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DandR4hands4men 49M/48M
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11/27/2018 12:44 pm
Caleb (again), Robbie (again), Billy (again), Donald, Marcellas and Clay!

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a splendid holiday and are now carrying over that thankfulness and gratitude right into the Christmas season. Throw in some more food, a little more love and a shitload of money and Thanksgiving is basically Christmas anyway! lol

And I don't know if it is the holiday season, or Sawyer's visits or what, but I've been a little stupid with the massage business lately. But I guess I will keep it up until the end of the year. I am actually offering new and infrequent clients cock coupons, dick discounts and appearance adjustments for sensual sessions only. I am bending over backwards to accommodate my VIP's. Yesterday, I let one come in just to quick rubdown and release before work. I guess I'm getting in the holiday spirit.

And I am thrilled that things died down just a bit this week. It gave me a little me time to recover from the increased business that doesn't usually come with the holidays for me. Massages are considered a luxury item, at least until they've had a few sessions with this personal massage therapist. Then it become a regular routine for balance, rejuvenation and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

But it was really important for me this week, because several of my clients required more out of me than usual, so if more romantic, sensual and erotic sessions are not your thing, skip down to Marcellas and call it a day! These were more personal and intimate encounters.

Donald is a regular ginger who requires very special attention. Between his numerous health issues and the lack of activity in his sex life, I'm like a quarterly craving he has to get his body back in sync, and give him the romance and release he isn't getting at home.

He showed up with wine and moonshine, and allowed me to suck on a clove cigarette before we began. And he is one of the few cases where I let them start face up. Originally, it was because he thought it was nearly impossible for him to climax. Now it is more about his erogenous zones and allowing his back to relax before I work on it. So I started with making out with him as I massaged his scalp, stroked his hair and rubbed his face, neck and shoulders. Despite his dental issues, he is a pretty good kisser. Making out turns into necking as I molding his pectorals and playing with his nipples. I slowly lick my way down to his nipples, then I lift his arms up and work on his armpits before licking and rubbing his sides, and resting my mouth on his navel.

I cup his genitals, combing his pubes with my fingers while I'm massaging his taint with my thumbs, and slowly working my way up to his testicles until I have established an erection. Then I do each leg in its entirety, rubbing his arch and sucking his toes, finding that magic spot on the back of his knees, and elevating his slightly above average penis with my mouth as I am working on his thighs. I get him hard one more time before I do the hip adjustment and lower body alignment, and then I have him turn over.

Again with the scalp massage, and then I sit on the small of his back, to do his neck, back and shoulders. He usually melts at this point, occasionally even fall asleep. I can usually have my way at that point, so I skip down to his feet and work my way up. Mainly so my mouth doesn't have to hit the feet again. Working his calves, thighs and especially his knees become great on this side, as he usually responds by playing with me, and where most are in a rush to get to my erection, his gentle, slow and tender approach is far more satisfying. By the time I get to his dreamy ass, I'm creamy. I think it is the peach fuzz on his beautiful, pale white ass, or it could be the ginger hairs waving me towards his crack, but he has one of the most alluring untanned asses I've ever seen. And after eating that bad boy for twenty minutes or so, he is in Heaven and I have rarely been more tempted to enter someone. Instead I insert a finger and find his special spot, then I work my way to the front and suck him until he paints my mouth with his tasty manmilk. It is so warm, thick and creamy, you can almost feeling the swimmers doing their thing.

I quickly redo his neck, back and shoulders, moving into another scalp massage that turns him over and leads into another make out session before he leaves.

This was the fourth or fifth time that Caleb has been in, and I am always glad to see him. He is simply adorable and then his effervescent personality, infectious smile and twinkle in his eyes goes in for the kill. But it was dimmer than usual when he arrived, and I decided I would let the session go whatever way he needed it to go. I just wanted my old Caleb back. Just looking at this version of him hurt my feelings.

I opened the first of three bottles of wine and we sat on the love seat. I lit a clove for the two of us to share, and he downed his glass. I gave him the smoke as I refilled his glass. Then I took off his tie, loosened up the collar on his shirt, and took off his shoes and started rubbing his feet. The moan/sigh he let out told me I was starting to win.

Caleb is 24, a full time college student who also has a full time job in retail management, so I understand that at times, the pressures of these two roles can get to him sometimes. I rubbed his feet some more before I went behind him and started working on his his neck and shoulders. He actually started to melt into the loveseat, so I went into a head massage. I love playing with his dark, long curly locks. My hand slowly lowered into his beard and eventually it led into our first passionate kiss.

This led into a long, cuddly make out session on the loveseat. We never even took our clothes off. He just laid down on top of me and we embraced and went at it! I even remembered thinking, "Damn, he smells so good!" Eventually we got into the second bottle of wine, and he started talking, letting things out, letting things go. At times, I hugged him. At times, I held his hand. But I just let him talk.

When he was obviously feeling better, I asked if he was ready for the massage, and he said he didn't need it. We just finished off the wine, made out some more, cuddling on the loveseat and then he left.

