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DandR4hands4men 49M/48M
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10/30/2018 2:18 pm
Grayson, Brady, Bob, Clark, Eduardo & The Stranger's Party!!!

So many men, so little time! Sorry, so much to do, so little time! I want to thank all of the guys who wrote me this time. Correction, I responded to my comments with the blog post. I meant the ones who actually sent me emails. It was so much appreciated this week. Akl1234, it was good to hear from you again. Perhaps things can get back to normal soon. Scottywoo, thank you so much! You are far too kind! Thank you so much, Masteroralbater, and you as well, Just2getsucked. Very much appreciated! It is always great to see you still popping by after all this time, Cumlover401! Come anytime! Thank you both, Bjhogan and Masteroralbater for the flirts! And since there is so much to get into here, I think I'm going to do a wrap-up of the guys and leave out a few of the details.

Brady would have been perfect for me, if he were so damn skinny. Hairy as hell, great smile, some awesome natural musk. But he was the kind of skinny that, well, sometimes I wonder if I might hurt somebody or break someone fucking them. I worried about that just eating Brady's narrow, hairy, tasty ass. And of course, when a guy is that kind of hairy, such places as his armpits, his chest, his navel and even his calves and thighs get extra special attention from me. He had just finished his hard day as a construction worker, so he was kind of clammy, hairy, warm and musky, except for his feet, which I worked on and he appreciated despite the scent.

I was also surprised that he wanted to kiss and suck on my nipples, both of which he was quite talented at. He didn't mind me eating his ass, but he passed on the prostate massage, which kind of forced me into an oral happy ending on his long, thin dick. I had to remind him that the thrusting wasn't necessary, because the massage is to relax him so let me do all the work. So. I crossed my arms, playing with his nipples as I hugged his torso with the diamond made by my arms, and went to town, sucking, licking and bobbing on his manhood. I was use to moans and groans, but the grunts and growls thing kind of threw me. Nonetheless, I continued my oral assault on his rod, until it dropped the sweetest nectar I've sampled in quite some time. Of course I drained him to the point of torture before I let him off the massage table.

Eduardo was quite possibly the mistake of the week for me. It was late Sunday night when he called. And what I assumed was a thick Mexican accent might have been influenced by the fact that he had just gotten kicked out of a ladies stripper bar. So I opened up the door to a heavyset Latino still in a huff and a drunken stupor over his evening's event. I figured I would get his the session and perhaps, he might sober up for his trip home.

He was a sloppy kind of stocky, having a naturally muscular built that had started to collect beer and carbs. His skin coloring was lovely though, and his face and cock turn out to be his best features. I'm going to say it again! There is such a thing as too much ass, and he was right on the cusp. I actually wanted to like his ass, because of the shape and color, but it was too loose and jiggly to appreciate, though it was easier than most to work on.

The other problem with him was he was horny yet ornery, talking crap without thinking, pissing me off as he is trying to get me to get him off. It was a basic, cocks and balls hand job, that ended with him passing out or going to sleep on the massage table and paying me twice for his session. I'm not sure if he remembered paying me before and after his nap, but since i couldn't make money on the table while he was sleep, I let him reimburse me for my loss.

Bob was a weird combination of things to have on my massage table. He was lean or having some slight muscles on his bones. Oddly attractive and short with long, dishwater blonde hair and goatee, and an awkward smile due to his bad teeth. The twelve pack of PBR and the package of Marlboro, along with the first words he spoke, gave me the final indication that he might be a redneck.

I always get uneasy with them because...well, the somewhat attractive redneck guy, who tends to talk without much thought in a room with a gay black man who could be pushed in several directions, depending on how the session proceeds. As he undressed, I looked for things to turn me off, but other than his neglected feet, dirty hands, the tattoo on his shoulder and of course, his grill, I couldn't find much. In fact, I actually loved his hair and body hair.

