn after alllllll these years i now PLAY for TEAM GAAAAAY !! we had an instant CHEMISTRY & CUMfort level !! and of course that carried over into the bedroom ! KISSING ! FUCKING ! SUCKING like HORNY TEENAGERS that FIRST NITE !! he could not believe how insatiable i was/am ! TEASING ME that i was just MAKING UP for allll those years n the CLOSET & DENIAL !! often SEXTING me how he lovvvvvved to EAT MY ASS/PUSSY !! & COULD NOT WAIT to SEE ME !! one day he SEXTED ME that he had a SUPRIZE for ME when i came over after work ! i had no idea what he planned ? A ROMANTIC DINNER ! ? a NITE on the TOWN ?? my imagination ran wild ! so i could not get off work soon enough !!!! i hurried over after taking a shower ! i let my self in and he said he was UPSTAIRS !! not only was BARKLEY NAKED on the BED ! BUT he had another MAN !! " TERRY " saying i needed 2 men to sastisfy me ! lol ! i quickly stripped and got in bed ! BARKLEY introduced me to "TERRY !" a taller ! slim man ! with a nice 7incher ! after some chit chat ! small talk ! we all 3 began kissing in a passionate 3-way kiss ! our hands were every where ! and being the horny slut ! i alternated sucking their rock hard cocks ! while BARKLEY FINGERED MY HOLE !! my ass was now up and TERRY & I GOT in to a 69 while BARKLEY ATE MY ASS !! by the way ,,, TERRY is MARRIED & said HIS WIFE could NOT suck DICK worth a DAMN !! and neither could my 2 ex wives ! after a while we flipped over so i was on the bottom and TERRY had his ASS EATEN while we 69ed !! as GOOD HOSTS !! we knew TERRY needed to be FUCKED !! as we continued to 69 ! i heard BARKLEY'S balls slapping against TERRY'S & the OCCASIONAL SLAP ! STINGING TERRY"S ASS !! OUR MOANS & GRUNTS were LOUD & PRIMAL !! and when i heard BARKLEY grunt he was CUMMMMING ! so did TERRY in my MOUTH !! and i in his ! when barkley pulled out ! cum ooooozed out TERRY'S ASS and i was able to lick his balls coated with cum ! BARKLEY then began EATING TERRY"S CREAM PIE !! and TERRY was LITERALY SHAKING in a FULL BODY ORGASM !! afterwards , we all shared a cum coated ! 3 -way kiss ! after we cleaned up ,,, we all went out for dinner and drinks before sending TERRY to his BALL & CHAIN !! once home ,, BARKLEY & i had another hot session before going to bed !! i kissed him and thanked him for my SUPRIZE ! WHAT A SWEETHEART !! we would meat TERRY one more time before he moved away !! and on the rare occasion TERRY is passing thru ,, he will text me and i will service him in my home !! now i've had plenty of 3-somes at the BATH HOUSE !! but there is SOMETHING to be said with FAMILARITY with YOUR LOVERS !! trust ! and cumfort goes a long way ! especialy going bare back !

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/29/2019 11:34 am:
Where is the hell is your blog? lol

boux601 71M
607 posts
10/28/2019 11:19 am

I have never been to but it sounds very interesting

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/29/2019 11:35 am:
I honestly believe that every gay guy should have as many experiences as they can. Even if you don't enjoy one, you still learn from it.

DivorceBiMan 61M
1 post
10/29/2019 1:36 pm

Maybe it's the society we live in today. It's all taboo. The big no no for a man to do. So, the danger that comes with the whole idea of taking off your clothes with another man in the room. Knowing that you're about to expose yourself in front of him and he you. Than there you have it...two naked men with their cocks getting hard. You get to reach out and feel another man's cock in your hand and suddenly your cock is now in the hands of that man. The connection of sex between two men and between a man and a woman are worlds apart. The excitement and thrill are wild.
Maybe more later.

