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12/4/2018 1:49 am
Jon, John, David, Lewis, Pedro, Larry and Allan!!!

Damn! So many comments to my last post. Thank you guys so much! You will find your responses with your comments. Let me also say that Dansdick is still hot! lol In other news, thank you both for the flirts, Bjhogan and Heik0173! Very much appreciated! And Myprettyassanddi, you were far too kind with your friendship and your comments to my personal pictures. Thank you so much!

So, I know I said I would avoid certain people in my post from now on, but I think you will understand why by the time the paragraph is done. So,Sawyer paid me another one of his surprise visits, and it was good enough to come back the following day, but he never made it. Billy and I had another encounter, and this time he shocked the hell out of me. It was awesome! Then Robbie showed up two more times before he took off on his time...alone! And then, that crazy ass party I co-hosted yesterday. After about thirteen guys show up, I go for my first cocktail and a regular cigarette, and a very old guy goes down on me while I'm smoking. A sexier old guy also takes a turn at the big wheel before I finished my smoke and a third one is trying to get there. A few more guys show up, and I decide I needed to get in a more amorous mood, so I did a few shots and smoked a clove cigarette, and when it kicked in, there was no one who wanted to play. Unless I'm actually doing something, they wear off in about 20 to 30 minutes. 45 minutes later, the same two guys come back for more, but I wasn't really feeling it, even when was was going back and forth between me and another guy standing next to me. By this time, there are two more guys I want to play with, so another shot, another drink, another clove, and nothing. To be fair, an incident came up that ruined my buzz, and I had to start all over again. Never did get it back, and never did a damn thing after that.

Slightly stranger, Saturday, Syd contacted me. Now, Syd and I first became acquainted at my favorite bar, before it closed. He was interested in me even back then, but he really isn't my cup of tea, so nothing happened between us but bar chat and maybe a free drink here and there. Then he starts attending the parties, hoping again something would happen between us. He still isn't my cup of tea, so other than seeing me naked, possibly playing with someone else, nothing happened. So he becomes a massage client, so he can force something to happen. Well, it did, and now he comes once to three times a month, depending on his finances.

So Syd contacted me hoping there was a party Saturday night, but there wasn't. You already know that there was a party yesterday, and I told him about it. I also explained that I wouldn't be playing with him there. When he asked why, I explained to him that when I co-host, my goal is to make it so the other host can actually be part of the party. So I am the door guy, the cook, the maid, security, etc., and he can truly be the life of the party. Secondly, there were far more cock suckers and bottoms at this party than any other, so having an extra dick to suck and fuck would come in handy, and I would stop everyone else from getting it. Basically, he could play for free at the party, or book an appointment with me like usual. So who not only doesn't come to the party yesterday, but if the very first appointment on the book this morning? Is this truly my life? I'm loving it!

John was an attractive older guy who showed up for an appointment last week. Dark, receding hair, a clean shaven face and eyeglasses made him appear nerdy, but he actually had a pretty hot body with lots of hair We broke open his twelve pack and went to work.

Even though his age and clothes may have suggested his body wasn't all that, he was actually quite lean, with very few wrinkles and not even the chest or ass sagged. He was truly impressive for a man his age.

He loved my work on his lower half, especially his calves and feet. And it was the first time he said he had been lengthened, or stretched, aligned or had his hips worked like that. I was actually flattered. I work on his flat, muscular globes as I combed the hairy crack of his ass with my tongue. Then I went deeper with it and I swear, he passed out! Literally, went out and did not come to until I was working on his neck. I actually left him out, continued working, because people are relaxed when they are out. I figured I would wake him up when I needed to turn him over, but I didn't have to.

I turned him over and work on his neck and shoulders, making sure he was okay before I carried on. I worked on his hairy chest and sucked on his nipples, as he started playing with me. He was an impressive kisser though. When I got down to his navel, I skipped to the feet. Again, he appreciated my work down there. And then it was time for the happy ending. Although it looked awesome, it was probably average in every way. My bigger concern was having him pass out again. I opted for the oral, thinking it would be quicker, and I believe it was. He was hard in about three minutes, and I was just starting to get into it when he screamed. I looked up at him and he was still with me, but his load was overcome by my saliva, as I could barely tell he had done anything. I made he drink another beer and then get dressed, making sure he could drive home without fainting. He tipped well and left me half the beer before he left.

Allan is a professor and coach at one of the nearby universities. I guess that ballet dinner has been talking about me. Allan was in excellent shape, but a bit shorter than I'd like. His clean shaved face worked well with his eyes, receding hairlines, covered by a ball cap and awkward yet adorable smile.

We went to the massage room and opened his Coors Light before we both got naked for the session. I sat on his ass, and started working on his lower half. I started on the foot and did the entire left leg before I did the right. I noticed his fantastic ball sack between his hairless legs, and I started stirring down below. As my cock laid there growing between his butt cheeks, I started doing the other foot, deepening the groove I'm forging there, and apparently driving us both crazy. By the time I finished that leg, we were both dripping precum and it was mixing on the sheet below us. I was glad to have to turn around, but the small of his back became a reservoir for my syrup. I started at his neck, then did his shoulders and finally did his back. At the midway point, I started licking his back as well, allowing me to work right into pushing my precum into his butt hole and eating it out before I did the prostate massage.