Long story short, he was actually charming, and quite harmless, minus his mouth on my nipples. And I got to enjoy most of him the way I wanted to. I particularly enjoyed eating his small, near perfect ass, and the noises he made during his prostate massage nearly made me laugh. I actually broke the prostate massage session into three parts, as I was sure I could bring him to orgasm from there and wanted to be in position when I did. he also really appreciated the work I did on his feet and upper back.

When the time came, I worked two fingers inside of him to do the final part of his prostate massage. The longer finger found the magic spot and a couple of tricks worked him into a frenzy. I then took my other hand and massaged each testicle and then the entire sack. All I had to do then was wrap my lips around large, long cock and wait for the ball to drop. And boy did it! It was a great tasting load, and it was truly was on of the most entertaining climaxes I've seen in quite some time. I hope he comes again!

Grayson was probably the sexiest guy I saw this week. Blonde, tanned, with just enough hair to feather, his well-groomed goatee not only gave the aura of a short mane on this Leo, but embrace his face in such a way as to highlight his pink, kissable lips and gorgeous smile. And despite being a bit on the thin side, he only became more stunning as he undressed.

His beautiful tan, his lean and limber limbs, his awesome furry chest, his beautiful cock, which he took offense to me saying, his dreamy ass. Hell, even his feet were attractive. I have never met a man so appreciative of every part of his full body massage in my life. He enjoyed the foot massage, which only got better when I started sucking his toes. He loved the kneading pressure I put on his calves. The noises started when I worked on his thighs, and he was never quiet again. I enjoyed everything I did to his ass, and he not only enjoyed, but needed the work I did on his back, neck and shoulders.

I turned him over and we were ready for it to happen. And for about twenty minutes, we cuddled, we spooned, we necked, we hugged, we kissed and we made out. I can't call it a bona fide hickey, but I can say he had a area of discoloration on his neck. He told me not to worry about it and it didn't. I slowly lowered myself, devouring, savoring and massaging every inch and morsel of this enticing young man. I honestly wasn't ready for him to leave, but once he dropped that second load, make out with me some more and rested in my arms for a bit, he readied himself to leave.

Clarke was in blossom. He was not quite a man in appearance, but beyond a boy in every way. His alabaster skin and dark hair highlighted his amazing blue eyes and his sexy rose lips. His facial hair even seemed childlike, long but spaced in such a way to make you feel it was just starting to come in. His long dark dropped on his shoulders, and nearly hugged their way around his neck. And somehow, especially when he smiled, you saw his playful, youthful innocence, even with his developing muscular body.

Muscles were plenty but hair was sporadic on his body. A few long sexy hair laid glistening under his arms. A thin long patch ran between his pecs and down toward his belly button, with a few long, curly ones surrounded his large, succulent nipples. A few on the small of his back, some in the crack of his awesome ass, and they beautifully decorated his massive balls and sexy, uncut dick.

He was charming, and seem to want to play with me almost as much I wanted to play with him. It was another one of those sessions I almost feel bad charging for. I'm not sure if it was because he ate my ass out as I was sucking his off the second time. Or because he almost sucked me off. Whatever it was, it was better than most of the sessions I have, and he left with a smile on his face, and I am almost certain I will see him again.

I'm always uncomfortable when I go to a party at a strange person's house for the first time. Can I smoke? Can I smoke my cloves? Can I drink? How much? Will they like me? Will I like anyone there? And more important to me is, what will be my reputation or legacy when I leave?

Well, I got the impression that the host wanted get with this, but he kind of offended me, sure we had met and played before, only to find out it was the other black guy ( 2 out of 47) and he was a tall, skinny effeminate kid with a huge dick he didn't seem inclined to use. We made up enough to do a few shots, but that was the end of it.

None of the attractive guys I was hoping for showed up, and I put myself in the mindset of drinking enough to make do with a few guys so at least that reputation could be started. When I thought I was there, and honestly, I went too far, but when I went for food, all I found was one shrimp, I went to the basement where the video room was and a fireplace, and I sucked off a nice noisy dick down there. Then I went to the second floor, when the main play room and the bed were. It was a little too dark and busy for me so I went down to the undressing room on the main floor, and soon took it over.

