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DandR4hands4men 49M/48M
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11/6/2018 10:17 am
The Voting Is In, Sawyer's Visit, Chuck, Edmund, Sam, Roger, Jeffery & Jeremy!!!

Hello gentlemen! As you can tell from the title and my status, it has been an amazing week in the life of Remy. Now, this will be a long one, so go out to vote first! Grab something to eat and drink, a smoke if you it, and remember, it took me longer to type it than it did for you to read it! lol

Before I get started, I just want to holler at a few guys here, and remind a few of you who come in to see me, that unless you give me permission, you have not read anything or seen anything that belongs to you. In my line of work, you don't piss on people unless it is part of the session! LMAO

Just a reminder to Chip46202, Daxter3, and Just_needing_fun, that you only have a little less than two months to come in for your free sessions. After that, I will make you pay out the ass! lol I want to thank DKing777 for adding me to his hot list! Thank you so much! Let me thank Bjhogan and Uplay255 for flirting with me! very much appreciated! LilFunOne, it has been a while, but it is always good to see you in my neck of the woods! Pop by anytime, and in person would be even better! My Outpersonals husband from down under, it always make me smile to see you, Cumlover401! I want to thank Akl1234 for the email, and let you know, I have a new favorite picture of you! And damn! Scottywoo, thank you for your email! You have definitely got my attention!!! Oh, and I think I read something about the powers that be having issues with pictures. So I will try to post some, but don't blame me if they don't show up! lol

I love it when you get to break a client down, though I haven't figured out yet why they would come in to see me, and ask for a sensual or erotic session if it is that much of an issue for you. But this seem to be the case with Edmund, a stocky, borderline chunky Latino who came in for a session last week. he came with a twelve pack of Corona and an attitude to boot. A bit unwarranted, because other than a great face, a nice thick cock, and a beautiful ass, he wasn't all that! But he presented himself as if to say, " not going to enjoy this." And despite being only slightly into certain parts of him, I took it as a challenge.

He drinks three beers, gets naked and climbs up on the table. With him face down on the table, his ass was the only thing I saw worthwhile. Nonetheless, I started on his feet and worked my way up. And it was like he didn't want to make any sounds or do or say anything that would indicate that I was doing a good job. But I felt like I did, especially on his feet. I also noticed as I was working on his thighs that he was adjusting himself. And I know for a fact I worked out every knot and kink I found on his neck, back and shoulders, especially the shoulder blades. Then I went back to his ass. I molded, kneaded and pressed into his meaty globes until I saw the head of his dick between his legs. Then I positioned myself so I could tease his cock and balls as I rimmed his sweet and lovely ass. This is when he started breaking down, as his moans and groans gave away the pleasure he was feeling with my tongue in his ass. He only got louder when I initiated the prostate massage, which I intentionally ended early, because I wanted him to know I knew he was having a decent time.

When he turned over, it was like he put the wall back up, so again, I started at the feet and worked up. It was hard for him to convince me that I was doing anything badly, with his semi-hard dick in the air, leaking spunk like a dripping faucet. When I got done with his thighs, I went to his hairless man boobs, and started working on them. His dick responded nicely to the nipple play, but his face seemed conflicted, so I didn't bother using my mouth on them. I found a few nails on each finger and started stroking his sides, from armpit to hip. He started breaking down again, and I wasn't exactly sure if I was thrilling him or tickling him, but I kept at it until he was at full mast. I massage his hairless pubic region with one hand and embraced his testicles with the other. This rubbing started him gyrating and vibrating on the table. And I continued doing this until I decided how I wanted the happy ending to go. I completely engulfed his dick in my mouth, did a few tricks and bobbed a few times, sampling the syrup I was going to miss. And I finished him off with my hand, aiming at his face so there was no denying the happy ending. I gave him a hand cloth to wipe the jizz from his nose, mouth, chest and belly button. Now tell me you didn't enjoy that, I thought as he got dressed, paid and tipped me.