There is a VIP who has nicknamed me, "Remydy" pronounced "remedy." I love it, and this whole concept I've evolved into my personal massage therapy business! It allows me to be so much more than a masseur to those who want or need it. But I will now try to start way from my episodes with Caleb, Sawyer, Robbie and Billy, after today...unless it is a slow week!

I actually saw Robbie on Thanksgiving. I took him a homemade 100 Proof Southern Comfort Pecan Pie, and discovered his old lady was there. So I was surprised he even booked an appointment with me. I don't think I interrupted anything, and I certainly wasn't mad or even surprised to see her there. But maybe he thought there was an issue.

And there was.... with the outfit he showed up in. He reminded me of Olivia Newton John in that "Let's Get Physical" video. I mean, his legs are not his best feature, and his ass and package were lost in his way too loose short shorts he had on. And although I love looking at his arms, chest hair and armpits with a wife-beater on, I think that bandana headband thing was too much and over the top. Would that be called a "headbandana?"

Fortunately, he had booked a Rub & Scrub, so he wouldn't have them on long, and when he said he had come from the gym, I had to taste the sweat from a few places before we got in the tub. And I was actually bothered. No bubble bath. No soap. Nothing that might leave a scent on him. A Tub Rub & Scrub with no bubbles or scent or soap? I guess the good news was that he wasn't able to hide anything in our clearwater bath. But despite cleaning him up, I was perturbed, and sat there a bit longer to finish my wine and cigarette before I gave him the massage.

It was another mostly unpleasant conversation during the massage. He thought there might have been an issue with me finding her there on Thanksgiving, and that's why he booked the appointment. I indicated that he shouldn't have, because I was having more of an issue with that session than I had with Thanksgiving. And I reminded him that he still have to deal with my life, mainly Sawyer's unscheduled visits. He told me he was trying, to keep everyone happy. And I tried to make it easier by acknowledging that, but reminding him that we are not the priorities in each other's lives, so if we are going to keep on doing this, we have to accept the other things going on in each other's lives. I have to deal with her, and he has to deal with the fact that my life evolves a great deal around men, my past, my business and most of my life.

I think we ended the session on a high note. After I ate his ass and sucked him off, we laid there, made out and cuddled for quite some time. But it still felt strange or different when he walked out the door, and I'm not sure how much damage this session did to the intimacy and closeness we had established.

I was actually thrilled to see Billy again. The last time I actually saw him, his wife was in the hospital and they were not sure she would make it through the night. And even though she made it, I knew there was another death in the family. And a couple of days ago, another dear friend of his had passed. Plus a handyman's finances can either flourish or plummet at this time of the year. So when he called, I asked him to hang my Christmas Lights outside on the next warm day we had, which was Saturday.

I let him work. Actually, I kind of watched him work. I don't really know why...his clothes hardly ever fit. But it was motivation and inspiration for how I wanted to pay him.

When he was done, I directed him to the tub, where I had prepared a bath, put a six-pack of beer and some Dewar's on the tank of the toilet and an ashtray on the side of the tub with some American Indian cigarettes. Now, Billy isn't the most hygienic person I know, but I do love some of his parts. And I haven't figured out if it is his natural musk or his sweat, but if those parts aren't freshly washed , his scent will keep me away. So he laid back and drank and smoked while I bath him with that Old Spice Swagger. It smelled wonderful, and I like making his body hair cling to him.

After four beers and a couple of shots, I dried him off and took him to the massage room. I wasted no timing eating his ass out. Then I worked my way between his legs and licked and sucked on his massive balls. Then I sucked his enormous member until he dropped his load in my mouth. He hates it when I pulled out enough so I can actually taste his huge loads. He also hates it when I grab his ass, clamp down and vacuum every single drop from his reproductive system, torturing him in the process. Then we settled the score and he wwas on his merry little way!

Clay, I recognized right away when I opened the door. He is one of the doctors at one of the hospitals I work with. We have never spoken or worked together, but I always thought he was attractive. His dark brown hair embraced his face and lips in the shape of a well groomed beard and mustache. His nose just a bit too large for his face. I knew he was about average built, but scrubs and a t-shirt don't really show off a body. He laughed as he handed me the Bombay Sapphire.

I don't know what it is about other masseurs, doctors and male nurses that make me weird. I think I want to impress them, or prove myself to them. Good word of mouth business and recommendations from the medical fields or my own for that matter doesn't hurt. Of course, the opposite could happen if they are not impressed. And of course, you never know what you can and can't do, like cops and lawyers, especially if you drawn to certain parts or are attracted to them.

And I still didn't know Clay's story when I made us greyhounds and showed him to the massage room. He seemed confident, even smiling at me as he took his shirt off. He was lean, about average, but with plenty of hair. The scrub bottoms came off, and certain things became apparent. Hairy, tan lines and a kind of flat ass. When the undies came down, out came a beautiful cock, nine inches, pretty and aromatic bush and nice balls. At this point I knew what I wanted to do, but would I be able to do it?