I was cool though. There were two large cocks waiting for action in the room, so when I went for cocktail refill, I brought some guys with me. The other black guy, my tequila guy, a strip poker buddy and a heavyset Latino who was foaming and drooling at the mouth for action. I finished one cocktail, came back with a shot and another cocktail, and still nothing was happening. So I started pulling guys, leading men and giving directions. I put the Latino on the well-endowed, handicap guy, who started playing and sucking on the other black guy, who suck on my strip poker buddy, and my tequila guy jumped on the other big dick in the room. Everybody was busy getting sucked or sucking, but mine was a cocktail. I got to the door so I could get more guys in. Three more guys made it in before I was asked when i was going to do something, but my hands were full with cocktails. Eventually though I would suck on seven more guys, four to completion. I would get sucked by three guys, but it was two days later before the deed got done. I helped clean up, doing dishes and taking out the trash before I left.

Days later, I made a few calls, to find out what was being said about me. This is the second strange place I've been to for a sex party this year, but the legacy is still the same...helpful, tipsy, talkative, fun, orally talented and selective. And since they don't really know me that well, I think it is a heel of a start...for now!

I also want to wish each and every one of you sexy piece of eye candy, a Happy Horny Halloween!

mral65 53M
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10/31/2018 8:15 pm

When I read your descriptions of the guys you encounter, I can't help but wonder how the description would go should we ever meet. Probably be something like "a scrawny out of shape old bald guy with a small cock and unremarkable ass." lol

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/1/2018 8:50 am:
That is so cute and funny, Mral65! Thank you for the laugh! If you will remember, I was crushing on you for a spell, so my picture of who you are can't be that bad! And this picture of you would make the small cock a bit of a lie! lol

Why don't you post some pictures on your blog, so I can see this "unremarkable ass" and "scrawny out of shape bald guy." I know I messed up the quote, but 53 is not old!!!!! LMUAO

lookftop 54M
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11/4/2018 11:42 am


DandR4hands4men replies on 11/5/2018 9:56 am:
Thank you very much lookftop!

bjhogan 61M  
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11/4/2018 11:49 am

ooooooooooooooooh my !!! SOOOOOOOO MUCH EYE CANDY !! i'm just a big ol size Queeeeenie ! would lovvvvve to GOBBLE GOBBLE allllllll these men ! lovvvvvvvvvvve your blogs hon ! keep em CUMMMMMING !!! i thought about YOU when i came across a SINsual ! NUDE ! HEAD TO TOE EROTIC MASSAGE CLASS in AUSTIN ,texASS !! the class stays booked ! duh ! limited to 12 GAAAAAAAY MEN with the focus on NIPPLE ! ANAL & GENITAL STIMULATION ! hmmmm ! every one rotates every 15 min.! untill every one has GIVEN & RECIEVED a MASSAGE !! and it's Quite ok to CUM !! duh again ! you think ?? the studio also holds a NUDE YOGA CLASS twice a week !! with usualy 20-25 gaaaaaaay men ! being that AUSTIN is only an hr, away i hope to check these classes out ! since the BATH HOUSE closed a couple of years ago ! & cooler weather ,,, where else can a CUNTry QUEER go to get NEKID & MEAT other MEN ? it's hell living a small town for a horny gaaaaaaaaay man such as i ! stay tuned hon ! hopefully i can experience some of the same things you blog about ! hugs !

DandR4hands4men replies on 11/5/2018 10:00 am:
Always good to hear from you bjhogan! That massage class sounds a bit like my massage parties, except it sounds like of rushed to me! lol Perhaps you should host some sort of party, just to get the ball rolling in your area. Once the guys see they are not alone and don't have to do without, they won't. lol