I think there was a cop convention or something in town last week, because I got two of them on my table. Jeffery was my least favorite of the two. He was thin, hairy and sexy, but a bit of an ass. He came in with some cocoa butter lotion he wanted me to use, I guess to help his slightly tanned skin. And as he was getting undressed, I was making notes to myself, and wondering why he had to be such a jerk.

One of the reasons I prefer email appointments is so everything we covered and planned for the session is written out. I also try to do a mini-consultation upon arrival, in case something changes, like an injury or something. I even have a rule that if you want me to skip a part of your body, keep it covered. Keep your underwear on, if your ass and or member is off limits, or more often, if your feet are ticklish, keep your socks on. Well you guessed it, I started on the feet, and he blew up, because he didn't want to be tickled. Now, normally, I would get pissed and just get through it, but this time, I decided I was going to do whatever I wanted.

In addition to an excellent full body massage, he got his cute little hairy ass ate out, in addition to a thorough prostate manipulation that nearly made him cum. Had to stop that because he might have ended the session there. I licked his armpits and his beautiful hairy chest, and nibbled on his nipples until the pink points escaped their furry surroundings. I replaced the sweat on his balls with my saliva before I let his seven inches play with my mouth and tongue. But his bad attitude was no reflection on the thick, sweet creamy load I got about ten minutes later, and I even managed to get a tip out of him!

Although Jeremy, the other cop, was not as visually pleasing to me as Jeffery, he was definitely the better of the two. Jeremy was short, and possibly spent a little too much time at the gym. Well built, I fell in love with his ass in those dress pants with the quickness. We opened the first of two bottle of wine he brought and started talking. We had quite a bit in common, so we poured another glass, grabbed the other bottle and went to the massage room.

I studied him as he undressed. The light brown hair on his head, under his armpits and in his genital area was all he had. Huge arms and a powerful chest, with two huge pink nipples pointing out from his palish white skin. By far the dreamiest, palish white, hairless ass I've ever seen, and his dick was about average but thick.

As you know, muscle requires more work than...fat. So he really appreciated the work I did on his calves, neck shoulders and arms. And I like the fact that he let me lick his armpits while I was working on his armpits. Us both being romantics, there was a bit of kissing, and he played with my cock and playfully chewed on my nipples some, and you know I returned the favor! He loved the way I "worshiped" his feet. And I should say, my tongue resided in his ass so long, I felt no to give him a prostate massage. But I did want to empty his shooter...twice! I would easily call that a ninety minute session with Officer Friendly!

So yesterday we had our annual "Best of" sex party, and if you will remember I did quite well last year. And of course, was most proud of being the undisputed best cocksucker in the group. So we started with sex, but I really wasn't interested, so I drank and smoked a lot. I mean, between everything else that went on this week, I didn't really it. And none of my favorite playmates had bothered to show up. But I did feel bad for one guy. He had the biggest dick of all the guys who were playing, and just about everybody took a turn. I know I saw at least eight guys sucking on it, but he still hadn't got off. So before dinner, i gave him ten minutes of my time, and got a huge tasty load for my efforts. After dinner the awards were given. I won best top, but I think that is best one of the few regular tops attending. I won best rimmer, but that wasn't much of a surprise. By unanimous decision, I was named best kisser! YEAH! But would I hold on to best cocksucker for a second year? I did, and this year, it was by unanimous decision as well! And I walked away with both my heads held high! lol

Chuck reminded me of a skinnier version of a guy I know in Missouri. Chuck was bit taller, a little hairier and a lot less reserved. He showed up with a bottle of whiskey, which I hadn't had since my last husband died. So I sipped on my glass as he downed two, and poured another to drink during the massage.

