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Britneycox76 44T  
6 posts
11/3/2020 1:54 am
telling mom and being needy.

The more people I tell about Britney the easier it gets to the point where I go out of my way to tell people because I enjoy the reactions.
So then why is it so difficult to choke those words out of my mouth for my mother, mom im your now, my name is Britney.
I want to tell her face-to-face but she isn’t close and was supposed to be here in April and now it’s November I don’t know when I’m going to see her again but I’m itching to get it out.
and friends, i’m sorry if I seem needy but I’m doing the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life right now and I could use a little love from you. Not “ it’s not all about you, stop whining“. my heart broke.
There’s my random and organize thoughts for the day.
Much love 💕
Britney C

bjhogan 63M  
1752 posts
11/3/2020 4:19 am

i hear you sister ! being PANSEXUAL I LOVVVVE the 3rd GENDER !!! i recently went on a date with a trans woman ! so i understand your fear and anxiety !

hamonman 61M
292 posts
11/3/2020 11:44 am

jrodd 62M
3857 posts
11/4/2020 5:25 am

Sure get out there n flaunt it! There are other sexual varients out there.I live with an asexual /demisexual guy!

Stevie1954 62T
441 posts
11/7/2020 4:24 pm

More power to you!

Britneycox76 44T  
3 posts
11/11/2020 11:04 pm

My sister suggested I write an email to come out to her. Hopefully I’ll give that a shot tomorrow

bjhogan 63M  
1752 posts
11/15/2020 8:54 am

i felt the SAME WAY when i came OUT as Bi/GAY after my 2nd divorce in 09 ! i caught a lot of grief /ridicule at first ! but now i'm good ! in fact ! i'm GREAT !! and when i ever i meet someone i may be interested ! i tell them up front i love men and women ! it separates the one who can handle my sexuality over the ones who can not ! as such i do not even bother dating women in my hometown as every one knows! or has HEARD I SUCK DICK & take it up my ASS/PUSSY !! the only women i will date are TRANS WOMEN !! they understand me and i get them ! lately i have been chatting with a few ! went out on a date with one a couple of weeks ago ! and i met another with whom i have a lot in cummon ! and she maybe a keeper ! as during our firsts texts ! SHE brought up SEX !! and wanted to know if i was a TOP or BOTTOM ? when i said i enjoy both ! she mentioned she prefers to top !!!! and i told her that i prefer to bottom ! we agreed to meat up once this covid shit passes ! and now i can't get her off my mind !