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/30/2019 7:50 pm:
Thank you for your comment, DivorceBiMan! It may be that thing that men know how men are, and as such, may not be able to handle such being in their sexual arena.

bjhogan 62M  
1109 posts
10/29/2019 1:55 pm

i HEAR YA REMI ! LOUD & QUEEEEEEEER !! i have LEARNED more abOUT my BODY'S HOT SPOTS from GAAAAY MEN !! i just WISHED i had CUM OUT SOONER !! LOL hell ,,, it SEEMED every one KNEW i was GAAAAAAY going back to HIGH SCHOOL !! now looking back ,,, YES ! i was DEFINITLEY TWINK MATERIAL and Quite FEM to BOOT ! it's NO WONDER NOW !! why every girlfriend ! ex wives DUMPED ME for a more MANLY MAN !! and i KNEW INSTANTLY from those FIRSTS GAY ENCOUNTERS that this where i belong ! DENIAL is a BITCH !! and only after my 2nd DIVORCE in 09 when i MET BARKLEY was i truly able to EMBRACE ! ACCEPT ! & RELISH in MY HOMOSEXUALITY !!! and even tho we had little else in CUMmon but AWESOME SEX !! we still remain good friends ! we were able to talk and share our FRUSTRATIONS with WOMEN he not having his FIRST GAY ENCOUNTER untill he went away to COLLEGE at U.T. IN AUSTIN age 19 !! ME ! not untill my late 30's after my 1st DIVORCE in 94 !! but even then i lived in denial ! i continued having gay sex thru out my 2nd marriage 03- 09 ! but like every female before ,,, it became quite clear i had toooo strong of gay tendencies ! yup ,, i dropped plenty of hints ! and she did figure me out too ! i regret not telling her from the start ! but that's water under the bridge now !

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/31/2019 8:04 pm:
I am always surprise when I'm with a client and discover an erogenous zone that even he wasn't aware of. But in a good way!

bjhogan 62M  
1109 posts
10/29/2019 2:49 pm

i AGREE DIVORCEBiMAN !! the CONNECTION of SEX between 2 MEN ! & BETWEEN a MAN & WOMAN is LIKE NITE & DAY !!! i learned that only a GAY MAN cant TRULY PLEASE A MAN in WAYS no WOMAN can EVER DO !! we not only SHARE the same plumbing !! so we know what pleases us ! MEN are LESS INHIBITED & MORE VOCAL in their DESIRES !! we have TESTOSTERONE ! so WE are ALWAYS HORNIER !!! whether WE are a TOP ! or a BOTTOM when we CUM ! in a man's ass or down his throat ! we have ABSORBED his DNA ! thus forming a chemical bond ! in fact a CLOSENESS no WOMAN CAN UNDERSTAND !! as for myself ,, the first time i took it up the ass ! I CAME in BUCKETS !! HANDS FREE !! same thing when i got rimmed ! it's the most intense orgasm ,, or rather ASSgasm !! but it was when i KISSED a MAN the FIRST TIME !! wow ! tingles ! electric from my NOSE to my TOES !! his stubble sent shivers and still does ! that is when i realized what i had been missing alllll my life ! and that i TRULY was GAY ! not Bi ! but QUEEEEEEEEEER AS FUCK !! is GAY LOVE TABOO ? maybe ? maybe NOT !! since homosexuality has been AROUND forever !! only SOCIETY has MADE it TABOO !! IMO !! but even that has begun to change ! being from a LARGE CATHOLIC FAMILY ! i had NO GAY ROLE MODELS !! so i HID in the CLOSET !! now ,, i HAVE SEVERAL GAY NEPHEWS & LESBIAN NIECES who have NOT ONLY CUMMMED OUT of the CLOSET !! BUT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED & EMBRACED !! to the point that THEIR PARTNERS to FAMILY EVENTS !! LORD ! had i DONE that in the 70's ! i would have had my ASS KICKED ! & BEEN DISOWNED !! but now it's cool to be gay ! while i have not been as vocal ! it is COMMON KNOWLEGE that i'm Queeeeer and even my 2 grown kids have commented how much i have mellowed ! have you EVER MET an UNHAPPY GAY MAN ? lol yes ,, but only because he is in the closet and in denial ! ok so much for rambling ! now i need some dick !

lwbtm4top 55M
15 posts
10/30/2019 12:19 pm

to me its exciting doing something you dont experience very often. add a little bondage and its over the top in sexcitement

DandR4hands4men replies on 10/30/2019 7:52 pm:
So you are not a frequenter of the gay group scene?

69bump 41M
2 posts
10/30/2019 1:08 pm

Being used by more than one man at the same time is fucking awesome. Being bi my woman came home from a work trip and found me with a cock in my ass one in my mouth and 2 others waiting their turn. When the last guy f
Pulled out and shot all over my face she. Told me to take each one again ..

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/4/2019 1:34 pm:
You are a very lucky guy! I've spent time with a lot of bisexual men, but none have had a female as cool as yours!

bjhogan 62M  
1109 posts
10/30/2019 2:29 pm

oh god yes ! i'd lovvvvvvve to be tied up and at the mercy of a group of horny men !