He really liked my feet work, and truly didn't want me to stop. And I didn't even lick them or suck his toes. I went on to his calves, which were a pleasure to work on, but the thighs, not so much. They were so thin and muscular, it was more like a hard rub that a deep massage there. But I was able to get the party started in the front, even before the prostate massage. But his lovely white ass did something to me, with the plush fuzz, and the hairs in his butt crack waving invitingly towards his warm, dark hole. Once again, I found myself eating ass a bit too long, but still wanted to do the prostate exam. I worked it and worked it until he wiggled and lifted his ass off the table. I used my free hand to play with his balls, and then slowly slowly made its way to his sticky cock. I slowly retreated, eventually pulling out of him and finishing up his back half.

I turned him over and he started sucking on me. So I started with his neck and worked my way down until he got tired. This gave me the opportunity to work on his nipples with my mouth as I massaged his pecs with my hand. I found myself combing his chest hair with my fingers as well. Then I went to his feet again, and again, he didn't want me to stop. I offered him a deal on a foot only spot massage, so I think he may become a regular. I did his awesome calves again, and his not-so-awesome thighs. I started licking his pubic hairs and I caressed his balls with one hand and rubbed his taint with the other. And then I felt his hands on my shoulders. Was he going to cum with nothing actually going on with his cock or ass? I got my mouth on it just in time to catch the first few drops, then vacuumed the rest of it out with my lips firmly embracing his shaft. The noise he made sent chills up my spine, motivating me to do more. This went on a couple more minutes, until I felt his hands left my shoulders and plop on the floor. He was spent, so it was money well spent!

Sam was this short and skinny, sexy blonde guy I had on the table. He even had a very hairy body, so I was a bit perturbed to discover that he had trimmed his chest hair before he arrived. But I let the beer and tequila he brought assuage me. This cute little mother fucker was charming as hell, winning me over left and right before I even got him naked on the table.

As he stood there before me undressed, it was a dreamy vision! His cock and balls were the biggest things on him. Just fucking awesome! He had a cute little hairy ass, with what I call a tunnel hole. I find it extremely difficult to fuck a tunnel hole when I see one. They always look, taste and feel so good! The chest nice, but would have been better before he trimmed it, but the nipples were delicious. You can probably tell where going with this!

This was on of my sloppier massage sessions. I did a good job on his feet, but everything else kind of got licked before it got worked on. Laying the hair down on his calves and thighs with my tongue before I applied the cream. And that poor ass didn't stand a chance, this first or the second time I hit it. No, I didn't fuck him, but I massaged and ate it, did the rest of his back, and then massaged and ate it again before giving him the prostate massage.

We were behind schedule when I turned him over, but when he kissed me, all bets were off! We necked, made out, cuddled, spooned and groped each other. Then we fondled, caressed, rubbed and grind against each other. And that sexy ass and tunnel hole kept teasing my engorged member, now inches away. I went down to eat it again, eventually licking his taint, working my way to the salty, sweaty swollen balls, and finally to that impressive cock. I feasted, devoured and relished that slab of meat until all the juices exploded in my mouth! It was so hot and delicious, I couldn't let it go until I had wrung it like a wet rag! He laid on me for quite a while before he collected himself and his belongings and left!

Now, I told you in my last post, how uncomfortable I am with redneck clients for the first time. Well, I could tell Roger was one over the phone, and I almost steered him in another direction. But since the last one wasn't so bad, I decided to take another chance.

When he showed up at the door, he looked like I expected. His short brown hair, his straggly beard, and the weird thing going on with his mouth I still can't put my finger on. His teeth were short, but all there and clean, and the cigarette-beer breath didn't really bother me. Still something was weird there. But his awkwardly cute smile, his personality, his red face and soulful eyes somehow made him okay. When he got naked though, he became the dreamiest redneck I know.

Another one who trimmed his chest, but his slightly muscular chest with the stubble and nipples came across as sexy to me. And he had this intoxicating natural manly musk thrilled me to the point of overlooking his two large tattoos. Hell, even his hand were strong and sexy, though I did think his nails were too small for his massive fingers. And his slightly above average cock and impeccable balls almost made me want to do another rush job. But he was charming and funny, and even sweet at times, so I tried to be professional.