I turned him over, we looked at each other, and we knew the massage was basically over. I wrapped my thighs around his cock, and bounced and squirmed as we made out. He was an awesome kisser, and worked a nipple pretty good too. I loved the nipple on his hairless, powerful chest. And licking his navel was a treat as well. I was planning to suck him off, but he decided to lay on his side and we'd sixty nine until one of us came. I came close but he actually came, dropping a huge flavorful load down my throat. We sipped on another beer, laying side by side and making out before he left.

Jon was a sexy, young brunette who came for a morning appointment before we went to work. In fact, he still smelled like soap, and because he was going to work, he didn't bring any alcohol. In fact, we went right to it.

He was so much better looking from the front, but we had to do the back first. Strange, he enjoyed the calf and knee work more than the foot and thigh work. Actually, his lower body was pretty skinny, so I felt like I was moving sinews and tendons and stuff. But his big, inviting ass was so much fun to work on and play with, and he actually seemed to like my rimming more than the actual prostate massage. I did his neck, back and shoulders and quickly turned him over.

I feel in love with his armpits, so much so that nothing below his balls ever saw me again. I painted several coats of saliva on two of the sexiest, hairiest, deodorant free armpits I've ever seen in my life. I worked on his chest and sucked on his nipples too. And my licks made their way down to his navel as well. His dick was about average, a bit on the thick side, with lovely pubic hair. I swallowed his balls first, and then I sucked his dick. He squirmed, he flounced, he grunted, he moaned and then he screamed. And it was over, the large, salty load making me long for a beer. He tipped me well, grabbed a few business cards, got dressed and went to work. I can say this because of my 4:30.

David was a strawberry blonde guy, more blonde than strawberry, whose goatee looked more brown. He had awesome blue eyes, a great smile and three bottles of champagne. Then he said, "Two of these are from me, the other one is from Jon." Turns out, David is the owner of the company where Jon works.
Somehow, they ended up talking about my session with Jon, and David decided to try it out for himself.

A few notes, when I get a referral, I tend to try to keep both sessions similar. After all, all he could I have about was what I did to them. Two, Jon came in the morning. smelling clean. David came after work, so I'm hoping for a musk from half a day's worth of sweat. And thirdly, the two guys are similarly built. Jon had something of a tan, and David didn't. David's ass is smaller than Jon, but David is longer and thicker up front than Jon. David is also hairier.

I rubbed David's feet, but they were just too unattractive to try to put in my mouth. He loved me working on his calves, and upper inner thighs, as I managed to rub his scrotum and taint with a few of my strokes. He also enjoyed having my tongue in his ass, so much so that he came, and I no longer felt the need to do a prostate massage. I did finish his back, putting each pressure on the shoulders, especially the blades, and his neck.

He kissed me before he turned over, and it was so hot, we both were hard when we came up for air. He too had some awesome armpits, and between his kiss and his armpits, there would be no work under the knees. He had a small patch of hair between his pecs, so laid there a spell, worked one pec and nipple at a time. He was able to pinch my nipples at this point as well. I also licked his navel, but asked if he wanted to try to get off again. We started making out with each other until we were both hard again and this time, his sweet, creamy load landed between my lips. We finished off that bottle of champagne, made out some more, and then he got dressed. He not only, tipped me and took a few cards, he bought two gift certificates. If everyone at the company looks and works like these two...Merry Christmas to me! lol

Lewis remains a bit of an enigma to me. He started off being a thuggish redneck, and by the time the session was over, I could see dating him.

He actually reminded me of a shorter, paler, better built version of Stephane. He had on one of those gray and black camouflage get-ups that made him look thicker than he actually was. I was shocked when he handed me a bottle of Crown Royal, and as I poured us glasses, he undressed. So he actually sat on my living couch butt naked. I decided not to have a fit, thinking I could turn that pillow over after he leaves if I need to. I will admit I wasn't really focusing on him, or maybe I didn't get the hint, but he down his glass and gave me one hell of a kiss.

Apparently, he had issues with a part of his body and the fact that I didn't laugh at him said I was the one. At this point, I still haven't noticed what he was talking about. I was first distracted by his naked ass on my couch and then rocked by that kiss he initiated. His face was attractive, despite the scraggly beard. He had amazing nipples on a mostly bone chest and no hair. And I could not see his ass, as it was still naked, snuggling into my couch.

Apparently he had an accident that damaged a testicle and left it looking different. I hadn't noticed. Actually, I hadn't looked, But now that it was brought to my attention, I had to make sure not to fuck up when I did actually see it. It was not the biggest. It was not the thickest. It was not the longest. But I'll be damned if it wasn't the most beautiful cock I've seen in my life. The actual cock was thick and long, and it laid in the middle of his ball sack, but one ball was above the penis head, and the other was below. The coloring and everything else was fabulous. And his pubic bush was lush! The hair was thick and long and obviously graying, and it was gorgeous and it smelled wonderful!