He thoroughly enjoyed the foot massage, and really appreciated the work I did on his calves. I was actually too rough on his neck, back and shoulders at first, but adjusted the pressure to his liking. And yes, I got to do all the things I wanted to. He was an awesome kisser, and I even ate his ass out before giving him his prostate stimulation. I licked his armpits and sucked his nipples. Then I drenched his pubes in my pool or drool, bathed his balls with my tongue and massaged his taint. Then I re-initiated the manual manipulation of his prostate as I sucked on his member. It was quick to get hard, but took a bit to get off, and even more effort to get empty. But it was well worth the trouble and the wait, and he even asked for a few business cards to distribute. That and the gratuity makes me think I did a good job with him!

Thank goodness for email because I would have never gotten through a conversation with Marcellas. He was an African American-Puerto Rican with a very limited command of speaking the English language.And despite the fact that he showed up tipsy, he still managed to grow on me.

He showed up with six of a twelve pack of Bud Light. He was also a bit on the shorter side , but was a muscular stocky. His blue jeans and red shirt gave me no clue as to what was underneath, but there was something about his face, particularly his eyes and his mouth, that quickly grew on me.

He got naked, and since I knew communication was going to be a problem, I just went for it. After all, I took a year of six different languages in high school and 2 years of Greek & Latin Derivatives in college. That was the extent of my foreign language studies. But body language, that is something I am familiar with. And the sounds of ecstasy, the moans, groans, grunts, whimpers, whines, purrs and screams. He was a master!

They started with the foot massage and never stopped. The volumes, pitches and actual sounds changed, but never ceased. And he really appreciated the work I did on his upper back quadrant( neck, back and shoulders). And as much as he enjoyed my calf techniques, he was overjoyed with my upper inner thigh work. And yes, I ate his big, beautiful ass out before I gave him his prostate massage.

When I turned him over, he got frisky. He tried to kiss me, and that's when I thought he might be drunk. But he did suck on my nipples and tried to play with my ass. He did play with my cock and even attempted to suck on it. He wasn't bad, but that might have been me being concerned about my cock being in a drunk guy's mouth. I did most of this stuff to him, and I really liked working on his arms and underarms, since most guys are not into that. I licked and sucked on his balls before I placed his cock in my mouth. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, me or him but the blow job was incredible, and the nectar he quenched my thirst with was one of the most bountiful. plentiful and succulent I've had in quite some time. Actually it was so good, that when he tried to kiss me again, I let him and it worked out much better. He grossly overtipped me and said he didn't live far from here, so he will be back!

And it just donned on me, when I saw my husband from down under, Cumlover401, that I hadn't said anything to my regular readers today. That you for all the wonderful responses to my last post by the way. You will find my responses with yours. Welcome back, Dansdick! Always good to see it, I mean, you! Thank you for adding me to your hot list, GBcumslav2own! Very much appreciated! I also want to thank Taku96 for not only flirting with me, but also for becoming my new friend. And thank you for your comment, AllUpThere! You are a beautiful man, so read my status and let me know when you will be in my neck of the woods.

bjhogan 61M  
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11/27/2018 2:28 pm

HAPPY holiGAYS !! tis the season for GIVING & RECIEVING lots of DICK & CUM !!! and damn ! i just lovvvvvvvve a muscular man ! with a big dick ! a HARD MAN ! is GOOD to FIND !!! but HARD MEN ! is pure HEAVEN !!!

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/3/2018 9:41 pm:
Happy Holidays to you as well, and yes, this does seem to be the most giving and receiving of cum and dick I have had in a holiday season in quite some time. Great gifts for everybody this year! lol

lookftop 54M
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11/28/2018 12:07 am


get some

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/3/2018 9:42 pm:
I am a lucky son of a bitch, ain't I? lol Thank you!

spotpuppy3 74M
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11/28/2018 7:08 am

they are all beautiful

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/3/2018 9:43 pm:
Thank you very much! I did do a decent job this time didn't I?

shortview5 69M
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11/28/2018 12:37 pm

Such gorgeous and hung men!! Where do you find them all??

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/3/2018 9:47 pm:
Actually, as the principal writer for all the publications by a group dedicated to the homosexual group scene, I have an impressive collection of male pictures in their library. Long time readers know that this was the first year, I chose not to use photos of real guys in my life. AND PAY ATTENTION! I DON"T THINK I EVER WILL AGAIN! lol

OnDaFence 31M/38M
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11/28/2018 9:45 pm

invite them back!

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/3/2018 9:49 pm:
I can not actually invite them back. I can hope I impressed them enough that they will want to, and several do!

bjhogan 61M  
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11/30/2018 3:04 pm

i agree shortview5 ! i am a true ! gaaaaaaaay muscle worshiper ! big cocks ! and big muscles ! yummm! a strong man who can make me is submissive bitch !

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/3/2018 9:50 pm:
Glad you appreciate my work! The sad thing is... I'm still not sharing the best one! LMAO

mral65 53M
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12/1/2018 9:29 am

All I want for Christmas is the guy in pic #5!
Please! !!

DandR4hands4men replies on 12/3/2018 9:52 pm:
5 is probably my favorite in this set as well, followed by 7, 4 and 3!