I did his feet with no problem, and he seem to like that. I did the calf and thigh of one leg before I went to the other, meaning I could do the alignment on one side when I finished it. Yes, it provided me with two opportunities to work that upper thigh magic I do so well. But it also, sadly afforded me the disservice of actually drooling on him a couple of times. By this time, his sweat, pheromones and musk were thrilling the hell out of me, and it was time to do the ass. He let me massage, knead and mold it, and he let me eat it out some, but nothing else was going in it. I finished the back half and turned him over.

Feeling like I had offended his sensibilities when I was working on his ass, I tried hard to get back to business mode. I started at his feet and did his calves and thighs. Then I did his neck and shoulders and started to do his chest. His cock was already hard, but as I was working on his chest, especially his nipples, I noticed it twitching, and finally starting to drip. I stayed there a bit and decided to use my mouth on them. assuming I did a damn good job because he eventually lifted my head up and kissed me.Wow! What an unexpected treat! Then it went to passionate mode and I was in awe. This turned into making out and necking, and I am part flabbergasted and part enjoying the hell out of it! Then he started sucking on my cock, and I got to say, he was talented. he could have actually sucked me off, but I took it as a sign that I didn't have to be professional anymore. lol I quickly devoted my mouth to his cock and balls, and the aroma, and the taste of his precum just kicked me into overdrive. He stopped sucking on me when he got close, and I manage to get two huge tasty loads out of him before he left. So if you are reading this buddy, please cum back!

And despite all of this, the best part of the week was the surprise overnight visit from Sawyer. You long time readers will remember that about a year ago to take care of his parents. Well, mom is doing better, but dad has gotten worse, and has even been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so he is staying there to help mom with dad. But he managed to get a night away and chose to spend it here with me. He brought dinner, and all of our favorite drinks, and smokes, even remembered my cloves, and we hung out for sixteen hours. He said all the right things, and did all the right things. We won't get into the mushy sentimental stuff, but it was a romantic, passionate freaky time, and between the two of us, we climaxed eight times. So now, in perpetual afterglow!

Don't forget to VOTE!!!! See you next time!

mral65 53M
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11/6/2018 7:07 pm

Happy to hear you had an awesome week! Yeah I did vote this morning before heading to work. Mine was the 3rd ballot to go in the box at our precinct. Now I have to decide which of the pics you put in this post is my favorite, , it was easier deciding how to mark my ballot

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/13/2018 11:47 am:
Well, thank you, my friend! And I'm thrilled you got a chance to vote! Let me know when you figure out which one was your favorite!

Hungr4Yungr 69M
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11/8/2018 3:31 pm

Wow! What a great group of clients you had this week. You really give them their money's worth. No wonder they keep cumming back for more.

I broke my right arm a week ago, so am laid up, wishing I had someone to play gently with. Cooking, cleaning, and shovelling snow are difficult and painful right now.

I hope you were satisfied with the mid term election results. Cheers!!

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/13/2018 11:51 am:
Satisfied and politics don't go in the same sentence for me. A week like the last one is far more satisfying! lol

Sorry to hear about your arm, and even more so, that there isn't a male nurse or a Dr. Feelgood making home visits or extending his bedside manner to you! I do hope the arm gets batter soon though, I'm sure the other one is getting quite tired. lol

bjhogan 61M  
612 posts
11/11/2018 2:16 pm

i lovvvvvvvve your blogs ! also lovvvvvve those pics ! SHAVED or HAIRY i lovvvvvvvvvve then BOTH !! as long as they are HUNG !!!!! i AM PUTTY in their HANDS !!! what a fantasy to have both ! a 3-some with a SMOOTH & HAIRY MAN !!mmmmmmmmmmm !

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/13/2018 11:54 am:
Thrilled to see you are still one of my biggest fans!

I make it a habit now of answering my responses before I put a new post up. Helps me not to repeat pictures. I think this coming post has a guy that will make you drool!