He didn't actually get a massage session. He actually paid for several make out sessions and me enjoying the hell out of what he thought would be a problem for me. He actually teared up when I sucked his balls, and I did them both, and I enjoyed doing it. I sucked his cock and enjoyed that too. And I had mad love for his pubic hair. And yes, it did take a bit longer than usual to get the job done. And yes, he was a noisy happy camper while I was doing it. It wasn't the tastiest load I ever had, but it was huge. It was little extra work, but I think we both thought it was worth it, and I really hope to see him again.

If you could make a personified version of Speedy Gonzalez, you might end up with Pedro. A shorter Latino in beautiful shape, somehow he managed to have a man's face and still be cute and adorable. And he was such a sweetheart, if I had to give a gift certificate away, I would probably give it to him!

He came with a great big smile on his face, despite having some of the smallest teeth I've ever seen in an adult. He had Corona, Tecate, and Sangria, not sure which one I would drink. I took the Sangria, but opened a Tecate, only because I'd never had it before.

He was awesomely built, not too muscular, but definitely no fat. He had a full, beautiful, hairy ass I will dream about for quite some time. He had some hair between his pecs but not a lot. I did his hairy lower half without issue or incident. He was happy with the work I did on his feet and calves in particular. Then I focused oh his back, especially his shoulder blades, as requested. I did his neck and shoulders as well. In fact that was probably 25 minutes of the session, and another twenty went on me eating that ass! Of course, I massaged the cheeks some, and rubbed his taint some, and worked his hips some, but my mouth never left that crack. His favorite phrase at that point was "Meos Dios!" I'm translating that as "My God."

I turned him over and my only interest was in sucking him off. Yes, I rubbed his neck and shoulders a little bit. And I definitely worked on his chest and nipples. And although there was nothing particularly fascinating or fantastic about his dick, I just wanted to know what the other side tasted like from the inside. I just kind of lifted his legs up so I was eating his ass again, and slowly made my way, through the taint, on the balls, down the shaft and over the head. Three minutes later, my work was done, and his thick, heavy gel slowly shimmied and coated my tongue. He even joked about some pesos before he paid me and left.

And finally there is Larry. Oh! My! God! He was fine! This gorgeous ginger guy didn't have a freckle, spot of blemish on him. Just a lean, muscular body wrapped in porcelain white skin and decorated in red hair, his beautifully coiffed do, his sexy and well groomed goatee, the bushes underneath each arm and around his member, and the "t" shaped pattern that grew between his two pointed nipples and down from between his pectorals down to surround his belly button. There was also some peach fuzz on his ass that thickened as you got closer to the crack. I was momentarily in lust!

I allowed him to smoke something different, as I smoked a clove and we both had 7 & 7's as we discussed the session. He had the most powerful calves I've seen in a long time, and they were hard to work on. I did a much better job on his feet and thighs. I refused to touch his hair, so I jumped to the neck and worked my way down slowly and deliberately towards sweet buns that Little Debbie would have wanted to taste. Another ass I spent way too much time on, and that was even before I did the prostate massage.

We actually had our first kiss when he was smoking his stuff. And I knew he would be talented. So when the second time came, I positioned myself so I could kiss him with my mouth, work one hand under the arm and play with the corresponding nipple, and the other hand was playing with pubic hair and the corresponding testicle. The kiss was great, until he started his noises. Then the hands flipped. And his sounds lowered and then elevated again. This time, I went down to finish him off. He was okay with it at first, but when the time came, about five minutes later, he tried to pull me off before it was too late. I so was not having that. I put everything, balls and all in my mouth, and spanked them with my tongue until it was swimming in man jelly so thick, it left a residual coating on my tongue. I looked up at him, and watched his face go from upset to exhausted, and he dropped his head and arms on the pillow.

I stroked his body some as he recovered, and then he grabbed it and started sucking on my fingers. I went down to kiss him and only after I agree to see him again, did he kiss me, get dressed and took off.

mral65 53M
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12/4/2018 10:28 am

Another eventful week for you! I spent 3 days working cattle at the feedlot, 2 days at bull sales and another day at a female sale. My favorite pic this week is a tie between #1 and 3!

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/10/2018 6:59 pm:
I personally like the dick on #5, but overall I would take #7. I do wish you would take some time out, to live a little and finally put something on your blog! lol Better luck next week!

OnDaFence 31M/38M
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12/4/2018 8:54 pm

You need to number your pics and allow us to vote on our favs! #7

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/10/2018 7:02 pm:
I agree with you...number seven is the best! It was never my intention to have like this "pick of the litter thing" but I like it! So if I can figure out how to number the pictures, I will make that part easier for you! lol Thanks again!

happy1959 59M
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12/5/2018 8:50 am

i love them all hard to decide

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/10/2018 7:03 pm:
Thank you very much happy1959! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!