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/4/2019 1:37 pm:
Since some of my clients have enjoyed a bondage massage with me, I can imagine there are a lot of guys who would absolutely love to have more than one guy working them over while restrained.

Niceguysonh 51M  
2 posts
10/31/2019 4:06 pm

I like the idea of being able to stand back and watch. Jump in when I want and then be the center of attention. I also like to watch a guy get his ass reamed and then jump in to suck him off while he's taking a cock in the ass. There is just something about a group of naked guys fucking and sucking that is such a huge turn on. In fact there is a group I belong to in the Boston area that gets together at least twice a month. It runs the gamut, CD's, Trans, Gay and Bi with an occasional women or two who are into the scene. It provides a greater opportunity to play fantasies.

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/4/2019 1:41 pm:
I'm thrilled to hear that are groups out there I haven't heard of yet. I don't do well with females in the room with me in a sexual environment, but I am glad it is out there for those who can. By the way, I am the guy at the orgy who will rim an ass real good, then lick his taint, suck his balls and catch that load while someone else fucks him.

jrodd 60M
3137 posts
11/2/2019 2:36 am

As i specified i would not likely ever end up in any kind of group scenes but what puzzled me was what was the dna absorbion process about and chemical bondage is it something extraterrestial like in alien abductions or some probe infiltration upon the human race? Like what kind of strange creatures are you anyways?

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/4/2019 1:46 pm:
There is a broad spectrum to sexuality. Like you, I don't understand or partake in all of it...females and animals mostly. But I feel like we are all learning, exploring and expanding our sexual horizons. Discovering new things about ourselves, our bodies and how we interact with others. Within the realm that I enjoy, I like seeing new and exciting activities. By the way, if you know a shape-shifting alien, send him to me for a session please! lol

dickobsessed 67M  
4 posts
11/2/2019 6:44 am

I'm just a total slut! I LOVE being surrounded and filled with as many hard cocks as possible! I love both watching others and being watched! I love having video taken of me sucking and being fucked and sharing it online!

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/4/2019 1:48 pm:
Good for you! I think we all have a slut in us, lingering in the background, hoping to get an opportunity to get out and enjoy itself , without repercussions, restrictions and sometimes, witnesses! lol

biinseoul 46M
2 posts
11/3/2019 9:48 pm

sometimes only a group will do

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/4/2019 1:50 pm:
Interesting prospect. I think the romantic in me wants that one on one most of the time, and the kinky freak wants more social sex life. I hope my next guy is like me, saving something special just for us, but sharing our love with the world!

ruwanting 59M
10 posts
11/4/2019 11:51 pm

I started with three and went from there when they had interesting parties and i spent the night. Mmmmmmmmm

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/11/2019 11:26 am:
I end up spending the night a lot, eventually ending up with an intimate romantic one on one before falling asleep in each other's arms, cuddling, spooning and making out!

ruwanting 59M
10 posts
11/4/2019 11:52 pm

Love this thread.

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/5/2019 4:51 am:
Thank you very much! I must say, i did it as some research for a curious guy on here, but I am very glad I did. It has been informative, enlightening and fun!

jrodd 60M
3137 posts
11/5/2019 9:27 pm

    Quoting jrodd:
    As i specified i would not likely ever end up in any kind of group scenes but what puzzled me was what was the dna absorbion process about and chemical bondage is it something extraterrestial like in alien abductions or some probe infiltration upon the human race? Like what kind of strange creatures are you anyways?
Yes but I have avoided many very attractive men whom for the slightest reason proses a biohazard possibility risk resticting severly the exploration agenda denying myself access to sexual exploration and phisical contact with others.Such DNA absorbtion prospects would have to be met with stringent labratory analysis over a long period of time.

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/11/2019 11:33 am:
Soap box moment---I decided a long time ago, after lots of research and knowing myself, what my definition of great sex, safe sex, what I was willing to do with a stranger, the first night and how things would progress along the way. I honestly believe a lot of guys have let the fear of catching something, the fear of being seen, caught or found out, and the fear of the unknown, especially where people are concerned, blocked them from a more enjoyable sex life. I am thrilled that I am not one of those, and that I have dodged every possible sexual STD's, no STI's, not even a case of lice or crabs.

Jalisco605 50M
3 posts
11/10/2019 9:21 pm

hello happy week.

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/11/2019 11:33 am:
Hello! Thank you and happy week to you as well!